The World's Fastest Front-Wheel-Drive Race Car!


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    And it was a complete flop!
    This is the Nissan GTR LM, a twelve-hundred horse-power, front-engined, LMP1 car.
    A completely ‘Outside the Box’ design that was aimed at beating the likes of Audi and Porsche in a new, revolutionary take on what a Le Mans Prototype looks like.
    They implemented some crazy innovations, a complex flywheel hybrid system, one of the most efficient aero packages ever, and even aero tunnels that ran through the length of the car.
    In theory, however, it didn’t quite work out that way. It only competed in one race, the 2015 Le Mans 24hours - and finished miles behind the competition.
    However, it was a genius design that could have done well - if given time to develop. So what genius engineering went into this car? And what made it so tricky to drive?
    We spoke to Lucas Ordonez, one of the drivers who raced this car as well as working on the incredible Nissan Delta-Wing Project.

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    In 2015, Nissan wanted to create an LMP1 car that could compete with Audi, Porsche and Toyota - all teams with years of development in their cars and corporate backing with very deep pockets.
    So they set out to create a car that would be quick, but not another Audi copy. All three of these teams were using very similar designs, mid-mounted engines, electric hybrid systems and predominantly rear-wheel drive.
    But to understand just how different the Nissan design was, let's look at the standard design for an LMP1 car like the Porsche.
    For a long time, the standard recipe has put the engine in the rear, powering the rear wheels. The cockpit is then in front of this, allowing a very streamlined nose and improved flow over the car.
    This places the centre of gravity over the rear axles, helping with traction. This also makes the car rotate better in the corners.
    We then add downforce to the car. This also affects the balance depending on whether you have more downforce on the front or rear of the car. We show the point at which this is balanced, as the centre of pressure.
    The Porsche, Audi and Toyota all have a rearward bias, creating more downforce with the diffuser and the rear wing than the splitter and dive planes at the front. And therefore placing the centre of pressure and centre of gravity roughly over the same spot.
    Now, this makes sense. You wouldn’t want the car to have one balance in slow corners, then another in high-speed corners when the aero load comes into play. Having them at roughly the same place makes the car more balanced and predictable.
    The same principle stands for mechanical grip, these cars all have wider tyres on the rear than the front - mirroring this balance.
    Now, the Nissan completely flipped this on it’s head. Placing the 3L V6 engine in the front of the car, and fitting the gearbox in front of that.
    This made the balance a complete mirror image of the Porsche. The centre of gravity, centre of pressure and the mechanical grip bias were all at the front.
    And if you think about it, it’s really needed to get front wheel drive to work.
    If the weight were all in the middle, when you accelerate, this would load the rear and lift even more weight off the front. So Nissan crammed everything they could at the very front of the car, the engine, gearbox, diff and hybrid system.
    This gave better traction over the front tyres and freed up space to ‘get creative’ with the aero at the rear - more on that later.
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    1. Driver61

      Would you like to see this racing at Le Mans again? Seems like such a shame that it was canned!

      1. JURacing

        I would looooove to see it being developed further. It's a real shame that this project was stopped...just like the genius Deltawing

      2. Devin du Plessis

        It really is a shame. It looks amazing and the creativity to rethink the rules is the type of thing that makes racing legends. Buuut, not in one year.

      3. Abraham Yanes

        Gives me an idea for a one off track toy. Front engine front wheel drive supercharged engine, and a mid engine rear wheel drive twin turbo rotary. instead of over loading 1 engine. It'll share effort to launch the car.

      4. Izio Shaba

        How is the affordable race car coming?

      5. Alex Vandenheuvel

        Fwd cars hold many time attack records and work well when set up properly. When going through a turn if you start to oversteer you have to throttle it out vs a rwd car where you would be forced to let off

    2. Hajime Saito

      I think this car deserves the title "Worst LMP1 Car of all Time" and not the AMR-One. What gives this whole story a bad aftertaste is, that the Nissan Team was quite aggressive in their announcements. They said, that the will dominate the other teams with their design.

    3. Forza Martini

      My memory to this car is approx 3 am standing on the inside of indianapolis at le mans with this thing coming by in a shower of flames and sparks because the underside had come of. While my friend was sleeping and missed it. 😂

    4. Guilherme Melo

      Winning or not this car is amazing. I would love to see it in full development racing at Le Mans.

