F1's GENIUS Damper Trick Was So Good It Was Banned


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    Renault and Fernando Alonso were dominant through the mid-2000s. But it wasn’t just Fernando’s crazy driving style that gave them such pace - the car had a genius mechanical device - fitted to the nose of the car that made it extremely stable and gave it much more grip than any of the other cars on the grid.
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    It was an idea that Renault copied from Skyscrapers - where they use a large suspended mass to counteract the swaying of the building.
    They came up with a condensed-down version and fitted it to the car. It gained them downforce, made the car much more confidence-inspiring through the corners and gained them huge lap time.
    But how did Renault take something from a skyscraper and use it to make their F1 car so dominant?
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    In 2005, new regulations meant the front wing had to be 50mm higher than in previous years. So the teams often lowered the whole car to get the new wing to be closer to the ground and therefore more effective.
    However, this meant the springs needed to be much stiffer to stop the car bottoming out - which then caused another problem.
    As the tyres hit bumps or clipped curbs - the car experienced pretty serious vibrations - typically this led to the nose pitching up and down around 8-10 times a second, completely ruining the airflow over the front wing leading to a huge reduction in downforce.
    It also led to the grip levels changing through the corner - making the cars very unpredictable and difficult for the drivers to drive at the limit.
    So Renault developed a Tuned Mass Damper for the 2005 season - this was a device that would oppose any up and down vibrations, making the car more driveable and improving grip. So how did it work?
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    1. Driver61

      What do you think of this genius solution? Would you want to see Mass Dampers back in F1?

      1. alex bozas

        unban it.....oh wait.... politics and money..

      2. 1NF3RNO 2004

        This beautiful piece of engineering, during a time where regulations were less strict, is an example of what made Motorsports so unique and exciting back in the day... Thanks FIA for destroying creative new ideas in modern F1!!! 👍 (Yes, I do realize that these “innovations” do pose safety concerns, and I completely understand that. But, there should be SOME unique elements, such as a mass damper, which make us “nerdy” Motorsport fans hyped)

      3. Will4May

        @Cheese kay As long as the suspension is more reliable than it was for Mansell.

      4. Cheese kay

        No I want active suspension

      5. Fredericka Payn

        Dunno if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my gfs Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google :)

    2. James Walsh

      This idea was on production cars in the 30s to improve ride quality.

    3. Louis Edwards

      Fitting one WHULD BE to heavy 😁

    4. Jazz, The Fat Lad

      Im kinda new to motorsports, ks everything good just fucking banned outright?

    5. Mayhem Sixsixsixteensixteen

      Wrong. Renault didn’t invent it, mclaren did. Renault stole it, and laughingly the FIA didn’t impose a fine when they were caught. The didn’t fine them because they were not smart enough to work out the design so gained no advantage.

    6. Dzoni Bravo

      When Renault invents new thing FIA bannes it asap.

    7. Jay Jay

      next video : this f1 driver was so good he was banned

    8. iamjeffness

      This makes MSC even more of a legend. Cause he kept up with this insane tech.

    9. Karl Brandemann


    10. Aredo Plloci

      The old renault had freaking flames drawn on it? Nice

    11. Scott Mauney

      Gotta be paid up with the right people. Otherwise your new breakthrough will be shit canned. With F1 history repeats.

    12. Anirudh R

      Whenever I see Alonso and Raikkonen in Monaco I remember one line 'across the line he goes, half a second! almost half a second faster than Fernando!, but Those were the days man

    13. Martin Rola Pereira

      Kg is not a force... Yes I'm fun at parties

    14. Parker Portlock

      Man, if I try Alonso's Renault style in my car, the back end is entering the corner first.

    15. Mr. Pudding

      Be Well Everyone. Have some pudding.

    16. Alex Kumlin

      Cars rides smoothly and is safer due to consistency and f1 bans it. This is why if any group came out with an f1 style race league to compete but weren't assholes about the car restrictions and just let engineers do engineering, we would see everyone that was interested in f1 start to watch that league instead. If only it were that way now. I couldn't imagine all the differences in cars and how they come together be competitive

    17. hillary clinton

      Corsair convertibles had these on all four corners...

