The Amazing Engineering of an F1 Sim-Wheel


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    Thanks to Thrustmaster for sending over the SF1000 Wheel for us to check out and take apart! The SF1000 is new this week, so you can check it out here.
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    Today we’re going to find out what’s inside this Thrustmaster Sim Wheel, and how it works to allow you to feel the car and be faster on track.
    How can some code and an electronic wheel best replicate the feeling of a Formula 1 car?
    As a racing driver, we use so many of our senses to feel the car on the limit.
    And the main one is the feeling we get through the wheel - it gives the confidence to control the car and hold it right on the limit and this is the challenge with sim equipment, using electronics to replicate the complex feedback we get from a car.
    So how do they do it? But First, we need to understand how the game, the computer and the wheel all interact.
    Essentially the core of this is that the wheel measures inputs, a rotational input from the wheel to measure steering angle, a linear input from the throttle and a load measurement from the brake pedal.
    These are passed to the game, which uses a game engine to compute what the car is doing. It considers thousands of data points - things like car speed, direction, tyre grip at that time, downforce and slip angle.
    It’s slip angle that is the key here, it’s the difference between the angle the tyre is pointing at and the direction of the car’s travel. This is what you feel as the wheel loads up through the corner.
    Now, this is communicated to the driver through the screen, we may see that we are pushing wide. Through audio, where we hear the tyres screech or lock up, and through the wheel.
    It’s how we, as drivers, feel the limit. If we exceed the grip limit, the wheel goes light - telling us we’re understeering. Or if it’s heavy, we know we are getting close to the limit.
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    1. Driver61

      Was the inside what you expected? It was so cool to open it up and see some of the engineering behind sim equipment! You can check out the new Thrustmaster Formula Wheel Add-on Ferrari SF1000 Edition here:​

      1. Donn Dene

        @Trey Tucker definitely, been using Flixzone for since november myself =)

      2. Trey Tucker

        A tip : watch movies at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching a lot of movies recently.

      3. Devendra Mahajan

        What is direct drive

      4. Jordan Striker

        Hi Scott great video! Can you please do a review on the wheel which you like best? Cheers

      5. chitlitlah

        What software does this work with though? It looks cool, but I'd hate to spend about $500 on this and then have to spend as much or more for the software.

    2. David Garcia

      Where's the sponsored hashtag?

    3. spqba747

      paid videos suck. u make them plenty

    4. xxx zzz

      wish they made a Mercedes wheel instead.

    5. fuck google

      Nice thrustmaster ad 👍

    6. LowTechRider

      I kinda expected a disassembly of the actual SF1000 wheel instead of the TSPC wheel base, since the SF1000 wheel has the most features in the TM ecosystem

    7. Buntong Ek

      Hello how do I go learn with you

    8. Matthew Cotter

      Does anyone know how to get the screen and led lights to work on iracing??

    9. tomcatGB

      Was that a couple of cable ties holding the motor in place?

    10. Black Wolf

      Awesome ! That will be an instant buy when it will be available again someday !! Never seen an integrated LCD screen of that size ever !!

    11. matthew 2779

      Another great video Scott 😊👊

    12. jcpatrick mcclure

      🇺🇸WWG1WGA🇺🇸 Gratitude!!!🙏🍀👍

    13. Isaac Cady

      i started looking for the “includes paid promotion” when i heard him say that a gear-driven wheel best-represented the feel of an F1 car.

    14. Endoe ONE

      When it's dialed in really well you'll feel the downforce the most.

    15. Benny Lloyd-Willner

      At about @3:00 you say something along the line that the circuit board computes the information to understand bumps on the track etc. and then turns it into current. But surely the simulation data is computed in the PC or console? I mean the circuit board on the wheel has no idea what is going on "racing-wise", it is just getting commands on what to show on its screen and what force feedback current it should drive the motor with? Of course, the board also transmits the position of the switches back to the PC/Console. The top end of the board seems to have a bunch of MOS-FETs for driving the high current, but no "simulation computing" is actually done in the wheel? I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me can tell us what is right, I'm no Sim Racer but have some understanding of electronics and communication between electronic devices. Great video - you have lots of interesting stuff on your channel - well done! I hope you or someone here in the comments can help me understand if I am on the right track or if I am "Mazepining" off it 😁

    16. Vincent Fischer

      2:34 What is the wrench for if I may ask?

