Why It's Impossible For an F1 Car to Go 300MPH


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    Just how fast could an F1 car go if you really let it loose, strap on just enough downforce to not take off and use a track that is 11 miles long.
    Honda actually tried this back in 2006, but I was wondering - would the current F1 rocket ships be able to go even faster? And is the 300mph barrier out of reach?
    Firstly, F1 cars are definitely not made to do this - they gain much more time over a lap by sacrificing straight-line performance and using downforce to carry more speed through the corners.
    But due to their light construction and immense power - it is interesting to think just how fast they could go, if you let them hit their top speed.
    Now, we know that if you gave the car even more power and dramatically changed the aerodynamics - you could get a car to go very quickly.

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    1. Driver61

      What do you think? Could a future F1 car go faster than the mighty Honda? Don't forget to check out Skillshare! The first 1000 people will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: skl.sh/driver6102211

      1. Westley Yusuf

        @Rhett Luca Cool! Took about 20 mins but it reallyworked!

      2. Rhett Luca

        dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!

      3. [Kangiru] Noah

        if they add turbos back yes

      4. Luciano Cappellano

        @SquidCaps 300 seems to be important because you need to basically redesign tires for it. Other than that it’s just a number

      5. bobasaur squared

        @SquidCaps he probably did so based on analytics. I am guessing most of his viewers are from the US and he did display on screen the speeds in metric.

    2. AirPro Games99

      Dude tbh these F1 cars are barely recognizable from the side, I miss the 2017 models 😩

    3. Policy Thwonk - I have a channel!

      I mean an F1 car is basically an upside-down plane. It's meant to stick to the track. I wonder if a modified F1 car could reach an average speed 300 KPH on an existing circuit.

    4. Balraj Tavanandi

      just imagine the W11 on the nordleichfe

    5. Explorer of life

      Taking the time to make metric conversion for us

    6. D4Real

      the clip you showed while you said "why not remove all the downforce?" was hilarious. well done

    7. Phlexx Able

      I'd disagree with the continued innovation and improvement line at F1. how often have they shot down innovation and improvements because a couple teams disagreed with the feature or item.

    8. Dean Churchman

      In other words, to make an F1 car go 300MPH you'd just end up designing the Red Bull X2010.

    9. Ryan Blumenow

      Hypothetically, the Redbull X2010? Also, great video Scott!

    10. Papote Yata

      knows the math, but can't drive.

    11. Bruno Manco

      Couldnt gearbox gearing help? Ultra long 1st and 2nd gears, then shorter till the rev limit at 8th gear

    12. hazel

      i'm not particularly bothered with people not showing unit conversions because i'm a metric user slowly adapting to imperial. with that said, i definitely enjoy the fact you display the conversion. thank you :) also i wonder what would happen if the 2006 test was re-run again in 2021, probably nothing, but it's always interesting to see if there is any change between 15 years of technological and hardware advancement

    13. Cameron Creates

      Toto Wolff: Hold my billions

    14. Oz Moz

      Which car is faster then f1? Except porsche which had no limit of car construction?

      1. Oz Moz

        @Cameron Creates That is what americans are thinking. But here in europe a race has many rounds with straights and curves. porsche, mercedes, bmw, audi, ferrari etc could easily beat ur dragcars if they want. But here that is not popular. Real racing needs a good car and good driver for many rounds with many curves.

      2. Oz Moz

        Then tell me at which track they have beaten f1 cars

      3. Cameron Creates

        Any drag car ever

    15. afia tasnin

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    16. Srbandara

      What are the cars around the 1:53-2:00 Mark when the maker of this video claims he races them?? I'm viewing this channel for the first time and I'm curious. Cheers

    17. Mike Stevens

      This article missed the aerodynamicist techniques employed by another series In US Champcar. The Champcar series wrote The book on extracting straightline speed From an open wheeled race. Gil Deferran on Oct 8, 2000 hit a closed course record of 241.4 mph in a Champcar Over 4 laps using " speedway wings" Also these cars hit well over 250mph on the Straights to carry this average through the Corners. These cars carried over 900 plus Horsepower

    18. Michael Russell

      An F1 Car couldn't; but, what about Indycar?

    19. Grand Theft Auto 6

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    20. Iemand dat kan

      This man starting to cap now. A f1 car can go that fast if you remove the front and rear wing and crank the engine up

      1. Iemand dat kan

        @Cameron Creates its still a f1 car m8 that's bullshit he always talks like he knows fucking everything about f1 when he hasnt even driven a f2 car

      2. Cameron Creates

        He literally says in the video if you did that it would no longer be an f1 car which is why he doesn’t just do that

    21. Caio Simonassi

      But, But in sennas death he reached 300+ kph

      1. Cameron Creates

        Mph is different to kph

    22. ツmordon

      Red Bull X2010: *Am I a joke to you?*

      1. Cameron Creates

        *f1* car

    23. Marjan Sarec

      Who cares how fast they are ....it's a sport of overtaking, they NEED to be ENTERTAINING.

