How Hamilton Made a Huge Mistake | The F1 Breakdown | Emilia Romagna GP 2021


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    Check out our discussion of the Russell - Bottas incident here -
    A breakdown of all the action from the Emilia Romagna GP, Mick Schumacher's spin, Max's epic start and all of the incidents from this weeks race.
    You can see the full speed replays here -
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    Welcome to a new series, The F1 Breakdown, where I analyse Formula 1 from the perspective of a pro-driver. Here is our breakdown of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix from this week.
    📺 F1 Driver’s Technique Explained
    ➤ Senna’s bizarre technique:
    ➤ How Schumacher’s style won 7 championships:
    ➤ Alonso’s strange steering:
    ➤ How Verstappen will be F1 champion:
    ➤ How Verstappen is so fast in the wet:
    📺 F1 Engineering
    ➤ How F1 brakes work:
    ➤ How an F1 clutch works:
    ➤ What’s inside an F1 gearbox:
    ➤ How F1 teams change four tyres in two seconds:
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    1. TSM Esports Racing

      lol f1 is so stuffed that they allow lewis and other lap cars to pass the safety car but they didnt let hass team do so lol lewis get carried so much at times its laughable

    2. Michael Saunders

      Scott, I love your breakdowns of races. It really makes watching races much more interesting, and is especially helpful for identifying the finer points of racing competition that you highlight during your breakdowns. One suggestions that would help me would be to enlarge the video-in-video window used to show the race action. I like being able to see you as you explain the racing but there is lots of space left and right and below the video that could be used to expand the size of the racing action video-in-video window. Thanks again for your fantastic channel. Michael

    3. Walter Burton


    4. Southern Realist

      2:30 this way of racing can't be right. Going by your point of view - Lewis was within his right to take the line in the first corner because he was ahead,pushing max

    5. jack jon

      Lando keep him in drs range. “Like forever?!?!” “Yes lando forever”

    6. Luke P

      Best f1 content I’ve seen in a while. Thank you very much

    7. lydathegreat

      what is the crash at the intro sequence?

    8. Kenton Brewer

      I guess I don't understand why people are saying that Verstappen running Hamilton off the track is okay in the first turn. I understand that he was ahead at the apex. But I thought that as long as Hamilton was significantly up along-side, Verstappen needs to give room? Am I wrong here? If Hamilton would have been ahead would he have the right to run Verstappen off the track on the inside? I'm just confused on the situation.

    9. J M

      Nice vid, but I don't agree with your statement that Verstappen had the right to the racing line by being a few inches ahead of Hamilton. To my knowledge (having been watching F1 for several decades) the rule has always been that you need to give space unless you're SUBSTANTIALLY ahead. As the two cars were alongside each other, Verstappen needed to give more space.

    10. about the metal

      I'm convinced that max verstapen is going to be the world champion at the end of the season.

    11. BTouch454

      2nd race, he knew someone was there! I don't buy the mirrors may have been wet and he couldn't see. Drivers try and block other drivers off.

    12. sanjinred

      I am surprised that Hamilton didnt got an reaction of backing into the track again, that is not a safe manoveur and FIA rules state that reentrance must be done in a safe manner. Hou can’t get an overview backwards from an F1 car in a safe manner.

      1. Pedro Olv

        It is legal 👍

    13. Marcus Bunce

      👍Russel ::: 🙈 Hamilton

    14. Zack Seven

      Mr Horner also confirmed that Max started in second gear which help reduce rear wheel spin.

    15. Sur Monkey

      Karma for Russell? He keeps the drier line and Lewis goes off then Valtteri keeps the drier line for himself and Russell takes them both off.

    16. Sickboy

      unbelievable LUCK. Again.

    17. David Traumann

      Oh no... Ricciardo won't like this format. Don't you dare show more accidents, rather him filling his wallet jumping ship

    18. MarcelvD

      Please slow down with the hand and arm movements.

    19. Tristin Nelsen

      WTF is going on the race playback is so choppy it's making me nauseous

    20. Derek1978

      Does anyone else like Mazein because everyone hates him?

