F1's GENIUS Damper Trick Was So Good It Was Banned


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    Renault and Fernando Alonso were dominant through the mid-2000s. But it wasn’t just Fernando’s crazy driving style that gave them such pace - the car had a genius mechanical device - fitted to the nose of the car that made it extremely stable and gave it much more grip than any of the other cars on the grid.
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    It was an idea that Renault copied from Skyscrapers - where they use a large suspended mass to counteract the swaying of the building.
    They came up with a condensed-down version and fitted it to the car. It gained them downforce, made the car much more confidence-inspiring through the corners and gained them huge lap time.
    But how did Renault take something from a skyscraper and use it to make their F1 car so dominant?
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    In 2005, new regulations meant the front wing had to be 50mm higher than in previous years. So the teams often lowered the whole car to get the new wing to be closer to the ground and therefore more effective.
    However, this meant the springs needed to be much stiffer to stop the car bottoming out - which then caused another problem.
    As the tyres hit bumps or clipped curbs - the car experienced pretty serious vibrations - typically this led to the nose pitching up and down around 8-10 times a second, completely ruining the airflow over the front wing leading to a huge reduction in downforce.
    It also led to the grip levels changing through the corner - making the cars very unpredictable and difficult for the drivers to drive at the limit.
    So Renault developed a Tuned Mass Damper for the 2005 season - this was a device that would oppose any up and down vibrations, making the car more driveable and improving grip. So how did it work?
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    1. Driver61

      What do you think of this genius solution? Would you want to see Mass Dampers back in F1?

      1. Will4May

        @Miguel Fernández Gotta be safe so bring the auto suspension Mansell had in the Williams, also, side skirts, six wheels and a huge fan.

      2. Juan Martinez

        Innovation control is what got F1 into its current problems. Backmarkers can’t catch up because they don’t have the funds to develop, invent, test, etc. Free them up to innovate whatever will help get them back in the mix. Then stop banning said device so other teams can develop their own answers to said innovation. Presto - we have tighter and more exciting competition and technological progress. But as in all things, politics and control get in the way of common sense. I know there needs to be some regard for safety but if a team wants to play, let them pay. It’s up to them to control their finances. And in that note, stop giving all the money to the top teams!! This is a world racing series entertaining fans around the world!! Revenue should be doled out equally across the board! The top 3 should maybe be awarded a separate amount based on season results. But that’s it! The rest should be evenly distributed. That will also help backmarkers hunt for the front and, dare I say it, be MORE ENTERTAINING!!

      3. mario alvarez villa

        They'll move too fast. Which i guess is a bad thing now. Thanks f1

      4. Michael M

        Interesting. I don’t honestly follow F1 and never knew they used tmd’s. I’ve been involved in aerospace engineering professionally and motorcycle racing as hobby. Tmd’s are used commonly in both industries. Dorna & IRTA, the managing series director and rules/safety body for MotoGP, have no such ban on tmd’s which are used in majority of bikes on grid after having been introduced in tail fairing of Ducati’s GP17, 5 seasons ago.

      5. Ray Griffioen

        You wouldn't need it if you would allow active suspension.

    2. jpogi gtxcr1

      More car control means more safety. Why ban it?

    3. EnlightenedSavage

      This idea was not stolen from a building. This is understanding physics. The gentleman who designed and built this is Dr. Rob Tuluie an unrivaled chassis engineer and astrophysicist. Who also happens to be a friend of mine. This is a physics principle at its base and was applied as needed.

    4. Alex Galvis

      fenando alonsa debe devolver los 2 titulos ganados

    5. Sci Modeler

      So FIA basically banned it because other constructors couldn't perfectly copy it from Renault's LoL

    6. Becoz

      Bullshit regulations...

    7. Heche !1

      I knew Alonso wasnt the fastests driver when he won the world championship. Just like Vettel and Hamilton. F1 is a scam

    8. Sean Wang

      Thank you for the honorable mention about 101, hahaha.

    9. Pablo Villegas

      Renault should have left F1 after that decision. And F1 would have died, like it should.