    17. User Name

      Hell of a pass there in turn 1-2 of Monza, wow!

    18. James Barisitz

      As cool as home gamer technology is, your observational commentary on real driving shunts and techique shine above everything in my opinion. I'd like to see you kick Tanner Fausts ass on a circuit. Don't know where that came from, but, yeah.✌

    19. Jamie McEwan

      I wonder what Thrustmaster are thinking today after Fanatec made this entire line of wheel bases obsolete overnight?

      1. Brooklands

        Made obsolete by a product you can't buy yet... uh huh.

      2. MCA Geeff

        They still have no real entry level set. So they dont i think. Still room for thrustmaster and logitech.

    20. Rafa Navarro

      the better sim wheels are just a huge industrial servo motor

    21. matj1

      I'd like if Thrustmaster steering wheels had drivers for Linux.

    22. Ryno’s Raceroom

      Your videos feel short to me . Good ,but it seems like they’re - quick 🤘🏻🏁 I probably just want more content to consume 🏎Great job!

    23. Trainleader21

      I have a Fanatec wheel, way more expensive than this. Lol. CSL Elite with a F1 Podium Wheel and shifters. 🙂

      1. ASMR James

        Still a belt driver wheel. T300 level shit.

    24. Stephen Penniket

      So how much does the mofo cost?

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    27. Brian D

      Surprised Scott wraps his thumbs around the steering wheel.

    28. Tubeofcaulk

      I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a cross Colab of something like this with the IThomesr AvE. Telling us what types of electronics it’s using, grade of plastics, and how it chooches.

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    30. dspid2404

      I'd be interested to know what simulators, if this is not it, that F1 drivers use to learn the tracks and keep the feel of their cars. Have you done a video on that?

    31. Sharad A Sharma

      I have the same wheel! The feedback helps me understand my driving habits. I use this channel and the sim for my 370z.

    32. Azar Alamouri

      Sadly the wheel is obselete just one day after the video was released now that other makers announced direct drive wheels for cheaper than this belt driven one. But great informative video nontheless.

    33. Kaipeternicolas

      This is a toy wheel... lol.

    34. [KPG]

      You lucky man. Can't wait to buy mine in August. Enjoy the new piece of kit!

    35. Scott Meredith

      I absolutely love your channel man. Great mix of real racing content and sim racing, 2 of my favorite things. Keep up the good content! 👍🏻

    36. Ole Kaarvaag

      I bought the basic Thrustmaster TMX PRO as my first wheel half a year ago. It works great, but I now wish I had saved up for a higher end wheel, base and pedals like this one. Oh well, a few years or half a decade when it's time for an upgrade I know I'll go for a higher end set.

      1. Andy -

        The most important thing is the pedals which you can upgrade whenever you want, shouldn't have any issues mixing and matching.

    37. René Reiche

      Look at that lag from physical to on-screen steering wheel at 1:52 (use . and , keys your keyboard to see it frame by frame). Pretty disgusting.

      1. René Reiche

        @Kayo Michiels they always say that, but with F1 games made for controller and console play, you never can be sure. If these games had VR, they couldn't get away with this immersion breaking lag. Then they'd had to take this effect out and we'd know it was very very likely just visual. But these games don't have VR. Will be interesting to see once there's a PSVR2 and Codemasters would be interested in making the F1 games VR compatible again.

      2. Kayo Michiels

        visual lag only..

    38. Todd B

      Very cool!!

    39. Charles Hosea

      An odd situation...Here we have Fanatec just released a budget DD wheel base but no F1 steering wheel quite like this and Thrustmaster released a high end style F1 steering wheel but no DD base... Now if they could both offer each!

    40. Dominus Circensis

      Nice! I just got an ad for you guys on your own video!

    41. Phil Goguen

      That's is the best explaination I've heard as to why FFB is so important. Cheers!

    42. Mr J

      That rim is so sexy .

    43. Nathan Olson

      Let’s say an f1 driver was to race full speed through the pits and not stop in order to get ahead of an opponent. What would the penalty be?

      1. Kayo Michiels

        Disqualification, and perhaps even a ban for the next race...