    21. Casey Colgan

      I feel like Hamilton should have just tucked in for second place, and been confident as he should have been that he’s in the most dominant car of all time Clearly seeing his pace, had he been confident he probably could have won that race.

    22. Vincent Fischer

      I don't know, when I saw the onboard of hamilton it's almost like he drove into the wall on purpose. Even for a casual driver like me it was clear that the car won't make it. He really looked like a newb in this situation

    23. Vincent Fischer

      This pigtails with the connector between FORGE and NEW triggers me somehow

    24. Gerben Kerkhof

      Max also used the dry spot in the middle of the track where the safety car was standing, genius!

    25. Brian Sellers

      I had the same thought during the race about Norris keeping LeClerc close to bottle up Hamilton. It must go against everything you have in you to NOT go as fast as you can - kinda like American football players who intentionally fall down at the 1-yard line rather than score and give the ball back to the other team when the game is already wrapped up. Great review!

    26. Rasec1120

      No mention of Max starting in 2nd gear to avoid wheelspin?

    27. BeeCee

      Was clear who the true rainmaster is.

    28. Angry Panda

      I favor Kimi as driver. But what i am found intresting about the conversation of the Imola GP was that like 90% of the people found it ok that Verstappen battered Hamilton on the start of the road. But when Bottas forced Russel on the wet side of the track he got some much backlash for it. As an F1 fan in general its kind of sad that people decide more on witch driver was involved in an situation then what actually happend. I can imagine how Hamilton, Mercedes and even the FIA would be hated in the comments when he was in the position of Verstappen and push Verstappen of the track at the start. And in one point i disagree with this video. Hamilton didnt crashed akward in the wall and smashed his frontwing. He did it on purpose just to get his reartires on the piece of tarmark right in front of the barriers. You could see how caution he was not got both rear tyres in the gravel so he could had some grip and some momentum bevor he drive backwards out of the gravel.

    29. skyadsAu

      So is Hamilton the luckiest driver ever - to get a Red Flag, Rebuild his car, Regain a whole Lap, then get to chase and get Second, no less. Without the stoppage Lewis would have been lucky to get a point, not be leading the World Championship... Am I just a conspiracy nut or was the Bottas / Russel crash the best thing Mercedes could have done to help Lewis......? Just saying......

    30. CRR_BileRizer

      I'm not au fait with F1 rules but I don't like the idea that people can un-lap themselves under red flag. Is this essentially what got Hamilton back into it after falling off track? And not to take anything away from Hamilton's ability. The guy's amazing!

    31. Googl Reviews


    32. britewire s

      Check out how Verstappen chose to aim the car at the dryer spot where the safety car stood at the start to have more traction.

    33. Mr. Pudding

      Be Well Everyone. Have some pudding...

    34. Pedro Silva

      Don't you think that Hamilton reversing back on track should had been a penalty?

    35. B Berg

      Max also started in second gear.

    36. fucatypr

      you can hear the traction control on Verstappen's car. Go back and watch the video

    37. Bouko Agter

      Max starterd in 2 gear and perez in first gear and max drove over the dry spot were hammie started and over the dry spot from the safery car

    38. JakobusVdL

      I was surprised that Hamilton fought as hard on the first corner, and risked damage over the sausages. A bit of a rash move, he was lucky to only get minor damage, and not lose more places. And lapping Russell, was another rash move. That so early ended his race, and but for the Russell/Bottas crash would have dropped him way down the grid. Not so sure if reversing back onto the track was safe. He's acting like a man underpressure, and making mistakes, when he doesn't need to.

    39. Stijn Lits

      I just don't feel the maneuver that left Verstappen in the lead and made Hamilton go off track was completely correct. Ham was in the lead diving into the corners.. there was nothing else for him to do but go off or slam the breaks and cause a huge pile up...

    40. Jameel Ja

      The DRS in imola is too effective.

    41. Jameel Ja

      Unbelievably dumb move by latifi. And Russell (Bottas crash), too bad because it would have been nice to see where the Williams would have ended up. They seemed very competitive.

