When Formula 1 Teams Cheat


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    Freezing fuel, flexible front wings and hidden fuel-tanks - F1 engineers always find a clever way to push the limits of the rules.
    Sometimes they get so close to the limit that it could be considered cheating, however, more often than not - they find an ingenious solution to forge new limits for their designs.
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    Here are some of the genius ‘rule-breakers’ that you probably have never heard of.
    F1 engineers are specialists at finding gaps in the rules, places where there is room for innovation - areas where you can gain huge advantages on your rivals.
    One of the best examples of this genius engineering was in 2011 when Red Bull designed their front wing to bend. Watch this, along the straight the wing flexes, then when the speed comes off in the braking zone - it pops back up.
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    1. Driver61

      Did you guys know about these? What's your favourite motorsport cheat that we should cover next? Also, how are you guys doing? Hope you're all well!

      1. Revan VonHeaven

        Nos and Etanol hahaha enough to win

      2. Julio Bravo

        I think williams F1 cheated this 2020 season, but Didn't use cheats on their car... They robbed Ferrari real car for this season and replaced it by the car they used in 2019 season 😂🤣. And also I am doing very well man thanks. And you?

      3. Mindset

        I got a job! Been either out of or underemployed for a long time now. Doing better than I have been. Thanks for asking. Also I loved this video; especially the part where the race directors put together that master plan to catch the cheaters. I haven't heard the word busted used in a long time. And that time it was perfect! Thanks Scott. Videos are dope!

      4. yeahnahsweetas

        Doing great thanks Scott and I second the other guy's suggestion about the Celica.. been away for a bit but feel a Driver 61 binge coming on.. Cheers bud hope you and the rest of the team are doing well too! 🏁🏎️

      5. Hydrazine1000

        @Talsu Yeah, and soooo much more too! Basketbal in a fueltank for scruteneering, deflate it and take it out before the race. The guy is an absolute legend!

    2. Kevin Guthrie

      Cheating tech is some of the most interesting stuff in racing

    3. The Fastlane

      I had ALWAYS wondered how RBR developed those flexible wings in the early 2010s. I wondered whether they put tensioning cables inside them, which they 'released' for the race. Or whether they used heating elements inside the wing to soften the material. Obviously I'm not an engineer so these might be stupid ideas, but it's all I could think of. It is so good to finally know. Thanks for explaining this so well!

    4. Evil LOON

      It's not cheating, it's reading and understanding what the rules don't say. Been seeing stuff like this for years. If it's not directly said a racecar can use it. It dies because snitches get stitches. The driver says: "I can't win he's cheating."

    5. BakchormeeMan

      With so much money on the line, I would have a team formed whos job is just to figure ways around the rules

    6. Ed Isaacsson

      Brilliant, never knew about the reason for the false start in Europe. Years later I now know. Thanks!

    7. SteVato 04

      'Cheating' also known in racing as 'ingenuity'.

    8. Fraser Ross

      they should have made the delay shorter instead so that the teams who weren't cheating would get an advantage while the cheating teams weren't paying attention to the lights.

    9. M H


    10. nathan bunce

      Blatant cheating from redbull. Not surprised..

    11. asian man

      freezing fuel what the fuck lmao

    12. Richard

      Sounds just smart

    13. Penganggur Professional

      Basically.. everything that isn't from Ferrari is consider cheating.

    14. windywao

      Damn, over and over again im really impressed by your videos and even so beforehand i mostly think i know all of it, you always come up with sth i didn't know. Awesome, keep up your good work.

    15. Roy Jones

      My favorite was a NASCAR cheater Smokey Yunick. In 1968, he said NASCAR specified how big a fuel tank could be, but he noticed no one said how big the fuel line could be. Instead of a half-inch fuel line, Yunick created a two-inch fuel line that was 11 feet long, and held five gallons of gas. Cheating? Not really, since nowhere did it say you couldn't do that.

    16. Frank W

      "We know you're cheating" "How's that?" "Because we're cheating, and you're beating us....."