    44. Matheus Schramm

      I would think thrustmaster would've made a DDrive base for such a limited product

    45. Bora Karasakiz

      Oh yeah now we're talking, all the juicy content lately!

    46. Bonksticker

      All i can see are cheap electric components circuitboards etc on the inside..some serious cost cuts made in the wrong i can imagine the inside of the steering wheel will be made of compononts of less quaity...aka...short life. Zip tys used as factory default..says enoug about there lack off effort to make some quality product,but did their best to make a good profit product..with nice looks on the outside,but made from the cheapest components on the inside.

    47. Levente Kóka

      I've been meaning to ask this from you for a while, and since we're on the topic of F1, the wheel, and simulators: what do you think about the F1 games by Codemasters? I know that it isn't a simulator, and it's not even trying to fully replicate what driving an F1 car is like, but several drivers (like Norris and Verstappen) have said that the physics are very bad, and the cars drive like they're constantly on ice. What are your thoughts on it?

      1. ASMR James

        Get Automobilista 2 for the best open wheel racing experience

    48. luiskp

      3:00 Umm, yeah, we have a circuit board.

    49. Chadog

      Now just waiting for the T400

    50. Johnny Knoxville

      I love how he looks like he just got out of bed and recorded the video.

    51. Thomas Goodwin

      What we need now is a seat that gives feedback to complete the driver immersion.

      1. Cristian Sánchez

        Simvibe and G-Force seats

      2. MrRedify

        If you have the money

    52. emgyee

      I don't think it's a good idea to have this type of ads on this channel or at least I'm not interested in them at all.

    53. Maya Neko

      I've seen many people blaming the game for having Low FFB, but when questioned about which mistake they made, they don't really see the connection between the cars setup, the drivers driving style and the wheel loosing FFB in half the corners of a track. More people should watch this video to understand, how a wheel actually works, so that they can make full use of its advantages over controllers.

    54. brodeur212

      hope this wheel is convertible to DD wheels

    55. Lom Tluanga

      Wow🔥So cool🔥

    56. VrSimRacing

      Much prefer a direct drive. Love my ricmotech system. Most mid level belt drives are about to become obsolete with fanatec dropping their entry level CSL DD

      1. Andy -

        @VrSimRacing Must have missed that, ah well, my mistake. I still object to you calling it entry-level. That's a phrase that has a rather specific meaning and can be confusing (as evidenced by this exchange), I get what you're saying though, it could just be worded a little clearer. A good day to yourself as well.

      2. VrSimRacing

        @Andy - I never said entry level as far as the market goes.. I said "mid level" which is where that $350 is targeted. I mentioned "entry level" pertaining to fanatec only and their line up of dd bases. Have a good day mate.

      3. Andy -

        I don't think you know what entry level means mate. The CSL DD is a bargain but entry level it is not. I'd be surprised if people looking for their first FF-wheel even know that Fanatec exists considering they only sell from their website.

    57. Dave Kirk

      Why are you using the F1 game as an example? It's hardly a sim and the FFB is poor

    58. Jet School

      Is this wheel compatible with fanatec bases?

      1. Brooklands


    59. Lost Alone

      I was kinda expecting - "Hmm... Yes, this appears to be something electronic. Possibly a circuit board of some sort. And next time on Racing Drivers Review Things That Aren't Cars..."

      1. luiskp

        That’s what I thought at 3:00 mark. Like, he takes a second to say: Yep, there’s a circuit board, it does electronic things.

    60. Racefan083

      Hi Driver61, I have the exact same wheelbase. So I'm very curious what force feedback settings you're using in-game and on the Thrustmaster software for the most realistic experience. I'm really curious since you have driven an actual f1 car in the past. Thanks

      1. Racefan083

        @Logan Schuetzle Yeah, I know. But it looks like he has some fun making this video and he still has to work for it a bit, so...never hurts to ask :)

      2. Logan Schuetzle

        I’m guessing he doesn’t actually use this, but a direct drive wheel instead

    61. Smokey Yunick

      I think fanatics new DD wheel is just the motor from a CSL Elite and if you’re swapping over to fanatec I don’t think it comes with a rim which sucks there expensive

      1. René Reiche

        So you think the standard CSL Elite motor can do 8Nm without a belt transmission? Then the normal CSL Elite Wheel WITH the belt should have about 200Nm torque judging be the lever length.

