We Raced in a £150,000 F1 Racing Simulator


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    Huge thanks to Cranfield Simulation for having us! Check out their sims here (yes you can actually buy one) www.cranfieldsimulation.com/
    We're here to see how an average guy compares to two pro racing drivers, and so we undertook a series of challenges, in various cars, to find out.
    It was a lot of fun, let us know what you think to the format!
    Cranfield Simulation is a high technology, automotive simulator brand with a unique heritage in aerospace and professional motorsport. Founded in 1997 the Company is acknowledged as a global leader in fully immersive sustained motion cueing simulators, offering an exclusive product tailored to you.
    Cranfield Simulation Formula simulators are built around a composite single seater tub formed from a real Formula 1 mould.
    This can be supplied either as a static simulator or with any of our g-cueing motion modules for an ultra-immersive driving experience like no other.
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    1. Driver61

      Aren't these sims incredible? Would you rather drive the F1 or the GT? Also, let us know what you think about the format - maybe we could do this again if you guys like it!

      1. preeam ghosh

        GT !

      2. JACOB VIKI

        I would drive the f1

      3. Amir Pomen

        Yes do it again.. but with me please... 4 times national moped endurance champion, national privateer rally competitor, and casual kart endurance driver..... Please please please.. this looked so much fun.. anything closest i did have experience to that motion sim is just this 3axis seat motion setup here: ithomes.info/net/raZ9tdlynYpkZn4/video Cheers from 🇲🇾

      4. Willem Fletcher


    2. Jeffrey ten thije

      I'm always disappointed that cameras can't pick up the full quality because camera aimed at "screen"

    3. K Martin802

      Ah man I’m SO JEALOUS!!! That’s so sick!! Great video as always brother! Keep up the great work and stay safe! Much love from Vermont!!💯🤙🇺🇸

    4. John Murphy

      that rig is crazy man, need to get 1 for my front room. time to re-mortgage and race.

    5. mtgPlayer

      Whats up with callums mazda mx-5 project? cancelled?

    6. Alexander Watson

      The top weight is probably my normal walking around weight 😂😂😂

    7. Kerath

      This would be a cool series to have pro drivers race each other on random cars they've never driven on this sim. Great video, was a lot of fun to watch.

    8. Johny Crellin-Davies

      there is just no way any of these 2d screen simulators can give even a close simulation of speed, and are just not for me

    9. Orloz

      can somebody explain the numbers displayed for the consistency challenge?

    10. Tom Pringle

      Not quite as good as @baseperformancesimulators

    11. Mike Graham

      I'm kinda glad this costs so much. Cuz if I could afford it, I wouldn't leave the house


      Old guy: Y'er pressing a bunch of buttons. We had to drive without synchromesh. Older guy: We had to jump out and turn the crank. And we had our mechanic ride with us. Still older guy: We had to clean the stables. I can't wait for when today's racers are old guys. "Oh yeah, all you have to do is think it. We had to press a bunch of buttons; and turn some dials."

    13. James Helton

      Can I play for a dollar??

    14. SOIBand

      Ah yes Monza Turn 1. The original death chicane. Every online race in every sim/game its death time Lap1 :D

    15. Simulation Stimulation

      Damn Assetto looks so good and realistic!

    16. C Del

      why a shjitty projector tho? get an 100" oled with that cash

      1. BlueSteel Productions

        Smoother display around a wider screen.

    17. d

      Hey, thats my uni❤️

    18. big dick willis

      I wanna see more videos in the sim this is super cool!

    19. Laggy Boy

      1:10 why he put the gear all the way to 1? make me sad

    20. SamMoranGuitar

      I respect most of your content but with this one I feel a juiced up cockpit on a 9 year old sim really isn't special

    21. patchedupdemon

      Obviously this centre isn't for driver or car development, it's using an understeer arcade game ffs

    22. Jake Feinerman

      Assetto Corsa is a great sim to be sure, but the physics lack some of the detail and nuance that would allow a sim setup like this to really show what it’s capable of. Interesting that’s the software they chose to run

    23. Craig MacLean

      Driver61 and the various new Scott Mansell projects (podcast!) are for me the best things on F1 social media, and there's so much good stuff out there.

    24. Shayan Kamalian

      Scott, i guess you scored points less than others on purpose, cause you are obviously faster than anybody else.

    25. Tony Hull

      But what about the feel on one's neck? It didn't look like there was any simulation of the strain put on one's neck during braking.

    26. bandi_TEE

      No halo but that's not safe

    27. Lance Stroll

      Get in there Callum

    28. Harry_reading75

      I drove in a 300 thousand pound sim how bout that

    29. Amir Pomen

      How come u didnt know donington park? Even on sim or racing game?