    17. Maurits Heesbeen

      Williams 1992 was the best experience and example for the best Design

    18. Sub Zero

      Τhe proper title should be *When Formula 1 Teams NOT Cheat* since *everyone is cheating CONSTANTLY in every season* .

    19. Jaya George

      I have a replica of the red bull lol

    20. Top Frag

      Is this why seb led them to 4 championships?

    21. Mac JaLac

      I just want one race where teams have the green light to do everything they want without harming others of course

    22. javier garrido

      Where is Benetton 1994?

    23. Manaboutadog

      IMO your last one about the 1999 gp is incorrect, completely. I’m not sure why some people just assume all IThomes vids are factual and not entertainment, a bit of both maybe. Enjoy your vids

    24. The NEW Iain Mackenzie.


    25. Renn Rodriguez

      Cheating is good!

    26. Allen Hanford

      When do they NOT cheat?

    27. Cristi Tanase

      With so many regulations F1 become super bland. It lacks innovation, it is stale as hell and nothing ever happens. Now they even ban pit girls, because apparently having an attractive young woman near the race may distract the audience for the boring fest. I have no clue why people keep watching this, the overwhelming and rigid regulations make sure that the same teams are on top and the same engines win.

    28. Top-Secret 300

      Mercedes for the last 5 years.

    29. ArielAprillia Rachmann

      The carbon fiber weaving behaviour is amazing!

    30. Evan Ouk

      The mammoth test bodily agree because russia strikingly excuse aside a unbecoming bamboo. abusive, tremendous salad

      1. mikin lirou

        Cheat or no cheat, by God, that liverage of the thumbnail BAR-Honda is what makes me loves F1 at the first place! Gahwd damn! Edit: this is just one of them oc.

    31. Max Khunglo

      Thank you for the great information.

      1. mikin lirou

        I still wonder why they banned CVTs. The point of F1 is to develop advanced tech that can trickle down into the commercial space, so why not?

    32. colin sparks

      One of the most boring motorsports going! 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    33. naughtyghostx

      any invention is a cheat when fatrari can't do it as good as other competitor

    34. A. Micumare


    35. B Hew

      Ferraris oil burner

    36. AldrinPlays 2011

      i knew it the teams showen here cheated im searching that for 1 year thank you for posting this

    37. Mr Titanium

      It’s only illegal if you get caught.

    38. Simon Barbarasch

      last one was halarious

    39. Death2PC

      F1 is rigged. Today's FI is a pathetic joke. So fixed so rigged. Stopped watching F1 a solid decade ago.

    40. holotape

      I want to know what Ferrari was caught doing in 2019 that made it so slow in 2020.

      1. holotape

        @KOKO 400 GT Why would that 🅱e?

      2. KOKO 400 GT

        The fact that FIA don't want Ferrari to win, simply.

    41. The GTE Channel

      So the first cheat was actually legal?

    42. Angus McKinnon


    43. Tehran Kizaki

      As a layup tech it's really not that complicated

    44. ExtremeDeathman

      Schumacher haters be like "bu...b..but Schumacher was the cheater!"

    45. CreeperOnYourHouse

      I still wonder why they banned CVTs. The point of F1 is to develop advanced tech that can trickle down into the commercial space, so why not?

    46. WhyAlwaysMe?

      Cheat or no cheat, by God, that liverage of the thumbnail BAR-Honda is what makes me loves F1 at the first place! Gahwd damn! Edit: this is just one of them oc.

    47. Jack Mott

      has any f1 car ever entered a race without a bit of cheating?

    48. Richardson richly

      7:29 OOOFFFF

    49. ChampDK

      And presenters are not allowed to move their hands in a video

    50. Peter En Marion

      What about the 2019 Ferrari-gate?