    24. Csaba Trostovszky

      300 mph how much is that ön Kmph?

      1. Cameron Creates

        Just under 500

    25. Luis Roman

      You should make a video explaining the a Koenigsegg Jesko and Jesko Absolute

    26. accentontheoff

      Oh I read that as 300 kph before clicking 😅😀

    27. formulafan

      Had a hard week and this was just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better . Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

    28. Adrobiel

      Probably not relevant to this video entirely, but there is more physics involved in this video and racing as a whole than any flat earth believer would ever agree exists. This was fascinating to me as both a fan of racing and physics.

    29. Maxgamedude

      Red bull be like: good idea

    30. Zack Seven

      A Honda F1 car has gone 400 KPH on the Utah Salts Flats. Although with wings removed.

    31. The BluELion

      Are u australian?:)

    32. basyiri otnamhar

      Please use top fuel engine.

    33. PizaCrusT

      Just slap honda mercades ford bugatti ferrari renaulto FAT V8 AAAND Mr beans car engine and lamboginii bmw and every single super car engine

    34. olafzijnbuis

      At 03:50 you are correct. The FORCE is proportional to the speed squared. As this force is displaced over a greater distance, the POWER goes up with the third power of the speed. An increase of 20% in speed requires about 73% more power.

    35. bujez

      As always great videos!

    36. professorquack supertrack

      Seriously how you slide into promotions is epic.

    37. Massimo Bernardo


    38. Matthew Troiano

      Can a F1 car drive upside down?

    39. the damage iz doneee

      Just use a 2016 chassis as it tends to be much narrower and a 2020 engine as it may have more power than a 2016 engine

    40. Xavier Andrade

      The drag coefficient by itself it is not a meaningful number. The equation for the drag force requires Cd multiplied by the frontal area. A F1 car has a much smaller frontal area than a Tesla or any other road car. If you consider the "drag area" Cd*A you get about 0.6 m^2 for a Tesla and 1.1 m^2 for an F1 car. So the drag is not really 5 times larger as the Cd alone might suggest, but twice as large.

    41. Carbon Crank

      Another meaningless snoozer from this wannabe race car driver.

    42. Pieas Timperton

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    43. Sticky Steve

      What an excellent channel

    44. DaniMacYo

      Redbull X2014.

    45. Jesper Zeng

      9:19 is that Toyoharu Tanabe San on the right??

    46. Anthony HT

      Air is such a drag!

    47. Jack All

      Even Johann Zarco attained 225.2mph/362.6kmh on two wheels on ducati in motogp. Shame on F1.

    48. Tom Michael

      Also a big Hoonigan fan I see. Awesome!

    49. Langalibalele Mtimkulu

      This and 1 flying lap around the Nürburgring should be part of F1

    50. M Hagax

      a Ducati Motogp made 360 in the straight of Qatar circuit... that really was a blast. in two wheels. ✌️😅

      1. Amal Kallarackal

        Less air to push

    51. frank bevan

      F1 car of today with a BMW M12/13 qualifying engine in it

    52. Hendrik Spiering

      What is it in kmh?

    53. Daniel Aditya Kemner

      Because imperial sucks

    54. Gilles Grindel

      F1 cars used to reach those 300mph in the 80's but F1 has became too dangerous so they had to back up by bridling the performance starting by the power of the engine, a change in aerodynamism and a focus on more security for pilots. Rules are what make impossible F1 to go 300mph. You can say what you want, the rules are the real reason.

    55. Yeetin Boomer

      F1 can easily shatter 300. The car would need to be setup to allow it to do so.

    56. Andre Gant

      I’m just here for the cliff notes lol

    57. Andre Gant

      I’m here for the cliff notes

    58. iquerius

      Miles, Miles, Miles Davis?

    59. Joseph P

      Well explained Bravo

    60. dukcy

      Why not factor in the f2004, as the most dominant car of its decade that even surprised its engineers by its performance, why cant they make to same sort of drag spec car with the rear fin. Im sure that a one year older car (supposedly simpler than a 2005 Honda) that still holds a large portion of lap records at circuits would smash the land speed record relatively easily.

    61. Combatechist

      The mercedes has 300 hp more than the honda, eh? Why'd they get outqualified yesterday then. (Thought I'd leave this misunderstanding for posterity)

      1. 800Viffer

        They weren't on a drag strip

    62. Graham Davey

      What is "...fives times less draggy..." (3:44) when one times less draggy, ie 100% less, results in no drag?

    63. Rad Rhat

      The fancy nail nally fold because methane admittedly excite amidst a secretive guarantee. awake, cloistered heron

    64. Richard 77

      Best way to get max speed out of a legal f1 car is using 4 small front wheels and tyres

    65. italianbird videos

      Because the FIA is all about slowing cars down and limiting performance...

