Why F1 Pistons Cost £50,000!


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    This single piston costs £50,000. And for good reason. It has to withstand over 200G when moving up and down in the engine at over 80mph.
    F1 engines cost over £7 Million each and these pistons are one of the key components that help them produce over 1000hp.
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    But why does it cost 1000 times more than the piston out of your road car? It turns out there are many very good reasons for insane costs.
    If you’re into F1, then you’ll know that you can’t start an F1 engine like you can with a normal road car.
    The incredible tolerances mean that the pistons are seized in the cylinders until the car is warmed up, so the engineers have to take at least 30 minutes to warm the coolant and oil before they can start the engine.
    So how come you don't need to do this in your road car?

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    1. Driver61

      Did you know so much goes into these Pistons? Thanks to Fuel for Fans for supporting the channel! Check out the link in the description!

      1. EndoKrin

        @Driver61 why do you use dozens of videos from other content creators in your videos? Can't you create your own animations? Not a big deal; I'm sure you profit share!

      2. Stuart Barriskell

        @George Andrews ⁰

      3. Pete Pester

        @JOHN NICHOLSON Probably made it up!

      4. Pete Pester

        @Gustav Meyrink Are you sure about the €200k claim for boring a V8 nicasil bore. Just had my Honda Fireblade re coated and bored to size by an F1 engineering shop for £1300

      5. Pete Pester

        @Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh Ahhhh, you're my hero 😘😘😘

    2. Northmoto.

      If you have to make a video as to why anything in F1 cost as much as it does, than the people watching know nothing about F1

    3. dewfall56

      Forget stealing catalytic converters, start stealing F1 engine pistons.

    4. The Shake

      £50k ,,!!! The raw materials must have come from Mars !!!!

    5. Steve Salkas

      Insane ..........fullstop.

    6. Dylan Bourget

      + - .01mm you need a new machinist.


      The FIA set the rules for FI and the FIA is controlled by the big companies involved in FI and can shut out the smaller competitors by their big budgets. The wasteful costs of producing a F1 car is set by the big companies so their cars can win. Your example of the cost of a F1 piston highlights this wasteful policy. The DFV Cosworth engine was an excellent reasonably priced racing engine designed by an excellent Engineer. Now the big companies start by saying we are prepared to spend £50,000 on a piston now the engineers can design a piston that will cost £50,000.

    8. Gabriel Pearlman

      If the piston is built oversized how do you put the pistons in the cylinders? Do you heat them up to temp first and then assemble the whole engine block?

    9. Kev Wooding-KV7

      Im surprised how low the piston skirts are.

    10. Gianclaudio Moresi

      The combustion motor is a very nice but honestly an OLD technology. The electric motors are much more powerful, have very high RMP and huge Torque. It's not needed any more to have these special design for cylinders.

    11. del00ze

      Im ex Aero. I live in Aero country where any number of shops can machine well within those tolerances.

    12. watermelons

      So one piston or a buy a car,ls3 and a turbo/supercharger,and pocket the rest

    13. phillydopey productions

      engine swap a f1 into a opal

    14. Paul Patel

      This BSer added too many zeros on price

    15. Filipe Seiça

      More important than the piston (the block) are their components: pins, rings , bearings.

    16. zoperxplex

      Bilking anyone?

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    18. Bestiario

      Sell it!

    19. Dario Passini

      How can you build in the piston when the piston is seized in the cold state?

    20. Skippy Piano

      I call bullshit on $7million.

    21. Joachim Singh

      Cause its hyper inflated bullshit. Most money go in to research not The actual piston lol. Manufacturing and material cost is not 50.000 per piston lol.

    22. Hax Max

      "Pistons move down producing Pôer"

    23. Papa Grounds

      Without even watching the video I'm going to guess that the lack of mass production?

    24. Ariel Roman

      There are no rearon to cost 50000

    25. Glynn Draper

      Back when money wasn't capped I remember ferrari casting one of Schumachers gearboxes out of a single solid block of beryllium. If you look at a list of how many cars he drove its huge , evolved chassis throughout each season , if he had every chassis in a museum it would be vast and wonderful to behold in my opinion. I'm loving this sort of content , thanks ever so much mate.

    26. BUR1X

      This video has more ads and in-video ads than actual content fml

    27. anders heed

      0.01 mm is not small tolerans....LOL

    28. Automate games

      Welcome to the world of machining, now we can get tolerances of a micron.

