Why Pikes Peak is the World's Toughest Racetrack


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    Huge thanks to Randy Pobst for coming on the show - check out his IThomes Channel here - ithomes.info
    Also thanks to Pikes Peak International Hill Climb for providing the footage used in this video - check them out here - ithomes.info
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    These drivers are some of the bravest in the world, doing 150 miles an hour up a mountain, with 2000 foot drops and no barriers.
    To make it even trickier, the course is over 12 miles long and you complete it whilst the elevation is sapping mental power.
    ‘What sums up Pikes Peak is just how extreme it is’.
    That’s Randy Pobst, a two time Daytona 24 hour winner and has raced Pikes Peak many times, in anything from a Ford Mustang to a Tesla Model 3.
    He knows both the highs and the lows of the yearly race to the clouds, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.
    So what makes this the toughest race track in the world? And how can it go wrong?
    So why do we think this is the toughest racetrack on the planet? Hold the comments, you may be thinking ‘isn’t the Nurburgring the most dangerous track in the world?’ You’ve got a good point, but let me explain how Pikes Peak is different.
    The Nordschleife is a formidable beast, 12 miles, 156 corners and absolutely no run-off. Memorising the track in the first place is a challenge, let alone racing other cars and navigating the unpredictable weather.
    There are hundreds of accidents every year on the Nordschliefe and it’s certainly very good at catching out even the most experienced drivers.
    However, Pikes Peak is as if you wrapped the Nordschliefe around a mountain.
    The Nordschleife and the Pikes Peak hill climb course are almost exactly the same length, both at roughly 12 miles long and around 150 turns.
    However, the big difference is that the Pikes Peak climb starts at 9000 feet and climbs up a mountain to over 14,000 feet at the summit. This is only just under half the cruising altitude of a Boeing 737 and more than enough to cause pretty serious altitude sickness.
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    1. Driver61

      What did you think to Randy's experience? Isn't he great! A special thanks to both @Pikes Peak and @Randy Pobst for their help with this video! Who is excited for more Pikes Peak content this summer??

      1. feel thhis

        Please more Pikes Peak and rallying!

      2. feel thhis

        @Vagret Icetank My PC is also old so for me it’s good the game is old :) Sometimes Steam throws crazy discounts (I mean, really *crazy cheap)* for Assetto Corsa Ultimate edition which includes all packages (all cars, all tracks). If anyone is interested, it’s worth adding it to your wishlist. I let it pass many times but I think I won’t again next time.

      3. Emil

        5:38 aren't roads usually grippier when they're warm? 7:02 didn't Carlin Dunne die just two years ago? Granted, it was a motorcycle and not a car, but it was still the Pikes Peak Hill Climb

      4. NickVolcom

        Hope I get to see you at the event this year.

      5. seth miller

        He is a hell of a great guy.

    2. BonBonAdios MiaEVERGLOW

      Did he say "no one has ever been seriously injured?" I was expecting a list of deaths

    3. Chase 99

      If it had barriers on turns it's ok but this is absurd

    4. Walter Burton


    5. Steven Thompson

      My family took a vacation to Colorado and Wyoming when I was a kid and we visited pike's peak, drove the road all the way to the top, very sketchy road, no guard rails, beautiful views, then my dad told me they have races up the mountain and I was like "Whaaat??? People race up this road??? Impossible!!!!" ... we were from the Baltimore area so at the 14000 ft summit I was feeling kinda nauseous with a headache

    6. wilthewizard

      This is my new favorite IThomes channel. Thanks for the great content!

    7. David Clark

      Obviously some people have never even heard of the Isle of Man TT races. No comparison with any other track or event, nothing is even close.

    8. ilmelangolo

      "Wrong and More Wrong" seems like a very nice motto for this race course! :-)))

    9. Sarang Tambe

      Still not as bad as Indian roads😂 (Hyperbole)

    10. Robin Shute

      Don’t forget the marmots! See you this year 🏁🏁

    11. Deano

      The iom TT is the oldest race in the world. 1907.

    12. Chuck Goldsmith

      I live in Colorado Springs and have met many of the racers. I hope to meet you this summer! I'm sure you'll have a great time.

    13. Christian Westling

      Awesome video. How would a modern F1 car with maximum downforce setting fair on this track?

    14. Malcolm

      Brooo...why put a Gt2 rs on the thumbnail

    15. Manter R

      Should have asked Walter.. He won both of them.

    16. Chris Clifford

      The Snaefell Mountain Course makes Pikes Peak look like a tea party

    17. Darth KillsAll

      I’d dribe that fast too for those m’n’f’n DONUTS at the top of pikes peak while on good weed man

    18. Josh Richards

      everyone that watches this should go watch gears and gasolines video

    19. zxGHOSTr

      Yeah, but what about motorcycle racers?