      2. CleanPipes

        What? It’s a direct drive wheel for £350, why are you complaining?

    62. Loki27

      I would pay no matter how much it cost but I can never support Ferrari again. Wish it comes in a different version.

    63. Lead Foot

      I had to make 3 warranty claims for my thrustmaster TX. They even went as far as to ban me from reviewing their products on Amazon. I imagine they've done this to a lot of people since they've managed to increase their average review score quite a bit.

      1. ASMR James

        The Lead Foot dude probably cant even figure out how to calibrate the TX base. Lol

      2. Sephiroth

        I don't think anyone can hide anything anymore, just go on twitter/reddit and complain if they did you wrong. You have so many avenues

      3. Scott Meredith

        Interesting, I have MANY hours on my T300RS and it's performed perfectly. In fact, I planned on going DD but I haven't yet because I'm still pretty happy with my TM. Maybe that particular production run was a lemon? Anyways, bummer you had such a bad experience

    64. James Coyle

      Wow they're still using that shitty plastic quick release system?! No matter what I did on my T500RS it would always come loose and always felt so flimsy.

    65. samfishR

      The latency you can see between the steering wheel on and in front if the screen is disturbing..

      1. Kayo Michiels

        On screen latency is different between the game itself... the visual is always behind the actual game in the codemasters games.

    66. T C

      Who's here after Fanatec dropped the CSL DD that isn't compatible with Playstation?

    67. EyesOfByes

      RealRacing3 on Android is surprisingly good at communicating the limits, inspite of no haptic feedback and touch. At least for me using touchsteering, no assists sensitivy 10 on ROG Phone II with 240hz samplerate

    68. EyesOfByes

      Does iRacing support Nvidias Reflex software? Would be nice in the first chicane at Monza...

    69. Henrik

      Belt-driven instead of direct drive though hmmmm :/

    70. xDkf4Evs


    71. Carl TV

      That Ferrari wheel is amazing, I have a fanatec wheel and I’m kinda jealous

      1. Carl TV

        @Haroon Jayawardana I can’t afford anymore haha

      2. Haroon Jayawardana

        Lol.....I can't afford one :'-)

    72. John Paul01

      No matter how good this replica wheel looks, Fanatec will still be the superior product until Thrustmaster release a better wheel base, pedals and shifters.

      1. John Paul01

        Good point 🖒

      2. Carl TV

        @John Paul01 I don’t know you know, the formula v2 is hard plastic with a carbon fibre front plate literally the exact same design philosophy as this new TM wheel and the price is similar. If fanatec make a new one with a big display I think you can double that cost straight away.

      3. John Paul01

        Yes but you're paying for a better quality than TM. With the upcoming release of csl dd, we can hope that the price of that f1 wheel will also be on the reasonable side. Have a nice day. 🖒

      4. Carl TV

        @John Paul01 but it will be a lot more expensive that’s the problem.

      5. John Paul01

        Don't worry Fanatec will surely release a f1 wheel with screen like this in the future for competition. Maybe a Mclaren f1 wheel.

    73. 2ndLastJedi

      What i nice rim....shame that TM only have that crappy base!! I hope Fanatec make something as nice as that rim soon or TM make a nice DD at a decent price!

    74. thibault durnez

      Good video! Just got my first sim racing wheel and your explanation allowed me to understand how to setup the wheel as accurate as possible.

    75. Miguel Freitas

      so this is the first obsolete steering wheel launch?

    76. Loading now

      Finally someone that uses the correct camera zoom when in cockpit view

      1. Haggen

        fov police aproves

      2. Justin S

        Camera zoom? Fov?

    77. Erik Heijden

      I wonder how many people would still consider Thrustmaster after Fanatec's direct drive anouncement yesterday...

      1. The Kinection

        I'm just waiting until Fanatec makes an F1 wheel like this one, then I'll be completely sold

      2. 1barnet1

        Existing thrustmaster users may be interested in accessories like their Leadville pedals or new rims. But Logitech upgraders will definitely try to upgrade to the CSL double D. The T300 and T150 are still in a decent spot everything beyond that makes no more sense

    78. Alex Leung

      Who sent him a tractor steering wheel?