      1. Svandoorne Stoffel

        Nice one ☺️

    66. Edward Wong

      Scott, Martin, and Nico would make a great F1 broadcast team. I grew up on Jackie Stewart, and I remember to always buckle up from Jackie's advice that safety belts are also a performance device as it helps strap you down for better control. But Scott is great to follow.

      1. Edward Wong

        If an F1 driver, especially a former World Driving Champion, tells me to eat my vegetables, then I eat my vegetables.

    67. Anthony Webber81

      245 mph is quickest?

    68. Anthony Webber81


    69. youpasta

      pff .. no rest at all between the sentences. Too restless to listen to.

    70. HEAVYWALL 70

      And the Speed Demon is a pushrod motor.

    71. kevin6666123

      Take energy from the air? What? Pretty sure an F1 car or anything smashing through air would be transferring energy into the air...

    72. RedSkullz Jr.

      Autobahn will be the best test field

    73. BarryEssex

      What about a MotoGP bike?

    74. hiyaaa

      why no one is talking abt his drawing skill?

    75. S King

      Difficult to understand how an IndyCar, which has the same basic shape as an F1 car, has run over 250 in a track environment while the F1 car didn’t do it on the salt flats with the drag removed. #1 - Why? #2 - How fast would an IndyCar, trimmed out, go on the salt flats ??

    76. DAN NY

      Mercedes would do it

    77. Dee Gee

      Honda for the win.... I worked with the race team building a car when I worked at Honda Manufacturing of Canada when I use to race my Integra Type R... 😎

    78. Eucalypticaz


      1. S King

        If someone has a smartphone or a computer (^), they have to be some kind of idiot (^) not to be able to almost instantaneously convert between mph and kph.

    79. Evan Ouk

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    80. Marek Kowalski

      and what happens when you play with your tinky winky??

    81. Marek Kowalski

      so fucking obv. did you make a vid too on higher chances of drowning with a stone around your neck? apply for nasa. they seem to appreciate visionaries like you

    82. nurkan yalçınsu

      His accent so annoying i couldnt watch the video

    83. Mr. Burning Skull

      Just use the metric system more people use it

    84. Gromran

      MPH is not a valid unit of measurement!

      1. TheCymbalProject

        If it was good enough for Sir Malcolm Campbell.... its good enough for me.

    85. Tyson Crabb

      Little off topic question! What is your opinion on breathing variability and staying calm in wheel to wheel racing? While playing iRacing, I can put down excellent times when not stressed, then when someone is close I get all sweaty and heart beaty. Trying to breathe slowly makes me feel like I’m not processing enough but if I breathe too fast I let out too much adrenaline, which I don’t want to do too much of. Andrew Huberman, neurologist PhD, suggests some stuff about heart rate control via breathing but I was wondering how his techniques lined up with your ideas about breath and heart rate control during intense racing. Thanks!!

    86. Michał Borski

      very good !!!

    87. MacStoker

      this channel reignited my love for F1, i might even watch it again one day ;-)

    88. Stefan Grigore

      2005 honda fastest ever f1 car? i'm sorry but i have to disagree. it has been shown over and over that if the geniuses minds working in the f1 want something they get it. 2005 was the first year of the v8 engines from the v10 monsters (that had more power) and that car finished 6th in the constructor's championship (the mclaren of montoya reached 372 km/h at Monza that year). If they really wanted they could find a way to go 400 mph (let's not forget that the rule changes for 2019 were supposed to make the cars slower in corners through simpler front wings; this year's rule changes aswell with about 10% downforce loss and i can bet they will gain it back through updates and records will be broken again)

    89. Thibo Leen #22

      Legends say it's impossible to get a heart from Driver61🤪

    90. TT65

      Bigger turbo 💀

    91. TT65

      Bigger shark fin as well?!

    92. Noah Talyor

      What app do you use for the drawings

    93. Tod Robinson

      To enforce and friction is why they can't now. If they modify the rules on the wings yes they could do it no problem

    94. lakebaku

      Can you do a video about motor oil in Formula 1?

    95. L'aviateur du TRPG

      I do wish he would pick a unit and stick with it. The video up to 5:04 uses Imperial units with a metric translation then at 5:04 he randomly decides to the swap to metric with imperial translation when describing altitude. smh

    96. Ching fung chan

      5:15 why not remove all the downforce Vettel: Bahrain flashbacks

    97. alfpolo29

      A F1 with long rapport and low aerodinamic downforce setting..i think that can go over 300mph

    98. i-YTB

      Tomahawk enters the chat .....

    99. TheSunExpress

      Maximum "legal" top speed for an F1 car? Whatever the "legal" gearing of the transmission, final drive & maximum engine RPM (and hybrid power) allow for will give you a hypothetical number if friction / drag are ignored... which probably won't get you near / across 300 mph.

    100. Grookey4Smash !

      My copy of F1 2020 says diffrent🤣😂