The Porsche That Had an Inflated Chassis


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    This Porsche had a chassis that was inflated with nitrogen. It was incredibly light, which was down to some ingenious design tricks to take weight saving to the next level.
    The chassis was made of extremely thin aluminium tubes, and used the nitrogen in a really interesting way - but more on that later. Porsche used exotic materials and even filled some of the other chassis tubes with oil, saving the weight of an additional oil tank and pipes.
    Weighing only 895kg and having nearly 1000bhp, it was an absolute rocket-ship.
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    It was 30mph quicker on the straights than anything else and absolutely dominated at Le Mans. Well, whilst it was on the tarmac. It was a real handful to drive and lead to some terrible accidents.
    But Porsche managed to fix these strange problems by actually examining the pattern of splatted flies on the car.
    It’s the Porsche 917, one of the most iconic cars in racing. It used some of the most advanced engineering techniques of its time and was Porsche’s first car to win Le Mans.
    And with 19 overall wins and 108 class victories to their name, they are now the most successful manufacturer ever to race at Le Mans.
    So what clever engineering tricks did Porsche use to forge new limits and make one of the greatest race cars ever?

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    00:00 The Amazing Porsche 917
    01:43 Engine
    02:23 The 42kg Chassis
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    07:16 Flies Stopped This Car Flying
    09:51 The Porsche 917K

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    1. Tim McCarthy

      Should have pulled a vacuum on it instead of the nitrogen, would have made it .0002 kg lighter ;)

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    3. Hugo Stiglitz

      The Czechs were using nitrogen filled tubular structures in aircraft way before Porsche.

      1. Hugo Stiglitz

        @None of your business Just explaining where Porsche robbed the technology from!😁

      2. None of your business

        And here we are, talking about cars, not planes.

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      This mans sponsor transitions scare me.

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    6. Gerson Bruhns

      Ótimo vídeo. O 917 é até hoje o mais icônico carro de corrida já construído. Saudações do BRASIL.

    7. Prajwal Lakhe

      Why nitrogen why not helium 😅

    8. Viajero Gasolero

      Master piece

    9. moninum

      5:36 Thank me later.

    10. Intorsus Volo

      When Lotus said add lightness, Porsche did it literally.

    11. Joseph DuPont

      I thought helicopters used presurized tubes.

    12. Miyamoto San

      German car companies are the best!

    13. Ed AK

      I know the Ford GT40 had it in the front (the Mk.IV in the rear) and the Porsche 917 at the rear, on top of the gearbox : a SPARE WHEEL. My question: was that in the rules back then? Or did teams/manufaturers only put that in on long circuits like Le Mans, Nordschleiffe, etc. ?

    14. Ben Bunch

      Love seeing all the Sonoma Raceway shots in this video. Spectacular track.

    15. Huncho Jayy

      His transition to his sponsors be smooth asf

    16. Matt jackson

      Space frame? Lol tube chassis is a less silly term

    17. Paul Severloh

      4:28 What the F*ck is the Lola T70 doing here, soiling this great vid?

    18. Ugnius Zavadskis

      The sponsor transition was smooth

    19. Jimmy Dean

      Not inflated..... purged

    20. Herr Fingerknacks

      when a former tank manufacturer builds racing cars

    21. Alice Lane

      He is confused about his numbers here. NO 917 in this era, at Le Mans had anywhere near 1k HP.....they had 500 HP (round numbers). It was the 917-10 and 917-30 Can-Am Cars that had 1k HP

    22. Raymond Chapman

      There is a reason why trusses in a house are triangle's.....strength.

    23. Raymond Chapman

      Porsche: "F*** the driver and being comfortable, we want to save weight"

      1. Herr Fingerknacks

        I don't have a girlfriend, why? Because weight reduction 🙃😆

    24. gcrav

      The car at the pinnacle of the most awesome era of endurance racing. A combination of innovation, skill, gumption, and sheer speed not seen before or since. Footage of the Gulf 917s braking in the rain in the movie Le Mans shows just how on the edge things were. Also had the last word in the Can-Am series.

    25. bisondacier

      so good to see the 917K at Dijon-Prneois. Love driving there accompagnied of old flat6 sounds.

