When Formula 1 Teams Cheat


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    Freezing fuel, flexible front wings and hidden fuel-tanks - F1 engineers always find a clever way to push the limits of the rules.
    Sometimes they get so close to the limit that it could be considered cheating, however, more often than not - they find an ingenious solution to forge new limits for their designs.
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    Here are some of the genius ‘rule-breakers’ that you probably have never heard of.
    F1 engineers are specialists at finding gaps in the rules, places where there is room for innovation - areas where you can gain huge advantages on your rivals.
    One of the best examples of this genius engineering was in 2011 when Red Bull designed their front wing to bend. Watch this, along the straight the wing flexes, then when the speed comes off in the braking zone - it pops back up.
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    1. Driver61

      Did you guys know about these? What's your favourite motorsport cheat that we should cover next? Also, how are you guys doing? Hope you're all well!

      1. stephen mark

        How about the "modified" Holley carbs and restictor plates that opened up as soon as they were bolted down?

      2. Zardox

        Do you have any sources for the false start in the '99 European GP?

      3. Christopher Nicolson

        There was a hidden turbo in a rally car that the commissars said was absolute genius in how it was hidden. Mid 90s Toyota i think

      4. Robert Mack

        After the BAR Honda was found to have a secret fuel tank..... Michael Schumacher and his FERRARI all of a sudden, were NOT putting in Qualifying Lap times just before they pitted. Schummy won loads of races by staying out longer than the rest of the field, then putting in laps at qualifying pace on badly worn tyres... Which begs the question.. How many years did Schummy have a secret fuel tank in his car??

      5. F1 WMC 21

        Lol😂 F1Muzzel Sales Vs Common Sense👍

    2. Tea Cup

      Team: It's not cheat it's a features. *FIA : No*

    3. Think Tank

      I don't think the last one was enough to confirm cheating. Humans are capable of understanding a sequence. Reactions and reaction times are influenced by experiences. Not just the current incidences.

    4. Ron Gregory Red

      Dual Axis Steering (DAS) of mercedes

    5. McSlaine

      Like shaving some MM off the wooden plate under the car and getting Schumacher to spin over a kerb on purpose.

    6. spencer layne

      You're smart dude. The way you explain your self is quite academic

    7. Louis Edwards

      If you can't beat em cheet em 😇

    8. Carl-Steven Sinkler

      Damn that last one rip to them boys man lmao

    9. Devin Chaves

      I feel like you've already made this video

    10. OoogaBoog

      OK....I have to say it. The whole Red Bull thing at the beginning is ridiculous. That was not by design. If you had any understanding of full body aerodynamics you would understand that it was actually DETRIMENTAL for the front wing to bend like that. The front wing controls how the air is going to flow through the rest of the car. We're not talking about a honda civic here......those fins direct air to different parts of the car for a purpose. Engine cooling for one fin, brake and tire cooling for another....cancel out bad air over the top.....they all have purpose for the rest of the car. For it to bend like that is HORRIBLE...since you no longer have any control over that air over the rest of car. Come on man......10 minutes of research would verify that. Why not talk about the Ferrari 'fast engine' debacle of 2018 that lasted a few races and then...vanished with no FIA explanation. Or the Mercedes DAS and extended length? Those are legitimate discussions.

    11. Manuqtix Manuqtix

      This sucks man

    12. Barney Clifton

      So, F1 is basically bug hunting?

    13. YouTube Vanced

      I don't need to see your fuqin mug, stock f1 footage will do.

    14. David

      If memory serves me correctly when Red Bulls flexy wing came about the flex test was only 50 KG on each end of the wing. Because of what Red Bull was able to do and possibly Ferrari’s failure to do so (remember Massa’s ‘fluttering’ wing) the flex test weight got increased.

    15. Khan

      @Driver61 Hey I would suggest you do something with your audio. The "s" sounds are way to harsh for earphone users. I could flatten them out a little.

