Race Driver Reacts to INSANE Group B Rally Moments


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    Group B was the most insane era for rallying, incredible cars, amazing speed and some very very brave drivers. I react as they take huge jumps, drift near to spectators and control their cars through very tricky rally stages.
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    Rallying went wild in the 80s. The FIA wanted to attract more manufacturers and so created a class that would give the designers pretty much free reign, no power limits, no regulations on boost, and whatever exotic materials you liked.
    Rally cars over the years have been largely based on road cars, with rules tightening and loosening on how close the relationship has to be, between the stock car, and the ones that actually race the stage.
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    1. Redemu9659

      The drivers a crazy but spectators are on a while new level of crazinesse🤯

    2. Lee Taylor

      You can get the Delta S4 in Forza Horizon 4 and equip it with the Group B looks

    3. wastei

      Well I wouldn't consider 1090kg(2400lbs) as heavy for the E2 and the 80's was not 50 years ago. Old Class B rally cars were lighter than modern rally cars. Get your head and numbers straight.

    4. Prasun Karmakar

      80s were 40 years ago not 50 sir

    5. VendPrekmurec

      Photographs and videos of already extinct car Mastodons

    6. Kevin Its A me

      transport me to the 80s pls. getting lockdownd and nothing to do at all is the time we are now

    7. JAMES I

      less than 40 years ago

    8. Ryan Carpenter

      "You couldn't do that now a days" The idiots at the Baja 500/1000 still do!

    9. RAY M

      spectator is type of person who snapchats or put on instagram's accident rather then helping them out

    10. Chris Mac

      Counting is not ones best suit😁

    11. ShadowAkatora

      Jesus, one wrong move and a lot of people die.

    12. MidnightSt

      with all those spectators, i bet no navigator ever had to say "don't cut" about a corner.

    13. EliasDanger

      Me, a 36 year old born in the 80s: “wow, that was 50 years ago, huh?”

    14. Alexis Frias


    15. mapi5032

      The 80s, when we were still free to take responsibility for ourselves. I miss those times.

    16. Alejandro Tobienne

      Bro drivers needed to be physic evaluated after lol that’s crazy.

    17. Alejandro Tobienne

      80’s to 50 years later 😳😳 wouldn’t that be years away

    18. Trial & Ableton

      Imagine starting your rally career in a Suzuki escudo pikes peak....

    19. Thytor

      Group B is scary, no joke it's actually scary as hell

    20. gutz1981

      "80s, 50 years later." Wow slow down there. Don't rob me of my last 10 years before I hit 50.

    21. David David

      With all due respect to F1 engineering teams, drivers included of course. I believe tourism races are the most skilled piloting. Engineering included of course ( the 205 and quattro are a perfect example of what tourism racing is what contemporaries cars are preps for/ based on).

    22. Pascal Fust

      Walter Röhrl had a strange voice - wouldn't you say that it was rather Michele Mouton speaking..?

    23. Gail Raby

      Need to point out the 80s were not 50 years ago.

    24. Faris MM

      There are certain criteria for you to be a good group B rally racing driver. but there is one common thing among those drivers, Big Balls

    25. Lucianstarsmith

      just shows how addicted to the "safety" myth today's society has become accustomed to

    26. about the metal

      I have quite a few of the scalextric group b rally cars that I brought back in the 80s, I remember watching it on TV then my uncle would take me up town and I'd pick up another car(I was very lucky to have an uncle who loved rally and scalextric) I was his excuse to buy the cars lol, at least I got to keep them.

    27. 12ze34

      Stop saying "50 years ago"!!!!!!!!

    28. We are Borg

      We were free back then.

    29. killowatra ibikio

      This was life!

    30. אביאל ספנוב

      You said that the cars are heavy but infact its the opposite, group b car was so light for example the lancia s4 was weighing 890 kg and had 500hp it is insane!

    31. spiritofthewolf15x

      The drivers of group B, they were a breed apart.

    32. DiRT - DAF DarKnight X - World TrueSkill Rank:1

      They are hard enough to control in a video game let alone real life. Great vid!