    5. zwykły ziomek

      Great material. I played this car in Forza 7 and it's indeed very different to drive than the rest of LMP cars.

    6. oscar munslow

      6:01, did the editor just miss spell through😅

    7. caffeinated.beverage

      the way they store the waste energy from braking using the spinning flywheel in a vacuum is genius.

    8. César Martinez

      Nissan #1 ❤️

    9. Y2G Gaming

      I have a distinct memory of this car from a few years ago back when I played GT6. Somebody had made a glitched track that permanently glitched out a cars horsepower when driving into the pits backwards (somehow???). When that glitch was used on this car it became even more insane than it already was. But what set it apart from all other glitched cars was that it didn't instantly spin out like the RWD/AWD cars and it wasn't just sitting there spinning forever like the other FWD cars. It was pretty sick and fun. Wish I could play again. That glitch was a lot of fun. Comment if you're reading this and you used the same glitch on some other cars. One other notable car was one of the Corvette racecars, it was the fastest car in the game (excluding the Tomahawk) even when compared to other glitched cars. It was crazy stable.

    10. de Durocortorum

      "Inacceptable" (O. Pla)

    11. Crypteass

      I would've been scared shitless knowing that Flywheel system was right next to me spinning at 52,000 rpm...

    12. Sir William Withey Gull

      Any of the other LMP1s cars going on reverse, backwards, would be the fastest FWD.

    13. Jon Dela Cruz

      cant wait till Toyota, Audi and Porsche copy those massive aero tunnels.

    14. Huzaifa Savage

      What with nissan and abandoning lmp1 prototypes they did this with the delta wing too


      Perfect démonstration than front wheels drive car are not ...a good thing ! HAHAHA

    16. zounds13

      It's just too bad that Nissan never allowed it to be developed to its full potential.

    17. Miles Rains

      Clown shoe extraordinaire. What were they thinking?

    18. Lawrence D’Oliveiro

      4:07 Why are all those glowing lines going to the rear wheels?

    19. Lawrence D’Oliveiro

      You mean _Top Gear_ lied when they said you couldn’t put much more than 400BHP through the front wheels??

    20. Bru Rred

      I wanted it to do good at le mans because I always root for the designs going against the current trend. Loved cars like panoz LMP07 and I liked this idea nissan had. I always use it in GT Sport. Wish nissan woulda stuck with it for awhile but obviously it is big bucks and they were clearly disheartened over the results.

    21. BanzTheTwin

      On wheel sim, it's painful to drive

    22. Miguel Gil

      The true error was not to paint it black, look at it, it's the freaking batmobile

    23. King 120

      Still can't beat my level 5 Power Corvette C7

    24. Monti Plays

      LEMAUNZ :)

    25. Zalan Gueth

      Porsche will yet ruin Nissans dream again...

    26. Anders Larsen

      You're a great host. Not everyone has two talents.

    27. Mark Chops

      The enormous notify eventually shelter because makeup maternally chase without a dizzy reindeer. wacky, panoramic ornament

    28. Shyla Bruno

      The tidy riddle equally learn because august histologically end despite a thinkable vegetarian. maniacal, polite karate

    29. Jerry Czech

      does anyone else see the resemblance with batmobil? 😁😁

    30. H3R3T1C

      The idea of an FWD race car kinda baffles me, to be honest. When accelerating, weight is transferred to the rear, which kills the traction on the drive tires. Then there's the whacky handling characteristics that FWD introduces.

    31. Pieas Timperton

      The maddening hook postsurgically match because wheel acromegaly appreciate including a lewd dollar. elderly, agreeable lilac