    26. Sergey Sharapov

      Le moh

    27. Simeon RF

      I litterally had that idea once

    28. nerdiloo

      As a kid I had many matchbox cars of this Porshe lol

    29. Pierre andre Parsemain

      Thought it was the first model long tail 917 who had inflated frame To be sure there was "hole" in a tube 917 what a splendid car like the rallye Stratos

    30. mark hurston

      the best by design ...

    31. Sean Thompson

      great video man, very very informative thank you!! you have amazing knowledge learnt a lot there thanks again!

    32. MrTimcakes

      Why not use a vacuum instead of Nitrogen? You could still tell if you've got any cracks with a vacuum gauge, but it'd be lighter than gas-filled. Right?

    33. Graeme Cocard

      Absolutely brilliant engineering.

    34. THEBOZZ 1801

      The 917's engine was not a flat 12, it was a 180° V12... its essentially a flat 12 with a V12 crank and cams, another car that used this kind of engine design was the Testarossa, the only manufacturer to ever build a real flat 12 was subaru

    35. Niels Van der lugt

      If Seen it at the Porsche museum, it's even prettier in real life

    36. Preston Bishop

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    37. Bob Thompson

      895 kg 1969 lbs 31 lbs short of a solid 2000 lb ton.

    38. Faraz

      the plug was good ngl

    39. Steven Leyson

      Porsche: all in the name of saving weight Ken miles: WHAT?

    40. B Pace

      Where is La'Maw ?? XD

    41. Martin Ramm

      Those rear lamps taken straight from the nearest automotive parts shop for trailers.

    42. PaulXT1200Z

      I wonder if there would be any noticeable weight difference if they used helium;)

    43. Ed Vandrus

      Why not Helium?

    44. 1mikewalsh

      You could never pump up enough nitrogen into that frame to make anything lighter!!! What is an inert gas and will not cause rust, idk!!!

    45. Raddaddy watanen

      Nitrogen was NOT used to make the car lighter. Pressurized gas was used to test cracks in magnesium. so the oil would not leak out. Wyer replaced system with normal oil tubes to add reliability, because a small crack would finish the race

    46. Paarth Vaish

      A bodybuilder might be able to lift this car cause its so damn light

    47. Daniel Brooker

      That's not a Space Frame. It's called a Tube Chassis.

    48. Antonio Silva

      the pressurized tubular structure to detect fractures by decreasing pressure originates from the aeronautical industry

    49. Douglas McCall

      This reminds me of a story I heard from an old NHRA guy. He raced against a team that was seemingly powering their car with magic as it was continually pulling HP out of nowhere. Turns out, they were hiding a Nitrous oxide system in their sealed chassis. Must have had an excellent fab shop on their side.

    50. Yannik

      That transition to the ad was smooth af.

    51. le bailli des savoies

      What? They discovered that the airflow around the car was not satisafactory when on race? They didn't test the airflow in a chamber like they do for the planes? crazy...

    52. Lol Loser5555

      One of THE best looking cars. Period.

    53. ArchaeGaming

      You should have used active aero...

    54. Hole fods gaeming group

      damn car frame weighs less than my skinny ass does

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    56. Sphinx Rising

      Porsche, best car until a Ford kicked it's ass.

    57. Seth Athos

      That transition to ridge wallet promotion was so smooth, every objects in my room lost friction. Help, I cannot stop sliding

    58. PJ Ludda

      Mmmmmm...The 917K was also sex on wheels...

    59. PJ Ludda

      Mmmmmm...The 917K was also sex on wheels...

    60. Andreas Proteus

      Loose the face and the videos will be perfect.

    61. Alexander Buckley

      Your videos are awesome man. I cant watch more than a few minutes on most videos but watching all 11 minutes on this one was easy.

    62. Moto Medics

      Wasn’t the 917’s nickname called “the pig” (or am I mistaken) hence that butcher shop diagram livery?