    20. Federico1685

      And no one has yet mentioned the 'Vatanen video'? C'mon!

    21. barfyman362

      Guy Martin's run of Pikes Peak is absolutely magnificent.

    22. Sonic K

      I know this is specified on the four wheel hill climb, but the motorcycle hill climb of pikes peak is absolutely insane. Sadly, there are a few fatalities in this race, but at a rate much lower to the Isle of Man TT. Definitely worth the coverage though!

    23. Evan Moon

      I liked it so much more before they paved it

    24. Mr Chicken

      0:53 isle of man tt

      1. The best Blader

        Yes but I believe he means proper "racetrack" not streets.

    25. CaptureAVtube

      No its not!

    26. MrMatthewEx

      Why doesn’t anyone race down the hill?

    27. Nobody

      I think it's a real shame that there's really no two-wheel motorsport content on this channel, let alone any reactions to it.

    28. Bert Pretorius

      Nothing compared to Isle of Man TT

    29. LIL PIT12

      Isnt that just touge time attacks, but legal?

    30. SJ Spode 114

      Used to be tough when it was gravel and dirt. Not so much now with the Tarmac. Need to watch some of the classic rally Pikes Peak runs from 80s. 😎

    31. F TP

      Fucking insane. Makes nurburg seem accessible in comparison.

    32. Sarah Macleod

      jaramafan is coping your videos mate, boils my blood

    33. Peter Badger

      The Nordschleife is often regarded as being the 'Mecca of Motorsports', but Pikes Peak is right up their with it, along with the Isle of Man TT Mountain course. I think the advantage the Nordschleife has over the other two is that literally anyone can just turn up and do a lap, any time of the year. It's an attainable goal to 'drive the Ring', but if you want to go fast at Pikes Peak or the IoM TT, you HAVE to go there as a professional racer (and have balls the size of planets).

    34. Elvijs Lasis

      I didn't know much about Pikes Peak until small team of my small country (Latvia) decided to make full electric race car that could win this race (and did in 2015 with eO PP03).

    35. DUcE Dev!lsTear

      The Isle of Man TT is the oldest running event in the world. Since 1907 🇮🇲

      1. DUcE Dev!lsTear

        @Fuckin_Fentoon 😆👌🏻🤦🏻‍♂️🥴 Dude thanks, I was falling asleep when I been writing that 🤘🏻🎩🤘🏻

      2. Fuckin_Fentoon


    36. Ceelker

      I remember this track from the first GRID's intro. It was never as daring in the actual game itself which was saddening.

    37. Joe Teare

      Can you do a video of the isle of man tt

    38. Victor Estrada

      You forgot to mention wild life

    39. Chewbacca Cheeks1153

      This content is gold! Sir we cannot thank you enough.

    40. Haram Bae

      wow wow woow wooooow wooooooow man!

    41. Christopher Appleton

      I think it’s important to mention that it’s a public road, not a dedicated track. That’s why that can’t close the road for week for qualifying. If anyone gets the chance, do the ride up bike down trip at pikes peak. It’ll be the fastest you’ve even gone on a bicycle.

    42. ImBarryScottCSS

      It's one of the best races on the planet.

    43. Liam NIre

      Dunno why anyone thinks the Nurburgring is even close to the most challenging or dangerous course in the world. That honour must go to either the Isle of Man TT course (which is technically a time trial rather than a race, which prompts my next suggestion), or the NW200 (or maybe even the Ulster GP) course.

    44. Mark Ferrer

      With the changes in air density, would active aero work? Can naturally aspirated engines be competitive or does you have to use forced induction?

    45. simon chilton

      IOM tt started before pikes peak and started with cars and racing in Europe before that so is it really the oldest track ,also IOM might not have 2000 ft drops but no run of unless you count houses

    46. capnfoo

      Still waiting for WRC or Dirt Rally 2 to bring back Pike's Peak.

    47. Spise

      It's one thing to drive on a regular race track, with safety cars and medical personnel on standby. It's an entirely different thing to drive on a poorly maintained, sad excuse for a road in potentially hazardous weather, where going off the side means falling down a mountain strapped to a metric ton of metal. I'm not sure if the people who drive Pikes Peak should be admired or feared. In any case, they're something different.

      1. The best Blader

        Well said

    48. SnakeATWAR

      Jeddah is the world's toughest track because you have to dodge missiles there.

    49. Swapnil Raut

      I love Randy dude. Absolute legend.

    50. IIIRotor

      the only consistency, is its inconsistency

    51. Ptsd performance

      The Isle of Man TT is pretty brutel aswell.

    52. Arjit Agarwal

      Why not use Google Maps, or Track Map as in Car Racing Games. So just to get idea of next turn.