    33. Glynn Draper

      Spanish fans were the worst

    34. Glynn Draper

      This is why Audi pulled out

    35. Aaron Southard

      Wow dude. You just aged me 20 years bub.

    36. Enter Text

      people have gotten too soft today....go back to when men were men

    37. ahumeniy

      The time when both cars, drivers and spectators were insane

    38. hongsien kwee

      Spectators were more insane than the drivers :-)

    39. Rosschops

      Forty years max, you’re making me feel older than I am!

    40. Mihály Dózsa

      First video fun fact, the inside shots were taken while he was driving because he could not fake it..

    41. Kunto Wicaksono

      The car had so much horsepower, spectator had so little brains...that just crazy

    42. Dot Matrix

      Actually the context is wrong, there was a day of the dead procession going on while some dude thought it would be a good idea to organize a rally event at the same time.

    43. Yes I am a Russian bot

      Dangerous cars, and even more dangerous spectators.

    44. Jamie Clarke

      "Look at the crowds...I can't...you just...You know??" Yep.

    45. TeeDee87

      Imagine co-pilot misreading and making mistake while this shit ton of people on track....

    46. Emiliano Caprili

      This is the first time I see a good reaction video. Maybe is it due to the fact the youtuber doesn't simply say: "Whoa!", "What the …!", "Oh my God!", but he actually explain why he is impressed by what he is seeing.

    47. Not a Stoner

      The driver on the peugeot 205 t16 onboard footage is Timo Salonen. And the cars were not heavy. Only the audi was. Lancia delta s4 weighs only 890kg and the 205 t16 was 910 I believe. Only the quattro was over 1000kg. But a nice and an unique vid. You dont see these often!

    48. smg

      Ohhhh ~ Peugeot 205 t16~ love it ! i drive this Car every day in Dirt rally.and i have video for this car in my channel, awesome!

    49. Tom Lont

      The drivers and the spectators all knew the risk. Today the driving is no different than driving in a simulator, no risk no fun at all. Real men vs boys today.

    50. Gonzo

      I was at Dolby Forset on numerous occasions in the 70s and 80s, the closest thing we have to real racing these days is the TT. I am not fond of modern Motorsport for the most part.

    51. Gonzo

      I was once sprayed by the Vat Mans dirt, mmm.

    52. TransAmDrifter PL

      But group b cars were lighter than WRC. For example 2020 Skoda Fabia WRC weights 1230kg, while 1985 Audi S1 1025kg, Lancia Delta S4 980kg...

    53. Daniel Mickoh

      Still happening in Africa.

    54. sternschnupper

      0:59 the thing to comment on is that the cameraman was so close that the car hit the camera out of his hands

    55. white person

      80's motor matadors

    56. LogiForce86

      50 years ago... I am not that old yet! 35 to 39 years ago you meant.

    57. kristofevo

      I remember a Ford mechanic saying that they found a severed hand in one of their escort cosworths rear spoilers, as the fashion was for the spectators to try and touch the cars as they went passed!

    58. Luis Saraiva

      They really did that during stages, some footage are from Portugal world Rally where ij 86 people died ij a car crashing in them

    59. Antares

      Lancia Delta had carbon rims in 80s!

    60. Emmanuel Wolf

      50 years ago there were more alpha males.

    61. Mark Beiser

      Other people: NASCAR fans are the dumbest in motorsports. Me: Have you seen rally fans?!?!?!?!

    62. Gary Scott

      RIP Toivonen and Cresto :( That was the final nail for group B. Whilst some spectators did die and many were injured it was relatively low all considered. Mental brave drivers right on the edge of what is possible - all the time in totally unforgiving circumstances It was ridiculous really but God it was exciting.

    63. MARK WON

      About 10 years ago an incident happened in Uganda where the spoiler of one car hooked up a barbed wire from the fence along the stage... It just went hurting all the fans along the sides... It was disastrous... Really driving involves taming and riding that beast of a machine to the end... Thanks for the video 😉

    64. Mango wishes

      “I’ve driven some race cars from the 80’s and they are a completely different breed to what we have now 50 years later” My dude made me calculate my whole age when I was only born in 92 lmao

    65. José Salazar

      Portugal crl 👍🤣🤣

    66. Ein Autofan

      Hello, 40 Years ago, not 50!!!😜🤣🤣🤣😉👍

    67. Nwabueze Ozuzu

      1:22 did you say no power steering? 😳

    68. Mista Scott

      So many people would be killed if this was in modern day America with all of the last moment selfies.

