Why These F1 Brakes Cost £50,000


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    These F1 Brakes cost over £50’000 per corner hit over 1000 degree Celcius and slow an F1 car at over 6G - which means 200mph - 40mph in just 4 seconds!
    So, why do they cost 100X more than these Brakes from a regular road car? And why do they only last 250 miles?
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    Before we break down the exotic materials and why these F1 brakes cost so much, we need to understand the insane forces involved and the extreme power these things have.
    For a long time in F1 the limiting factor for braking was the grip available from the tyres - so the brakes were pretty similar to those from a road car. For example, in the 60s they were using steel discs - not too different from these road car brakes.
    However, tyres are now so advanced and F1 cars produce so much downforce - and therefore grip - that the brakes are subjected to monumental loads and temperatures.
    The braking phase is also absolutely crucial to lap time, so if you can brake later than your competitors - you will have a big advantage. And so teams spend around half a million pounds per year on the best quality discs and pads.
    All meaning that F1 cars can produce over 6G when braking - to put this more clearly, the F1 car produces three times the braking force of a McLaren Senna when stopping from 200mph.

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    1. Driver61

      Isn't this engineering incredible? It was awesome to be able to show you just how incredible these things are! You really should join us for the chat with @Tommo at 8PM GMT tonight, and @Jaaames tomorrow at 7PM GMT! stereo.com/driver61 to join us!

      1. Len Mcbeth

        @Bobby Huxley cool! Took like 15 mins but it worked!!

      2. Observing Rogue

        This makes me think about an AWD electric vehicle, Regen Braking all wheels. Even in a race setting, would Regen allow the use of normal brake rotors & pads?

      3. isaacroc

        I was hoping to see some footage of the manufacturing of C/C f1 disks, the videos we see are from SiC brake discs...or is the only difference that silicium isn’t added at the end by infiltration ?

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      5. Pablo Rodríguez Roca

        what it's incredible is people using stupid measurement units like miles

    2. Wong Sheng

      China can make £10,000 for this

    3. rmatroja

      In Future, Carbon Fiber 3D printed brakes will help! We can already see a Titanium 3D printed Buggatti brake caliper!

    4. Armen Z.

      Vapor not gas.

    5. Ethan Ebang

      imagine using special rubber for the break pad

    6. Bob England

      250 miles, bit wasteful isnt it , brake providers quite literally laughing all the way to the bank

    7. Danny

      2:00 ah yes, because 2832 is over 6x more than 734...

    8. Metalworks Boilers

      50.000? I can change the entire brake system on my truck for less than two thousand bucks and still pay for a rub and thug at the “ Chinese spa place “

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      0:23 Pun intended haha?

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      That break more exp than my car

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      Great channel 👍🏼

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      Great video. You get your megajoules & kilojoules mixed up at 1.50 but otherwise great.

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      Still not worth the money

    14. Mr. Felix 2 Batican

      I already have one good motorcycle for the price of an F1 brake

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      100 times more 50•100=5000 but 50•10=500

    16. Forefather Of Mankind

      Loved the video but I think F1 is dying ... Too much safety & too much regulations is making it boring.

    17. Γιαννης Ντηνιακος

      Another incredible thing was your faceplant at 5:22 that must hurt

    18. Jasper van der Woude

      What about pollution? The amount of carbon dust coming from these disks and pads can’t be good for your health🤣

    19. In Cognito

      Captain Obvious has spoken

    20. Gibba-

      6:33 road car brakes often have 2 pistons for the front wheels

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    23. Autobacs jpn

      Still not convinced they're worth 50k. This reminds my of those 5k "worth" burgers. The rich always have to make something overpriced for themselves. Makes them feel special. Realistically these brakes with the metarials and technology could be worth 8-10k. That's just the reality.

    24. Hisoka AA

      I still dont know who this guy is

    25. D

      I'd LOVE to see the results of the super secret graphine brake test that was taking place at a laboratory in Zurich last year that was "suddenly and dramatically stopped" after the first test, and (according to a reporter who was present at the event) they very abruptly stopped all testing and escorted everyone out of the room as a group of officials rushed in and began quickly turning off computer monitors and covering up the test rig with black cloth. According to my leaked source, it was as if they were shocked and surprised by the initial results of the testing. Like they were expecting one result, and got a totally different one, and once they understood what had just taken place, they realized that they no longer wanted the public present! He said that everyone was very casual before the test began, they were even performing the testing procedures slowly enough for the tour guide to explain each step of the process, pausing each time to let him explain, and to let the public "absorb" it, before proceeding to the next step. It all felt very choreographed. Like any other press event done in a controlled environment. But then once they began the first practical/kinetic test, about mid way through the run-up procedure, the people operating the equipment started looking at each other, and the mood changed. His theory was that they were prepared for, and expecting to run a demo program that didn't run at full power, and as the machine started spoiling up, getting faster and faster, until it hit a point where everyone jumped out of their chairs.. that was the point when they realized they weren't running the "demo" program, but instead the electric motor got louder and louder as it increased in RPM and the scientists realized they were running the actual live test program. Then, just as fast as it began the machine squeezed the graphine disc, it turned bright red, and it was over in an instant. That's when others burst into the room and all hell broke loose. Screens got turned off, black cloth went over the test rig, and the ushered everyone out of the room. They explained it those in attendance as if there were a minor problem with the test and that they moved everyone out for their own safety, claiming that it wasn't safe to breathe the particles in the dust. (But that doesn't explain them hiding the test result numbers by shutting off the screens). The NDA that the attendees signed prevented anyone in attendance from filming or taking photos of the test itself, so no one has any digital record of the event (or the results) but none the less, they MUST be on to something truly amazing for them to want to keep the results from the public! And I for one, am excited! Graphine brakes will likely remain WAY too expensive for the foreseeable future, but perhaps they're not? Because they were willing to use a set to demo their testing procedure, and the guy told me that they had several cases full of blank discs to use for testing purposes, so they can't cost $1m each or anything like that! Either way, I want to see the results from that test! The way they acted, you'd think that these things were about to change the world!

