Pikes Peak: Racing with NO RULES


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    What happens when you let engineers have completely free reign? No regulations, no power limits and whatever mad aero design they can come up with.
    Well, you get crazy-powerful, high-downforce - monsters.
    This is exactly what they do in the Unlimited Division at Pikes Peak, where we get to see how they stack up against each other, as well as how it can go wrong.
    Home-designed and made machines can compete against big-money international car companies to race to the top of the 14,000 foot mountain. A course with no run-off, no barriers, standard road-tarmac and 2000 foot drops.
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    The Unlimited Division is like nothing else in motorsport. Taking a look at the regulations, they say as long as you conform to the regular safety rules - you can do anything you like.
    As much power as you want, any design and as much downforce as you can create. As long as you have a roll-cage, harnesses, helmets and other standard safety features - you’re good to go.
    This leads to some extremely fast cars, and yet all of them are very different.
    So what does it take to take the record at Pikes Peak? How quick is it possible to go with no rules?
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    1. Me DotOrg

      1 to 1 horsepower to weight ratio is not what I think of when I think of Peugeot. But given the lack of oxygen at altitude and the massive torque of electric motors, I think it may be a long time until an internal combustion engine holds the record.

    2. Gary Laaks

      I just love the sound a turbo makes on an electric car especially the turbo flutter on decel. ....

    3. Where's the Freedom?


    4. Overcast Friday

      Great idea for a video!!

    5. Louis Edwards

      MASIVE !

    6. Chris W

      I love driving fast,but im older now .I would have to have a car sponsered by xanex to drive pikes peak.

    7. Stephen Casias

      They should race going from top to bottom next.

    8. dscgt seven


    9. Flabby Babby

      No rules? I'll just turn up with a helicopter & take the prize money

    10. Democrab

      Group B Rallying? Nah, never heard of it...

    11. 賜龍怜音

      I wonder if they would also race it downhill. It would be much much exciting...or terrifying.

    12. Dario Ovejero




    14. Caveman


    15. Musickfreak Brown

      4:35 is that real speed that looks crazy

    16. Jonnells24

      So basically as long as your car meets the safety requirements, you're good. And that's how racing should be.

    17. Linkario86

      1:17 that drift has infinitly more style simply because it's from back in the days and he did if before it was cool

    18. Michael Angelos

      Should have kept the dirt road.

    19. acadien unlimited subliinm,x1

      My colorado 2004 5 inline vortec , id like to turbo it lower and do a whinter trial

    20. Ryder Allison

      I love how you mentioned the weather here in winter it’s like god said 1 word and let his servants run with it that word is “snow” and in summer the only way I can describe it is like satins left ball sack. it gets hot not like in the on the equator hot but hot.

    21. keld101

      I wish formula 1 and other common races would get rid of their rules so designers could push the limits in new ways.

    22. TheSergeant

      Why is the Suzuki "Escudo" Grand Vitara not Listed :-(

    23. The useless blue one

      Where Suzuki 3,000,000 km/h Escudo?

    24. js290

      easiest way reduce the cost of racing: "wrung what you brung"

    25. John Fitzgerald Kennedy

      Summing it up, it’s a bad idea.

    26. Phoenix Phoenix

      That's what todays f1 lacks... and that why f1 is no longer interesting, at least for me...

    27. Dude T

      Isle of Man TT and Pikes Peak... can you dig it?

    28. Collateralcoffee


    29. Kitito

      would the Porsche 919 be good at Pikes Peak?

    30. Rockstar III

      2:55 I wonder how an electric car equivalent will do

    31. Pat Haskell


    32. derin111

      This is what F1 used to be. That how we used to have things like 6-wheelers! 😀

    33. Salmon RushDie

      I want to see them race down it as well... see how good the brakes hold up.

    34. Robert

      I miss the last section being unpaved. You had all the high speed insanity, but then the cars had to be able to cope with doing it offroad as well at the highest section.

    35. jag co

      wow this cool

    36. Vocalpro International

      Subd. Love this channel 👍

    37. Bong Jovi

      Escudo Pikes Peak FTW

    38. F TP

      So the proof is in the video: more spoilers is better.

    39. Javier Molina

      What about all wheel steering? Wouldn’t that make the turns faster splitting the traction lost from turning and tightening the turning radius.

    40. Michael Henderson

      I have three words for you: Isle of Man! ithomes.info/net/mc2JzcdqqaRoeaQ/video

    41. Marcin Kulpa

      Does this guy have something in the mouth. ?

    42. Walter Wiebe

      6:20 "thankfully the roll cage, HANS device and crash structure worked perfectly leaving Paul with nothing more than bruises" -Well I suppose that's true if concussions are just brain bruises. The HANS device stops your skull, your skull stops your brain. Racing is cool but let's not pretend people walk away from a high speed crash unharmed

    43. Big Bird

      I wonder, could the oxygen system be expanded to the engine as well as the driver? Oxygen injectors nest to the fuel injectors?

    44. robert g rant

      A video about Pikes Peak and no Audi Sport quattro (S1)?

    45. the Game, Review and Reallife Channel

      875 kg extremely light ? Ok dude ok u have no plan at all

    46. the Game, Review and Reallife Channel

      4:28 never originally adrian neweys idea . Wtf.

    47. the Game, Review and Reallife Channel

      Ofc it is Less Tricky on a real road 🤦‍♂️

    48. Siamect

      I come with an F16 next time....