    10. Arvid S.R

      If it wasn't dangerous it should have stayed, even made it safer right? Regulations shouldn't remove things randomly because it benefits some more then others. All the other teams could copy the tech, no?

    11. RacerInTraining

      simple question here but how did they found out about this system?

    12. What Comes Around™

      FIA: Makes new regulations that make cars less stable F1 team: Makes device to make the car more stable FIA: 😯

    13. Branko Dimitrijevic

      Why was it banned? Why didn't they just put the tech in f1

    14. Maximus Capacitus

      Presumably the complaint was initiated by Ferrari.

    15. philip wakeham

      the original Citroen 2cv had tuned mass dampers- because it was a car designed for peasant farmers and conventional dampers were to bourgeois

    16. Sean Raynon Sabado

      Does the driver know THE *SECRET* TRICK(s) on the car they drive?

    17. Andy H

      Just drive a 300mph hyper car. F1 are so yesterday. Men in go karts.

    18. Carlos Marquez

      De tu querido Hamilton no hablas?

    19. João Fernandes

      It would be interesting to know what actually motivates the FAA to ban stuff like this.

    20. lil hotdog

      This is why I can’t get behind f1... they kill innovation. The very thing that makes things better. That’s like an oxymoron.

    21. J. M. Pérez

      Why do they ban good things? It doesn't make sense! I mean if it caused accidents then, yes ban it. But if it improves racing let it be!

    22. my Self

      The Citroen 2cv had been using this system since 1948 It's funny how old ideas come around again 😎

    23. iodineclip

      wonder how F1 would look if nothing was ever banned. probably very expensive, but imagine the technological marvel it would have given birth to.


      Id love to see f1 un ban everything just to see how far teams go

    25. MPB

      FIA: making the car more difficult and dangerous to drive Renault: fixes it, making it safer for the driver FIA: you weren’t supposed to do that

    26. xyzain _

      The mass doesn't move the other way, it technically just resists movement until it overcomes inertia

    27. CDR 011

      fkin FIA killing good ideas

    28. JuusoH

      The damper sure was good, but that's not what won Alonso the 2005 title, it was the shitty reliability of that years McLaren, and to counter that the overall consistency of the Renault car.

    29. Boktorinator

      F1 is so retarded Why do they feel the need to stop every cool innovation

    30. Surferant666

      A good presentation ruined by too many adverts and bullshit self promos.. Thumbs down and good bye

    31. naff 9n43

      They should be making a new sport with no restrictions for technological advancement and call it Formula ZERO

    32. Paul Sheenius

      Renault: FIA: Consistency? Safety? We dont want any of that here!

    33. Kramforts

      "Dominated"... The McLaren was faster, but the realiability made the more constant Renault a winner. Not only that, the FIA permitted this system, but when they wanted Michael Schumacher to win his last World Title, they banned it during mid-season. Cannot remember a mid-season ban since air fans in the back of the car to suck the air under it in the 80s... That's why sometimes the FIA sucks. The double diffuser, the blown diffuser, active suspension, active electronics like TCS... all of that was banned after the end of the season.

    34. Malcador the Sigillite

      We invented a new technology that helps us go faster. F1 ban it.

    35. Tyler L

      Im going to say now, just like with ads and percentages or whatever, they will become irrelevant but you want growth in your channel. In short this video will feel like a specific time than timeless. Also what counts as a view?

    36. MustachioedW OOO

      So simple it's genius.

    37. Mr Hoax

      fuck...talking talking until die

    38. Spam Can

      "Movable aerodynamic device" is absurd. Just ban it under the guise of keeping costs down or something.

    39. Nelson Lauren

      So without that damper he would have no titles. It’s all about the car.

    40. Frozen Soul

      The sheer number of "F1 ___________ So Good It Was Banned" videos. You'd think they'd just stop bothering to hold races.

    41. Hugo Li

      in one min 39 is the driver flipping someone off?

    42. Justin Howell

      F1 should allow teams 1-2 seasons of advantage an item then they have to open source it for next season. Not only eliminates advantages kinda but lets the whole sport grow as a whole.