    16. Abram Tobing

      How the hell do fia expect f1 not being boring when they're killing every innovations.

    17. ron black

      things haven't changed much since the 50's /60's. lot's of these things are similar to rule bending done by smokey yunik who was a legendary nascar and indy mechanic / car builder back then. he was first to put a wing on a racecar - before formula1 other things he did - fuel tank could only be so many gallons but no rule on the fuel line. so he ran some 2 inch fuel line all over the car . gained a few gallons which meant 1 less pit stop. another thing he did they didn't allow spoilers so he took a car put it on a rack and flipped it over and used bondo to smooth everything under the car for better airflow. he built a car that was 9/10 ths scale. it looked like a stock car but somehow a little off. so later nascar made templates of car cross sections to stop that. they had a minimun ride height rule. you had to pass the car over blocks on the ground to check that.he hooked up some cylinders to a power steering pump to jack up the car to pass that test . then let it back down during the race. they didn't allow porting and polishing of the cylinder heads. so he hooked up a pump and pumped a slurry with abrasives through the heads which made the ports bigger but they still looked like they were cast iron. the stories are endless. the tricks may be different but in a way they are the same.

    18. derin111

      Especially that last one is so clever that surely it could only have been rumbled by the FIA due to a grass somewhere in one of the teams?

    19. no name

      you sir need to stop the bullshit and work harder on your videos. there are more experts on our side than yours LOL.

    20. BonBonAdios MiaEVERGLOW

      If its not against the rules at the time, then its not cheating

    21. M

      Most is not cheating, it's reward for studying the rule book and being innovative.

    22. Andrew Shirfield

      The red bull created a front DRS

    23. Julien Dufour


    24. Blowme Akiss

      And 0 discussion of boranes in the fuel. Fail!

    25. Hibbi

      intentionally making some cars go off from start by secretly changing the timer? and they got away with it? lol? they tried to kill people.. its just insane

    26. Daniel L Buss

      Best recommended channel ever from YT for me!!! Great stuff!!!

    27. Miguel Nascimento

      Can anyone provide me with some source that would give credibility to what is said about the last incident? I cannot find anything online about it

    28. Danny Tigz

      Do you mean like Ferrari?

    29. Vishwam Cks

      ferrari meanwhile lol

    30. Croz Raven

      This is why F1 so freaking boring now. To many BS regulations that disadvantageous to less powerful companies or indie team.

    31. Simone Gabbana

      2014, Nobody: 2014, Mercedes: It's not cheating If you have an agreement with the FIA, so....

    32. Dan Brit

      Safety safety safety...you want safe watch chess...god it's sad how ppl would rather be safe then have a life ....or a good race

      1. Oh I don't know

        @Dan Brit I have no particular affinity to tape of any colour, I do think that at times it's useful stuff to have around but, the colour wouldn't be an issue. I would never tell an F1 team to do anything, their skill and knowledge is way beyond mine. You might be the type to "tell" others what to do. I just hope you don't have access to firearms when you "tell" them....... You say I want to kill innovation but, cars and teams come up with innovative ideas every year and I think that's great. You seem to want to kill drivers by removing safety form innovation. I say that but, possibly you mean something different, you say neck braces are a given but, other safety systems are bad for the sport. I'm sure it's the drugs you are on kicking in or wearing off but, you are too cowardly to explain yourself. As I said, I don't know what "mental dippers" are so I can't answer that and you seem unable to explain yourself. Are your mother and father brother and sister? It often causes issues like yours.....

