The Genius Aero Trick That F1 Copied from Concorde


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    Look at these strange vapour trails coming off the rear wing of these F1 cars. They are only visible in certain conditions but are present whenever the car is at speed. It’s the effect that enables flies to fly, and the Concorde to reach such high speeds.
    They are called Vortices, and are a natural bi-product of an F1 car’s wings. They produce a lot of drag and ultimately slow the cars down.
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    So how do you create Vortices?
    This is actually easier to explain with a plane wing. As you probably know, a plane wing creates lift by using a low pressure area above the wing - this then literally sucks the plane upwards.
    You can see the low pressure area here, where the cloud-like vapour is above the wing. You’re only able to see this in certain conditions, but we will get to that.
    But the interesting thing is that at the edges, this creates a strange effect. The air here is able to spill around the edges of the wing, and so, the air from below the wing is sucked around the side by the lower pressure air.
    This creates a tumbling, turning effect - starting a spiral of air that creates a mini-tornado, that trails off the wing. This is what we call a vortex.
    For planes the vortices are a bad thing, they produce a lot of drag - but are often unavoidable as they are a natural bi-product of having a wing - and you need those.
    They are also naturally created on an F1 car. Back in the 80s and 90s, you could see them trailing off the rear wing, sometimes up to a metre long. The rear wing produces about 30% of the drag of an F1 car, and this is part of the reason.
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    #Formula1 #Aerodynamics #Engineering
    00:00 Vortex - An Aerodynamic Accident
    00:39 How Vortices Are Created
    01:33 How Vortices Affect F1 Cars
    02:00 F1 Engineers - The Last Airbenders
    02:45 Deliberate Vortices
    03:44 Rear Wing Vortices
    04:30 Genius Aero Trickery
    05:13 Fuel For Fans Black Friday Sale!
    06:40 Do Vortices Make a Difference?
    06:40 Why Can Only See Them In Certain Conditions?

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    1. Driver61

      Go check out Fuel For Fans' Black Friday Sale with the link in the description! Would love to hear what you ordered! Did you know these vortices were this important? It's an amazing thing to see! If you want to see more, go watch the 2020 Turkish GP again!

      1. forandon behalfof

        @Gabriel Saloma Velázquez - Temperature, humidity and air pressure are all related and together determine "dew point".

      2. forandon behalfof

        AND don't forget to mention that people might like to investigate Bernoulli's equation/theory/principle...

      3. forandon behalfof

        @DerNerd - Concorde commercial flights stopped in 2003 whereas, ironically; the Tupolev Tu--144 (basically a Soviet Concorde knock-off) stopped flying in 1999.

      4. forandon behalfof

        @Gabriel Saloma Velázquez - It's "DEW" BTW. And don't forget Bernoulli's theory/equation/principle.

      5. forandon behalfof

        Errr,,,,They're actually called "contrails". OR "wing contrails" OR EVEN "aeroplane wing contrails". And they've been known about for many years before Concorde was just a pipe dream. And all they are is a by-product of lift created by the wing. AND these "vortices" are irrelevant. What's important is the LIFT created by the wing. GO LEARN THE FACTS

    2. DeathRacer0888

      Blah blah blah, make the racing even and equal ffs. HondaMclarenCivicPeugeot. Or is it MercedesPorscheFordFiat Bullshit teams joining together just to try and beat the silver arrows. Just put the same motor in all cars, and leave the handling and downforce to the team to tweak. Online racing is getting more exciting than the same shit day in day out. Never saw Hamilton in the orange or pink cars? I Spose he earnt his spot in the silver arrow and basically developed that car around him, and is used to fisting the competition on his way by. We live in the new world, yet no one wants to race equal?

    3. Kyle Gray

      The wacky sex epidemiologically accept because salad opportunely drag about a irate seat. encouraging, secret curtain

    4. michael lavery

      I knew aeroplanes needed wings before I watched this.

      1. BlueHoliness

        Bro you are *Ascended*

    5. Winken

      Chemtrailing F1 cars? Now I've seen it all!

    6. user

      am I the only idiot who read from a crocodile?

    7. Manish Jha

      If only I would have a teacher like Scott to explain the concepts in high school. Should have studied cornering of an F1 instead bending of cyclist....Amazing video!! keep them coming. Have a question though..Wouldn't this vortex affect the car behind me in slipstream, I mean negatively ?