    43. Discipline of Seclusion

      imagine the guy who made the decision to outlaw this genius invention and then going home to tell his wife about his daily accomplishment

    44. Sao Sao

      Thanks bro good job, now i Know 👍

    45. Bill Hamilton


    46. Schulzy

      F1 would be a lot more enjoyable without restrictions

    47. Googl Reviews

      By banning some innovations, F1 discourages innovation rather than encouraging it. What are the odds that if this was a British team and British driver, they would allow it. F1 has always been plagued by politics and corruption and I am sure to some degree it still is. Great video and explanation 👍

    48. Amex Paypal

      The detailed psychiatrist pathogenetically found because ellipse preoperatively muddle round a flawless russian. neat, woozy ant

    49. calska140

      Innovating a brand new idea is the greatest thing in engineering but stealing an idea from a different branch of engineering is a close second.

    50. Rey Carroll

      you almost got It right all skyscrapers have mass damper Taipei 101 just has It visible and the area of tire on the ground does not change friction only the downforce and the coalition of friction of the tier

    51. 666ImI666

      Clipboard warriors at it again hindering progress in the name of fairness.

    52. Harri Lahdensuo

      they had ca. 150 hp more in engine..this is smoke&mirror..they were cheating so hard

    53. Golden Crypto Supreme

      Alonso is a hypocrite, he had the best car every year he won the championship, yet talks shit about Hamilton and Vettel only winning because of their car lol

    54. Mike Sokolow

      Try driving a new truck, towing an 83 Cadillac, after making your own towing setup in a motel parking lot, from Wisconson, in holliday traffic, to the coast of N.C. , in ice , and snow ,all the way to Raliegh, with the wife and kids. F1, with a whole team of people around you, in nice weather....ok.

    55. Grumpy Modeler

      "To counteract the swaying of Alonso"

    56. Gavin Allen

      This is why i stick to street racing and no prep drag racing


      Great video!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

    58. Zachary Devan

      Id almost bet it was one engineer on the team that thought of this himself.

    59. Daniel Anderson

      I had this idea when i was like. 6. Then my dad said it was stupid and that was that.

    60. cyclesalt557

      Why does f1 ban innovation all the time?

    61. Certified Fresh

      F1 is bullshit, every improvement or innovation just gets banned the next year

    62. Alejandro Ruiz

      Great video. Just a little clarification. Mass dumper wasnt' banned for 2007 but in 2006 with 5 races remaining. Alonso had to run 5 races without it in a car designed to have the mass dumper. In my view that was a flagrant and unfair attempt by FIA and Ferrari (that by that time had a lot of influence in FIA's decisions) to give the championship to a retiring Schumacher.

    63. JakobusVdL

      Sounds like it should be a useful innovation for most vehicles with suspension. Do you know if it has been picked up and applied in any other racing series, or road vehicles? I could envisage it would be really useful in an off road vehicle

    64. Dmk Mn

      This is like a real life physics glitch


      super brilliant invention . now alonso is returning to f1, but without these devices on his disposal ...

    66. Laktosfritt

      F1 rules are stupid

    67. Raimonster

      FIA was full of shait: it was not ’a movable aerodynamic device’. Politics. No need to copy ideas from Taipei, all trained engineers come up with these kind of ideas. Even I contemplated this kind of device for F1’s just by watching the races. The oscillation of the front was obvious. (I’m an electronics engineer; stability is of great concern in our field)

    68. TRU BLU DRU

      85% are probably 1 0r 2 time viewers if you are lucked

    69. Lane Boy

      I love automotive engineering

    70. Tristan Wegner

      Your explanation and animation of the dampening is wrong. 2:48 You say and show the weight moves in the opposite direction of the building. But the weight moves IN the direction of the building, so the building has to do so less. Look at the video of practical engineering for a prove. It makes sense, if you think about the leg movement on a swing on a playground.