      1. The best Blader

        The track changes so often. it been said multiple times.

    53. Alain Mare

      Ask the two French drivers who are the fastest with the records: Sébastien Loeb in 8:13’and it’s Peugeot and Romain Dumas with the Volkswagen in 7:58’ in its electric powered car., Both of them are high level driver, Loeb 9 times world rally champ and Dumas multiple winner of Le Mans 24 h. Peak peak is though but certainly not as though as Le Mans or Nurburgring.

    54. Pbperez 210

      Title says "toughest" but it's the most "dangerous" like the description says. Don't tough and dangerous have different meanings. The "toughest" track is still the Nurburgring.

      1. vsm1

        @Pbperez 210 That's a good question. I think speed and difficulty aren't always related, take Monza for example - fast, but not that hard. Rather, what makes a corner difficult is its shape - changes in radius, camber, elevation. In that sense, I'd say Nordschleife seems to have a wider variety of corners and you can probably find tricky, deceiving corners more often than on PP. On the other hand, the total number of corners (if you don't count minor bends that everyone takes flat out) is like two times fewer than on PP. Then, I suppose, Pikes Peak's location and its change in altitude have a bigger impact on weather and track conditions even during one run, so drivers have to adapt more than on NS. Considering all that, and also quality of tarmac, massive change in air pressure (therefore power and downforce) and much fewer chances to practice, I'd say that first of all these tracks provide different challenges for drivers, one is closer to circuit racing, the other one - to rally. So I can't decide which one requires more skill, because they are too different.

      2. Pbperez 210

        @vsm1 great response 👍 but wouldn't you agree that with a better maintained track such as the Nurburgring, you are able to achieve much higher speeds which requires more skill? Or what are your thoughts.?

      3. vsm1

        @Pbperez 210 "I think the condition of the tarmac is much better in pikes peak as well" - Considering Pikes Peak is a (almost) normal public road and its tarmac changes every year because of snow and ice and stuff, I would guess tarmac on NS is taken care of much better. Yes, it's used much, much more, but the track also has much bigger budget and attention. Also it was built as a racing track from the beginning and was meant to showcase German engineering. "Rigid or strong" - With this, I agree.

      4. vsm1

        @Pbperez 210 "Nurburgring requires more skill" - Why do you think that? Personally I'm not sure about that.

      5. Pbperez 210

        @vsm1 tough as something rigid or strong and has been through a lot I suppose. I think the condition of the tarmac is much better in pikes peak as well .

    55. henry blunt

      I thought there was an ultimate class in baja

    56. Chaminda De Costa

      no Muericans it's the Isle of Man TT

    57. Scott Smith

      I hope you have a very successful experience at Pikes Peak. Love all the info about it. Be careful man. Good luck Scott!

    58. Joseph Cuison

      Pikes Peak is a 12 or so minute warm up. The Isle of Man TT is the real deal where racers have the biggest balls of steel in all of motorsports. PP doesn’t even come close.

    59. Shanmukesh R

      F1 there wld be awesome asf

    60. TheNiittylahti

      Second longest running race in the world. Do you mean in america or most annually raced, because even TT is raced since 1907. Either way one of the most important motorsport event!

    61. Tyler Nero

      Pikes Peak Marathon is more badadd


      fun fact! the Monster Truck known as Bearfoot 3 (I believe) took on Pikes Peak in the mid 1980s. took about an hour to get up the mountain. with current Monster Trucks being completely different animals, I wonder how fast one could climb it today.

    63. Kenneth Nielsen


    64. Zalan Gueth

      Pikes Peak is avilable in The Crew 2 and it's terrible 😂

      1. The best Blader


    65. Alessio Palermo

      What about Isle of Man TT?

    66. sven muller

      Why does the cold track make the car grippier but warm tires?

    67. Dave Martin

      Randy is great.

    68. Mike Hunt

      Isle of Man says otherwise. Isle of man, also is the oldest running race. Not the indy500 or this.

    69. David Hutcheson

      2md oldest race in the world after Indy? It started 11 years after the Shelsley Walsh hillclimb.

    70. Happy Gilmore

      Seriously, how many thumbnails/titles has this video had?

      1. The best Blader

        Not enough

    71. Mike Hotchkiss

      Randy is always a good interview. Takes huge stones and skill to run this hill climb

    72. tofino Beach

      If you obviously ignore IOM TT

    73. Jamsie

      IOM TT is 37 2/3 of a mile, and speeds in excess of 200MPH, on public roads, with kerbs, lamp posts, jumps, white lines, stone walls. Macau, has zero run off , and where there is no barrier, there is a stone wall

    74. The Night Nomad

      I disagree. I think Isle of Man TT is the most dangerous thing to do lol. Watching Mark Higgins at Bray Hill i had to turn away lol

    75. Scandinerdian

      If you´re going to participate this year; BE CAREFUL! And also, have lots of fun :) I´m so jealous.