    8. baconmakinmayor

      they are chem trails. wake up sheeple. f1 drivers are killing millions of people daily

    9. LPKelly380

      Contrails are not an “aero trick”. Christ

    10. Almerinda Romeira

      Still, no connection to Concorde. In fact Concorde and delta wings work slightly differently from other planes in the sence they need vortices on the upper surface to create lift instead of regular non turbulent flow. So while F1 is trying to cancel them out, Concorde needed them to fly

    11. forandon behalfof

      Errr,,,,They're actually called "contrails". OR "wing contrails" OR EVEN "aeroplane wing contrails". And they've been known about for many years before Concorde was just a pipe dream. And all they are is a by-product of lift created by the wing. AND these "vortices" are irrelevant. What's important is the LIFT created by the wing. GO LEARN THE FACTS

    12. Joshua Rosen

      I had never bothered to think about exactly what causes vortices. Your explanation was clear and logical. Since we are talking about fluid dynamics, I have to wonder where anything clear and logical is actually correct but I like your explanation and I'll assume it's correct for the time being.

    13. The Edge

      Be alot easier, understanding areo if we could See Air lmao

    14. Βαγγέλης Γιαννόπουλος

      0:11 I bet the mosquito got so mad about you calling it a fly, that it didn't let you sleep for a week

    15. MrSchmekker

      From 2021 Ground effect will be permitted again

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    16. Muhammad Ahmar

      Air S🅱️IN

    17. Zemari5

      I am convinced that f1 cars are more upside down airplane than car at this point

    18. Seven Five

      There is no such thing as suction.

    19. chris .1

      Could there be a certain way to use drag for an advantage? If done, point me to a video. -What about a tuned diffuser or channelled duct technology that could reroute the drag for an advantage. So in a way self sufficient that the windspeed is siphoning up the drag. If that rambling was dumb as can be sorry!!!

    20. Marack Obama

      "Copied from Concorde" but no mention about Concorde at all :|

    21. Procat Procat

      None of this aero design work benefits close racing and much of it is actually detrimental. The more they ban it, the better F1 will become. Can't wait for the 2022 regs!

    22. Gillian Sheppard

      the 3D footage where so good/informative ! i like it

    23. AK 7563

      Did he named a section "the last air bender"?

    24. WTS Eracing

      Wait .. i never realize this

    25. M.Rahman

      Everybody gangsta until F1 copies from the B737 Max

    26. dezpotizmOFheaven

      Only making the cars fast when they are not in "traffic"...

    27. Mrlopkeson

      You sound like you have down

    28. Nascar Drawings

      What he is actually showing is the airplanes dumping fuel, not the vertices created by the wings, which are on the outer wing tip

    29. beachcomber

      Physics. Yes, _physics_. That's the trick F1 copied from Concorde. Decent video, but total click bait, irrelevant title...

    30. Joni Meloni

      Holy shit you are intelligent

    31. samsoulee

      pfffff those are chemtrails obviously 😅

    32. Chris Beitler

      Essentially what I took from this is if I flipped F1 front wings upside down you’d possibly be able to do a back flip

    33. HyperCarArt

      I was always wondering what that air coming out of the wing was

    34. Ian Turner

      Great videos with good explanations. I would just add that vortices don’t create drag, they are a manifestation of the pressure difference. Drag is a combination of friction and pressure forces on rearward facing surfaces. Rw gills for example reduce drag by reducing high pressure on the wing upper surface. This means less pressure difference hence s smaller tip vortex is the result not the cause of less drag.

    35. Clayton72 Andrews

      Dirt track sprint cars have the same effect.

    36. Hans-Jürgen Peters

      "F1 Engineers - The Last Airbenders" Nickelodeon should make a TV series out of it :D Great Video as always, Scott!

    37. TheJonny2you

      Retitle the video "why f1 is now boring, too much aero/sucking hybrids teat.

    38. Miguel

      Great content but how does low pressure help in condensation? Isn’t that the opposite?

    39. Pangolin

      Will Renault protest this one too?

    40. channelrafy

      Clickbait concorde reference

    41. weston malone

      Nothing like take off in a 4 blade c130 in a cold, damp condition. The corkscrew was visible and very cool to watch and make sense to read the performance manual.

    42. Cres Balundo

      The wind coming from the f1's wing makes it look like the car has spider-sense

    43. Matt David

      I've only seen the effect in Tokyo extreme racer zero lol

    44. ameunier41

      That video was so we'll made, the explanation were simple with a good pace and somehow they managed to go in depth.

    45. Anthony Jonathan

      as long as f1 engineer exists, there will be no such thing called 'the last airbender'

    46. FinnTheHuman

      Well this effect isn't just exclusive to the concord. Literally all jets can do this. Cool to see F1 being able to make this effect too, very interesting stuff.

    47. Henry Hatt

      Also Present in super modified short circle track racing

    48. RD19902010

      The myth that the different flow speeds does the majority of lifting is a myth that simply doesn't die out. It's mostly pure conservation of momentum: the air that hits the bottom of the wing deflects and pushes the wing up. simple as that.

    49. RayMerrell68

      Plane wings aren't 'sucked' anywhere. Stop saying it.

    50. Doctor Boy

      A very complex and difficult to understand explanation of a simple physical principle.