    71. Joshua Amado

      FIA bans fucking everything. Honestly whats the point

    72. Wilbert Yuen

      It's so funny any device getting around rules on any teams are Genius (Mass Damper, DAS) and should not be banned, except for Ferrari, everyone jumping up and shouting.

    73. Taut Tech / Minus Managed Music

      Lewis Hamilton's head forms a movable aerodynamic device, it should be banned and removed.

    74. KK 44

      Why FIA ban this technology? Isn’t F1 about the best n the fastest? If they keep banning tech F1 is no longer improving. It’s has hit a plateau

    75. plan je

      - it is game - it is war - it is some competition _ whom they are to say to them what you have what not - except some fair judge shall be worried about "they have same strength power force" _ I would be wanted to say to them so much cc engine - what else I have is my business not yours and then I want not be participate who care about yours _ some bunch of idiots whom think everyone must be on same level stupid _ there is not way to participate in such competition because is only meant for stupid's _ head case in world all times among everything - invent something to reach your target before anyone _ head case in my case whom one is best upon best to be called mom and you can calling your girl a women - ok in my case all of them failed to the trash reasons is not so much important

    76. Adam Petten

      Interesting Kimi won once it was banned.

    77. The Voices Told Me To Again

      All this tech that they ban, i find silly to do so. The whole point is to be faster. If you can build a better car, whats the problem. Isnt that part of the competition?

    78. Isaac Rodríguez

      How exactly was Renault dominant? 🤔

    79. bridgo

      Has anyone ever developed a car that incorporates all of these banned technologies into one track weapon. Not to compete, just to see what happens

    80. Reso205

      They only banned it because they were beating F(ERRARI).I.A.

    81. mlouis035

      The drunk oil simplistically program because risk cellularly confess towards a burly ketchup. breakable, faithful sneeze

    82. nimay13

      Nobody: FIA: It's too good! Banned!

    83. უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ

      renault was almost never dominant even in 06 tires pull them through 05 mclrn was faster and 06 ferarri on michles god knows what would be

    84. lenster1971

      The driver's head is a movable aerodynamic device. . .

    85. Bartosz Capek

      The idea of Mr Lagiewka patented

    86. teipple star

      This was an awesome explanation. Thank you!!! Just subscribed.😁

    87. Miata Money

      The mass actually resists the motion due to its inertia, it doesn't initially move in the opposite direction it just appears to due to relative motion

    88. Samuel Lacks

      Freak n genius. Why would the sanctioning body be against something safer?

    89. Tony Stark

      I hate these stupid regulations, they ruin F1..

    90. Daniel Gregson

      This should absolutely be a standard part because it makes the car safer

    91. El Chapulin

      This is not from some building, this was copied from the 2 CV lol!

    92. BoxBoxNow

      Time to time FIA trying to stop innovation to push another innovation to invent

    93. Raul Cid

      Damm! This is Amazing! I imagine a more modern version of this technology with gyroscopic sensors controlling the vibration angles, because the force is not 100% up/down In the curves. If the force can be predicted seconds in advance, the air pressure inside the mechanism can be adjusted to improve dampening.

    94. Donald Moser

      A few years ago Ford was having problems with F-150 side mirrors breaking off their future model test vehicles at high speed. We developed a tuned mass damper to solve the problem. Unfortunately, it never went into the final production vehicles.

    95. Adam Rycroft

      Moveable aerodynamic? That's asinine. The moving part is inside of an airtight tube. There is literally no way for it to affect aerodynamics

    96. William Wayne

      I think I would probably argue the safety angle. A predictable car is a safe car.

    97. Trev H

      The production value of this video is insane well done and extremely informative thanks guys! Can’t fathom why this has any downvotes.

    98. Mateo Frara

      FIA in the future: we ban the gravity, now go race in the moon.

    99. Gábor Miklay

      00:57 The downforce needed to tame the growing engine forces under acceleration and braking. By directing airflow above the floor and around the bodywork. In return it caused understeer. So, mechanical solution is needed. There you go! 👍

    100. BAPAK ANDEH

      Is this concept exists in the normal road car. ? What manufacturer use such this technology