Race Driver Reacts to INSANE Group B Rally Moments


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    Group B was the most insane era for rallying, incredible cars, amazing speed and some very very brave drivers. I react as they take huge jumps, drift near to spectators and control their cars through very tricky rally stages.
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    Rallying went wild in the 80s. The FIA wanted to attract more manufacturers and so created a class that would give the designers pretty much free reign, no power limits, no regulations on boost, and whatever exotic materials you liked.
    Rally cars over the years have been largely based on road cars, with rules tightening and loosening on how close the relationship has to be, between the stock car, and the ones that actually race the stage.
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    1. Darin Lunde

      We're 50 years later than the 80s? Either your math is wrong or you're from the future.

    2. daniel dallego

      The spectators are still like that in Baja

    3. Doug O'Neill

      We still get a lot of roadside spectators here in Ireland for our motorsport. It'll be a brave man that tries to stop us.

    4. Twilight1964

      Group B were proper cars. Not the namby pamby shite that’s around today

    5. mUk AbOuT42

      @ 0:20 - now we know where “World War Z” got its zombie masses inspiration from..

    6. Heche !1

      Life was really boring back then I can imagine. That adrenaline rush would last a month at least

    7. I'm called The Enemy

      Drove a 18 wheeler/lorry without power steering and a blown clutch, it's easy so long as the wheels are moving.

    8. Gabriel Jack

      Wait... 1:35 ... that's Ayrton Senna, isn't it? Driving his Lotus. He did that same throttle technique in the F1. I think he is and was one of the very rare F1 drivers to use that throttle technique.

    9. guiguijol

      The Audi quattro is a heavy car yes, but most of those that we can see here are tinny. I own a peugeot 205 . You can barely fit 5 people in it. I live in Dieppe, France, where the only "Alpine" factory is. i've been a passenger in a A110. you sneeze, you break your back....😂😂 This car is around 700 kg. Loved your reaction anyways. I agree with you about the Lancia Delta I started my mechanic carreer at Lancia's brand . I saw this car for real and for the first time when I was 17 yo. I'm 41 and remember it like yesterday. BTW the woman driver speaking, if I'm correct is Michèle Mouton, she drived the quattro like it was nothing. A beast.

    10. Finn Man

      1000hp audi guatro.

    11. Handsoff

      They were real men not the snowflake generation

    12. Dave of Yorkshire

      The engine wasn't breaking, a bit of unburnt fuel found its way into the turbo waste-gate or exhaust and ignited - it's common...

    13. Fat Py

      It was in portugal

    14. carlos miguel pinheiro

      Rally of porto wine in portugal Insane!!

    15. Hao Ye

      I remember watching an interview of rally driver, he mentioned that most of them dont mind sacrifising a bit of time to put on a good show near audience

    16. Roberto Salvatti

      Those cars were not heavy at all, quite the opposite, today's race cars are heavy in comparison.

    17. John Doe

      6.50.. "Alot of that is to reduce lift, not create downforce".. 😒.. Next please..

    18. Grandmastergav86

      The hottest motorsport era. I'm sure Motorsport fans will crucify me for asking but is this guy related to Nigel?

    19. Siri

      it not was the gold age of rally! it was the gold age of Motorsport! Now is the cristiano ronaldo gold age of sports....

    20. Carsten Weiland

      In that case the AUDI was driven by Walter Röhrl, an extremely talented driver and that is why it looked more stable. He said the Quattro was an absolute pig to drive it just wanted to understeer and it was difficult to keep the pace up. He adored the 037 but loved the 4wd challenge. The voice in 4:45 onwards is not Walter by the way.

    21. Siri

      nowadays rally drivers and especially Formula 1 drivers would not be able to drive this machine with the same performance.

    22. Jesper Møller

      In one instance the mechanics on a Peugeot found two fingers from a spectator. They would try and touch the car in the corners. Play stupid games ... !

