How 10,000 BHP Can Snap a Dragster


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    Top Fuel Dragsters are the fastest cars on the planet, they hit over 300 mph in less than four seconds, accelerate faster than some fighter jets and cost more than £3000 per second to run - and that’s if nothing blows up!
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    Dragsters take everything to the extremes. Huge supercharged engines that produce over 11’000 horsepower, wings with more downforce than twelve Formula 1 cars and they drink 1.2 gallons of fuel every second. That’s about 24 feet forward for each gallon used - talk about excess!
    The tyres have to be bolted to the rims to avoid being ripped off, the clutch welds itself together halfway down the run and the exhaust gasses alone produce more downforce than a supercar.
    So how do you produce a chassis that can hold itself together whilst deploying 11’000hp and accelerating faster than the Space Shuttle?
    Dragsters are all about getting power transferred into the asphalt in the most efficient way possible, and one of the biggest challenges with having over 10’000 Nm of Torque is that it can force the car to pull a wheelie.
    This obviously can be very dangerous, many dragsters have flipped entirely - they are some of the most dangerous crashes in motorsport.
    The tendency to wheelie is exaggerated by the way the dragsters are designed. The majority of the weight is placed over the rear axle. The engine, drivetrain and cockpit are all placed close to the rear axle, pushing the rear tyres into the track for better grip.
    This dramatically improves performance but does nothing to stop the nose of the car to fly upwards due to the immense twisting motion.
    The thing to know is that a turning force, a torque, is equal to the force times the distance it’s acting at. A bit like how you can undo a tight bolt more easily with a longer wrench.
    The engineers use this principle to counter the enormous torque of the engine.

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    1. Turkey Bacon

      I raced a funny car at a test and tune once. I was in a 97 Grand Am. I couldn't even tell if my car was running. It's a whole different experience sitting in a car next to something like this.

    2. Turkey Bacon

      Very well done video. Informative, straight to the point. No fluff. Thank you.

    3. Chin Hoi Wong

      why dont they make it autonomous driving if it is so dangerous???

      1. Chin Hoi Wong

        @Captain HellhoundI think something like the macbook I'm using can make a car follow a straight line, make minor adjustments, and is definitely lighter than a 50+ kg dude

      2. Captain Hellhound


    4. Revanatic ThePlayer

      So I've got a question but why does there have to be a driver? It doesn't seem like they can turn so pressing a remote button to start the engine would be enough right? Or is it more about the driver's pride?

      1. Captain Hellhound

        It may not seem like they steer, but they do a lot of micro adjustments. Without them the cars would go straight into a wall

    5. Jack Johnson

      do a video about the nitro runners that hit 650 in sub 4 seconds.

    6. SilverStone

      fastest cars on the planet? ok even if we ignore the various jet and turboshaft cars, there has been cars that run on standard piston engines that not only achieve greater speeds, but also sustain those greater speeds

      1. Captain Hellhound

        Fastest accelerating cars

    7. Nolan Delaney

      0:20 I was at that race.. wild


      america car america car

    9. Stephen Kalmar

      It’s Top Fuel, not Top Flight! 😂

    10. Muhammad Nadeem

      Uuffff what a Blast....

    11. Elite Club

      What stops them from making a FWD dragster that has none of the issues with wheelies?

      1. Captain Hellhound

        Then they have the issue of keeping the tires on the ground.

    12. Eris

      24 feet per gallon, now thats the most American thing I've heard all day.

      1. Sergiy nevidomo


    13. I Putu Tara Adi

      It broke because they use aluminum

    14. Daniel Brower

      The platonic ideal race car falls apart right after it pulls up to the finishing podium, and not a moment sooner or later.

    15. Henk Smit

      I understand that people want to make the cars as light as possible. But for safety reasons and to give no one an advantage, you could also enter a minimum weight for the cars along with a maximum weight for the engine. So enter both factors at the same time

    16. The Waffle

      Not as fast as my was 2105

    17. N·M·S·L which is a stand of RMB

      SSC is the fastest car in the world But Top fuel dragster refused

    18. Xach E3r

      It's crazy to see the drag tires on those things balloon out. I've only ever seen that on rc cars but to see it on full scale is insane

    19. PhillipZX3

      They're the QUICKEST cars on the planet. The FASTEST are raced at places like the salt flats, etc. ;-)

    20. Tullo

      Humanity at its peak stupidity=Dragsters and Bull Fighting

    21. Super- noodle2008

      1:32 some guy in the audience:DO A FLIP YOU WONT!!! the dragster:...hold my oil...