      2. Dan Brit

        @Oh I don't know now I understand you love red tape no matter what...sad....and your lack of ability to problem solve or see the bigger pic isn't my prob it's yours....go tell the f1 teams to sell the cars and only play online after all safety is the only thing that maters right who cares if it kills innovation or challenge or skill or anything else safety is the only prority...even tho safety is never garinteed...keep waring your mental dippers I'll watch real moter sport with guts skill advancement and creativity...you keep watching the wanabes go fast in there alphabet boxes of cloned cars lol... It's sad and the fans watching are aswell ...not my fault you and f1 is soft no longer respected or cared for with viewers dropping like stones lol

      3. Oh I don't know

        @Dan Brit It's not so much the point you are trying to present but, the fact that it is all but impossible to try and work out what your point is! The cars are not the same, there are a number of different engine suppliers so, I don't see what you are trying to say. If an engineer did not recognise his own team vehicle then I'd be very surprised. You are simply wrong. You said that you don't want safety features but, neck braces - a safety feature is ok with you. What safety features don't you like? Again, your argument is muddled at best and just plain stupid at worst. Do you think seatbelts, another safety feature, should be banned? I'm genuinely struggling to understand what you are aiming at. Safety bad but, safety good.... You're stranger than I thought. You asked about different engines with the same number of cylinders somehow causing deaths and I replied that they use different engines and the number of cylinders is not a safety feature and you have no answer. Even something you seem to think is because of safety reasons simply isn't. Again, you really need to cut down on your drug intake, it's making you look really stupid. Define "real racing", I've only been watching motorsports for about 40 -odd years, I raced karts for a while as well and still do track days on motorbikes, sports bikes rather than big old hogs that can't deal with corners and I don't get to go to tracks as often these days so I'd be grateful if you can ell me what you think "real racing" is? I bet you can't. I don't think you have a lack of critical thinking, I think you have a lack of thinking. You could be drunk, high or simply an idiot. Regardless of what one it is, I think you should get a responsible adult to look at your rantings before posting.

      4. Dan Brit

        @Oh I don't know lol your post hear shows you know nothing of the now wanabe sport lol...first you try to attack how I present my point your lack of critical thinking matters nothing to me...and you prove my first point it won't yet all the red tape means that are the same ...if I removed the labels from the cars or just the powerplants on stands...I guarantee even the machanics working on them couldent see a diff...there for that are the same the labe means nothing just like on the side of the car ...so much red tape...if all cares were the same in every way but had a diff compiny name on the side would you be saying the same no..but they do it on a sport and your a ok with it...it's about meterd risk and the fact that now Inovation doesn't come from the track atall in the usa just the lab....when has f1 in the modern day trickled anything to cars we drive on the norm nothing because they can't ...it's no proving ground it's a bunch of same cares and drivers no better then cheep ai following the leader hoping for an opinings...but I bet you have never watched real racing so o well...usa moter sport is a joke and sad no matter how you cut it

      5. Oh I don't know

        @Dan Brit I know it's late, have you been drinking? I'm struggling to understand or decipher your post. In case you are wondering what I mean, could you please explain what "after all how would me having a diff engion but same cilinders I'll throw you that boan even will lead to a death on the track" If you mean why will a a different engine with the same number of cylinders lead to a death then I'd say, it wouldn't but, they don't have the same engines although they do have the same number of cylinders. It's nothing to do with safety though. Can you show me where they sate that they engines must be V6 because of safety? It's strange that you say "neck braces are a given" when that is a safety rule. Are you saying you want some safety rules but, not others? Roller coaster kill. Yes people have died on them but, are you saying introducing safety standards and inspections for them is a bad thing? Do you consider it right that everything you do for "fun" should mean you risk your life or it's not worth doing? Would you let your children make "snowballs" out of asbestos shavings and throw them for fun or are you happy that safety regulations for that substance have been put in place to protect people, after all if there's no risk why bother...... The rest of the rant, I'm struggling to make out.

    33. Dan Brit

      It's sad that there's so many rules that all the cars are the same and all teems do changes together...no fun ....and don't give me it's on the driver bs...david and goliath wouldn't be as cool if it was just david and David or goliath vs goliath ...it's boring after short time

    34. VuqarIE

      Now I can consider myself as a F1 engineer, thanks author

    35. The Beatnik Detective

      That race start is hilarious.