    69. Dorian Kucio

      0:58 R.I.P Camera ??? - 198?

    70. Da gru

      And then there are guys like Walter Röhl, Quote : "Nah, I don't want to drive normal Rally cars again, they are to boring, I quit" What a fucking legend

    71. Joseph Barney

      0:58 Nobody's talking about that poor guy's camera

    72. filipe beat

      3:48 kkkkkk dats true

    73. filipe beat

      haha dat betta than supa borin safety

    74. zach niederstadt

      You’re absolutely right about the boxy look. Like I just can’t get past how amazing these cars all look

    75. Balubish Tech

      That wasnt 50 years ago

    76. Y Qisq

      Old school always means badass.

    77. Yunan

      In my opinion rally driving is the peak driving

    78. Lancia Delta S4

      That “voice of Walter Rohrl” was not actually him.

    79. metalehead95

      Dont get me wrong. But i think group b cars were near 1200 kilos. Which is the same as todays wrc rally cars. What they lacked was safety. Plus i think walter rohl said on an interview that almost every driver sort of held back especially on jumps because these cars were scary. This is why we don't see them fly off too high. He commented that only herni was mad enough to drive at full throttle all the time.

    80. Jason Schlencker

      Great vid! Truly awesome cars driven by almost superhuman drivers back then. I genuinely feel sorry for the group B drivers that did have an Off which killed and injured many spectators over the years of the golden age of group B. You do have to be just a bit mental to spectate like that? Regards, Jas Rockhampton Queensland Australia

    81. Arexion5293

      The spectators did eventually stop being so close, after some very... expected accidents happened. You know exactly what happened, and I'm honestly surprised none of those people took that well known risk seriously until it finally happened.

    82. Cristóbal Oliva

      Somebody said one time. "To be in wrc, you have to go at your full potential. To be in group B, you have to go".

    83. Lulu06 YT

      I guess everyone had a death wish in my country....

    84. Jose Ville

      5:14 such a cool shot!

    85. cm0cm

      Spectators still do this today in Offroad racing in Mexico (Baja). You should check out what happened at the California 200 10 years ago or so, to see what happens when it goes wrong.

    86. Red or Dead

      Bring back group B!!!

    87. Domingos Lazarino

      Those flames 🔥🔥🔥

    88. Tearjerker

      The cars are not heavy. Only 900 kg or so.

    89. Erik Granqvist

      About spectators: at least since the 90's, when I starred to go to rally's, the organisation holding the event has allways been fairly strict on where spectators can stand. As in no inner corners (if they are on the flat - if there are a steep hill or rock outcrop standing in the inner corner may be ok), and away from the road. And I have seen them holding cars at the start because people are on the wrong place. Thas is, here in Sweden. I hafe never been abroad for rally's.

    90. sickzero2

      They dont need to be able to see around a turn, the navigator tells them what's ahead

    91. Colton Warner

      yeah just keep saying the same thing over and over and over again

    92. Yora

      I played a lot of Dirt Rally 2.0. Really fun game, but the Audi Quatro is just a nightmare.

    93. firdaus ahsin

      The death of spectators and one driver kill this group.

    94. Flying Spaghetti

      So all this started in 1971. Remember this you who said it was in the 80s.

    95. klizzard5166

      I really really suck at math but 1980 + 50 doesnt give me 2020 (2021)

    96. Chris Van Middelkoop

      That is not the engine breaking. that is an open turbo waist gate pipe shooting flames. lol

    97. the1blackcat

      "No power steering" hahah what a bullshit.

    98. Frank De Ruiter

      This is the time I grew up in. For me this was normal in the days. When I see people now with facemask on and already scared as hell when they come within 6 feet distance from each other, I really wished it was the '80s again.

    99. Jay Maverick

      None of these spectators survived to reproduce. That's why nobody behaves the same these days.