    18. GoThanh

      As a mechanical engineer TMD’s are pretty normal but interesting that it was used in F1 cars. But then if it gave such a huge advantage than Alonso isn’t that great 😜

    19. Steve Brenner

      I have a 1932 Morris 10/6. It has a horizontal spring behind the front bumper with a large lead weight at each end that the bumper wraps round. The same technology, 90 years ago ! ! !

    20. Tharindu Lakshan Kumara

      Why do I feel like that FIA doesn't like stuff that really work.

    21. Bob G

      The concept isn't just from skyscrapers... THEY copied it from the construction of 5 story pagodas who have used it for centuries.

    22. Noah850

      I guess another way of analyzing it is that the aero segments (wings) of the car are like the springs in suspension, but the mass damper acts like a shock absorber due to the way that the mass interacts with air passing it.

    23. XRP SNIPER

      I like that, I dont care about tech! I just want close racing between HAM, ALO, LEC,VER. These are the best drivers in the world. 99% of F1 fans agree with me easily. Who the hell cares about boring races, oooh the mass-dumper is working so well! hahahahahaha! New era has begun, tech nerds should watch tech documentaries!

    24. XRP SNIPER

      2006 Renult car was on par with Ferrari, it was not dominant! Only in 2005 it was dominant!

    25. Patrick Donnelly

      Banning something that isn’t proven to be dangerous to all is to me, a little counter productive to the very ethos of Formula One? I realise if a team has an extraordinarily & vast advantage over the next but just maybe, allowing all tweaks and innovations free from causing harm(even in long term) or injury then all the teams would be closer. Unique even. Smaller teams could even use if you like more cost effective ways, even open the door to new minds looking to create something special? Come to think of it, in today’s current climate, for every new seasons set of rules, is more potential lost to Aerospace..........?

    26. The Swordsman

      Was Alonso flipping the bird over the line at the beginning of the clip? 😂 Or maybe I just see what I want to see.

    27. Al Putra

      I dont get it. F1 is a protorype race right? as with motogp, its basically a race where teams and manufactures develop a lot of new stuff beceuase that's the purpose. so why banned it when teams/manufactures successfully invented a new tech???

    28. Thomas Wilkinson

      Isn’t that the story of F1? So good it was banned

    29. Sebas Kr

      Is like a 2CV damper

    30. CarKeyNosGR


    31. SHP

      Dont think this would have happened if Mercedes or Ferrari would have done it

    32. Googl Reviews

      Only the idiotic governing body of F1 would ban innovation... instead of applauding and encouraging innovation advancement they ban it. F1 has always been very corrupt and political chaos, I loved Senna not just because he is the greatest driver F1 has ever seen, but because he often said it as it was, no political correctness BS. Today F1 as a sport is not even half of what it was in 90's or early 2000's.

    33. sana9489

      F1sucks balls like American football. They don’t want innovation or exceptionalism. They want everyone the same like a communist utopia.

    34. Moutaa Bouslimi

      Why will the Fia ban something genius like this

    35. Mathew G

      F1 gets me appreciating physics but is still never want that job. It just vastly increases my appreciation for those who love physics and want to make better tools for us.

    36. Christo

      I still want to see the actual damper.

    37. Diavolo Grenadine

      I love how everytime Renault pulled out some smart legit trick it got banned but Mercedes and Ferrari winning 6 times in a row is ok.

    38. B W

      How did Kimi manage to be so close to Nando in 2005 without that proper tech?

    39. alessio quaglino

      In practice F1 teams kept using it, just with a different design (i.e. with no movable mass) it's actually one of the suspension elements I used to work on.