    23. IeatURANIUM

      i'm surprised there wasnt a guy called max driving a big red car with a toothed blade mounted along it's length.

    24. Renato Herren

      Considering that one mistake could kill about 50 spectators, i would have ragequit rallying and got myself another job.

    25. Jonatan Olsén

      I watched rally in the woods of sweden in the early 00s. We just hade police tape to protect us from the cars where we stood in the corner. The crazy thing is all the gravel and rocks that comes flying. All the spectators had umbrellas, and i went hiding by the trees to not get hit.

    26. MadAdventure

      Before we had REAL DRIVERS, today we had NUTELLAS WITH JOISTICK.

    27. sebastiaan suijkerbuijk

      The real True is. That the new drivers today . Will shit thare pants if have go back in time race like this .

    28. navelpicker

      When someone was hit, you'd yell 'veneer!' and have a drink.

    29. Wendell Greenidge

      At 1:30 did he say he drove cars from the 80’s and it’s different then cars 50 years later??? It hasn’t even been 50 years yet

    30. Henning Schneider

      Walter Röhrl sounds a 'lil bit like Michèle Mouton :-D

    31. willem baaij

      Nowadays it’s safe and boring.

    32. Tropical Viking

      50 years ago ... People were still ring this when i was 10 I'm a bit over 20 now. I'm fairly sure it was never legal just people wanted a better view and not enough people to stop them. Man sometimes you see the camera crew crouching down in the gutter by the side of the road to get those nice wheel shots getting sprayed by gravel ... Wondering if they're okay, they come up the bank looking like a childs collage project of grit. People go crazy for rally ... I myself do as well. Love these videos, it's been rare for me to hear drivers of any class really, i mean really talk about their driving experience and viewing other classes and styles.

    33. nvstewart

      "But, I can't see the course!!!" "You see all these people? Well, the trick is to try and run them over, and you will see, the course will present itself to you."

    34. Get Smart

      The scene at 3.51 is the place (Portugal) where only a few minutes after this footage a car plowed into the spectators and killed (quite) a few people and injured a heap more and got the whole of the class banned shortly after.

    35. Artemis0567

      This guy completely overlooked the fact that the rally notes tell the driver how the corner looks before they take it... They aren't just reacting to the corner in the corner

    36. Nate Deckard

      Some of the lightest rally cars of the time not heavy

    37. frogs

      Heavy? So shown are lot lighter than today's cars.

    38. KelbenBlack

      Ive sat a ridealong on a subary WRX during the spain course? some years ago. fucking scary :D

    39. Ciaran McGuinness

      What I love about Michèle Mouton was that she was a natural trailblazer, she wasn't forced through everything for political sakes, she was genuinely good and well deserved her spot and almost won the top prize. Not like how Alfa Romeo seem to be trying to force Tatiana Calderon into the F1 seat when she's really not good enough

    40. aku

      my brain: 1980 was 20 years ago

    41. JonsTunes

      Group B - There's a time and place in history for everything!

    42. Chris Large

      Back when rallying was interesting and worth watching.

    43. Kotomi P1999

      He keeps saying 'heavy cars', yeah compared to formula 1 cars he drives lol, these cars were mostly 890-960kg + driver/navi. Recent rally cars are even heavier, closer to 1200kg, thanks to all the safety requirement.

    44. Guilherme Tonon

      01:52... Fuck, isnt that Ayrton Senna ?

    45. Yim 90's 4x4

      Somehow, it looks like when we drive through the crowds in GTA.

    46. Abel Ardions

      The cars of that era were focused on simply being fast, having less concern about how much could protect the drivers in a crash. That's something that can't be forgotten.

    47. Josph Hensley

      There are alot of spectators because they are racing on public roads so they are allowed to get close to the roads.

    48. Samsgarden

      Craving danger

    49. Miguel Ramos

      Like a bull fight!