    30. Soham Belge

      Can you make a video of senna's driving style in a modern f1 car

    31. Nathan Pearl

      I would buy however there is no cup holder so I’ll keep looking.

    32. Watema 3

      I want this. If you're a generous billionaire, dm me

    33. Olivyay

      For the "car from when you were born" challenge, I'd choose the Ferrari 126C2 which is one of my favourite F1 cars of all time.

    34. Marc DeGras Captain Clutch Motorsports

      Good to see some Assetto Corsa coverage, the best imo.

    35. MegaCm123456

      That steering wheel seems to sit so high

    36. simuleiro.com

      My racing simulator is the best of world 😉

    37. Scott L.

      Not in VR?? What the hell did they spend the money on??

    38. That Guy

      Now put Calum in an F1 car and compete against Scott and Joe.

      1. Callum McIntyre

        Now that is a video idea I can get behind

    39. Chinese Prince

      This is funny but because I live about 10 mins away from here

    40. SufferingAddict

      I think your resident normal-guy is no longer a normal guy because he beat you. Therefore you need a new normal-guy and I hereby propose you choose me. I'm expecting to hear from you by the end of the week. Best regards Your new normal-guy

    41. Story_Gaming_

      I wanna get into those sims just to feel the G's going through a corner.

    42. Ray Moreton

      I have been in a full motion F1 sim 9 times until they closed it, it had 10 pods for racing which was amazing fun, it was called Lets Race in Horley, they turned it in to Lets Golf annoyingly.

    43. 18 Shawnvit

      Can someone tell me the name of that steering wheel?

    44. 『Blank』

      Damn from 7th to N.

    45. DaniMacYo

      After watching I was like I think I’d rather just do the real thing. It’s definitely cool but the F1 definitely seemed it was lacking in performance compared to real life. But it’s definitely gotta be a lot of fun regardless. I’d go with the F1 setup. Definitely let’s do this video again sometime soon a lot of fun to watch.

      1. DaniMacYo

        @GloomGaiGar Yeah... in second thought I’ll just stick to sim racing 🤣

      2. GloomGaiGar

        "I’d rather just do the real thing" your neck would be gone in one lap unless you're really fit i reckon

    46. Justin McDermott

      150k simulator at a university, hasn't got its own driver in the loop sim or using a more complex sim

    47. Andrea Bergantin

      Damn these guys weren't wearing masks at all!

    48. Aaron Walther

      I just got an ad from Driver 61 before a video from Driver 61 lol

    49. Kenneth

      150.000 and no rear mirrors :/

    50. Caled Ramsahoi

      This was awesome. More content similar to this would be great, maybe driving a real life racing car?

    51. Cihan Baba

      Thank you for the great footage! I'd love to drive the F1 car. It looks like you guys are enjoying it :D Thanks for sharing

    52. Rocketplane

      It's like Whose Line. The points are made up and the rules don't matter. Thanks for sharing, those sims look epic.

    53. Jog B

      I'd prefer to see more information about the sim and feedback on what you think of their various elements, like the g-seat.

    54. DeChrysen

      150k for a sim but they don’t use content manager for ac.. I’m disappointed 😅

    55. Romi Arkan

      If I had £150k lying around I'd rather use it on funding an actual race car entry

    56. stp440

      Why not just call it what it is? RfactorPro

    57. Rahul Ray

      Assetto Corsa?! I've the software and I've a wheel... Not the direct drive wheel though... I'm almost there! 😁

    58. smith2781

      Cranfield University lol I live 5 mins from there.

    59. Paoloh

      Assetto corsa fuck yeah

    60. ravey1981

      No way that setup is £150k. You could build a dbox/gseat/VR setup that would do a better job for way less.

    61. Pierre Gasly

      Looks better than the one alpha Tauri have

    62. Over

      3:10 Neutral instead of showing 8? On another view engine rpm was stuck on 9999, expensive simulator but really economic steering wheel...

      1. Cat09No

        F2 steering wheel

    63. Two Three Four

      Some editing cuts are way too fast. Can't enjoy the driver's view. But good video overall.

    64. me 3

      Your a poor loser mansell, callum was just too good for you. 😊

    65. Shadow Blade

      I genuinely think these three could be a IThomes adaptation of top gear

    66. adam murray

      £150,000 simulator. Still need to activate windows.