    40. 梅P

      I’m from taiwan and live nearby 101, the ball inside it is pretty damn impressive

    41. Johannes

      Enginiers: Making the car more predictable and saver (basicaly better in every way) FIA:mOvEaBlE aERodynAmIC dEviCe

    42. Ryan Clayton

      “Movable aero” my ass

    43. MrBitviper

      awesome content as always scott I think I've learned so much about racing from your channel. thanks keep up with the awesome content

    44. D B

      Building the ultimate f1 car Update: and that is now ban.🥴

    45. RAZR

      Asking to subscribe in 2021 is bad enough. You're asking twice per vid... it's annoying and a reason not to sub. It's 2021.... if we like your shit... we know what to fuckin do. Further more... I've like a number of your vids... but your subscriber begging now leads me to instruct the youtube feedback option to : Never recommend your channel again...

    46. dennis walsh

      My 1969 SS Camero (convertible) had 4 vertical dampers the size of coffee cans. In those cans there were two springs and suspended weights. Two behind the headlights and two in front of the tail-lights (using up space in the tiny trunk). Never knew why it needed them but I don't think the coupe had them. Curious though.

      1. An honda Civic

        What colour is it in?

    47. Roar Arne Velle

      The Citroen 2cv has the same system, not new. The air gap is

    48. Jannie Kirsten

      It's not a "damper", it's a "dampener". It doesn't "damp", it "dampens". Jeez. Are you an American or something?!

      1. Driver61

        It's a damper.

    49. Minh Quan Vo

      Why are the awesome tech always being banned ffs? Why those guys love banning thing?

    50. oliver izzard

      i don't see why they ban stuff that works ... if the drivers can't take the G force just reduce the power / increase efficiency ...

    51. Ben

      F1 engineering creativity is always out of this world

    52. Edison73100

      Fricking amazing.

    53. Jason Hong

      What is a movable aerodynamic and why it has to be banned?????????????????????? If its something to help the car to have safer and more stable ride why ban it?

    54. Hell_Pike

      This literally makes the cars safer and the racing better... it's not an aero device

    55. FreedomWarrior

      Rules destroys any sport that's why sports are usully incredibly boring.

    56. Mark Jones

      F1 has banned more advances than its embraced. Time to rename it to F2

    57. DarMaar


    58. Sypei Terra

      Taipai is where I kinda chose my name I think

    59. AustralianLeprechaun

      Lets ban everything. What is even the point of F1?

    60. Last & First

      This 'device' was knowledge not technology. Good news kids! Science has been banned, you don't need to look up from your phones ever again. I stopped watching f1 many years ago when the drivers weren't permitted to have radio station buttons on their steering wheel

    61. D

      How did the other teams know about the system in order to copy it? You would think that they would want to protect that secret like their lives depended on it!

    62. Efstathios Dimopoulos

      In 1948 Citroen implemented the exact same technology in the 2CV. The car had 4, one for each wheel.

    63. Ray Gun


    64. JuparkJr

      F1 Engineers: **breathes** FIA: ban

    65. EmuLegs

      I don't want to sub, but I will down vote

    66. cass276

      As I understand it the reason given mass dampers were banned was because in the event of a shunt, the mass damper (Which is small but VERY heavy) would create a serious hazard if it broke free from the car, a bit like wheels did before tethers were introduced. If this was a genuine concern or just a 'reason' for banning it - I don't know.

    67. OWL

      It's a damn safety device

    68. Jorge Serodio

      So that's why Alonso was so dominant...

    69. hurrdurr

      2005-2006 was probably my favorite F1 era... There was just something so amusing in an "underdog" racing team such as Renault back then to just clap everyone else's cheeks out of nowhere, as well as being dominated by a relatively "new" driver in the scene. (Yes he did debut in 2001 but you basically barely knew this guy existed till 2003 when he won his first race)...

      1. hurrdurr

        @Rob H pretty sure that was the case, yeah

      2. Rob H

        He took a year off in 02 to be renault's test driver through didnt he?