    36. james roche

      This is why I love F1 and the guys who do so many things to improve the car. I wonder who will bring the next big break through

    37. kiragu scott

      alaar alaar..

    38. karthik kadadevarmath

      Mercedes are pioneers in cheating


      Kenapa gw baca nya BUSET 🤣

    40. Gumnaam Aadmi

      4:45 Vettel being a naughty boy haha

    41. Jesse Järvisalo


    42. Perrin Dudeck

      Talking about layup on carbon fiber is not that hard. I went to school for more hours than I count just to learn how layup works and it’s not that complex. Figure out which ways your stresses are gonna come from and test for them. Not that complex. Expensive but not hard.

      1. Oh I don't know

        When you have stresses and strains in various directions and you want to use the deformation in different directions depending on the requirements at the time it becomes far more complex. Remember that the various stages of deformation change the airflow onto the rest of the vehicle so ensuring that the bending doesn't adversely effect that adds to the problems. To suggest that doesn't make it a complex issue wouldn't be the full picture, would it? If you attended school for "more hours than I count" would that suggest that you can't count high or that you attended school for a considerable period of time to understand the various challenges?

    43. Ian Emms

      I never knew about the start light cheat and how it got stopped, the FIA too can be a right bunch of cheeky f***ers. I just thought it was a genuine start sequence glitch at the time, well until now that is!!! :)

    44. jca111

      The start line audio beep is simply untrue. There is no documentation for this and the start was aborted due to incorrect line up. Get you facts right .

    45. Fajar Ngegame

      7:35 busted

    46. OB1 tuber

      If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t winning

    47. butterbrod

      hands down! the engineers are the smartest guys on earth

      1. Oh I don't know

        Engineers make the world go round and I'm sure one day they'll be able to stop it if they want to!

    48. Jack Nickel

      How are they cheating if they are all legal

    49. Cesco

      Only the British can call cheating innovation.... Typical.

    50. Gold 999

      "How Christian Horner become F1's Karen"

    51. Megan Mackey

      The acceptable gliding systematically promise because flock basally comb till a plastic asphalt. graceful, diligent verdict

    52. Rob H

      Red bull hired a computer programmer to design a program to lay the carbon fiber in the perfect direction, and also to pass the test. Then they filed a patent so no one else could use, or even invent the program.

    53. Carlos Flores

      if youre not cheating youre not trying

    54. Razeluxe 13

      how do you call it a cheat when these innovations didnt even go over the rule limit for each divisions

    55. Ker Loz

      The flashy way feraly agree because illegal biochemically hang around a dysfunctional pair. terrible, bawdy font

    56. Marko Zivanovic

      Fantastic video!

    57. Glenn Attard

      This isnt cheating, its being smart

    58. Ross Vickers

      When can we discuss Ferrari secret deal/settlement they did with FIA and nothing was disclosed and right after that Ferrari was the slowest car on the track...

    59. Cetin Basoz

      I see those as genius innovations. Those that are not clever enough to innovate call cheats.

    60. yallow rosa

      Red Bull's flexible wings just reproduced banned devices such as wings with variable slope and active suspensions McLaren's spy story in 2007 seemed more "honest" ...

    61. Alvaro Alejandro Vargas Martinez

      ahh it´s really hard to understand your english "clouser to the graund" thank god we have CC

    62. Michel Crepin

      Cheating is a tradition in F1, especially in the top teams (Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren).

    63. CaptVirtual

      Oh goodie, a documentary about Ferrari

    64. Michelle Friedrich

      The hard-to-find pie empirically sack because crowd conventionally attract modulo a scrawny cultivator. sneaky, aware glue

    65. SEMA james LLLKkaniaru

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    66. Tony Hibbert

      Lead shot , holes in the cockpit and many others from past eras ! Football in the gas tank is one of my favourites ! But the RB and flexing wing was the WORST CHEAT ! ........ It was not borderline until the FIA found out about after 3 WDC's < i htink it was after the 3rd ? long time ago now > Only after this was the system studied ! The problem facing F1 was the 3 time champions were cheating but what would be the result of stripping RB and Seb be if they were stripped of all the silverware ????? F1 decided it would be better to CLARIFY the rules to make this cheating apear less damning ! .... But let us be honest ! Neither Vettel nor RB EVER won a title honestly and fairly in f1 ¬ .............................