    42. James Hoskinson

      In the next video can you explore how drivers and teams use mirrors in F1 racing or have played/experimented with the format to their advantage? It seems many collisions and avoidable track incidents are often caused by poor driver sight through lousy mirrors - which is curious considering everything else in the car is engineered to the n'th degree!

    43. Will4May

      The damage to Hams car didn't seem to affect it, he got a lot of lucky in this race, though he tends to get all the luck when things go wrong, damage to the car, runs off track, ends up a lap down, yet still gets 2nd, shows just how much hot air the Merc team have been blowing over the rule change being bad for them, seems like still the fastest car on the track.

    44. Jack Boyd

      4:59 "it was UNFORTUNATELY Latifi's fault."

    45. adhi

      I like the commentary and insight, but can you show more of the actual clips as well? like I would have liked to see the aftermath of these things, seems really odd that you'd explain it in such depth and then not actually show what happened. I don't watch the races btw just your content.

    46. Calamity Swag

      Great video

    47. Tony Hibbert

      Botas or Russel to blame ???? 100% Botas ! Why ??? Botas should not of been fighting for the last point ! ... . If George had been in the no2 Merc he would of been way beyond the ability of ANY driver to catch him ! Providing that driver was in a Williams ! .... Botas was having a snooze of a race ! He should of been fighting Perez and maybe Max ! Botas on his form at Imola would simply not be acceptable at ANY other F1 team ! .... Russel did make a mistake ! The same mistake Hamilton made , Perez made and several other drivers ! .... But they were all trying to race ! Botas on the other hand seemed to be having a nice quiet sunday drive in the country ! Botas forgot about racing until he realised George was trying to pass him ! ... The upstart that was trying to nick his seat was trying to make him look slow !¬ .... Botas has suddenly become a liability for Mercedes ! ... Hamilton fighting for wins whilst Botas moans about his car , the tactics and makes excuses ! ...

    48. Tony Hibbert

      Max was borderline dirty on the first corner ! ...He was certainly looking to bump Hamilton off the track ! Whilst Hamilton gave Max plenty room at all times ! ////

    49. gal vanunu

      Because is a human and not a robot that why i voted him driver of the day

    50. AL PD

      I feel like hamilton forgot this wasn't a Tilke circuit and he couldn't just cut the inside of the second part of the chicane. Thank's why he stayed on the outside so long.

    51. Tommunism

      Hamilton’s gonna have to work hard this year if he wants his record breaking championship

    52. Wolverine hems

      These youtubers live for hamilton to make a mistake.. "huuugee mistake" . Dude got caught up in the wet patches with dry tires on when going up in the inside. Simple mistake.

    53. Michael Shore

      Why does Hamilton make HUGE mistakes and Verstappen slight errors?

      1. MG John

        Fake News slants... POW!

    54. euroryan

      These are great! Really enjoy the low level expert detail. Please don't stop doing these.

    55. Fisu Lohi

      Seeing how bad the Haas is this year, even with new drivers, makes one wonder if Grosjean and Magnusson were better drivers than they got credit for. Maybe Gunther Steiner was the person they should've fired this year instead of them. Sad Mick Schumacher is stuck in a Haas.

      1. MG John

        Will be a fast track learning curve for him. If he's good enough ( most F1 youngsters appear to be now even "Daddy's Money" Boy .. good for him too ) Mick will progress. Media knee-jerk keen to promote the young Russian as the "new" Bad Boy .. he'll prove them wrong I suspect..

    56. Martin Day

      There doesn't seem to be any difference as to the way Hamilton and Verstappen lined up at the start, they are both pointing in the same direction, and if one of them doesn't deviate at all it seems to be Hamilton, so it wouldn't seem to be "one of the reasons he got a good start". There was a suggestion elsewhere that Verstappen started in second gear, but that is not mentioned here, just that Verstappen didn't get as much wheel spin.

    57. Roosevelt Davis

      He basically pushed Hamilton off the track and let’s just be honest on that.

