World's Fastest Gamer vs Normal Guy | Sim Racing Challenge


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    Ever wondered if better Sim Racing kit actually makes you faster? Well we find out. We put a Normal Guy in a £10'000 Pro Simulator and pit him against James Baldwin, the World's Fastest Gamer in a £200 Sim Rig we bought off FaceBook Marketplace. Who comes out on top?
    📺 F1 Driver’s Technique Explained
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    ➤ How Schumacher’s style won 7 championships:
    ➤ Alonso’s strange steering:
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    ➤ How Verstappen is so fast in the wet:
    📺 F1 Engineering
    ➤ How F1 brakes work:
    ➤ How an F1 clutch works:
    ➤ What’s inside an F1 gearbox:
    ➤ How F1 teams change four tyres in two seconds:
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    1. Driver61

      Would you be closer to James than Callum? Feel free to jump in your rig and post your time below! Be sure to subscribe! We have some really exciting videos in the works!

      1. João Machado

        What is the car & game? I want to give it a try and check where I am. The test track looks like Spa, is it?

      2. João Machado

        I think I’d be bellow Callum. 😖

      3. AvaVII

        I don't want to be close to anybody during a pandemic but the people I live with. Why don't you at least wear masks during your videos?

      4. Martin Stejskal

        50 days and 10hours

      5. Carnage 86

        my forza 7 faster lap is 1.52.600 :) .... follow me on twitch Carnage T86

    2. Timmy

      what is the game

    3. John Royall

      G27 user for 10 years. Aftermarket light bigger aluminum go-cart racing wheel. Best money every spent, Logitech makes good stuff for money.

    4. Kenzi

      I know james baldwin isnt neccesarily bad to look at but fuck sake mate, show us his lap.

    5. Edward Jam

      Why is the pro driver driving in T-Cam?

    6. pan_athana

      Sorry to bother... I would just like to inform you about the new channel I started in which I upload daily videos driving incredible cars not only in dirt rally 2.0 but also in other racing games. I will be very happy to take a look at them and if you find them fun leave me a comment, like or a subscription .. Thanks in advance!!!!

    7. pan_athana

      Sorry to bother... I would just like to inform you about the new channel I started in which I upload daily videos driving incredible cars not only in dirt rally 2.0 but also in other racing games. I will be very happy to take a look at them and if you find them fun leave me a comment, like or a subscription .. Thanks in advance!!!!

    8. Youngla14

      10,000$ rig and 20-30 dollar speakers well I know where all the money went to! Lol I have those speaker 😂😂

    9. Mark A.Myburgh

      I've just bought myself a thrustmaster setup TMX wheel t3pa pedals and TH8A shifter I just need the seat rig

    10. dubtube

      How can you drive the ultimate padels in socks 🤭

    11. Impulse Gaming

      This is the definition of: maybe he just has a good gaming chair

    12. Engin the musician

      are they racing at Spa Francorchamps? i love there

    13. Pend0

      Dont u dare dis the logitech g920, I have the g29 and it's amazing for £200!!

    14. fsfx

      logitech speakers in a 20k simulator? why would ANYBODY buy logitech speakers? thats WORSE than buying Porsche socks

    15. Marco D'Adduzio

      so becoming professional basically means complaining a lot and getting posh LOL... Maybe on a circuit new for both of them there is less difference

    16. tp7886

      I challenge you to a battle of Xbox gamepads!

    17. FeelsLikeGod

      Well i have a worse setup than the shit setup

    18. Ian Hayes

      Best lap 2:52.6 after 8 laps. Reckon I could get into the 51's if I could be more consistent throughout a lap..

    19. Lester Combs

      My Fanatec CSL base is already toast after 6 months! Cheaper probably is better!!

    20. ptr

      how is 200£ cheap??

    21. harvester

      Person gets the job done, not the tools.

    22. Michael Laing Cheetah pilot

      Ok so you stick a pro on a cheap rig with obvious experience at driving the track for probably several years and you stick a novice on an expensive rig with absolutely no time on the track and give him a “few” laps to learn it? Hardware matters,,,, period

    23. Ashford

      10k can take you racing... in the real world. But I'd Still love this rig!

    24. wjhandy

      it's all junk when the "seat of pants" isn't there

    25. Ronnie Flatman

      Me with my two pedals and non force feedback £80 wheel and James is moaning about a really decent setup

    26. kneecaps2000

      What sim game is that?