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        ถ้าเบรคหน้าล๊อคอ่ะ😅.รถกะเด้นลอยทับผู้ชมหึ😅 ผู้ชมในสนามถึงนั่งชมห่างๆอ่ะ..😅 ดีนะใช้แบรมโบแบบแท้😅 สายเบรคผมใช้สายถักเลยอ่ะ😅

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      A road car has one piston calipers, then there is me: watching this in my 30 years old merc diesel with 4 piston calipers in front and two piston calipers in the back😅

      1. Roni92pl

        @Christian H. My 86 had 6 piston caliper but it was aftermarket.

      2. Christian H.

        @Roni92pl for the last 20 years only highpowered cars usually have more than one piston per caliper, atleast on the european and asian market

      3. Roni92pl

        @Christian H. Most cars have one piston calipers? Im pretty sure just small and cheap ones

      4. Christian H.

        @Roni92pl not really bs, most road cars have one piston floating calipers, mine is just an execption from that norm😅

      5. Roni92pl

        Yeah that was bs, even my bike rear brake has 2 piston caliper

    28. Bram Biesiekierski

      I used to have a carbon clutch on my tarmac rally car, and it was by far the best "feeling" clutch i have ever driven on. But it needed to be hot to work. It would excessively slip until sufficiently warmed up. Once warm it was incredibly smooth, and easy to drive

    29. Rashad Abdullah

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      How do they get brakes to bed-in? You know, how do they get enough material from the pads onto the rotors before a race to get the stopping power they need?

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      after 50 years - what an amateurs

    35. Ram Dobè

      My conclusion: Nobody can imagine F1 without carbon fiber.

      1. Ram Dobè

        My conclusion: Nobody can imagine F1 without carbon fiber. (One of many fast and light things)

    36. MAIN RIG

      Why not watercooling them? Or LN2 cooling

    37. Surviver

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    38. Tim Higgins

      Wow, thanks for the insight, I'm more of a MotoGP man myself but I'm sure the same technology applies.

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    48. Kyriafinis Bill

      We should not forget that F1 cars also use ERS which is an other name for regenerative braking. The F1 webpage states that ERS can provide 120KW of power in a lap. Most of that energy comes from the kinetic energy of the car during braking. So ERS helps considerably on braking.

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      Stopping a car takes 750 kJ, not Mj. 3.6Mj is 1kWh, Tesla battery is around 100kWh, 750Mj would be 200kWh.

    57. Mean O’ Dustino

      I worked at a Mercedes Benz dealership as a detailer and remember when a customer purchased the MB SLR 622s? It came with carbon brakes from factory. First time I even seen them and thought they were stupid because I didn’t know the technology that they were. A Guy bought it and drove it as a daily🤣 $500k car the rich. Stupid and always trying to out do each other. He must have hated the brakes if they needed pre heating to brake efficiently 🤣 oh yeah he totalled that car 6months later 😂 bought a convertible 622 edition to replace it.

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      Xiaomi sells the same kind of brakes for only $500.

    59. Prasun

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    73. Hayden P

      I found the drivers using the deceleration of the car to push the break pedal even harder really interesting.

    74. G C

      Is it one more F1 part that requires a ton of energy, time and resource to develop and produce but is actually only useful... in F1 ? Sometimes people tell me that F1 is where we get new technologies for cars, but these brakes, it looks like there is no chance at all. Kind of a waste in my opinion...

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    87. Colin Gantiglew

      Interesting and usefully informative. Your clear explanations were not fogged by either high-falootin' bullshit or patronising simplicity. Well done!

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      Like George Russel said in WTF1, Those brakes are ridiculous

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      That 1998 Benetton is the Real MVP of our F1 knowledge here. hehehe

    92. Who is John Galt?

      you can get these temps faster by having less surface area. the force per square inch would go up, resulting in more friction per square inch heating while also heating less material faster.

    93. Chris Braid

      So what about the regen braking ? Would it help to have supercapacitor battery banks to absorb the energy and fire the car out of the corner you just braked into ?P.S. I don’t like the way that brakes waste energy and slow us down. We need to relearn driving with minimal braking as it gives our vehicles better balance ....

    94. William Su

      What is carbon carbon? Are they just a pure carbon material, or are we talking about like a refractory ceramic carbide?

    95. Pwnzistor

      Fun fact: The material used in F1 brakes (Carbon-Carbon) is the same thing that was on the Space Shuttle's nosecone.

    96. Shadowboost

      I've been to the shop that machines those holes. Very cool shop, made some really amazing shit, including some of my parts

    97. Alex Manning

      I really enjoy this content! Thanks so much for delivering high quality video as well as well as super fascinating content!!!

    98. Junior Johnson

      Most of the F1 teams use a compound from Hitco, the same as used by most of the DPI teams. The Indy teams have tested those same compounds and are trying to change the rules to allow them ( they currently have to use the brakes from another manufacturer).

    99. AHands

      Wait - You show in your video they are £5,000 ($6,900) per corner. Honest mistake or deliberate clickbait in adding another zero?