    22. SlingbladeJim

      Now THAT was interesting............thank you.

    23. Izzaac Alley

      How have we not made flying cars yet, I just watched about like 6 of these things take liftoff and they are designed to STAY on the ground

    24. Scott Crabtree

      I've always loved the pictures, that show the wrinkling of the rear tires, when they start off!

    25. Gabriel T

      as you can see it was a woman at the wheel :D

    26. Kaplan Günhan

      I find it so fascinating how fucking fast these cars really are

    27. gognaz

      1: leave quick 2: go straight 3: go fast

    28. Dazfast

      Why not just talk normally, this sound really odd.

    29. Noah Reimer-Nielsen

      just put a ramp at the plce they get to max speed, that is how you can get into space!

    30. Kaiser Swaghelm II

      What is it with Americans and creating the most laborious, dull, lifeless racing disciplines on earth!? "Here kid.. you wanna see a car drive in a straight line really fast?" "UH no, not really!" "Okay, what about really fast in an oval?" "eeeer neeeeew!"

    31. Kamikaze

      Wow. That slow-mo of the tires rippling is insane.

    32. Justin Case

      3000 moneys per second? that is ridiculous

    33. Playing With Sophia

      Rip car fuel efficiency competition

    34. Mike Brown

      That was a good information always thought that they were the baddest cars on the planet I didn't know they was better than the space shuttle or a fighter plane

    35. ihatemegatron216

      Driver 61: "Top fuel dragsters are the fastest cars on the planet" SUPERSONIC CARS HAVE ENTERED THE CHAT.

      1. ihatemegatron216

        @Ric Aurandt fair point, but have you considered rocket sleds?

      2. Ric Aurandt

        Fastest acceleration of any vehicle on earth is held by Top Fuel only.

    36. dogegamer 2995

      “Top fuel dragsters are the fastest cars on the planet” The Thrust SSC (the first car to break the sound barrier): Am i a joke to you?

    37. Valeera

      these are nothing compared to the new electric dragsters set to come out in a couple years

    38. And Metal for All

      Drag racing is my favourite 4 wheeled motor sport, so many different calculations go into each run from track temp to atmospheric pressure & you never can guess who will win till the race is done.

    39. rohit nautiyal

      Everyone should experience these freaking monsters. Nothing can prepare you for the launch.

    40. Benjamin gammer

      "She" crashed the dragster? LMAO who the fuck let that happen

      1. Captain Hellhound

        Women are lighter and have a better reaction time on average

    41. Michael Ritchie

      hear me out top fuel motor in a miata lol

    42. 「xxx」

      Imagine putting one of those engines in a normal car

      1. 「xxx」

        @DJF_62 lol

      2. DJF_62

        Just imagine you shift into reverse to back out of the driveway, let off the brake and PSWHOOOOOOOO

    43. My True Love is My FR-S

      6:56 Did you call it.... Top flight dragster as you show a clip of one taking flight? OOOOOOFF ;)

    44. greenglass2

      are they street legal?

      1. Shain Andrews


    45. DevinDTV

      Dragsters actually aren't the fastest cars, just the highest accelerating ones. ThrustSSC for example broke the sound barrier with 110,000 horsepower.

    46. Casey Carlile

      Fun fact: whatever team wins, all of the team members dicks grow by the .01 of a win 👌 that’s why they are all so grumpy 😂

    47. Robert Byrd

      Nice video, but you didn't even talk about the 'wheelie bars'. Fail :(

    48. Michael Gilmore

      Are you missing part of your tongue ???? dude you sound terrible

    49. Becky Meader

      I was there and my car blow up

    50. Jude Jones

      Guess it was no cat

    51. frnkjones40

      And a properly designed set of WHEELIE BARS count for nothing????? How in the world can you omit these in an illustration?