    27. Teddy Flood

      Is he giving you head while trying to drive? Jesus dude, space

    28. Rebelion Racing

      A point: 10k setup is more dificult to drive than the 200€, in the 10k dd2 you have to figth with steering, the g29 is no feel nothing XD

    29. William Go23

      Kit matters if you are a real circuit driver because you feel immersion and u know the feel of the car when you go back out on track

    30. MM

      I hope this gives every beginner a good feeling about their rig. Be proud of what you have. All the expensive gear really just adds a bit of consistency and "realism". You can start simracing for little money. Don't be scared that your experience won't be good or your laptimes will be slow. And if you wanna upgrade. A loadcell pedal set makes the biggest difference out of all.

    31. Cyberlivion

      Feels great to spend 300$ on a steering wheel and have it considered beginner. Yes it’s the Xbox Logitech steering wheel.

    32. Dave Payne

      Was that a Euphonic MX5? Love those wheels.

    33. Bagheera Race Gamer

      I want to get.... sim racing rig fast XD

    34. Penguin Gaming

      The lamentable index naively knit because silk undesirably knock via a dizzy haircut. adaptable, melodic sturgeon

    35. Robby Adams

      Here's me with a £40 Steering wheel who would take that logitech rig everyday

    36. keio

      Ofcourse better equipment is nicer and the added feel through the Controls will help with a little extra pace. But as your pro said, the important thing is knowing when to brake, turn in, accelerate and general lines. The equipment will only add a few % extra improvement to your lap times

    37. DexxonGamerYT

      Not to spoil your fun but having an expensive simulator doesn't make you faster just makes it more fun. Edit: also pretty sure that fanatech is not much more then that logitech its cheaper cus its very used and the seat is cheap.

    38. Vital Link

      He did you a favour crashing that hairdressers car! Lol

    39. Gael 1888

      I think Fanatec is pronounced Fanatic..

    40. Nick

      Who the hell uses paddles with their middle finger? Flipping the paddle?

    41. Eric Coache

      afther swap driver on other rig for good comparison

    42. NikZ Racing

      2:45 now we know who the boss is

    43. Per Kleinschmidt

      If your skilled you can mod your Logitech G29 with load cell(s) and a Arduino/equivalent for your break to simulate hydraulic brakes, instead of the pot.meter was is original used in the G29. Then set force feed back and sensibility on max. I did manage to reduce my laptime with around 2-4sec. 1) better trail breaking 2) more consistent overall so when driving a 10lap or more race I do not qualify on the top but due to point 2 I normally slide me up the list :) so yes G29 is fine to use

    44. skycaptain95

      That was the funniest introduction to someone I've seen on this channel. "This is Callum, he works for Driver61 and he crashed my Mazda MX-5 last week."

    45. Ronan O'Boyle

      Theoretically u can be quick over a lap on any rig, but a high quality rig can improve your consistency, aswell as your ability to drive on the limit

    46. 07EMGEE

      am I the only one that drives with one foot

    47. Will Martin

      Simon and Jay from the Inbetweeners.

    48. Alexander Ritter

      The cheap setup is fine with a slow car like the MX5 but it´s way more difficult to be consistent with a fast car I´d say...

    49. newstar シ

      the mx5 :(

    50. shadinio

      What monitor is that on the pro rig?

      1. shadinio

        I caught Samsung in one of the frames. Anybody know the exact model?

    51. Hayden Worrall

      Me on my controller

    52. WYFT

      The pos rig is the one I’m saving up for right now 😂🤙🏼

    53. Foolish Swami

      $200 sim i thought they were talking about iracing

    54. Sebastiaan

      I've set several lap records on various sims using just a G27/9 on the desk, an unmovable chair and a piece of wood so pedals wouldn't slide out of position. So it is possible to be fast with basic gear. However...proper sim gear will train your muscle memory and therefore be more consistent. More detail from a direct drive wheel is always welcome. With so many button plates/custom wheels available, you can choose something that'll suit your use best. If you make lots of adjustments on a lap having a wheel/button plate with buttons/rotaries/paddles in convenient places will be much better. Won't do too much on a single lap but over a race distance it'll make a noticeable difference. For example, switching through deployment profiles, re-gen rates, engine brake and brake balance on Formula Hybrid cars is simply a pain in the ass on a G29: The rotary switch on it is in-accurate, there aren't enough buttons to quickly scroll through the aforementioned, so you're forever clicking on buttons in rapid succession to move one down, lol. Even the KERS button (used in certain low speed corners to get traction quicker) is at times not where you want it. The fanatec F1 wheel with podium paddles is a really good ''entry level'' F1 wheel. Of course there is better (Precision Sim Engineering GPx or the Rexing offerings for example). I need to get back into sim racing again...

    55. M L

      Grown up men sitting in a chair pretending driving a car 🤣🤣🤣. People grow up please

    56. P.Smid

      I have a G29 wich is simmilair to the G920, tried once on my mate's Fanatec stuff, drove within 3 or 4 laps the same laptimes. Biggest difference i think is that you are more consistant with a Fanatec or a more expensive steering wheel and pedals.

