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  1. Emanuele Lodovici

    Weight transfer when braking or accelerating does not happen *because* of suspension as is stated several times, although suspension exhacerbates the effect. A cart, and even a bicycle, will have increased weight on the front tyres, and lower on the rear ones, when braking.

  2. Thomas Roth

    That thing makes the BMW X5 Le Mans look like a tame road car. BMW X5 Le Mans: BMW V12 engine straight from the V12 LMR Le Mans Prototype, stripped out but still 2 tons and manual gear box. HJ Stuck did a 7:49 on the Nordschleife with it, 311kph on the Döttinger Höhe

  3. Elvijs Lasis

    I didn't know much about Pikes Peak until small team of my small country (Latvia) decided to make full electric race car that could win this race (and did in 2015 with eO PP03).

  4. bonebog

    Wefewencing yeah

  5. Enrique Real Perez

    You are bizarre 😂

  6. DUcE Dev!lsTear

    The Isle of Man TT is the oldest running event in the world. Since 2007 🇮🇲

  7. Pilluxe

    Only a little bit of clickbait

  8. Ceelker

    I remember this track from the first GRID's intro. It was never as daring in the actual game itself which was saddening.

  9. calska140

    I absolutely love anybody who gets this serious about being silly.

  10. King 120

    Still can't beat my level 5 Power Corvette C7

  11. Joe Teare

    Can you do a video of the isle of man tt

  12. Victor Estrada

    You forgot to mention wild life

  13. Chewbacca Cheeks1153

    This content is gold! Sir we cannot thank you enough.

  14. Haram Bae

    wow wow woow wooooow wooooooow man!

  15. Joachim Singh

    Cause its hyper inflated bullshit. Most money go in to research not The actual piston lol. Manufacturing and material cost is not 50.000 per piston lol.

  16. Garrett1974

    Senna rams Prost off the track... people cheer. Schumacher tries it with someone and he's an asshole?!

  17. GoThanh

    As a mechanical engineer TMD’s are pretty normal but interesting that it was used in F1 cars. But then if it gave such a huge advantage than Alonso isn’t that great 😜

  18. Christopher Appleton

    I think it’s important to mention that it’s a public road, not a dedicated track. That’s why that can’t close the road for week for qualifying. If anyone gets the chance, do the ride up bike down trip at pikes peak. It’ll be the fastest you’ve even gone on a bicycle.

  19. PoTaPaTo

    cool...great explanation, easy to learn, nice..👍

  20. Ben Müller

    9:58 is that Project One ?

  21. ImBarryScottCSS

    It's one of the best races on the planet.

  22. Liam NIre

    Dunno why anyone thinks the Nurburgring is even close to the most challenging or dangerous course in the world. That honour must go to either the Isle of Man TT course (which is technically a time trial rather than a race, which prompts my next suggestion), or the NW200 (or maybe even the Ulster GP) course.

  23. TBurianOnline

    New to the channel. I love how every guy I found talking about F1 is British. You guys really love motorsports and I respect it.

  24. Mark Ferrer

    With the changes in air density, would active aero work? Can naturally aspirated engines be competitive or does you have to use forced induction?

  25. Jaymex

    1:17 And within 10 laps he was a second faster. LMFAO a second? Bullshitter he fucking demolished you by a minute... BET

  26. simon chilton

    IOM tt started before pikes peak and started with cars and racing in Europe before that so is it really the oldest track ,also IOM might not have 2000 ft drops but no run of unless you count houses

  27. Charlie Gan Productions

    1:00 cool stuff

  28. capnfoo

    Still waiting for WRC or Dirt Rally 2 to bring back Pike's Peak.

  29. Steve Brenner

    I have a 1932 Morris 10/6. It has a horizontal spring behind the front bumper with a large lead weight at each end that the bumper wraps round. The same technology, 90 years ago ! ! !

  30. Spise

    It's one thing to drive on a regular race track, with safety cars and medical personnel on standby. It's an entirely different thing to drive on a poorly maintained, sad excuse for a road in potentially hazardous weather, where going off the side means falling down a mountain strapped to a metric ton of metal. I'm not sure if the people who drive Pikes Peak should be admired or feared. In any case, they're something different.

  31. SnakeATWAR

    Jeddah is the world's toughest track because you have to dodge missiles there.

  32. Swapnil Raut

    I love Randy dude. Absolute legend.

  33. Gaming and Data Science

    How did he have oversteer at the corner before the last one?? What i usually experience is understeering. The steering wheel feels very light and i have to lift a bit, and then gently apply pedal linearly to get back front traction.

  34. Kim Laity

    "or even entire car " Houston we have achieved lift off!!!!!

  35. IIIRotor

    the only consistency, is its inconsistency

  36. Starlight Squadron

    My driver instructor taught me this. He said “Look further down the road and your body will automatically put the car where it needs to be.” So I stopped looking at the road right in front of me and looked and it was like magic.

