The GENIUS Behind F1's Safety Barriers


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    Racing is amazing when at high-speeds - but it comes with inherent dangers. A component failure, bad weather, or driver error can send a car flying towards the barrier at insane speeds.
    In my racing career, I had a crash at well over 100mph, so I want to explain what it felt like to hit a barrier like this and how technology has helped save drivers’ lives.
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    Barrier technology has come a long way since the beginning of F1, back then they had very little protection for the drivers - often only using a few hay bales dotted around the circuit.
    However, as technology has progressed, more and more advanced barriers have been used to protect both the drivers and the spectators.
    For a driver, it’s not the speed that does the damage - it’s the sudden stop when they hit something. So it’s about acceleration, and the barrier's job is to keep this as low as possible whilst protecting the marshals and spectators behind them.
    Acceleration is the change in speed, divided by the time taken to slow down. A equals v - u over t. We often use the units of G for this, if you jump out of a plane - that sudden acceleration is one ‘g’.
    However, when hitting something in an F1 car, you can go from over 100mph to zero in less than a tenth of a second - this creates massive acceleration. And, the larger the acceleration, the larger the force that is placed on a driver's body.
    The barriers work by three main mechanisms to reduce this acceleration - Deflection, Deformation, and Momentum.

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    1. Driver61

      Special Christmas deal! Every purchase of a 2-year plan will get you 4 additional months free. Go to and use our coupon Driver61 at checkout. What did you think was the most interesting barrier design?

      1. Huracan Media

        There is no "genius" behind the F1 barriers, they partnered with the company that originally developed them for Nascar several years before F1 even thought about using them-sorry but Nascar track safety is lights years ahead on F1-One only needs to look at Romans nasty wreck in 2020 as proof. No Nascar track has steel barriers like bahrain, nascar eliminated those kinds of barriers in 2003-2005 for all tracks so F1 is only 15 years behind!

      2. Zhong Ze

        ​@Smithy of 98 Deceleration is often misused as a term for slowing down. Technically speaking, deceleration doesn't exist and it's a made up word. You can experience a negative amount of acceleration, which is what people refer to as "deceleration". Because acceleration refers to the change of velocity of an object, it applies to objects speeding up and slowing down.

      3. Smithy of 98

        It's deceleration not acceleration

      4. American Pride

        Great video. Video idea: the thought process behind safety in racing, and how it has evolved over time. There are a million videos on the lack of safety, but there has never been an explanation as to why they thought that was enough, or too much, and how spectators felt about safety

      5. flynbenny

        The SAFER barrier has always fascinated me. A circuit I run at frequently was dropped from NASCAR and Indycar right when the SAFER barrier was mandated by those series (circa 2005), so it never got them. Those concrete walls around the oval and portions of the infield road course look kind of hard... Also a happy Nord VPN customer.

    2. SİCKBOY

      Can't believe I missed this Segway. Good job dude.

    3. Güllich

      it's actually not acceleration that is linked to passenger comfort but jerk, that is the derivative lf acceleration. all your explanations still apply but their goal is to decrease jerk to a minimum during a crash, not acceleration (well it does because it's a consequence but you get it)

    4. salim salim

      Too much talking

    5. Finn Creery

      Why don’t they put a 10metre foam wall instead of tyre walls

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      Why don't they have parachutes?

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      This is Very interesting Stuff. I love watching this kind of Stuff!

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      Surprisingly interesting watching this. Greta video

    16. Da gru

      Fascinating how much brain power we use to keep a hand full of professional drivers on an enclosed circut safe and how little we use to keep millions of sleepy amateurs safe, when they drive to work in the morning... "Lets plant an alley of trees 1 yard away from the road, every 25 yards, on both sides! What great idea! And even better, let us make the side of the road simply with dirt, so it gets gradually washed away until it can trap car tires, ripping them open, or flinging the car against the tree on the other side of the road! Sometimes my genius is frightening..." Idiots... Street planners could learn a lot from this video. Instead people defend them with" If everyone would drive perfectly, nothing would happen" Again... Idiots... If you look at the efford to keep professionals safe, in case they lose control, this arguments becomes a joke... Why do we learn from racecars regarding car safety, but completely refuse to learn about street safety? I can't really understand it.

    17. tribbinvw

      When you jump out of a plane, you experience 0G vertically (not 1G). At terminal velocity you experience 1G vertically, as if you were standing on the ground.

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      Isnt it technically it's deceleration?

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      this literally turned into a science class that's a sub

    21. Acias

      TecPro barriers seem like a middle ground between permanent SAFER barriers and tyre walls. I've heard that installing SAFER barriers at NASCAR tracks is a fairly expensive things and it seems you can't just put them on a street course easily. While TecPro do take more space the placement resembles those of SAFER barriers. Only problem seems that if you brush them a bit too much it might damage the car more than needed.

    22. Cantere Gonda

      I think it's Deceleration when u hit the barrier. Not acceleration.

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      I hope you mean deacceleration. It would be weird for someone to accelerate while hitting a wall. Unless it was a cartboard box wall

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      It amazes me how these cars can hit barriers demolishing the car and sometimes the barrier and the driver gets out, waves to the crowd and walks away.

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      This is technically telling the f1 kids that there gonna die immediately

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    56. paolo corti

      Could bushes or small trees be an option for runoff areas? I think it could really work because little trees and bushes need a certain amount of force to break, and that force is just perfect to slowly reduce the speed of the vehicle. The only problem I thought about is a fire risk, but a healthy plant has enough water in them augmenting the time necessary for ignition. I guess there is a problem that I did not think about...

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      1:24 440 is m/(s^-2) not m/(s^-1)

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      Not to be picky or anything, but jumping out of an airplane you experience 0g. You're in free fall. Standing on earth you're in an inertial reference frame, meaning objects without an acting force accelerate in reference to you. It's you standing still (or earths surface) who is accelerating, not the one who jumps out of an airplane. Magic of Einstein's Relativity

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      1:03 .... Aceleration? Odd way to spell ACCELERATION. Also, the opposite of ACCELERATION is DECELERATION, not ACCELERATION. Hope that helps.

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      They don't call the Glen "the Widowmaker" for nothing.

    68. TryHard FinessedYou

      It's not about speed... Ok but cars doing 10mph don't flip 13 times either.

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      Scott it's Isosceles trapezoid type of pyramid - Loads should be equal when car crashes, also diagonals help "ëat"the tension produced by the crash...

    70. Racing With Martijn

      I had a car accident 3 months ago and yea we were travelling at 150 kph and we went straight on at a corner since the driver didn't see the comming up corner and yea we hit a tree everyone was fine btw but yea 3g I belive

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      Acceleration has units of ms^-2 . This matters folks.

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      (5:20) _Polyethylene_ tire tubes, not polystyrene. Polystyrene would shatter into sharp fragments, absorbing little momentum, as well as creating much detritus for the crashed driver as well as littering the track for subsequent drivers.

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      It's fascinating to hear about the gravel traps and how they work. There are these things called Emergency Escape Ramps ( ) that I've seen posted on extremely steep mountainsides. The ramps themselves are long, but not _that_ long, and I often wondered how effective they would actually be at stopping an out of control 18 wheel truck if it lost its brakes. It's good to know that there's actually a very good chance it would be effective, if not outright safe to use.

    90. Melchor Vincent Agot

      Why didn't he talk about the tyres containing water and that those tyres were recycled for the job after being pulled out of road cars?

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      Completely wrong physical formula.. acceleration is rate of change of velocity whereas velocity is rate of change of speed.. If u can't explain physics don't try to do that.. as audience we are happy seeing the races

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