    57. R4M_Bockwurst_ GT

      Dude James called me in the worst moment ever. I'm not joking. I asked him a question about the McLaren 720 GT3 and he called me 😂😂😂 I had to ignore him because I was working 🤣🤣🤣

    58. kai kong fong

      no doubt, Nadal will beat u on clay with a sauce pan

    59. TheHarrie93

      How to reward your employee for crashing your car? Here you go, try this 10k simulator. Great logic!

    60. De-M-oN

      Any why we could just watch 3 seconds of the pro's lap?

    61. AnimalzyNL

      The worst thing about low tier rigs is the pedals, on the logitech especially. So hard to control the acceleration and braking force on those pedals.

    62. ZOMILTEX

      Mi circuito favorito es Spa-francorchamps

    63. ilhan halil seyhan

      Show his fuckkng lap not his face mate.

    64. Tom Boyle

      I’ve got the logitech g920 on a foldable table and when i do an aggressive turn my desk will lift up. Watching this is crazy😂😭

    65. Lucian Ciuca

      I dream of the 200£ rig mate

    66. Virux

      Should have had the normal guy set a lap with the cheap sim then the great one and see if there's improvement.

    67. Pip

      Hi guys, where is the most reliable place that I can I buy a used racing sim kit setup from ?

    68. Man

      they should make a sim racing rig that uses vr to make it very realistic

    69. Mag Nus

      Stupid question I know but is No Name the downhill left after Rivage? I can't quite find confirmation anywhere and all the Spa turns have so many names!

    70. Paul Webb

      “That’s insane”. WHAT! WHAT WAS INSANE! WHAT!

    71. h h

      They should’ve made him use a T-Racer wheel suctioned to a shitty desk. The G920 isn’t that bad

    72. Kale Vandaal

      i still use a logitech g25 :D


    74. Ryan Joseph

      Which cockpit is the $10K setup on?

    75. muuflin floozer

      "Callum it's james"

    76. Alan Cook

      We all have to start somewhere. You can have the best rig money can buy but if you miss a braking point... you're going off.

    77. reuk

      200£ "regular" rig 😅

    78. auwoody98au

      Why are they using the paddles for the Mazda lol

    79. Sushi the Idiot

      Everybody gangsta till the fast driver gets on the 10k obe

    80. Brian Lawrence

      Don't bring snobbery into sport.

    81. Hetismijmike

      James should have raced the expensive rig and Callum the cheap rig (vice versa so to speak) as well for good comparison.

    82. Stefan Hoffmeister

      Okay. But what about with a controller?

    83. Llywelyn ap Gruffudd

      i would love to be able to afford the shit rig. I work 70 hours a week and can only afford Xbox controllers :( good video but a little upsetting seeing how spoilt some people act.

    84. Γιάννης Στεργίου

      So I will keep my 5 years old controller

    85. amazing world

      So pro driver= guy that plays video games!!???

    86. TheGomezIndustries

      You can buy a $15K rig but you can’t buy talent.

    87. Crazy_killer 1112

      And there's people using the same bad wheel with desk clamps and a dining table chair


      Wow.super impressed with the pedal set up.Starting rig shopping and definitely sold on wheel and pedals but was hoping for some info on the cockpit (Seat and mounting for hardware)?

    89. Lord Adz

      200 rig is better than a controller atleast

    90. Lord Adz

      What game is that? Is it iracing?

    91. CarAddict

      "And when you drive it, you feel it" M who has the same rig:😢

    92. Jose Estrada

      I wanted to see the gameplay and the second dudes perspective like the 1st dude. Wack.

    93. Mikołaj

      2;57 on Spa track ? That slow

    94. Adam Northey

      use the clutch and a h pattern with that mx5 dammit thats blasphemy

    95. Anand S.

      Really frustrating, not showing the lap in a split screen, that would be more interesting

    96. Jacob Hanekamp

      I use the exact same wheel as the bad rig and I dont even have a "rig". Just hook it to a desk and call it

    97. Marchino P

      It would be interesting to see a comparison of both laps. Or the same guy with both rigs.

    98. KeiserHound

      This just reaffirms what I’ve been saying within the assetto drift community, the rig doesn’t make you the better driver, but it helps you get there faster.

    99. Nunzio Lanza

      I like how that’s my setup... but I use a desk

      1. Lester Combs

        Ha ha. My Fanatec base just imploded. G29 here I come

    100. Ray Sherman Sephiroth5200

      Oh, what I'd give for a shot to use a real rig. My whole rig costs $110 and I consistently finish in the points on F1 2018 at 105 difficulty and can't help but think I would be faster with a legit setup. Not a TMX hooked to an overturned end table with a foldable camping chair.🤔😂