    50. kristofke

      Those cars are the craziest ones ever made Especially that Delta S4 ...twincharger , best looking car , 800-900 kg , kevlar body, can easilly be boosted to 1000hp ... Henri Toivonen : " having the acceleration from 0 to 100 in 2.9 seconds , to 200 in 9.6..." absolutely insane If Lancia made a Delta and 037 again that looks like the og cars (integrale or s4 doesn't matter) i'd buy one

    51. Wojtek W

      Heavy cars, 50 years ? What is he talking about ? 😳 Around 1000 kg and 500 KM 🤭 no activ difs.

    52. Nonpain

      i saw one those Audi´s in a hill climb 2 years ago , these are still absolut Monster's even compared to modern Race-Cars.

    53. Francisco Barros

      Mostly in Portugal - the big jump is @ Fafe / Lameirinha✅

    54. I'm not sure Why

      Why do I feel like this guy doesn't know much about cars. He's just a driver. I can't be the only one that thinks so.

    55. sugar glider

      i want a rally game with the crowd like that, just obstructing your vision that would be complitely bunkers

    56. Luis Abrunhosa

      Cars were not heavy at all, quatro was the heaviest but the 306 pegeot 830pounds Metro 800pouns ren 5 turbo 840 some had no turbo lack at all and 400 to 500 bhp... In Portugal 34 people were run over by the ford 4 died. Following this 2 drivers crashed on next stage off a cliff, petrol landed on turbo causing a fire that killed the 2 drivers ending class B forever.

    57. Diogo Rocha

      PORTUGAL ...love my country

    58. Shane Ferris

      The mechanics would find fingers in the bodywork at the end of stages.

    59. Orfeo Lauffer

      The spectators getting out of way of these cars, is like watching the running of the bulls 🐂 at Pamplona.

    60. DocDudix

      Why does he keep saying that the 80s were 50 years ago?

    61. Harry Agrotis

      As crazy as it sounds this is true rallying. If it wasn't so dangerous both to the drivers and fans he would still be going on. I definitely remember chasing special stages at the Cyprs rally growing up. Unforgettable experience

    62. giuseppe

      I always thought crowds of Saudi Arabia drifring were nuts. That might be worse. You can't run faster than the rest of the crowd! What if they are not fast enough? Were they suicidal?


      Group B rally🤩😍

    64. WojciechWELES

      “WRC is for boys, Group B was for men”. Juha Kankkunen

    65. Jack Smith

      50years? i was born in 81? I will be 40 this year? lool gimmie that decade back!!!

    66. TheTbet

      It's like judging mythology

    67. Rui Ferreira

      you´re contradicting yourself at 2:45, in your other video ( ithomes.info/net/1LSknJSDkKWLgW0/video ) you said the peugeot had better weight distribution....

    68. Khaleint

      "Driver and coach" Closed the video right there., fuckin pseudoscience.

    69. Lucas

      The car were not not heavy they were light as fuck

    70. Chris Parker

      Holy crap, I'm older than I thought......

    71. Алексей Соколов

      and not 50 years ago, but 40 :)) i'm not so old.

    72. Алексей Соколов

      Group B have the craziest racers in history, no question... so and Dakar 1988 DAF drivers! and crazy viewers :))

    73. MrJointpt

      portuguese fans rock

    74. Roland Németh

      Just come to a Rally, spectators are still doing that :D

    75. Reinis Aizsilnieks

      with audi urquattro there was a female driver, that nearly won world championship in group B. And shows, she was a superhuman, because, he quit the career only, because she wanted to focus on family. While modern females just cry for equality, while they just dont try so hard to accomplish things. That was back in time, when women were discriminated, unlike now, when women have more power for like at least past 20 years. :D A lot of these videos most likely shows Michele Mouton. :D Which was pretty much best driver audi quattro had. :D She should be advertised by feminists, sho femnazis would try to be better, not cry about musculinity.