    32. TheThirdMan

      The car was the brainchild of Ben Bowlby, who was also responsible for the Deltawing. The change to a more format CoG is critical and should be mandated in all racing cars. The reason is quite simple: Peter Dumbreck and his Mercedes. In a standard LMP car, the stability margin is around 1.5 to 2.0 degrees. F1 cars have about 5 degrees and even that is far too small. That is, once the front of the car lifts by more than that, the car can - if the speed is high enough - enter a positive feedback loop from which recovery is impossible. It can happen because of contact with another car or it can happen because of a wind gust. The problem is that it can happen at all. This car would have far more generous stability margins than a standard car, making them much, much safer. This is easier to achieve with front engine cars but is no guarantee of success. The Panoz was a font engine car but its stability margins were no better because they were trying to get the weight distributed as evenly as possible. Even more recently was the Nissan GTR that flipped at the Nordschleife. So just being front engined isn’t a guarantee of aerodynamic stability. It has to have a forward CoG. This car also had a much wider rear diffuser because there was no transmission to accommodate, which made it more effective for downforce. What the driver didn’t say was that during the 2016 Le Mans, the hybrid system wasn’t working and the car was only delivering about 550 hp, instead of 1,000. I’m not going to make the mistake of coulda/woulda/shoulda because there’s no point. It’s just a shame Nissan didn’t see fit to try again. Ben Bowlby is so far, the only engineer I’ve seen who has addressed this.

    33. TheThirdMan

      Stop saying “genius”. It’s starting to sound pathetic. Engineers put wheels on car. Genius!

    34. Doraan Cilliers

      Becuese it's shit

    35. Abhishek Sunil

      Could you do a video on the 6 wheel Tyrrell of the 76 F1 season? That's a really interesting car to review😅

    36. BSA_13 RealRacing3

      I still laugh at the 2015 Le Mans 🤣 so funny....

    37. Jesus Christ

      It’s ugly af

    38. hector herbert

      FWD is fine but should have been 4 WD.

    39. alexandre dubois

      Your videos are great. It would be very interesting to make one on the Porsche 961 one of the only cars with all wheel drive that race at LeMans. Thanks. Cheers from Switzerland

    40. alfpolo29

      4:58 mechanic while he works :))

    41. Alfarosi Yoga Arsita

      Still better thab bykolles

    42. Daniel M

      What is the electronic tablet and software you are using for your graphics and notes?

    43. sparrow

      Why fwd that sounds dumb like just because it's like slightly cheaper doesn't mean its better that's like saying a tesla is better than a idr on the track because it is cheaper and rain wich is the only thing u notice in every race of all time well u hydroplane and spin out and crash or u understeer and crash

    44. luchadorito

      Im really mad at how little attention is given to the flywheel hybrid system is given. Nissan tried to send a car to LeMans with the upscaled version of the drive the alumínium body Made in Czechoslovakia 1970s toy car I got from dad had. I want to now everything about it, damnit. This is mindblowing

    45. Malcolm Young

      this was my favorite car in forza motorsport 6 and 7

    46. J G

      Dans deux ans 100-ème Editions du Mans 🚦🚗🏁

    47. J G

      Nissan LMP 👍

    48. aritz zabala

      Hardest car to drive to the limit in GT Sport too...

    49. eunos infini

      Mazda 787b

    50. Sebastian Siedler

      im not a native english speaker, but at 4:26 it sounded seriously like "mor then the speed of sand"

    51. Smokey Yunick

      That car sucks and the under steer is terrible it handles like a brick

    52. Blaine Whatman

      What type of wood do they use in a rear wood bias?

    53. JakeKaminskisRacing

      Would love to see the 787b breakdown!

    54. Woof!

      Faster than the speed of sand?! Wow that IS fast

    55. Lil Nate


    56. Darin R

      Well I guess they never learned when they were kids on the tricycle.....FWD sucks

    57. Liam Cooper

      Didnt toyota already try this?

    58. weofnjieofing

      Was a joke of a car to begin with. The dynamics would never work which is why RWD is always the ultimate ton 2WD set up. A joke of a car in every way and should have been panned on the drawing board. The result? Nissan leaving the series.

    59. Devin W

      Not gonna lie, I personally have felt the past several years that every time I hear something about Nissan it’s followed by disappointment. This seems like it could’ve been cool. Wait. They’re slowly ditching their CVT for a 9 speed tho. We’ll see how that goes..

    60. BenseBuilt

      Maybe it was that giant windshield wiper that was in the way

    61. scrubs scrubs

      This car just proved what everyone already knew. FWD is garbage.

    62. Jared Kursman

      How does it have that much power coming through the front wheels without encountering torque steer?


      In practice, they copied the Porsche flywheel Recovery System but they got humiliated

    64. charles young

      That car is hideous. Wouldn't want my name on that.

    65. NiceChasin ChaseGods

      I just won this Nissan in Gran Turismo Sport an it is very difficult to drive in game I could only imagine how it was in real life

    66. kenopsia

      this race was an absolute series of unfortunate events for this car it’s so sad that we’ll never see it again

    67. Omnis

      Alternate title: The World's Slowest LMP1 Car.

