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  1. Forza Martini

    My memory to this car is approx 3 am standing on the inside of indianapolis at le mans with this thing coming by in a shower of flames and sparks because the underside had come of. While my friend was sleeping and missed it. 😂

  2. Darren AM

    I can't believe they pulled Prosts championship winning car apart to build that thing...bonkers.

  3. Alan Baulch

    I remember the first time I saw the incredible onboard shots from Bathurst far ahead of anything on F1 at the time. John Frankenheimer said that they spent a lot of time on "Grand Prix" trying to get shudder free images from the onboard cameras without success, in the end they gave up and bolted the cameras direct to the cars and it worked

  4. Curtis Zhi

    One small correction on the weight transfer: on karts you do get weight transfer as well. Weight transfer is not a result of dive or roll. In fact, it’s the other way around: body dive or roll is caused by weight transfer. The real reason for weight transfer is the center of gravity being above ground (and the higher that is, the more body roll/dive you get). You can have a real soft suspension, but if your COG is equal to or lower than the ground, then you won’t have any weight transfer, thus no body roll, dive, etc.

  5. João Paulo oliveira

    Era o jeito dele pilotar não tem nada de bizarro nisso. Agora se ele fosse europeu ou norte americano seria a técnica refinada de Senna.

  6. SP33DD3M0N_21

    Should glue be used in the production process of the tires so they have less chance of flying off in chunks?

  7. Michael Kliment


  8. Anton Golovko

    5:50, Man, I which I had that kind of paperweight.

  9. Chuck Norris

    U sound like DPJ

  10. Vbr Video Productions

    5:47 Man-day-tery?

  11. yes

    should you really be telling people how to drift a ROAD CAR.

  12. 7empest

    Jack Brabham with the twin helmet mounted camera system is the norm for the era in my view,too bad it isn't mentioned here. Good material though.

  13. Julien Lacourse

    4k camera needed

  14. Music 4MySoul

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  15. ryan zukley

    Why dont they just removed the wings entirely so the drag is not a much as a problem

  16. Marcos Brito


  17. Casper L

    Too bad the FOV nowadays is so wide. It dulms the speed for the viewer.

  18. Northmoto.

    If you have to make a video as to why anything in F1 cost as much as it does, than the people watching know nothing about F1

  19. Derrick Allen

    5:40 = GOAT

  20. Boonedock Journeyman

    One of the most interesting videos on IThomes.

  21. Kevin Quinlan

    I'd love to sit down for a pint with you and your dad lol

  22. Luc Aggett


  23. Alejandro Tobienne

    When Lewis does mess up Jesus that shit never stops. Lewis stop partying the days before please!!!!

  24. Rudolphe

    @0:50 V4?!?!?!?!?

    1. Rudolphe

      Sub'd, good ish m8

  25. Robson Oliveira

    The Best one, ever

  26. Griff

    I had no idea Senna did this. Absolutely fascinating.

  27. peu Oliveira

    The king ! Ayrton Senna 🏎️🇧🇷🏆💙🙏🏾👏🏿👏🏿

  28. Me DotOrg

    1 to 1 horsepower to weight ratio is not what I think of when I think of Peugeot. But given the lack of oxygen at altitude and the massive torque of electric motors, I think it may be a long time until an internal combustion engine holds the record.

  29. M3TV

    the early f1 drivers were complete maniacs haha

  30. Matt

    Well that was excellent.

  31. Tiu Tubanana

    Remember, all accident are at 180mph......

  32. Thor Agust

    statistically with 3.8k likes then 16 dislikes is a surprisingly low miss click rate

  33. AF Global

    Very interesting

  34. Thor Agust

    it's official... my favorite driving channel on youtube... scratch that, favorite driving channel anywhere, thank you.

  35. Interrogator Pikachu

    0:30 POV: You're Yuki Tsunoda

  36. Joaco Garcia

    Messi and Ronaldo earn almost double as Hamilton in salary but divide that salary between the amount of games played and races run and i Bet Hamilton is a lot more expensive per Day, Game, Hour, etc.

  37. Gary Laaks

    I just love the sound a turbo makes on an electric car especially the turbo flutter on decel. ....

  38. BaconKwagga

    i did this on ps1 in gran turismo :) the button was on or off, with no middle band like it was on ps2 so i had so simulate smoothness by stabbing the button quickly while cornering.

  39. Tony Adams

    Fantastic and informative video, thanks for sharing it

  40. Javier Paz

    What shocks me the most is the circuits in the 50s and 60s. Have you seen those kerbs? And there are plants just next to the road!

  41. x808drifter

    If I read that correctly. Spring rate for a single spring is 156N/mm or 890lb/in or 16kg/mm spring.