      1. Jake M

        Mercedes used oil burning from 2014 Renault had an automatic brake bias adjustment system that counted as a driver aid. Racing point copied another car, including parts that were never visible to them (so someone snuck Mercedes confidential documents to them...) Ferrari had a power advantage, which no-one fully understands yet - some people feel it was a fuel advantage, but Haas and Alfa Romeo never had any fuel irregularities in 2019, but both lost considerable pace in 2020. Other manufacturers believe the advantage was purely electrical, as Ferrari were the only team running dual batteries, instead of one larger one... Then there were the years were McLaren had a hole inside the car which Alonso would block with his hand to change the aerodynamics of the car. The whole of F1 is loopholes, and always has been!

    51. jim tee

      That last one was brilliant

    52. Darren Bee

      F1 teams have always cheated! It's common practice. Gettin caught is just a risk of the game! They used to put lead shot in the exhaust at the end of race weighins in the 60's cos the cars were all under weight!

    53. bowen voowy

      0:32 Red Bull manage to get an onboard camera on a Ferarri, now that's genius! Love the videos Scott!

    54. Arthur W


      1. bowen voowy

        Love this

    55. Ragil Fransyoki

      nah its not like they cheat with press some button to activate aimbot, its just another level of creativity.

    56. 9sky man9

      Where can I read more about the start light controversy?

    57. That Guy

      Wouldn’t be surprised if they even stored extra fuel in the fuel line fittings and lines. Oops 😬 🤫

    58. That Guy

      Red Bull gives you wings.

    59. TheRagman

      Previous work experience for F1 Engineer: 1 year of Engineering preferred 5 years of legal/bureaucratic work REQUIRED

    60. VenomCold

      *cough* ferrari fuel flow sensor *cough*

    61. Cole Trickle

      FIA: "that's illegal" Red Bull, Mclaren, Mercedes: "OK we won't use it next year" FIA: "Nice" -- FIA: "that's illegal" Ferrari: "wel...-" FIA: "you know what, have fun racing with a 100hp handicap for the next years" Ferraru; "but..."

    62. Cole Trickle

      lighten up, it's against the rules only if ferrari is doing it

    63. Cole Trickle

      BUT! they were only right when they punished ferrari for their 2019 engine.... XD

      1. KOKO 400 GT

        *N O .*

    64. Definitely Not a cop. like 100% sure

      imo when it comes to racing. i dont consider it cheating. imo racing is only sport that should encourage cheating. cause its apart of the culture/history in any racing series.

    65. Sebastian Lim

      Ferrari SF90 engine... Oh wait according to Ferrari and FIA they were "legal"

    66. Zackary

      4:20 Since when did f1 use valves that go the wrong way?

    67. Yerrie

      Or you do what Briatore did with Benetton and remove the filter from the fueling installation and test on Jos Verstappen if it works

    68. Kori Tec

      Great video content but four ads, one at start, two mid-role and one at the end is to much.

      1. Kori Tec

        @Loneman omg donkey comments Nr 1

      2. Loneman

        If you're seeing ads then you're doing t'intarwebz wrong, and have been for the last 15 years or so. ;)

    69. Mark K

      could be longer or cover other types of racing like rally

    70. Hastings Hastings

      Love this

    71. xtreme 8

      Where Ferrari lol. 2018

    72. Anthony Kernich

      What about using the pit speed limiter as traction control? This was before the flashing red light.

    73. OneHairyGuy

      I know that every team cheats. Every team !! The penalties should be much higher. Suspension for a whole season ?? Loss of championships ?? As long as the fines are a joke, then teams will cheat, knowing that the penalty is worth it.

    74. Shelby Sigouin

      I love seeing how the engineers come up with ways to deal with the rules I hate seeing people flat out cheating using an audio que to start the race and not their actual reaction time, and would you know it the top 5 of that year are all filthy cheaters whose teams should be fined the amount they had won that year as punishment for all the wins they stole from the guys playing by the rules

    75. KjS

      The oldest adage in Motorsport is....“It’s only cheating if you get caught”.

    76. mikin lirou

      0:32 Red Bull manage to get an onboard camera on a Ferarri, now that's genius! Love the videos Scott!

    77. Mindset

      Busted. That's hilarious.

      1. mikin lirou

        So... you have to be related to mark webber...?!