    58. ArkadiaII

      Re: Norris, he wanted to show his colours against HAM on that day, another day he may show his cunning by manipulating the traffic behind. Re BOT v RUS, well, let's introduce a new counting method. Let's say that above 100% involvement, the likelihood of an incident is definite, but let's say that for all the parties involved, 100% of involvement can be attributed, so if 3 parties, plausibly 300% attribution is to play for (3 cars driving directly at eachother?). In this case, BOT and RUS are each 60% attributed to the crash. If either has backed off 10%, still a crash, if both had backed off 10%, contact, but maybe not terminal. I liken this to Rosberg "shutting the door" on HAM with roughly the same result (Spain 2016). The same thought is in BOT mind when he "still" moves across, as usual. Problem is, thre was nothing usual about the scenario. Wet, slow, RUS faster, pass inevitable, you give the place up, if not out of self preservation, how about out of respect for the other drivers. You might say: BOT never saw it coming; well, he should, that's why he's an F1 driver. You might say, RUS was being over enthusiastic; he was, show me an F1 driver, a back-marker, passing for position, who isn't. BOT might have kept left, RUS might have kept his line, both should have backed off 10% and the pass still happens (RUS had so much more speed) but it happens without the lack of control, spinning wheels and drifting offline. So, if we count the "should have known better" BOT 65%, RUS 60% >100% collision inevitable. Take that horrid day SPA '98, when DC 100% caused (100% attributed to) the chain reaction that totaled the back half of the grid. In that case, even if you were 0% attributing, you copped the crash, because you were there. Which is a really good way of visualising how, being there puts you partially in the attribution, regardless of whose "fault" it might have been.

    59. riff1964

      At the second restart, when Max went off track, would Leclerc have been allowed to pass him if he could?

    60. Renaldo Nel

      I don't get how you can see Russel was at fault..Bottas bring his car over the senter white line, with a jerk to the right, at high speed on a narrow part of the track...Bottas should be aware of circumstances , before jerk a car toward another car on a wet , narrow track with high speed, and while they are on say it's not Bottas fault if he jerk his car towards another car, it just show's that Bottas is not Aware of circumstance around him...I've seen those kind of jerks many time's in F1,, but not on narrow parts and in the wet..

    61. Will Swanson

      I had thought that Hamilton was entitled to a car width of track through that complex, since he was still significantly alongside Verstappen. Am I remembering the sporting regs incorrectly? I don't think that scuffle between HAM and VER ultimately decided the race (thought it could have, absent other factors...), but I've been curious about that aspect of the incident.


        You are totally correct, but racing drivers seem to ignore this racing rule and the stewards allow verstappen to crash into anyone and everyone without penalty.

    62. Rocketplane

      "It was Verstappen's right to take the corner." Really? He clearly knew that Hamilton was there, I was under the impression that by racing etiquette he was required to give Hamilton a car's width.


        He absolutely is required by rule to leave a car's width, but the stewards are blind when it comes to verstappen caused collisions.

    63. Dynamic Solution

      Maybe Mazapin has some weird plan to garner attention, get people talking about him and slowly beat everyones expectations.

      1. MG John

        You D S may be onto something there. Meantime cue all the pundits forming long queues to mark him down as the next Grosjean or even Maldonado. WRONG...!!! After two eventful events, I for one will reserve judgement. In Soccer-speak parlance.. It's early doors and all that. F1 needs refreshing new talent and this lad could be anything ... or, not...👍

    64. michael lavery

      Was it last weekend or this weekend?

    65. Mr Moo Berlin

      For the vertsappen, whats the difference then to the albon incident, Same thing happend, Yes okay Austria has a bigger track but verstappen could of still stayed to the inside of the corner and given hamilton room but he did a hamiton and just take the widest turn to purposly push the other car off. This is all ive been thinking as they are kinda similar.

    66. Surt

      Why must Russell let Hamilton through?

      1. Jose Manuel Castillo Caro

        Russell is being lapped

    67. MAAHAQQ

      Verstappen crashed into Hamilton and should have been penalized

    68. Modo

      I'm pretty sure the regs say that the car being lapped should move out of the way. Yeah Russell moved a bit wide, but he was still basically on the dry line. Certainly nothing that needed a punishment applied, but definitely not his finest weekend.