    76. Håkan Persson

      Did you know that a SAAB has won the Pike Peak race ? In 2000 Swedish rally/rallycross driver Per Eklund won in a SAAB 9-3 Viggen , and set a new record. Very impressive !!! Can be seen on IThomes.

      1. Håkan Persson

        @Rikki Sprunkit Yes of course, it was handmade . It was a SAAB in the same meaning as the Nascar cars. I knew some of the guys who helped Per Eklund create that beast (800hp). Per Eklund is a legend as a SAAB driver.

      2. Rikki Sprunkit

        It only looked like a SAAB. And it is far more impressive, considering who built it! I love that car, and the guys that built it. And Per.

    77. TheSeppentoni

      Over 4000m above sea level on the top end? That's crazy. Why is there such a road in the first place? In Europe there are no roads on that altitude

    78. Vitriolic Angst

      not really try Isle of Man TT

    79. RavensHater

      His story on VINwiki was awesome, Randy is a great storyteller!

    80. Brian

      I thought hotter track means better grip? At least in F1 it does, why is it different for this track?

    81. blxtothis

      Before it had a proper road surface it must have been absolutely terrifying! I think using the Boeing 737 as an analogy for elevation in the context of a race track, where crashes from height are commonplace, is a bit unfortunate considering the problems with that aircraft.

    82. CurlyEfrain 987

      Lmao obviously someone hasn't been in the 'Ring to say Pikes Peak is the toughest track on Earth😆

    83. Chris Murray

      I live at the base of Pikes Peak and have drove the road many times but never raced it. It's mind blowing knowing people can go well above 100mph anywhere on that road. A beautiful road but not for the faint of heart.

    84. Stem Artin

      Just a little fact (if my memory is correct lol) ; the first ever road race was in India, 1905

      1. Stem Artin

        @vsm1 I will thanks 🙏

      2. vsm1

        @Stem Artin Cheers, have a good day too!

      3. Stem Artin

        @vsm1 I apologise for the snotty tone it wasn’t intended bud- thanks for your apology too! And I’m the same once I get started and go down the rabbit hole lol From what I can find it may have actually been something about a motorbike race (to circumvent the British ban on road racing at the time) but I’m going to sit and go through a few dvds tonight and see if I can find it. Hope you have a good day mate 👍

      4. vsm1

        @Stem Artin Anyway, I apologise if my replies felt offensive or disrespectful.

      5. vsm1

        @Stem Artin Hey, what was that? I wasn't trying to attack you, I was trying to dig out what actually happened, I'm interested in stuff like that. Had I stumbled on something that confirms or corrects your info, I would have happily shared it with you. It didn't happen, but it's fine, we humans can't always remember everything.

    85. terrortorn

      Errrrr Isle of Man .... TT and how many stages on the WRC...?

    86. scoobyruuuu

      Nobody has ever reached under 10 minutes until they paved it all the way to the top.

    87. wow bam

      They got some god damn BALLS son!

    88. Matthew Birchall

      iomtt: lol

    89. StripyCascade

      2:06 Scotty Kilmer voice impressionist

    90. Shawn Hollahan

      Paved and with Oxygen?.... I thought you said they were the toughest and the bravest drivers?

      1. The best Blader

        But they are I don't see you up there doing it. Nor me its not exactly what I do.

    91. Smpyl Mueller

      It is so funny how you call Nordschleife 😂

    92. ZitronenschaleTV

      Ford Mustang, Tesla Model 3... can it get any worse?

      1. The best Blader

        Yes you could be driving it

    93. Mihzvol Wuriar

      Le mans, pikes peak and 'ring, the triad of the greatest, most challenging runs.

    94. Louis Malhus

      Pikes peak is an American short Isle of Man

    95. Alok Lokhande

      Yo Scott hold it- if you start earlier would'nt a cooler track be less grippy with less rubber laid down? that don't make sense to me man what you said there.

    96. FujiRoku

      Can't compare with the Nordschielfe, these guys do time attack solo runs. Nur you're racing other cars on a challenging track.

    97. Mario I/O

      Tourist Trophy (Isle of Man TT) left the chat.

    98. renu mihai

      why, just why you compare an real word sport track with a damn road on an mountain ? because you think that this mountain road can compete with an sport's track ?; Pikes Peak is a damn uphill drive, there are no regulations, there is no rule .... that why it can't be called an "sport" when you try to climb on Pikes Peak

    99. フライドチキン

      Pikes Peak it's like playing Snake & Ladder with engine

    100. J D

      Would you not say the TT Mountain course is the most dangerous track? Or would you not class it as a track? Just curious