    52. Matthew Albitz

      Call of flames coming out of the exhaust it’s barely an internal combustion engine

    53. Lysergic Brainwave Thrawthingal Byeblathingal

      3:26 lol *HOLY SHIT!*

    54. gj rt

      At 1:23 square tubing. X cross tubing all the down the car. The plastic body later becomes metal and a structural member. Re design tie down at the topical break point.

    55. Juanito Durden

      6:40 is what you came for

    56. Mohamed K. Zakaria

      I want someone to rub my back like these guys rub the wheels!

      1. Mohamed K. Zakaria

        @Col b lol 😀

      2. Col b

        lol. sounds nice but in practice not so much. They're actualy stripping the loosened bits of rubber off the tyres to get better rubber to ground contact. Kind of an overkill exfoliate on your back lol.

    57. tincupnickleboy the 1st

      Most extreme sports wether it be drag racing or motorcycle racing on ice with those spiked tires to me its like putting gun to your head, spinning the cylinder and playing Russian Rullete , i have alot of respect for these crazy fuckers who do this stuff continually, most of them survive it, kudos to them !!

    58. りゅうとしゃちょう

      日本のスーパーGTもターボ禁止して メカだけのルールにしないかな?! 絶対におもしくなる

    59. experience noose


    60. Mherzia Rescatie

      I learned a lot of engineering watching this thanks

    61. sugarsaint

      👀 ROFL

    62. Speed Killer

      accelerate faster than a jet... that really isnt too hard...

    63. big bob 169

      I use to make hose clamps . I hope they worked well .

    64. Trepang 412

      The slingshots didn’t have that problem. Of course the driver sat in front of the engine, and the blower could blow off and hit the driver in the face. That did happen.

    65. ?imon

      0:00 Thrust SSC: Am I a joke to you?


      "dragsters are the fastest cars in the world" thrust scc: am i a joke to you

      1. DARIUS MARK

        look i said dragsters are the fastest cars in the world but its not

      2. DARIUS MARK


      3. DARIUS MARK

        ahem speedwise

    67. Generic Scottish Channel


    68. Schlomo Ubermann

      Amazing video about idiotic engineering.

    69. ya boi garlic bread

      Doesn't everything accelerate faster than a space shuttle? I mean, It accelerates to 1000mph faster than a top fuel drag car!

    70. Fuck Biden

      Fun fact dragsters said f u science dont hate me cause im beautiful 😌

    71. Audi 1

      Fact # that girl had balls

    72. Charles Anderson


    73. trillrif axegrindor

      anyone who hasnt heard a top fuel car or dragster in person owes it to themselves,its a very sensory experience.noise,heat,sound waves,nitro AWESOME

    74. trillrif axegrindor

      10,000 horsepower,a wheelie,physics and the front end smashing down all create what yourself a lot of bullshit

    75. Simon Loughton

      How can bolting the engine to chassis directly with clamps reduce the vibration transmitted to chassis more than using mounts? i don't understand this, but great clip thanks.

    76. Jim Stephens

      The engine is strapped to the chassis? I think he meant to say the blower is strapped to the engine, but it is bolted also, the strap is just for safety should the blower try to exit the engine.

    77. James Grimsey

      So why are the engines behind the driver? Ask Don.

      1. Captain Hellhound

        Safety and aerodynamics

    78. Juana Garsa

      Wen yiu get wind fuckt get it

    79. Putsky1342

      Have you notice that they're welding the chassis both side at the same times to avoid asymmetrical inner-tension in the frame? probably left-handed on one side and right-handed on the other.

    80. palonero

      Comparisons like "it accelerates faster than the space shuttle" are completely unnecessary and irrelevant. The goal in designing a muti-stage launch rocket is not to achieve the highest thrust to weight ratio, but the most efficient one to punch through the atmosphere during the high q stages. If high efficiency was achieved at a 1.1 thrust to weight ratio, then that's what they would aim for. In a rocket, T/W ratio increases dramatically as fuel is consumed and stages are shed and on modern rockets, the T/W ratio is usually limited to 5 (yes, they have to limit it). As a machine, you simply can't compare a rocket with any other vehicle. Nothing comes even close.

      1. palonero

        @Roger Out There's no need. Just say the acceleration. What is it, 50m/s^2 when a normal car accelerates at about 8m/s^2? That should be enough.