    69. Ben Davies

      With regards to Hamilton's crash into the barriers, I got the impression that he just wanted to get the rear tyres off of the gravel at any cost, including hitting his front wing. He knew he would have been stuck if he stopped before the barrier with the rears in the gravel, so he booted the throttle to try to swing the car around, onto the tarmac. This gave him the firm ground needed to initiate movement backwards without the risk of digging a hole. I may be wrong, but that's how it looked to me.

    70. Vinícius F. Monteiro

      Honest question: should Verstappen have given Hamilton a car-width space in turn 1 or not?


        @Vinícius F. Monteiro verstappen was absolutely required to give Hamilton a full car width by regulation, ignore that other idiot. HAM and VER were side by side the entire straight, and also in the beginning of the braking zone, so, by regulation, verstappen is required to leave a cars width. But the stewards allow verstappen to crash others left and right.

      2. Vinícius F. Monteiro

        @Mike Hak I'm asking why the car-width rule wasn't applied in this occasion.

      3. Mike Hak

        @Vinícius F. Monteiro maybe he should have given him 3 car-widths of space, or 4, don't you agree?

      4. Vinícius F. Monteiro

        @Mike Hak what you're talking?

      5. Mike Hak

        Are you a girl?

    71. Bernardo Macara - Detter

      I feel Norris did the right choice, he was on soft when leclerc was on mediums, by causing a train he would be risking his softs to fall off a lot and with the pressure make a mistake and lose to hamilton, leclerc and sainz all in one just because he ins making a train trying to keep p2

    72. Roberto ORLANDO

      HUGE mistake... and still didn't get punished at all bc of luck...

    73. Bestiario

      Alright, so that's why Hamilton's car is not perpendicular to the grid? When I was seing it live I was thinking why is he so off in the grid?

    74. Igor Stamenov

      Hamilton's running wide could have been the best thing that happened to him knowing the fact that on the next lap Bottas and Russell crashed and he could've been quite close to them. Had he not spun they would have collected him as well.

    75. koh Kood Divers

      He forgot that Verstappen got most of he's speed from the start because he pointed his car to the dry part of the track where the safety car was parked that also helped him to avoid wheel spin

    76. Gerald Imhof

      "it's unfortunately Latiffi's fault" xDDD at the great dismay of everyone

    77. Nabi

      What is the pedals travel in a f1 and what kind of curve response pilots set it up to?

    78. Nabi

      I don't understand latifis crashw. Isn't that his enginers job to tell him there's someone faster in his tail..

    79. mrtheoden

      sorry but Verstappen was 100% in the wrong at the start and should have been penalised for not leaving a car width to Hamilton.

      1. mrtheoden

        @?? the same can be said vs any other issue in F1...perhaps Max shouldn't have went gung ho into the corner and run Lewis out to dry...

      2. ??

        Well what more can you do. Your tyres are cold. Any more steering input and max would've spun. It's just racing

    80. Giovanni T.

      Keep the post race videos up! It helps filling the void between the last and the next season of F1 Drive to Survive.

    81. kevin de bruyne

      Can you also explain the science and physics of why the cars spin out etc?

    82. Ian McAleece

      Totally great strategy to keep LeClaire behind but hindsight is 2020 mate thanks cheers

    83. Rob Gibson

      Finally someone giving Hamilton a taste of his own medicine by forcing him off track.

    84. Daniel Dobos

      Max started in 2nd gear hence the little wheel spin

    85. Charles Seymour

      Top drawer commentary on a great race.

    86. Shep Leonard

      Hamilton made mistakes simply because he was out driven in this rice.

    87. Oz Dylan

      because one is not god.

    88. Charts 2712

      Hamilton getting damage to his car, pog in chat, fuck the mercedes team.

    89. Genifer Teal

      And it's max so chance he's going for it is 100%

    90. Genifer Teal

      Heard it said, not sure where, ver may have started in second gear. Is it possible this could have worked?