    68. Cloxxki

      The top speed for not having had any hybrid power was really good. Lessons to be learned for an electric endurance car? Slick as possible, tiny motors that don't get in the way of air flow. Mate it to a T.50 style fan to switch downforce on/off and allow for ultra streamline for straights? 300+ kph cruise at minimal power and huge downforce only when needed. Sub 1000kg, on swappable batteries, but lapping like winning LMP1 cars, bit the same stint length?

    69. Simone Trafford

      The pointless comb lately carry because windscreen spectacularly arrest atop a far donna. previous, brawny cousin

    70. Stephen46 xre

      Some guys at Nissan simply didn't understand anything about driving physics. There is nothing about genius, it's just a very stupid design. Same with the Delta Wing.... I'm still laughing about Nissan....

      1. paul menard

        the delta wing actually nearly achieved lmp2 laptimes... but using half the fuel and half the tyre. which is a pretty big step in effiecency.

    71. Kirin Kirin

      What year this nissan compete this lemans?have more vid where can i see

      1. mike


    72. Aleksandar Danilovic

      saab is faster fwd :)

    73. That Nick Longo

      This was and still is my favorite LMP car in Forza Motorsport

    74. Jamel Frazier

      The drivetrain that should be in all their fwd cars, not this xtronic BS they've got going now.

    75. 4Hunnd Degrees

      The sassy tortellini secondarily move because sudan evidently disappear unlike a rainy mall. hesitant, alive mustard


      The majority is always wrong. Great video thanks


      Idk much about lmp1 and I just learnt about this car is another vid, but the fact Nissan used it in only one race disappoints me, sooo much potential

    78. Conrad Sealy

      Its a pity Nissan didnt keep at this design.

    79. HECKproductions

      i choose to believe they held the plan the wrong way and noticed half way through

    80. Big 1

      ThiZ IZ the NiZZan LM. FrontZ engineZ.

    81. drivingkato

      I kind of wish somebody with very deep pockets will pickup where Nissan left off and complete the development for this car as a side project.

    82. aidan koenig

      Since when does Sean penn drive race cars

    83. jonzilla

      Beauty of a motor.

    84. Jon Dela Cruz

      I don’t like the looks of the Nissan with the insanely long and flat hood.

    85. GusMortis

      Nissan as a company needs to stop doing these short developments for lump cars. First the delta wing and now the long boi. It's no wonder their company is suffering financially, they cant keep doing this.

    86. Sa yan

      I respect your videos so much.

    87. Henrik

      1:02 I knew I recognized him as a gt academy winner... incredible how "lucky" a few winners got out of that and had some amazing experiences and careers afterwards..

    88. itz Has boy

      Make sure it's not a Honda or the FIA will ban it for being A Shitbox

    89. Lukas Morski-Zmij

      Well in dtm i wtc they mixed cars with rwd,awd,fwd . But the power wasnt so high

    90. Matthew Curtis

      they had this at a local car museum for some time. It was so dainty

    91. Roland

      An intellectual swindle.

    92. Carter Morrish

      Such an interesting concept!! Imagine if the likes of Porsche or Toyota had done it

    93. Dan Sotelo

      Nissan listen very closely Nissan.... If you want the respect and the consumer market you so Much Want, you need to go back to your old brand DATSUN!!! In American and international minds Datsun were the innovators, racers and the Japanese face of true quality... The moment you changed your face to Nissan the trust was lost. END OF STORY.

    94. Christian Ø. Rasmussen

      Nissan is it’s own enemy. But thank you for the GT Academy.

    95. Dreamy_

      I love how LMP1 lets car manufacturers actually innovate instead of F1. “Pinochle of Motorsport” my arse, they are just a Ferarri marketing scheme at this point.

    96. Ernesto Gasulla

      Why are we seeing this now? This car was a failure and the project is abandoned. If you want to upload cool cars from the past, at least pick a successful one.

    97. Federico Bernazzani

      I think that car was the best loocking of all!

    98. Resta Utama

      Hopefully Nissan will return with LMH or LMDh machinery in the future

    99. Lil' Legit

      the black Nissan GTR LM looks like a batmobile

    100. Crazy Funny Cats’s FWD. that’s not fun racing