      2. palonero

        @Roger Out Acceleration is exactly what G force express. It's a product of the thrust to weight ratio and expressing it in G's is just easier for people to understand than expressing it in m/s^2, which is the international unit. It's irrelevant. The goal of a rocket is not to accelerate quickly, it's to get out of the atmosphere as efficiently as possible. If they go too fast, drag increases too much (drag increases with velocity square). If they wanted to, a rocket could accelerate many many many times faster than any other machine we've built in that size.

    81. 177SCmaro

      People are right to point out that things like Formula 1 are extreme forms of racing. But when people act like drag racing requires little skill or endurance...well, let me put it this way, if you bolted a F1 engine to the supercharger of a Top Fuel Dragster the F1 engine likely would not be able to fully spool or build full boost to the Top Fuel engine. In other words, it takes as much or more power then an F1 engine makes just to drive the supercharger on a Top Fuel engine, that's how extreme these things are. If F1 is the pinnacle of changing direction, Top Fuel is the pinnacle of acceleration.

    82. Daniele Sbordone

      What's the use of having 10,000 hp if you can't transfer it to the ground ? The right amount of power will improve stability and reliability.

    83. Flight Recorder

      The black straps you pointed at @5:02 are to retain the blower if it blows off. The hose clamps are unpainted steel and attach lower down to the tube frame

    84. Dale

      @3:33 How my 20's are going.

    85. TTV GalaxyGamer

      What about jet cars I remember watching them as a kid at the Cayuga drag strip

    86. Diego Duarte

      Metal tubing better and more resistant than carbon fibre? Seriously?

    87. Simone Trafford

      The alluring hill morally agree because wedge decisively fancy within a powerful sandwich. flimsy, momentous flesh

    88. WootTootZoot

      Factoid, they only use about 7psi in the rear tires.

    89. Juan Smith

      The ready second accordantly prepare because brazil distinctively realise under a far-flung energy. actually, safe white

    90. ucnhtmenow1

      Can I get that engine if you're not going to use it anymore. Lmao.

    91. ucnhtmenow1

      I thought it said how 1,000 hp can snap a dragster. I was gonna say, just one of their cylinders pump 1,000hp

    92. Markus Patients

      What if the air we breathed looked like the air and gases coming out of the dragsters pipes all the time? Forget about electric cars. People and animal would have to wear oxygen respirators but where could we get refills?

    93. Flies2FLL

      A transverse mounting would need an extremely robust ring and pinion to send power from across to rear, but would negate torque problems along the frame.

    94. Flies2FLL

      I flew for Kalitta Air for three years. During my initial training in 2003, I drove my Porsche 928 from my home in Orlando to Ypsilanti, Michigan, where Kalitta is based. The car got dirty and it was my toy, so I asked the people at Kalitta's operation at Willow Run Airport if I could pull the car into the hangar and wash it off. Since Connie runs everything at this airline, I was told that he personally approved. I asked to see him, I wanted not only to thank him, I wanted to ask him to climb into my car and do a burnout. I wanted to have a video of Connie Kalitta doing a burnout in my car. It didn't happen; He was very busy that day on the phone so I just went back to my hotel room. Damn!

    95. pp poopoo

      Vibrating the chassis while welding it for a stronger bead is interesting.

    96. MD Latiful Ahad

      Awesome presentation, Thanks for all the hard work.

    97. Dr Artiick

      Great. Now that I have all this knowledge about top fuels (also reading comments), I still can't call this a race. 2 cars going in a straight line, blowing through 4 gears to end everything in just about 6 or 7 seconds... C'mon, this isn't racing.

    98. masterofThardus

      There is actually an additional reason why top fuel dragsters are so long that has nothing to do with making it harder to wheelie; it also improves handling at speed. Cars with a longer wheelbase handle better at high speeds. This is partly why huge luxury sedans (BMW 7-series for instance) and fast cruisers (Dodge Charger/Challenger) have such long wheelbases; it makes the handling much less twitchy at highway speeds. Having handling that isn't twitchy is a bit important when you're going in excess of 300mph.

    99. Anubis Solvang

      When are they gonna 3d print a titanium chassis?

    100. Pierre andre Parsemain

      That s why we love both USA And the réal President Donald Trump