  42. Rex Song

    6:48 The 360 camera view isn't broadcast live. I read somewhere that those are stored to an SD card and can only be accessed after the race.

  43. Chuck Heinze

    Absolutely amazing. I have always been fascinated with Senna’s driving. His technique is different, and unorthodox. But, man did he make it work! When you watch him in qualifying mode, it’s like he was truly a part of the car and a man almost possessed. He could have easily won two or three more championships. For me, F1 has never been the same after we lost him. I still miss him😢

  44. AudioEnVision

    You pay $500 for regular break rotors?

  45. I Just Fell Down

    The thumbnail was bonkers lmao

  46. Boonedock Journeyman

    You can’t simulate stupid. F1 is dead because they pushed these babies forward rather than develop depth. Cheap but stupid. You? I think it’s called “what to be.” Pathetic.

  47. Clayton Eifert

    Huh. I was wondering about the possibility of cracks in the chassis and how that would affect the nitrogen, but it turns out that's why it's there in the first place! Very smart indeed.

  48. Aaryan Prakash

    Lance Stroll Deserves His Seat Don't even compare him to that other git

  49. Michael Iovine


  50. Simon Salzeder

    Skipped the part where Hamilton slowed down on the ideal line to squeeze Verstappen after the overtake. Looked super weird from his onboard and I wonder what you think about that move. It was kinda unnecessary to me.

  51. Robert Graham

    If you liked the fact that Bathurst sent the live camera feeds from the car to a helicopter and then onwards to the broadcast centre, you can read about the path the camera feeds take during the Tour de France here: In summary, the feed goes like this: Camera Helicopter > Relay Helicopter > Plane > Relay Truck > Satellite > Second Relay Truck > Broadcast Truck

  52. Matt Wix

    Imagine actually being a professional Lakitu

  53. fallfromgrave

    very nice video. I like

  54. Pirmin KOGLECK


  55. geemy geemy

    1956 le mans looks like holiday cruising in your convertible compared to more recent F1 footage

  56. Kayo Michiels

    there's some footage of the cleaningsolution for the camera's on the F-1 Grand Prix Circuits: Driver's Eyes LaserDisc... it was a thin roll of translucent tape that remotely winded down.

  57. Guilherme Melo

    Winning or not this car is amazing. I would love to see it in full development racing at Le Mans.

  58. Anime Boi90

    This is like the Thomas game docks of f1

  59. venky yuva

    That thumbnail with camera mounted on helmet back then was hilarious 😂

  60. Marshall MotorsSC

    Aussie has entered chat*

  61. b3nje909

    I thought buying into F1 was 250million...?

  62. Laugh Sandwich

    I really always wanted to know how these cameras cleaned themself..good stuff man

  63. Marcelo Sanches

    This is called technic. All these automatic and electronic rubbish just don't let you apply your drive skills and pretend any jerk is a driver. Miss the man, miss the era. We are on shame times

  64. fabinou lecaribou

    Impressive commentary !!! Very good work

  65. Stijn Lits

    HAM almost never weaves (or however you write it)... It kinda feels a bit like HAM had to either lift off the gas, or get on the brake because of BOT in front of him (no critique, BOT was P1 at the moment)

  66. Sanu Rawat

    I love this series

  67. ColdMoonlight

    I... Am jelly.

  68. Olivyay

    What the hell happened at 5:18 ? Is that sudden rain? It looks like someone just dumped a massive bucket of water on the camera in one go.

  69. TumzDK

    1:28 :-)

  70. Nixer Doyle

    Liberty bought F1 for $4.4 million? Dang, I should have got in on that!

  71. Y C

    can we just always get the nose camera view it looks soo much faster

  72. David Garcia

    Where's the sponsored hashtag?

  73. dezpotizmOFheaven

    Kimi at Monza... His tires were more than just dead! But everyone celebrating Hamilton for going half a lap with "just 3 tires", hahahaha.

  74. john hamilton

    "Devolution!" The older engines were better.

  75. zwykły ziomek

    Great material. I played this car in Forza 7 and it's indeed very different to drive than the rest of LMP cars.

  76. Salman Azam

    Graham looks so cool with that helmet camera and that mustache in the thumbnail...


    For 10k i can pay dealership to buy used Porsche have fun in real world

  78. Juzh123

    current gen onboard cams are 1080p50. In 60 fps countries every 6th frame is skipped, it's not real 60 fps. There's a high speed cam facing the driver but its only available to the fia if a crash happens or something similar.

  79. Ádám Pajor

    Onboards got worse. Low FOV, weak sense of speed. Really ruins it. Also it would help on seeing accidents happening on overtaking as you would actually see something on the sides.

  80. Peter Pan