    29. deviaterev

      Recommend speech therapy for the presenter- his lisp was too distracting for me to pay attention or finish the video

    30. 26_ Defan


    31. Christophe Sirois

      Honestly I call bs on that, I work in a high precision CNC shop specialized in aerospace and a 0.004 tolerance is a huge tolerance. A part like that is nothing special, tolerances start to get tight when you get to a couple of tenths (ten-tousandth of an inch).

    32. Mud

      still a rip off

    33. BerriesMcGOO

      not 1 reason why it should cost 50k, the tolerances you mentioned make me think like $800 each

    34. Torsten Böttger

      How much life could be saved with 50k£?

    35. Pierre BEYNET

      When an aluminium object is heated uniformly it expand uniformly and does not change shape, an ellipsoid does not become a circle. The pistons are ellipsoidal for some other raison. Does a reader know?

    36. Lîón David 101st PSF

      “Pump warm coolant and oil” so...it’s not coolant then

    37. Chris USMCVET

      Really? Breaks and pistons cost $50k a piece? Ya ok. I guess each tire costs $10,000? BS....

    38. Михаил Иванов

      why does this guy talk like he has a lisp?

    39. Karl Mattias

      horrible. like a bad teacher

    40. cheeselemon

      1 piston = 1 bitcoin

    41. JøE95

      2,000hp cars on the road can do the same thing with ⅓ of the cost


      ΟΜΕGA !!!!!!!!!

    43. Don-Noppadon


    44. Human Error

      Dang, you mean I can't Gone In Sixty Seconds an F1 car?!?

    45. Rick Breunesse

      With the knowledge they are seized at room temp... how are they installed? Not at room temp obviously but who holds a 100C block and piston?

    46. Alessio Martinelli

      hi, in italy in some race for 50cc motorbike we use piston than cost like 5000 euros, but re only 50mm of diameter, this is because come engines, for example, a tpr 86 prepared for race, can run at like 25000 rpm, image that one time the piston in a rece exploded end destroyed the entire block.

    47. Amazin Plays

      How are the pistons fitted when building? Thank you for an interesting video.

    48. C.G.C

      Mass production and industrial process that's what makes the huge difference of costs

    49. iliasmetalworks

      All good and agreed but there are pistons used in variety of motorcycles and produce 200hp rev to 15000rpm and you can buy them from the dealer....So the rotating mass it's the problem. Not the materials,neither the machinery involved as much.Thanks for the information.

    50. Leveque Thierry

      😒😒 I thought it was made with palladium,, the world most expensive metal

    51. david vlase

      Then how I amg project one car is available on the street because i think it’s using pretty much the same engine as an f1 car

    52. Unknown Archon


    53. Enis Ucar

      holy fuck this is good

    54. קארטיוב

      That is why not a lot can make good ICE engine, but almost anyone can make today electric cars. Just a not, 3D printed pistons are the future.

    55. Zencraft

      mi question is? how you assemble the engine? hot?

    56. Daniel Martin

      At 2:56 your conversion from metric to imperial is off by a zero. It should read 6 thou not 60 thou.

    57. Manfred Rossing

      Short answer: the piston goes up and down more than 200 times in ONE SECOND

    58. Cuauhtemoc Vega Torres

      holy shit, ive seen more than 20 ads in this video and i could notice when.

    59. Austin Macbain

      1000x more than a standard road car piston? hmmm... assuming costs for a higher grade aluminum, a forge (if the team wants a forged piston), a 5-axis cnc mill, tools for the mill and a cmm. Outsourcing the NDT. I could honestly make you an offer of 500x more than a standard road car piston. After paying for the forge, mill and cmm, I would make at least a 300% profit off each piston... Out of my garage... working alone. Hey, um, Mercedes, You need someone to make your F1 cars pistons 999x the price of your road car pistons? I would like a summer home, and you could use the savings.

    60. welshboy1324

      How do they put the pistons inside the engine?

    61. Tamás Gortva

      Ads and that pathetic begging for subscription is so common noways, that we may say it is OK - get used to it! The same in the middle of the content during the most informative and interesting part causes immediate leaving, dislike and ban the channel for life. Pity...

    62. Jaaa C

      its for the same reason a toilet seat in the white house costs a hundred grand. because they will pay it.

    63. Proba Proba1

      You get me tired during watching your mouth moving, it's incredible how you can't open the mouth as it should!