  37. hugo tang

    DK + Blue Skid = Fernando Alonso

  38. Mono gaming 57

    The sausage kerbs are very deadly when a car goes over and fly into a catch fence


    He's from the future

  40. DoomOfConviction

    It was too dangerous..... like the Isle of Man TT? Where every year people are dying and ohh what’s it’s still a thing?! Don’t be such a pussy

  41. Ptsd performance

    The Isle of Man TT is pretty brutel aswell.

  42. akumma

    Am I the only one who wants one of these on my desk as a pencil holder?

  43. We are Borg

    We were free back then.

  44. Arjit Agarwal

    Why not use Google Maps, or Track Map as in Car Racing Games. So just to get idea of next turn.

  45. Alain Mare

    Ask the two French drivers who are the fastest with the records: Sébastien Loeb in 8:13’and it’s Peugeot and Romain Dumas with the Volkswagen in 7:58’ in its electric powered car., Both of them are high level driver, Loeb 9 times world rally champ and Dumas multiple winner of Le Mans 24 h. Peak peak is though but certainly not as though as Le Mans or Nurburgring.

  46. Hax Max

    "Pistons move down producing Pôer"

  47. Wil Carnall

    This guy is gonna eventually be able to build his own F1 car

  48. Pbperez 210

    Title says "toughest" but it's the most "dangerous" like the description says. Don't tough and dangerous have different meanings. The "toughest" track is still the Nurburgring.

  49. henry blunt

    I thought there was an ultimate class in baja

  50. Archie Smith

    7:17 = women moment

  51. Glynn Draper

    Built so frank could feel the new breed of f1. Needless to say it torque steers like a bstd

  52. killowatra ibikio

    This was life!

  53. rmatroja

    In Future, Carbon Fiber 3D printed brakes will help! We can already see a Titanium 3D printed Buggatti brake caliper!

  54. Chaminda De Costa

    no Muericans it's the Isle of Man TT

  55. Michael B W

    Two wheels is correct for exciting motorsport..... MotoGP is way more exciting than F1, and almost any one rider has more personality than all the F1 drivers combined!

  56. Dirty_A-hole69

    Im really loving these informative race car engineering videos. They are addicting.

  57. Ion Hunter

    I remember once driving a car at top speed to the point my right foot was shakings to the point I was letting up on the gas. What I did to over come this was, I use one of my two hands to push down on my knee has hard as I could. Interesting how we can over ride the instinct of survival with a different part of our brain just to go a bit faster.

  58. Michael B W

    CVT now common in low power, cheap road cars, also being used in high power agricultural machinery..... time must have come for to be allowed in F1.

  59. Googl Reviews

    In Russia they burn AMG Mercedes cars be ause they are junk lol

  60. Googl Reviews

    The day my tax money go to nonsense like F1 is the day I'll stop claiming my income and stop paying taxes.

  61. AirPro Games99

    Dude tbh these F1 cars are barely recognizable from the side, I miss the 2017 models 😩

  62. Big Bird

    I wonder, could the oxygen system be expanded to the engine as well as the driver? Oxygen injectors nest to the fuel injectors?

  63. Scott Smith

    I hope you have a very successful experience at Pikes Peak. Love all the info about it. Be careful man. Good luck Scott!

  64. Joseph Cuison

    Pikes Peak is a 12 or so minute warm up. The Isle of Man TT is the real deal where racers have the biggest balls of steel in all of motorsports. PP doesn’t even come close.

  65. Shanmukesh R

    F1 there wld be awesome asf

  66. juan pablo cabezas

    hi. I got the csl elite with the load cell brake. But the brake is to "short". I cant remove the presure of the pedal gradualy. You know how i can configure it so i can do the tail brake? Thanks

  67. Matt Matt

    Oh dang!!! I could've sworn that I had just seen the dumbest thing ever on the last video I had watched. I didn't take long to match it though. IThomes. Should've called it otherwise!

  68. TheNiittylahti

    Second longest running race in the world. Do you mean in america or most annually raced, because even TT is raced since 1907. Either way one of the most important motorsport event!

  69. Leslie Omondi

    11:44 @You guys who know this stuff better than I do. Did Senna break too early before entering the corner?

  70. Tyler Nero

    Pikes Peak Marathon is more badadd

  71. אביאל ספנוב

    You said that the cars are heavy but infact its the opposite, group b car was so light for example the lancia s4 was weighing 890 kg and had 500hp it is insane!


    fun fact! the Monster Truck known as Bearfoot 3 (I believe) took on Pikes Peak in the mid 1980s. took about an hour to get up the mountain. with current Monster Trucks being completely different animals, I wonder how fast one could climb it today.

  73. Travis Chesser

    That "jumping over obstacles" thing must be one of the unadvertised bonus features new cars come with. Wish I could bunny-hop my car like that.😒

  74. rocket surgery

    thanks for breaking down the metrics mph / kph etc.