    51. sahibjyot bhatia

      Please explain blown diffusers also @driver61

    52. Quirino Navarro

      Congratulations man!! You have the specific way of speaking of the person that understands completely what are talking about... saludos desde México.

    53. Dave077

      Content is fine, title is click bait garbage. Still waiting on what got copied from the Concorde. Did the Concorde engineers develop turning vanes or put slats on the Concorde's wings? You had 3 seconds of Concorde footage and never mentioned it again. Heck, there wasn't anything even taken from aircraft in general, let alone the Concorde. As far as I can tell it's just "both have wings, wings make vortices"... and that's it. Again, the content in and of itself is fine, it just has absolutely nothing to do with the title you gave it. Just title the video "Brilliant F1 aerodynamic tricks" or "How F1 engineers tame vortices" or something like that.

    54. Kirolos Makram

      Trails in the back of the car like gta

    55. Santi A

      I thought he was going to say CHEMTRAILS

    56. Matt E

      Leeland just loves his vapor trails

    57. Logan Hebda

      3:02 Obscenely over complicated wing

    58. Hennie van Galen

      Vortex and condensed air or vapour trails are in a sense connected but not the same, like in that drag and downforce are not the same but have an indisputed relation. Aircraft and F1 both have to do with aerodynamics, although in different ways and with different goals.

    59. realblakrawb

      5:50 is deployed flap and wing blend issue. 4:06."wing fence?"

    60. ekoturnip

      OMG!! F1 cars have Chemtrails!!!11!!

    61. James Wohler

      This was an awesome explanation. Thanks

    62. Özgür Üstoğlu

      Great video again, thanks👍

    63. Hishmith V vardhan

      So u like force india cars

    64. William Knight

      Had this on Pilot license test.. Think the correct answer was Ground Effect.

    65. Ely


    66. Maverick StClare

      Carbon brake discs came from Concorde too

    67. e grande

      Thanks so much!!! Great video as always!

    68. BoltonLadnScouser

      dude, your transitions into the ads get smoother and smoother. Bravo.

    69. Jozh

      Now if they can mimic shark skin to wrap the whole car.

      1. Pat Riley

        And the flap of a tuna tail to direct flow...nature knows.

    70. Chris Reardon

      Pressure differences create vortices, yes. Pressure differences create very little lift however, it’s enough for paper planes and RC planes to skim across, however a significant majority of lift is created by a phenomenon called flow turning. This was found not too long ago by NASA, and is where a wing changes the direction of air molecules. by throwing air down, or in the case of an f1 car, upwards, you create an equal and opposite force on the car. pressure differences might only be 60-100kpa at high angles of attack and would require a rediculously large surface area to create any force at all. aerodynamics have changed massively in the past few years due to these studies, and is evident in the appearance of simple rear wings on different cars, comparing old Porsche 911 rear wings to new, you can see the transition to flat and fat to more of a crescent moon shape. it’s fascinating that we still don’t fully understand how lift works despite all these theories and studies

    71. AJS000

      As a pilot and Sim Racer I love wings lol

    72. T R

      Gurney Flap? at least call it right

    73. Dave S.

      the effect is Ugly

    74. Ulisses Seabra

      This was one of the best techinical F1 videos i have ever seen in my life! Awesome explanation !

    75. kayetto

      This... was not copied from Concorde though?

    76. Jimmy Neutron

      This channel keeps getting better and better

    77. HotdogAnd aHayride

      F1 copied Concord? Don't make me laugh. F1 aero is an entirely different league.

    78. frosty A B

      Vortices off the rear wing are much longer than a meter, but only about a meter is visible due to the weather conditions.

    79. Brandon Kent

      Be careful with how you use the word "turbulence." Technically turbulent flows (higher reynolds number) increases L/D

    80. Darryl B

      Segway to sponsor was on point this video. Well done sir.

    81. Gaming Palace

      let's admit it, it looks fucking cool.

    82. Leonardo Guayan

      We need this content in Spanish please 🥺

    83. Lance Connery

      What if they used an electric turbine to depressurize the vortex? It seems like plane engines ought to be at the end of the wing to cancel the pressure.