    67. Aizat Sham

      I'd probably sBin all the way lols

    68. Tj930

      Racing drivers don't like losing 😉

    69. Orlin Dimitrov

      not even using content manager


      ...Quite informative and entertaining, Cheers Lads.👍😜

    71. Maurice Jones

      I recall experiencing the 'Air-Big' G system decades ago Driver61. Nice to see it coming back into play.

    72. James Middleton

      Id win the last challenge, 2004 born, gimme that ferrari

    73. James Middleton

      Just love the way a 150k sim uses a 3 quid piece of software on cdkeys

    74. Westw00do

      So Callum destroys a mx5 and doesn't know Donington? Why is he on a racing channel?

    75. Googl Reviews

      9:55 who else misses that sound in F1 ???

    76. Googl Reviews

      Simulator seems amazing, but screen seems to lack color, everything appears faded for some reason, perhaps becuse of lighting in the room? I am assuming they used projector on the screen.

      1. Craig MacLean

        It's being filmed too, I assume it's better in person

    77. Tuber Ewer

      Best video game *ever*. Any chance I could borrow it?

    78. Benjamin Davis

      This was good fun! Moarr??

    79. PlittHD

      how is assetto corsa the software for a sim that expensive?

    80. Jordan Striker

      This is by far the best IThomes channel for #Formula1 #SimRacing #Motorsport Thanks #Driver61 !!

    81. Jamie Ross

      0:58 "GEARS?" is that a Dogma reference?

    82. Crouched Crusader

      5 points! Ha ha

    83. Agrinddandi

      Get a magical rig, a golden opportunity and make the worst possible challenge out of it :) too bad bois. You wont get this one back..

    84. Daniel LeClare

      No G's no danger no reality just a big toy I would feel stupid sitting in a fake car. Driving sims are fun but game is a game dude you can get dressed up in Soldier gear for a shooting sim but you are never in danger so it is fantasy.... I have my limits but also a fast motorcycle - for real - and a pilot license that I got in a real plane so I know the difference between Flight Sims and the real thing...no comparison no matter how bumpy you make the toybox you are sitting in. All you really need is a headset and a steering wheel the fun is the same and not pretend real..

    85. Niko942

      Terrible driver introduction. The third driver is merely introduced as "Joe". No description of why he is a professional or where he has ever raced or why he is in the video. Everything else about the video is excellent.

    86. cjsawinski

      The funny thing is... that’s a $150,000 F1 level sim from 10 years ago! Lol Just imagine what the modern sims are like!

    87. 馬璽مستأمن

      Oh shit! Cranfield

    88. TheLuckyLebanese

      at 7:36 he's talking about why the sim is so expensive at the same time you can see the activate windows prompt in giant screen

      1. Viyath

        @callum mclachlan 340 DOLLARS?!?!?!?

      2. callum mclachlan

        That's how you have enough money to buy the sim. (Although I paid $40 AUD for my Windows 10 Pro. Instead of $340).

      3. Viyath


    89. Cutter Gamer

      And my with a homemade steering wheel 😂

    90. h08817

      suddenly less excited about my playseat challenge/fanatec setup xD

      1. Cedric Kho

        Still a better rig than 95% of us in the pad :P

      2. Westw00do

        If it makes you feel like that I'll willingly have it 😄

    91. Guiseppe Falzarano

      But you can buy a proper race car for that kind of money and get on your way to a real F1 car

    92. mikey08857

      God you Europeans have such awesome things. I will never experience something like this in the US. I love F1 and lewis hamilton is my guy. I'd rob a bank for this opportunity lolol. But I would wanna try the gt cars

      1. mikey08857

        @Westw00do lolol yeah i have my own 3 monitor sim rig with head tracker that takes up my living room space in my apartment or flat as you guys call it but nothing like this. Its extremely hard and expensive to get into real racing here. Long years ago I tried to get sponsors but that is also near impossible here too. So Sim Iracing is as close as i can get. I do have a car that is capable (modified 2013 Hyundai Veloster) but its like $600 for track time in VIR the closest track to me. So just have take care of this need for speed in front of my computer by sim racing and watching your videos lol.

      2. Westw00do

        They have simulators in America 🤣

    93. mulgerbill

      I don't recall the Brabham BT20 running flappy paddle shifting...

    94. hermit

      Every one gangsta till car flips upside down

    95. SlacKerZ1 zzz

      I dream to drive on the the F1 sim.

    96. Russell Notestine

      Crazy cool.

    97. Jonathan Bradbury

      I'd be in a McLaren M23 from '75 and need a whole load of cheat modes!

      1. Red Bat Racing

        You call that cheat mode? In my day McLaren didn't even have a team, I'd have to drive his cooper climax T66!

    98. Blame USA

      no you just need to grow up

    99. Pipino Chispy