    79. Hybridteddy

      you are describing how the sim works and meanwhile I'm thinking ... that is an interesting choice of socks for the sim

    80. Tygo Bermind

      This wheelbase has just been made completely obsolete after the CSL DD announcement.

    81. Tygo Bermind

      Sad for Thrustmaster, advertising their new wheel just after Fanatec completely blew them out of the water with their CSL DD.

      1. Adam Thomas

        @Coen Visser they're going the apple route, charge for everything if you want the basic

      2. Coen Visser

        @cody kramer thing is the wheel base is 349. The adapter to unlock full potential 180 and decent rim around 200 too

      3. cody kramer

        @René Reiche I think fanatec understands that the are getting beat in that 299 to 399 range by thrustmaster and logi , and that's why the new 350$ dd wheel is a very awesome and smart move on there part.

      4. René Reiche

        @cody kramer When Fanatec showed off the NASCAR wheel on an exp first, they said they wanted wheel, wheel base, pedals and shifter in every price range (CSL, CSW, Podium). They haven't made good on this yet, but it's a great strategy, I agree. If you like your lower tier peripherals and want to get a better wheel, just get that from the same manufacturer and keep using your other peripherals even on console games. Absolutely agree, that having the range and solid quality in the products line is a strategy that Thrustmaster and Logitech haven't understood yet.

      5. cody kramer

        @René Reiche I agree that they are amazing wheels, but as far as offerings go, fanatec just has it together more , I know the price difference is the difference in brand, but I still think thrustmaster, and even logitech could benefit from a premium product that can compete with fanatecs premium stuff, all while keeping a budget friendly product line,

    82. SolidSnakeOil

      I see the F1 games still has that disorientating visual lag.

      1. Tygo Bermind

        True, shitty simcade game.

    83. Loek Tube

      There goes your warranty! 😅


      I love how masterfully you managed to avoid showing the hideous Thrustmaster “Quick” Release system 👌

      1. Brayan Mendoza

        I know right, how do they expect me to waste 1 minute of my life when I can clearly waste that 1 minute in a race sim game.

      2. 118Shadow118

        @Pancake you don't need to unplug it (at least I've never had and nothing bad has happened), and the correct rim gets recognised

      3. Miko

        @Pancake Question is, will it be better than the 200€ / USD more expensive ClubSport 2.5?

      4. ReDHeaDSg1

        @Andrew Page Can't agree more xD I bought T300 for new year and died after 3 uses xD So i return it back and stared to build my own steering wheel base xD

      5. Adam Thomas

        @Micho Rexo I actually have one now, I bought a carbon fiber F1 steering, found it on AliExpress, it's nice to have an F1 steering shape but I can't really play rally style games or even drifting with this steering on... So yeah still, it's not an easy swap, not like the Thrustmaster where I can go from an F1 setup to a normal setup in minutes... Plus the 3rd party mods for the G29, you'll either lose the buttons or just ignore them

    85. Jerry

      anyone here after finding out fanatec dropped that incredible direct drive wheel for 350USD? absolutely incredible, theyll be making a tonne of money off that and i can say some of it will be mine

      1. Adam Thomas

        @User Name dude, how lazy can you be.... Just a quick Google search fanatec new wheel, and boom you'll get the name

      2. User Name

        What's it called? I don't see it on their website. I loved my CSR, wish I'd never sold it.

      3. Adam Thomas

        @Pancake 5-8 years is for the new gen to be released, not completely obsolete, when the PS4 was released, Sony was still making games for PS3 for years... Same like now, ps5 is out but they're still gonna make current games for PS4 for a few years.... And your point about old games being useless, that's crap as well cause you can play almost any games you've had on PS4 on the PS5. So yeah, it's just much less hassle, I don't need to constantly look up if my hardware can run a specific game or if I need to upgrade constantly. I just buy the games and I'm set. Oh also, exclusives

      4. Pancake

        @Adam Thomas more like, the next 5-8 years before your console is obsolete and you have to spend another 300-500 bucks on a new gen so you can play newer games(as well as making your old games unplayable if you sell your previous one)

      5. Adam Thomas

        @Pancake it's not as good, but people with a life get consoles because it's just buy and forget, you're set for the next 10 years.