    70. The Rad Fems

      This was a dumb, bad call by the FIA. This was precisely the opposite issue from the side skirts/ground effect ruling in the late 70s; side skirts could make cornering more unpredictable, increasing danger, whereas the tuned mass dampers made the cars more predictable, even as they made them faster. This should be the exact kind of innovation that they should want to foster.

    71. Frank Burdo Drums

      It's hard to believe that such a small upgrade made that much of a difference. Tough to deny the footage of him overtaking people on turns like that.

    72. Rodrigo Terré

      i could not be an f1 fan after all the bs the FIA keeps pulling over and over

    73. Sasha Z

      If only they put a fraction of their effort into making semi-trucks more efficient. it's not like they consume 100+ gallons of diesel each per day or anything...

    74. jpogi gtxcr1

      More car control means more safety. Why ban it?

    75. EnlightenedSavage

      This idea was not stolen from a building. This is understanding physics. The gentleman who designed and built this is Dr. Rob Tuluie an unrivaled chassis engineer and astrophysicist. Who also happens to be a friend of mine. This is a physics principle at its base and was applied as needed.

    76. Alex Galvis

      fenando alonsa debe devolver los 2 titulos ganados

    77. Sci Modeler

      So FIA basically banned it because other constructors couldn't perfectly copy it from Renault's LoL

      1. Free Rap Beats

        they copied it well. the problem was that renaults car was built around the use of mass dampers from the start. so their car benefitted more from it than others. the other teams would have needed to change their car concept, which is impossible mid-season.

    78. Becoz

      Bullshit regulations...

    79. Treasure Hunting

      I knew Alonso wasnt the fastests driver when he won the world championship. Just like Vettel and Hamilton. F1 is a scam

    80. Sean Wang

      Thank you for the honorable mention about 101, hahaha.

    81. Pablo Villegas

      Renault should have left F1 after that decision. And F1 would have died, like it should.

    82. Arvid S.R

      If it wasn't dangerous it should have stayed, even made it safer right? Regulations shouldn't remove things randomly because it benefits some more then others. All the other teams could copy the tech, no?

    83. RacerInTraining

      simple question here but how did they found out about this system?

    84. What Comes Around™

      FIA: Makes new regulations that make cars less stable F1 team: Makes device to make the car more stable FIA: 😯

    85. Branko Dimitrijevic

      Why was it banned? Why didn't they just put the tech in f1

    86. Maximus Capacitus

      Presumably the complaint was initiated by Ferrari.

    87. philip wakeham

      the original Citroen 2cv had tuned mass dampers- because it was a car designed for peasant farmers and conventional dampers were to bourgeois

    88. Sean Raynon Sabado

      Does the driver know THE *SECRET* TRICK(s) on the car they drive?

    89. Andy H

      Just drive a 300mph hyper car. F1 are so yesterday. Men in go karts.

    90. Carlos Marquez

      De tu querido Hamilton no hablas?

    91. João Fernandes

      It would be interesting to know what actually motivates the FAA to ban stuff like this.

    92. lil hotdog

      This is why I can’t get behind f1... they kill innovation. The very thing that makes things better. That’s like an oxymoron.

    93. J. M. Pérez

      Why do they ban good things? It doesn't make sense! I mean if it caused accidents then, yes ban it. But if it improves racing let it be!

    94. my Self

      The Citroen 2cv had been using this system since 1948 It's funny how old ideas come around again 😎

    95. iodineclip

      wonder how F1 would look if nothing was ever banned. probably very expensive, but imagine the technological marvel it would have given birth to.

    96. enja

      Id love to see f1 un ban everything just to see how far teams go

    97. MPB

      FIA: making the car more difficult and dangerous to drive Renault: fixes it, making it safer for the driver FIA: you weren’t supposed to do that

    98. xyzain _

      The mass doesn't move the other way, it technically just resists movement until it overcomes inertia

    99. CDR 011

      fkin FIA killing good ideas

    100. JuusoH

      The damper sure was good, but that's not what won Alonso the 2005 title, it was the shitty reliability of that years McLaren, and to counter that the overall consistency of the Renault car.