    64. Petr Toman

      7:55 not so sure about that

    65. Crash Webb

      1:51 my god that poor piston

    66. StingRay427v8

      the point about material, does it apply to piston as well? How much does aluminium alloy for F1 pistons cost, is there an info what kind it is? Or is secret sauce of F1-engine-teams? Thing like 7075-T6 is not that expensive.

    67. Brian Su

      only Mercedes engines need a starter, the others just use the MGU-K to start.

    68. DonnerPferd

      outdatet technology!!!

    69. Dan Hillman

      Because they can.

    70. Steve Walsh-Balshaw

      Shouldn't cost that they're been ripped off as it's F1 n they have money to litteraly burn all paid way too much n I love F1

    71. Erih Talkanbaev

      Лучше старые, тяжёлые поршня т.к они теплоемче и более дольше не набирают нагар.

    72. Brat Story

      There is no good reason for this peace of metal to cost 50.000£. It’s just idiotic

    73. Jody Martines

      Soooo... is that $20 dollars?

    74. ClaudeSac

      WTF does yer t-shirt shop have to do with F1 pistons.

    75. Mark Smyth

      Pistons in F one cars probably use a very decent percentage of graphene because of it's amazing properties, stronger than steel. It costs about $100 a gram.

    76. Ben Turp

      For a person who works in aviation who works on engines worth multiple millions 50k for an engine component is nothing :)

      1. Dan Hillman

        One that weighs 200lbs, maybe.

    77. Ммммакк Ггггаа

      че вы тама пяздите?

    78. quistan2

      As amazing as that is. I find it more amazing that my 92' camry has 270k miles on it, will easily log 500k, the whole car cost me less than the price of a set of new piston for a standard car, and when the car finally dies it will not be because of piston failure. Engineering for extremes is interesting, dont get me wrong, but I find it even more interesting that some things that man can create seem to have some self fulfilling destiny, like they are meant to go together because they had to, almost like magic.

    79. A R

      2:15 just specify 0 tolerance

    80. J.P.

      If you ever wondered why russians have to put acutal fire under their cars engines in the winter then it is because they care so much about their cars like it would be an F1 race car :D

    81. Nemus

      Misleading explanation. Machining time and overall complication is not that high to make one piston cost 50k. Tolerances is the most failed part... in short there is no big difference between mass prod engines in terms of "some special F1 unreal tolerances" 0.05mil is the tolerance you can get on any modern cnc machine. You say that gap in F1 engine is 0.15 mil well 0.15 mil is the acceptable gap for already used regular car engine. Facepalm. Materials also is not the case. One F1 piston costs a lot because there is a lot of big daddys who will to waste their money on this boring hobby and a lot of companies willing to buy ads in this "sport" show. Some smart guys just making money for nothing.

    82. James Walker

      0.15mm is ~ 6 thou, not 60

    83. Insomniul

      It's all about the economy of scale. The R&D for an engine used in a mass-produced car costs far more then budget of a F1 car engine (because the limits of manufacturing costs, fuel consumption, emissions, vibrations etc. are things that are important) so if Mercedes-Benz produced only few S-class cars in a year the piston in their engine will cost millions of $ to be actually manufactured in such a small scale production...

    84. Rx7man

      Talks about an F1 engine Shows an animation of a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower (2:56) Also shows a 24V cummins diesel animation at 6:33

    85. nickacelvn

      Yes but mostly its because that's what an f1 team will pay!

    86. Yami Omo

      How to make a even more responsive car then an F1, An electric motor. Kek

    87. bouletmarc

      so manys disinformations in this video

    88. Jimmy b

      Why are you mixing Metric and Imperial measurement?

    89. Valentino Tera

      Really 0,01 mm? I usually work in my garage with that tolerance just for fun.

    90. Valentino Tera

      'coz PAHV

    91. Steve cooper

      0.15mm is not 60 thou.

    92. TheCCPfearsANZ

      Looks like a motorcycle piston.

    93. Andrew Piatek

      Good video, this wants me to heave least strained engine, with less horse-power, so that the engine is under-stressed.

    94. Jonki Pastramki

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    95. Anastasia Котёнкина

      Не обоснованно дорого

    96. Duren Mengkel

      custom made non-mass produce product

    97. James Creation Games

      11 year old me knows it’s getting real when your racing engine takes half an hour to start up

    98. avi verde

      ...because F1 is held together by rich bored af decadent and depraved dirtbags thats why

    99. Vinicius

      Quality content!

    100. Phoomin Loetpeerapan

      Head even more expensive