    76. wacky val

      Vois´ce starting at 04:37 is michelle mouton, best hottest radest driver ever. i lover her

    77. Ryan Cooper

      Group B was for Men the golden age of rally

    78. Waces Ferpit

      - Challenge: Get best times - Secondary challenge: Don't kill the spectators

    79. Eric Reiter

      Modern rally cars don't do it for me. They don't have that aggressive quality the old ones did. Maybe I'm just old, but these fiberglass little squirts just don't look cool to me. I was never a huge rally fan, I caught onto it back in the 90s when I had some crazy ESPN cable package. I got into sumo at the same time for the same reason...no girlfriend. lol

    80. joniboomful

      1:05 the engine didn´t break, it´s where the external wastegate pipe is

    81. Ricky Ross

      My guy.... Watch your videos again before uploading.... "engine breaking" its called antilag and "race cars from the 80's...50 years ago" .... Bruh Do the math....did you school in North Korea???

    82. Jack Korsmit

      what the crowd was doing was probably not legal but they probably just didn't give a fuck

    83. Jorge Robles

      Just Found an old game I used ti play years ago in my childhood, "Colin McRae Rally 04" for PC so I installed it again... and crazy crazy game , just having as much fun as I had in the past.

      1. Donnerfink

        I still have this game and love it. The Group B cars are "evil". It's very hard to keep these cars on the road (especially the Audi). The 3rd or 4th stage of the Australian rally is about 5 minutes long , if i remember correctly. It's the one with the ultra tight mid-part, trees left and right. When i do it with a FF Wheel, i am sweating after finishing it.

    84. mufflejoy

      4:49 voice of walther röhrl, sounds more like Michelle Mouton.

    85. Tey Tyes

      Can't remember who but one rally driver once said he had to look at the human crowd as if they were bushes, so he wouldnt think about what happens when something goes wrong, and otherwise you couldnt go on full potential

    86. tsj 83

      Pal , why are you going on about 'the weight'?(you keep saying these cars were heavy). The minimum weight for Group B was considerably less that that for WRC!

    87. John Connell

      Nothing broke that's the waist gate dump

    88. NiSM0pt

      Portugal we like to see the cars very close

    89. Canadian KRISPY Bacon

      25 years ago, when group B ended, however the tradition of the fans on track goes into more modern day Rallies.

    90. B.C.

      Even the early Audi group b cars only weighed around 1100kgs, the bigger issue was weight distribution which is why the cars look relatively piggish and see so much left foot braking to get the cars to rotate. The engine sits completely in front of the front axle in the Audi, so considering how hampered they were by basic architecture it's no surprise the mid engined AWD cars like the 205 T16 and Delta S4 dominated near the end of group b. All that said, the Quattro S1 E2 is still my favourite race car of all time.

    91. Diego in japan

      Not 50 years ago, the spectators was what kill Group B because many spectators die in this races.

    92. Firegames

      Dont rally with a mustang!

    93. Jerry

      Group B cars are my favourites to drive in Dirt Rally. They are so much fun and terrifying. I wish there was a mod where they just add a million spectators in the stages to add to the challenge lol

    94. Bob Thompson

      5:40 that's not 4wd that's quattro. Lol

    95. Bob Thompson

      And it's so dumb to be on the outside of the corner of one of these races.

    96. Bob Thompson

      The drivers probably love to blast rocks at the spectators lol.

      1. calska140

        Probably can't help it

    97. The Immortal's tombstone

      Vintage rally racer were gladiators

    98. Krystal Myth

      Did not realize the Nintendo was 50 years old lol God you under 30s really do have a weird perception of time. No wonder you think life ends at 40. Edit: Wait, dude you're 35 you KNOW the 80s weren't 50 years ago xD

    99. K. M.

      Heavy? The shown 1984 quattro was just around 1000kg. Thats less than Loebs C4 WRC from 2007 with 1240kg.

    100. Stan Tom

      The spectators were idiots. I mean if you stand on a track and lose your life or get injured, you really did ask for it