    78. 6thGear

      When formula 1 is being innovative but the FIA is butthurt about it

    79. Adrien Pinard

      The efficacious grease especially blot because patricia disturbingly cheat astride a cut pyjama. sudden, judicious food

    80. Stephen Moulton

      is the scotch yoke more efficient ?

    81. beltain schmid

      Great channel!!

    82. Bakkie

      If your not cheating your not trying

    83. david emery

      They also reproduced the monza chicanes at Elvington airfield in Yorkshire, and did their straightline running through the chicanes, sorting out the damper settings. Remember BAR became Honda, then Brawn, now operating as Mercedes and the same senior engineers still work there.

    84. Jan Dinkel

      Great video

    85. Pete Nikolic

      Hows about bloody ferrari and their treated fuel lines ..

    86. Jake W

      The last one....wowwwwwwwwwwww 😅

    87. shazmeister2005

      Wow I didn’t know that about the start lights, always thought there was something weird about the start of that race!

    88. R Helenius

      Benetton B194✅

    89. MikoChamp

      I see what you did there with thumbnail. Resembles the Donut Medias one. Smart, however lazy move. Anyway great video.

    90. Grumpy Modeler

      4:20 - LOL who drew that illustration with valves lifting up to allow flow?

      1. James Hey

        Increased volumetric efficiency? Maybe this is the new thing.

    91. 149-AR

      No mentioning of Hamilton cheating? i'm so disappointed with this video Here is some list of Hamilton cheating, even there are more video but i didn't want to put it all because it will be too long for my comments Hamilton cheating on Mexico GP 2016, corner cutting with no penalty : ithomes.info/net/qa1m0bGxY5uiiIo/video Hamilton causing other driver out track almost crash but he didn't get penalty : ithomes.info/net/u7l8vbxtkKxkioo/video

    92. DownInLA

      Ross Brawn, a master rule bender, as F1 Technical Director, is the best defense against cheaters.

    93. Greg Recovski

      So... you have to be related to mark webber...?!

    94. Pék Backer

      Champions arent special ... just had better tools than the others who were playing by the rules x)

    95. rollvideo

      There’s a massive difference between “illegal” and “not allowed”. “Illegal” implies that a law has been broken, not a rule.

      1. rollvideo

        Ok then I’ll tell him I’m sorry. Perhaps he’s feeling suicidal.

      2. Дарко Адамовић

        @rollvideo we all know on what he means Couldn't you just appreciate his work on this video instead of trying to act like you are iq of a Tesla? Even if you write this comment, you could in the end say atleast something like "but video is good made" or "keep up good work" Something that will end that negativity from your comment

      3. rollvideo

        @Дарко Адамовић if you’re in the business of delivering information then the information should be factual and correct.

      4. Дарко Адамовић

        Ok Mr. Smart boomer

    96. Volleyoghurt

      Where is the Ferrari with his extra fuel boost in 2019?

      1. Jake M

        Teams aren’t so sure about that... Haas and Alfa Romeo never had any fuel irregularities in 2019, but still lost a considerable amount of pace in 2020. Ferrari were the only manufacturer who split the battery pack in two, and some of the manufacturers feel their advantage was electrical and not fuel related. Whatever it is, they have protection as the inside of the power units is confidential within the rules. When Mercedes were so far ahead in 2014, Ferrari correctly assumed they were burning oil and copied them, but Renault / Honda didn’t and were considerably behind. The FIA never looked inside the engines at that time though, they just issued a new rule saying oil use during a race was to be limited to a specific amount and they both lost pace. The whole of F1 is nothing but loopholes!

    97. Angus Young

      @7:30 ROFL You, you, you, you and you over here please...

    98. minij hooi

      The Start Light Busters I like that most in this video.

    99. Glenn Schadow

      It became boring 10 years ago ,

    100. lee francis

      Jesus Christ - Nigel dribbling bottom lip Farage popping up without warning mid video as sponsored content is very distasteful!

      1. minij hooi

        hacking of the starting sequence. only that there was speculation about the cars somehow automatically starting based on the startingsequence. A more reasonable explana