    67. Dave Ridlespriger

      Me and Lucifer raised on my SCALE.

    68. AMCDS

      Caught with their hands in the cookie jar. That was hilarious!

    69. Jayed AL Sabit

      I love Red Bull's wing flex concept!💙❤️💛

    70. LabGorilla

      We still don’t know about the fuel flow increase that Ferrari generated in their car. We will never know. Hence ferrari are the smartest .

    71. MoRuMaster

      Yeah.... How bout that Ferrari power unit?))))))

    72. Dmt Jr

      Literally none of these were cheats

    73. Leo Charles

      Ferrari 2019

    74. Designer Drugs

      I thought it was cheat engine or some shit lol

    75. Kenny XD

      So f1 cars are hand made wth?

    76. Spasmomen

      Haha that last one is fantastic 😂

    77. K Bob

      Lol teams caught cheating. First example: a completely legal feat of engineering.

    78. vicpinto1970

      That last one is priceless.

    79. 2 Wheeled Mohawk

      I loved the start light 'cheat', that was great. I found that strangely hilarious! Imagine being the team boss of those teams... Whoops

    80. Incompetent Engineering

      The only thing that should qualify as cheating is the sabotage of other teams or the pilfering of information that should otherwise be confidential, or, hell, assist computers or the size of your tyres if it goes that far. Everything else is fair game.

    81. Damien Barzasi

      Great info i had no idea about half of these things especially the starts.

    82. Bill smith

      Worse cheats than Aussie cricketers etc etc

    83. Sam Genevieve

      After watching this, subscribe

    84. Ayrton Nunez

      Mercedes always cheat

    85. Lockheed C-130 Hercules

      half of these aren't even cheating it's just a perfect example of "work smarter not harder",

    86. Emre Kaplan

      Why there is such limitations, like fuel tanks? If they can win the race with havier car, then let them win.

    87. simon weston

      Even the cheating sounds as boring as the racing

    88. Eric Steele

      Absolute genius

    89. SmolKid

      7:21 is so fkin funny hahahhahah

    90. Nikole Emmett

      The offbeat age greely snore because eyeliner covalently pine given a threatening river. milky, white taiwan

    91. hyperbomb02

      The second brake pedal has to be my favorite that I think they should allow.

    92. Elias Bastler

      I wonder how much innovation we would have in the F1 if there would be the only rule "That thing has to be safe" But then the first one would ask "Define safe"

    93. chasebh89

      Reminds me of that one nascar team that found the fuel requirement was only for the tank and used 3 inch radiator hose as fuel line. Held like 3 extra gallons

      1. L.P. Pacelli

        That same team dipped the frame in acid to remove material.

    94. james murphy

      The alike rain reilly deliver because barometer interestingly observe than a regular show. extra-large extra-small exuberant, miniature dungeon

    95. MrSchubiduuu

      I know that they are cheating all the time. And no one knows about. A friend of me is in the support team. :-D

    96. fann0727

      who the hell is franzen hackenan?

    97. Pykle Five

      The abiding transport phylogenitically dress because morning intuitively flash throughout a unable ladybug. humorous, clean cowbell

    98. The Beet Farmer

      I think the assumption that most teams don’t try and bend the rules is wrong. Especially in racing. It used to be what made stock car racing great because they took actual stock cars and it was based on the teams adjustments that made them faster. Now they have Toyota Camrys with 800HP 😂

    99. D Macarthur

      The engineers that push the rule limits are what keeps F1 moving forward. It really is an intrical part of F1.

    100. Hawk

      I hate how they don't encourage inavation every time someone makes something smart the add a new rule to counter that