    84. Horvs Lvpercal

      ah, finally i find something that explain this phenomenon, i have been trying to sort it out for a lot of time

    85. Derrick Lyu

      In fact, the vortices in F1 do much more than just a barrier. The so-called Y250 vortices drag the air above each of them to the centerline of the car, which will hit the vanes mounted under the front suspension (Front Turning Vanes). Due to the induced inwash and downwash by the Y250s, the FTVs has quite a large angle of incidence to the incoming flow, which would then act like plane wings and create a vortex on their tips, effectively forming a counter-rotating vortex pair with the Y250. The vortex pair pushes down the air between them, forming an optimum flow field for the bargeboard footplates. The 'nose cape', introduced in Spain 2017 by Mercedes, acts in a similar manner, only to be placed a little bit lower than the FTVs. Apart from the concepts above, F1 engineers would utilize vortices to induce some desired flow field close to the surfaces as well. By opening slots on the bargeboard footplates, the Y250 brings some air through them when being directed outboard by the bargeboards, effectively creating a virtual 'side skirt', preventing tyre wake from entering the undertray. Vortices shedding from upper and lower edges of the bargeboard would gradually fall onto both sides of the undertray, pushing air out as well. Aerodynamic designs of F1 cars are true magic that for most of the time can't be deciphered with eyes: even if the concepts mentioned above have become 'common sense' for F1 aerodynamicists, there are still a huge amount of details, such as the strength, exact position and length of vortices, as well as how they change through the entire aero envelope, that would be understood and manipulated very differently among each team. Making a precise simulation of those vortices is, if not, the biggest challenge in understanding the physical aspect of the car. Under this circumstance, one could say that F1 cars look almost the same only because of the regulations: the ideas and interpretations make each of them a whole different world inside.

    86. Supra CODM

      Ayo u talkin bout me

    87. S4cell S4cell

      Where is the concorde connection? Clickbait title and few real content. Sorry this time i dislike the video.

    88. MKUMBRA

      transition to the ad was smoother than the air over the center of the wing

    89. Diogo Jerónimo Pereira

      Hey, Driver61! I really liked this video, because I’m into F1 and aerodynamics. Also, I’m an aerospace engineer, and during the video, I was hopping you would specifically explain how they induce the inverted vortices to cancel the other ones. Furthermore, I wanted to know if those vortices would reduce the downforce produced by the wings. I was hoping you could share with me those informations or tell me where did you get them, for me to discover a little more. Or even do a more detailed video. I thank you in advance and wish you good luck for the continuity of your great work! I’m a huge fan!

    90. DelphiPascal

      Saying the vortices can be up to a meter long isn’t strictly true. They’re much longer but the but the water re vaporises as the air slowly increases in pressure again when it slows down.

    91. peaceablerook

      BuT cHeM TrAiLs

    92. Stian By

      Well let's just say that they use principles from areodynamics. Not the concorde spesifically

    93. Free Range Brain

      Lift is created by downwash not pressure difference

    94. LoneWolf38

      It is actually not just the pressure that causes condensation. Air can only hold as much water at specific temperatures. As we know, accelerated air cools down (otherwise fans would lose their effect.) If you have a high relative humidity, and warm air, it can hold much more water. But when the air cools down, it loses the ability to hold that water. So the water needs somewhere to go and starts condensing and forming those droplets because the air cant hold the water anymore since it cooled down through the rapid acceleration over the wings. That is also why you see the "clouds" in front of the jet engines from planes because the air gets accelerated so fast.

    95. NekunIl

      This car is awesome as well

    96. NekunIl

      This car is awesome as well

    97. Jester The Slacker

      The McLaren logo

    98. Greg Chase

      **F1 SUCKS** HOW TO RUIN A SPECTATOR SPORT 1) first - most important - FORGET THAT IT'S A SPECTATOR SPORT and make moves based on that ignorance 2) "The Isle of Man TT - very exciting! Risky and loud!" 3) "Okay, Isle of Man TT is a spectator sport, and F1 is NOT, so let's make F1 as exciting to watch, as risk-free as a game of miniature golf. Huge runoff areas, cages around the cockpits, safety car, excessive rules, and micromanagement by the organizing body" 4) "The fans loved the screaming 20,000rpm motors - but since F1 is not a spectator sport, we don't need to worry about taking that fun aspect of it away. F1 was the only place to witness a bunch of very loud 20,000rpm motor vehicles, a real novelty. But since F1 is not a spectator sport, let's get rid of that feature and make the cars sound like broken washing machines" 5) "Small teams were big innovators in F1 - Lotus brought ground effects, Lola brought wings, Tyrrell, all the others - fans did not know what kind of new tech would show up at an F1 race. Human engineering cleverness was given full power in the sport. But since F1 is not a spectator sport, let's allow the biggest teams to get a 3 year head start on a 'power unit' so that only the teams with the most money have a chance in hell of winning." 6) "Let's set things up so that the SAME team, the SAME drivers, win OVER, and OVER, and OVER AGAIN. It will be like watching the same race 18 times a season. Since F1 is not a spectator sport, boredom and predictability won't be an issue. And the few people who still watch only need to watch one race per season, and they've pretty much seen them all. Real efficient." **F1 SUCKS** . .

    99. Martin Kaufmann

      I am so happy this presenter IS NOT designing airplanes. He has no clue why wings carry an airplane. But for car enthusiast its good enough.. hahahaha

    100. Walter Burton