    49. Danger Noodle

      I love looking at this mountain every day

    50. Tucker Winans


    51. TwinTiger08

      *Casually builds helicopter*

    52. Christopher Payne

      Erm I'm pretty sure that Gordon Murray invented the Fan car not Adrian Newry. Gordon Murray also used ground effect first.

    53. James Daniels

      Could you have oxygen tanks to gradually open into the intake as the air gets thinner?

    54. Ian Mangham

      I'll think about subscription

    55. Xander Grant

      what if we took a dorito engine and put it into one of thoughs less waight depending on how they build it with possibilitys for more power depending on the tuning settup

    56. Moonlight Hollow

      Car Class: Yes

    57. Niemand! lol

      Could i also put Solid rocketboosters at my twin turbojet batmobil? And some wings and gliders like in mariokart? 😂

    58. scott brown

      I remember the red escudo in gran Turismo. Me and me mates called it the rack of ribs

    59. Kadnn

      Moral of the story, BIG WANG!!!

    60. DeatheaterSirius

      no one drifting 🤣?

    61. Just Plumbing and Drains

      The fan sucking the car to the floor.

    62. Just Plumbing and Drains

      Not Adrian Newie..newy. anyway...

    63. Just Plumbing and Drains

      Thats a Gordon Murray invention... check it out.

    64. comontoshi

      Prototype for Pikes Peak unlimited class . . . Bosozoku.

    65. Suporma

      I want to see these Pikes Peak cars racing on other circuits now.

    66. Jonathan

      I feel like for this kind of competition racing up a fucking mountain has to be the worst possible idea

    67. Forefather Of Mankind

      *100 x* more entertaining than *_-F1 of (2001-20)-_* .... Real skills, Real thrills & Real Racing 🏎️

    68. Dj Luminol

      5:33 When your life depends on a hose clamp.

    69. Der Steff

      Nowadays its a pussy track, when the whole track was gravel pit. This was the best time

    70. Payoff Wizard

      RIP those trees.

    71. richard hanes

      i can't believe he survived that crash into the trees. those safety features are incredible.

    72. Toy-Yoda

      And the electric car drove faster than anybody first try. Welp. Fossils had a good 100 year run. Will look nice in museums.

    73. Jack Smith

      I took my tricycle up there once and stopped for a jam sandwich half way up

    74. chemical mike

      LMAO, the designs are non imaginative and wont go very far. This is a excercise in false hope. Heres what I would do instead; 1- not compete 2- if I did, I would not imitate my predecessors. Instead, I would simply add a "double structure" which would make the vehicle look like it was carrying a ballon or other structure. This simple change would open up more possibilities and enhance the desired effects. Limiting the aerodynamic structures to the main structure is too limiting. To improve, you need to think outside of the box. So why not do that and make a different box? 3- feel free to use my idea. However, I expect credit if you do use it, and any financial gain from using my idea should instead of being given to me should be instead given to a charity dedicated to the care of animals. No contributions to carbon footprint charities!

      1. chemical mike

        @Henry Smith Feel free to use the idea and find out. Think outside of the box and innovation will always be your friend. :D

      2. Henry Smith

        Is this real?

    75. Pat Mathew

      Why so many downvotes????!!!!

    76. Ajinkya Gaikwad

      Pikes Peak ???? Indy500 - 256 mph F1 - 238 mph MotoGP - 225 mph NASCAR - 214 mph

    77. Peter Southern Boy

      Mental. Love it.

    78. Allen Kemmett

      .. ok get out & push #facepalm

    79. Pavl Rakopv

      I wonder how the formula 1 vacuum fan cars would go ?

    80. Ambrose


    81. Bag of Nails

      I love how you said at 1:42 'there are no barriers' just five seconds before a clip shows that in fact there a few barriers at the more dangerous turns/precipices.

      1. Renny C.

        they are just advertisements, they wont stop a car going at 140kmh in a corner lol

    82. AremStefaniaK

      i'd like to take my stock subaru wagon in there for a comfortable afternoon drive, just to take a piss and a selfie at the summit. just once in this lifetime

    83. L'aviateur du TRPG

      Metric please!

    84. henkkazor

      This is just suicide with extra steps

    85. henkkazor

      Seems like a fun way to die

    86. Dat Boi Jojee

      Racing should be like this more, different classes so anyone can race.

    87. abdul muthalib

      The real racing in my opinion. Real threat and real engine problem to solved with all alternative radical solution. This is colloseum of driver.

    88. Thomas Shelby

      why would I sub? you skipped right over the dirt era and tajima and one of the most iconic cars that really sparked pikes peak into the modern era of unlimited racing.

    89. Gabe Collins

      How many people died doing this?

    90. Dupaa K

      A new record was set in the unlimited division in 2018 a VW If I remember it correctly average speed of 130mph top speed of 170.

    91. Brother Grimaldus

      ALL WHEEL DRIVE... not 4wd.

    92. Andrew Marasek

      i drove on this road about 3yrs ago and it was honestly kinda scary. i dont know how these crazy people do these races.

    93. 莊國恩

      You sound like you are going to jump out of a plane and survive 1 hr for guys in front of TVs.

    94. SkillBank

      Wait, what? Adrian Newey or Gordon Murray? ithomes.info/net/09Gkpa-OpnuKgKA/video

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      This is the modern group B.

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      6:15 When he said the roll cage did it's job I literally said wtf out loud

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