      1. Maximilian Bönicke

        @Moto Medics No Problem mate! :)

      2. Moto Medics

        @Maximilian Bönicke 🙏 thanks I had no idea if it was car specific or the model range

      3. Maximilian Bönicke

        Only the 917 with that livery was called ''the pig'', the other ones had different names, like ''Salzburg Porsche'' for the Red one with whites stripes or the ''Hippie Porsche'' for the blue one with green stripes.

    63. Kinang Eagle

      Im heavier than a car smh

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      my favorite racer.

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    69. ripmax333

      They were oppsessed with lightness , The gear shift lever knob was also made of Balsa Wood which is very light and mainly used for RC model Planes.

    70. Josh Letroy

      Thats one fancy Sshhassy

    71. Duck Master

      That goddamn sponsor Segway was sooo smooth

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    73. Jack Danny

      I'm surprised given how pedantic they were about weight that they didn't just use helium. Would have saved a few hundred grams lol. They made the shift handle out of balsa wood ffs to save several grams. I'm surprised they didn't make the driver eat food that wasn't as dense for a few days prior to the race, make em shave top to bottom for weight reduction, only hire people who have had an appendectomy to drive, and wear a race suit one size too small something hahaha. This was literally the last word in weight saving. The more you read about it the more you realize how obsessed they were with saving weight. So much so they forgot to make sure they had air going over the fucking rear wing. Absolutely amazing machine though.

    74. Ronin

      so interesting

    75. recon forsales

      Did you know, this car never had a reverse gear and no airbags!!! And it costs nearly a million dollars... what a joke🤭

    76. VALLEY

      more pressurized than inflated

    77. Luiz Fernando Abdala

      Wind tunnels? Screw that! Just spread honey and watch the splatter pattern from the insects! ...On a thing that had the power/weight ratio of F1 cars built TEN YEARS LATER. It is said that real men were afraid of driving the car until the K version that had some downforce.

    78. Ken_Ken 20

      That was a nice ad segway

    79. Bert Pretorius

      The Porsche is nine seventeen not nine one seven. 911 is nine eleven not nine one one etc.

    80. Bonnie Bishop

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    81. miller chassis

      Great video as always. Can you do more vintage lemans cars please.

    82. Hightilladie420 team

      I'm sure glasgow transport museum had this race car.

    83. urano1988

      Pressurized nitrogen? Why not creating a vacuum? Same indication about cracks, but less weight...

    84. Kinang Eagle

      God damn it. Not gonna lie, that segue was caught me off guard

    85. Ka wi

      If I were the driver I would not want to know any of this. I feel the more I knew about how much went into building the car, the more my risks would be restrained.

    86. All Things M3

      Porsche has some incredible engineering. They have to be the most clever car manufacturer there is.

    87. All Things M3

      My favorite car ever. I had a slot car just like that Porsche. It did go out in a spectacular fashion. It caught on fire on the track. Motor burned up. It destroyed the body and I wasn’t able to get another one. This was in the early 80s so no Internet only the local hobby shop.

    88. Whirl Wind

      It is the same principle as blocking the end of a straw to pressurize it when you thrust it through a potato . They inflated it for strength and not just to test for leaks.

    89. Pede711

      0:30 C´mon ... it was never near 1000bhp in the original NA version.

    90. fr_schmidlin

      It's a great video, but would you mind to complement with non-imperial units?

    91. Sucherdamus

      Scott: That Porsche nitrogen or gas filled space frame was not such an original idea. My friend has a 1968 Czechoslovakian Zlin Z-526F tandem seat, aerobatic trainer with a very similar system. There is a pressure gauge inside the cockpit to detect any cracks in the chrome-moly steel frame. But unlike the Porsche 917 it was not made from "unobtainium" as the late Mark Donohue once quipped when asked what the frame was made from.

    92. My2017Raptor

      Absolute PERFECTION!!! Unreal!

    93. sauercrowder

      Seems like it took them an unreasonably long time to figure out the downforce wasn't there. The drivers knew the rear end was lifting off, but they didn't look into it? Were they just that confident that their calculations were correct?

    94. Felipe De La Torre

      I like how you talk

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    99. Alexis Keller

      I love your work it is so interesting at each time! I just realized by watching this video that we say “Mulsanne straight” in English rather than “les Hunaudières” in French.

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