    91. marcel duijnstee

      The best comments efer

    92. Mini Mead3

      Hi I’m just getting into racing so apologies if this is a dumb question but at the first turn, why is Verstappen within his rights to run Hamilton off the road? Why does he not have to leave a cars width? Why is it not classed under forcing another competitor off the race track? Thanks

      1. Mini Mead3

        @?? I’ve heard it said that he (Max) is entitled to take the racing line which I get but then they say “if the driver attempting the overtake, has a significant portion of his car along side, then they are entitled to a cars width of space” which Lewis did have. So I’m left wondering why that cars width rule doesn’t apply here? For example: in Austria Lewis was first to the corner before Albon, but Albon had better grip and went around the outside, unfortunately tho his back wheel was clipped by Lewis and spun off. To me that was a racing incident as Lewis was entitled to take the racing line being first to the corner. But he got penalised for not leaving enough room and for causing a collision. So the same should apply here then?

      2. ??

        Good question Max didn't get a penalty because he really couldn't do anything about it. Your tyres are cold. And if max had steered just a bit more he most definitely would have spun out. He was alongside lewis into the corner and was on the inside. That basically means you can run can run a car as wide as you want (without breaking the rules and pushing the car off the track) Practically the same incident happened at austria in 2019. It's just racing.

    93. J Allfree

      Great content but don’t know why you put the background music in. Just annoying.

    94. MG John

      ​Clearly tyres played a part last weekend. They invariably do. That combined with track position of each of the two drivers. Hamilton had a clear run once the leading Red Bull had opened up a large gap. That allowed Hamilton to look after his tyres. Hence closing a little later. Also, despite all the accusations about the "same" car, no two cars are ever exactly the same right down the grid. Even with the best will in the world that is never possible. Indeed quite often updates and improvements are only available for the #1 car but, that news rarely hits the fan. There again, possibly after years of having to comply to the team's directives, not to challenge when on those occasions he's on pole or alongside entering the first turn, he's had enough and finally lost the motivation. That must be both frustrating and tiresome. Other drivers would not be so patient even if the money helps. There comes a time when enough is enough and obviously, no driver would ever admit that. That would also be covered within carefully worded contracts signed by the driver. I'd like to see him drive for another team where he is not under team orders constraints. He was quite useful with his previous team where I do not think constraints applied. One thing is most welcome unless it's a false dawn based on what appears to be the new order after two races, the Honda / Red Bull partnership is looking like an effective double challenge for Mercedes to consider. Both their drivers are proven to be Top Flight now that MV appears to have at last gained some maturity behind the wheel. It took Hamilton long enough after all. There again, I've been around long enough to not be surprised if Mercedes restore the same old order of things.

    95. LaSer St

      Could you analyse how Ham get the gripe back before first pit stop and how can he get such a good pace with front wing damage pls?

    96. Matthew Byrd

      The Bottas/Russell thing was 100% mistake by Russell.

    97. cypylix82

      Make also a video analyze with Bottas Russel crash. Thx a lot

    98. Parth Valecha

      Whoa this video is incredible. New to the channel but I won’t be going anywhere

    99. J B

      Hi Scott. Great that you've started this new direction. Really appreciated. There's a huge gap in F1 feedback with the expertise you give. Peter Windsor is probably the closest good technical commentator etc. Both different however. Look forward to each post race analysis. Thanks.

    100. Madan Mohan

      Whatever Hamilton lost through the start as well as the near crash into the fence, he made up with his brilliant reverse back onto track. And proceeded to set the fastest lap of the race so that he still leads the championship by a hair. These are opportunities Verstappen has missed, really, and if the championship is close, he could pay the price.

      1. Madan Mohan

        @MG John I do hope also for the Mercedes supremacy to finally come to an end. And that is why I feel it is important for Max to grab these half-chances. A win wasn't out of reach in Bahrain and a fastest lap in Imola would have got him level with Hamilton.

      2. MG John

        Good word that MM .. "could". There again maybe not. We now clearly have a contest at the front. I expect BOTH RB pilots to have a larger say this season as to what happens up at the front. Hope that comes to pass and no speedy reversion to the same old, same old Mercedes-Benz processionary supremacy..