    86. Street Blue

      Nice but wheel isn't 100% compatible. with F1 2020 or 2021, this should been patched already.

      1. Pancake

        who cares, codemasters f1 games arent even sims anyway.

    87. Laurean 599

      2:08 imagine the sim breaking your hand everytime you crash

      1. Maya Neko

        @Andy - Yeah, but there's normally no situation in a race, where you take both hands off the wheel^^

      2. Andy -

        @Maya Neko Can still bloody hurt if it catches you wrong, unlikely to cause any lasting damage though.

      3. liu

        the torque of belt-driven wheel is not enough to do that

      4. Maya Neko

        Direct Drive Wheels definitely have the strength for it. Low and mid budget wheel tend to be weaker. The Logitech G29/G920 is for example not strong enough and can still be hold in position even at a crash^^

      5. Lead Foot

        @janbo I tore my thumb open right next to the fingernail playing Dirt Rally 2.0 with too much ffb on a csw v2.5

    88. ItMeansSun

      Alternative title: Man doesn't void warranty on free steering wheel for the ultimate flex. Great vid as always :)

      1. ItMeansSun

        @indy Fr thanks for correcting, I'll change the alternative title.

      2. indy Fr

        opening the product in a correct way and closing it properly does not void a warranty, a warranty is for a premature failure of a part due to the manufacturer's fault.The sticker is just to scare you, and that you dont do stupid shit

    89. Matt

      Who's here after Fanatec announced the CSL DD

    90. F1 Scenes

    91. The Unexpected Jaz

      I think the steering wheel is a bit delay

    92. The Unexpected Jaz

      I think the steering wheel is a bit delay

    93. Adam Thomas

      Just casually flexing that brand new limited edition SF1000 replica wheel from thrustmaster

      1. Adam Thomas

        @John Arano i never said it wasn't it's just that all the other sim racing channels I've seen that received this steering from TM went through all the features for almost 20 mins but he didn't and was just using the steering like it's just some normal wheel that he's had for years and mentioned it only at the end, where most people just move on to the next video. if i was TM, it would have felt like a rip-off

      2. John Arano

        @Adam Thomasthis whole video is an advertisement lmao wym. Just because he didn’t say “go buy this new wheel with all these amazing things on it omg look how cool this is” doesn’t mean it’s not an ad. He basically did just that buy exploring the insides of it while also staying true to his own brand and previous videos. If you ask me this is a master class in modern advertising because it doesn’t feel like an ad, just another video from him. Which is the goal for both parties when doing “influencer” marketing

      3. Adam Thomas

        @Kayo Michiels okay, but yeah he's like the first chosen few to get his hands on that...but he only mentions it at the end for such a short time

      4. Kayo Michiels

        It's not limited edition.. it's just a limited first release of 1000 units in europe, before the rest of the world on August 28

      5. Adam Thomas

        @Erik Heijden okay, but still the whole advertising was the last 10 seconds, if I was thrustmaster and gave him that 1 in 1000 wheel for him to test out and review/promote, I wouldn't have been happy that he barely mentioned it. He was just using it like it was just a wheel he's had for years

    94. Ssm5

      The f1 steering wheel is more expensive than my car😅

    95. Hemanth S

      Is that sf1000 replica steering wheel 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Ssm5


    96. Dhilan Patel


    97. Satvik Krishna

      Quiet early for today's video!

    98. Ucof

      I'd just like to say how reassured I am, knowing that your electrical sockets have both been PAT tested at some point.

      1. Hachiro

        @Azar Alamouri That.. is intriguing. If I ever get back into sim racing, I'll look into it.

      2. Azar Alamouri

        @Aaron Anish 350$. Exactly the same price of the direct drive wheelbase that Fanatec announced today. What a timing. Add a 200$ Fanatec rally or racing style wheel (those already have control buttons, QR besides the rim itself off course) and make TM LOOKS so silly and low value now. Weird how Fanatec learned value from Thrustmaster while TM learned bull sh+t from Fanatec.

      3. Aaron Anish

        dude that sim wheel is 329.999 euros man

      4. Carter Davis

        @Harry Wright I think they're on about the stickers on the plugs in the back of the room

      5. Harry Wright

        @Ucof do u mean the plug for the wheel

    99. Aman



      More of these please