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  1. Kevin J. Dildonik

    "Race cars want high octane fuel for power" NO NO NO. This is one of the dumbest myths in the automotive world. Facts: Octane is a measure of how a fuel resists igniting under temperature and pressure. High compression engines need high octane to prevent premature detonation before the spark. But a high octane fuel can have LESS energy density. Saying "fast cars need high octane" is a holdover from marketing campaigns in the 50s when octane ratings became a thing and companies wanted to sell more high octane fuel. This is like saying race cars need to mount bigger brakes to make a car go faster. The brakes don't have anything to do with the car going faster. It just happens that when a car goes really fast, it will then also need big brakes. Just like a high compression engine will need high octane fuel. But the fuel is to resist detonation. The high compression is what makes the power.

  2. menzi mabuza

    🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️Jesus on a bicycle..that Lancia Delta engineering

  3. SteVato 04

    'Cheating' also known in racing as 'ingenuity'.

  4. Fraser Ross

    they should have made the delay shorter instead so that the teams who weren't cheating would get an advantage while the cheating teams weren't paying attention to the lights.

  5. Ceddricc

    What's with these kind of race car innovation or improvements getting banned because they're so good? There are a lot of examples of this happening in motorsports lol

  6. Turkey Bacon

    I raced a funny car at a test and tune once. I was in a 97 Grand Am. I couldn't even tell if my car was running. It's a whole different experience sitting in a car next to something like this.

  7. Turkey Bacon

    Very well done video. Informative, straight to the point. No fluff. Thank you.

  8. ET

    Love your content but your audio could use some improvement, it sounds so hollow it hurts my ears 😵

  9. TEYRIS01

    There are no sync system for the gear ??

  10. Barry Campion

    Electric car will hold new record

  11. daniel dallego

    The spectators are still like that in Baja

  12. AHands

    Wait - You show in your video they are £5,000 ($6,900) per corner. Honest mistake or deliberate clickbait in adding another zero?

  13. Rob C

    53% More down force...sheeeet !!

  14. King Kenny

    hamilton is wet!

  15. OSEH Affiliate Advertising

    Heel and toeing on my sim wheel is genuinely so fun, it literally makes any car fun if you do it right

  16. Alex Galvis

    fenando alonsa debe devolver los 2 titulos ganados

  17. Alex Alfons

    so they turned the rim into a fan, rally cars have been using this since forever lol

  18. ZijunTan

    as a drummer and an F1 fan, "heel and toe" now has a totally new meaning to me

  19. n 135246

    instant 2' : less than 4 times the energy, not more than 6 times, according to your calculations

  20. Doug O'Neill

    We still get a lot of roadside spectators here in Ireland for our motorsport. It'll be a brave man that tries to stop us.

  21. Sci Modeler

    So FIA basically banned it because other constructors couldn't perfectly copy it from Renault's LoL

  22. Gundro A

    Do the breaks get changed with the wheels on a pit stop?

  23. Aleksandar Danilovic

    saab is faster fwd :)

  24. Tim McCarthy

    Should have pulled a vacuum on it instead of the nitrogen, would have made it .0002 kg lighter ;)

  25. Christon Garin

    why the f are people standing too close??

  26. Just Ivan

    Difrences G force

  27. Popeye

    do you ever shutup?

  28. James Drissel

    I have been thinking about what could be done with a cold gas thruster mounted on the unsprung part of the suspension. When needed, the thruster fires, applying several thousand extra pounds of contact pressure for each tire. Imagine how well a mini Cooper would stop on a slippery wet road if there was an extra 2000 lb of contact pressure on each tire... That might be enough to stop quicker than you could with the normal brakes on dry pavement. and yeah it'd be kind of a pain in the rear cuz he'd have to recharge the system and maybe replace some cosmetic panels that got blown off by the rocket thrust. But I think anybody who's been in a wreck would rather deal with that then deal with the usual result of having enough enough space to stop from 25 miles an hour (because of the wet) but you're going 45 mph.

  29. Happy Bacon Gaming

    What gear should you use to drift

  30. symbolresolution

    Theres something funky going on with the audio. I hear like a stutter/autotune

  31. vjanakiraman Venkatachalam

    Excellent explanation.

  32. John Royall

    G27 user for 10 years. Aftermarket light bigger aluminum go-cart racing wheel. Best money every spent, Logitech makes good stuff for money.

  33. Lars F1

    C’mon... “these engines cost around £7 Million each” *puts £7 Million ($9.4 Million)*... R.I.P. people who use euro’s (me)

  34. M H


  35. Gee

    Well now I know where rocket league got it’s inspiration.

  36. MyOneBlack Friend

    Once again, hats off to the engineers and mechanics that make that car a living thing.