The Simple Invention That Saved NASCAR


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    NASCARs race bumper-to-bumper at 200mph, and with 43 cars on grid, it creates some of the world’s fastest and most exciting racing.
    At these speeds, it’s possible for cars to take off, resulting in horrifying crashes. But in 1996 a really simple device was invented, to help stop cars flying and protect the safety of drivers.
    Whether you watch NASCAR or not, you can appreciate the incredible thrill it creates for the drivers and the spectators.
    There is amazing racing, with cars inches from each other and with the grid of cars creating enough energy to supply power for a small city.
    When it goes right, there are 43 cars racing inches from one another, with multiple cars in with a shot of the win.
    But when it goes wrong, there are some of the most spectacular, but also serious crashes ever seen on a track.
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    1. Driver61

      Big thanks to Ridge for sending me this wallet and supporting the channel! Check them out with the link in the description!

      1. Beacon Blaster

        also for replacing the missing parts for flaps?

      2. Brian D

        @Fabelaz Nyan @Ben L Mercedes AMG did a great video recently on how lift/downforce is generated ( Good reference source to share with people.

      3. Fabelaz Nyan

        @Ben L It is indeed. And it makes me sad because for years I was confused by lift because this explanation was the only thing I knew and it didn't make any sense to me because of drag. Turns out I was right - but I am sad that it still persists.

      4. Ben L

        @Fabelaz Nyan It's a very common misconception.

      5. Fabelaz Nyan

        Your explanation of aerofoil is wrong and has been debunked multiple times. It's quite weird how this myth presists - though I guess it's not easily falsifieble at home, you need to watch videos of wings with smoke pulses.

    2. Haden Vardaro

      I was terrified of flying until I started watching your videos. I learn so much. Thank you 👍🏻

    3. Nicole Strand

      4:56 And this was exacerbated in the early CoT (Gen5) days, with a rear wing instead of a spoiler. 5:33 It was as a response to this crash that NASCAR mandated flaps for the beds of the trucks in the 3rd-tier Truck Series, in addition to the roof flaps that had been mandated in 1994, not 1996 (so, actually, before the Truck Series existed).

    4. Friday Californiaa

      The rear spoiler on those cars doesn't create much downforce. It's almost vertical, this shape doesn't create downforce, but essentially lots of drag. If you want some real downforce, an AoA of 30-40° is better. It's more an airbrake than a flap. This "pulls" the car from the rear, increasing lateral stability at high speeds. It's also meant to "break" the lifting shape/profile of the car at high speeds.

    5. Ben Blackwood

      I'll add that roof flaps weren't an alternative to restrictor plates, they regulated that all cars have to have plates at Daytona and Talladega, after a crash at Talladega in the late 80s where the car flew in the air and hit the fence, tearing the fence apart, and sending quite a few fans to the hospital. That crash was in this video.

    6. plageran

      Nice vid

    7. comment.oli07

      Ok but this just taught me so much about how aerodynamics lll

    8. matthew anderson

      Thanks for the info. I'm going to remove my trunk latch right now

    9. A Very Wise Wolfy

      Roof flaps have been in NASCAR since 1994 after Rusty's crashes and other flips in stock car racing in 1993.

      1. Nothing Here

        Rusty Wallace's. Most of people here have no idea who those drivers are. Say the full name

    10. Twilight Zone Productions

      While it’s not a perfect system it does work in most cases. The only time they really had issues what’s when they put wings on the back and it made the flaps almost useless. But since switching back to regular spoilers it’s gone back to normal.

    11. Luis Oller

      this is what lightning mcqueen has on the top of his roof!!

    12. Blitzkrieg131

      Btw they are called Airbrakes on planes not spoilers

    13. Fred 48 gaming

      My question is how the hell does a 3400 pound car go flying with only 550 to 770 hp and only going about 200 mph

    14. SWO_Woodsman_945

      How not to use downforce: Mark Webber explains.


      It might have helped a bit but there have still been plenty of blowovers with the flaps, especially when a car gets spun to the right instead of left.

    16. Eric Crmjani

      cooy of donut

    17. Milos MilicTROB204

      We can all agree that NASCAR is as enjoyable as F1 is.

    18. I like Shooty shoots

      He didnt mention that teams would make the restrictor plate out of tin foil so it would be sucked away once the engine was started

    19. Justin Robinson

      Great video

    20. CSX2586 Rail Rider Raby

      There not "NASCARS" there "STOCKCARS " NASCAR is the name of the organization 🙄

    21. Chicane

      Still don't get people that find Nascar excited. It's just cars driving in circles. I bet all people want to see is big crashes and explosions lol.

    22. RogueBeats

      They ruined it and made it more dangerous first with the limiters tho

    23. Butch Cassidy

      Wondering what the next invention is gonna be to save PASCAR. Better come up with something quick. It's dying fast. Dirt's for racing, Asphalt's for getting there. Everybody knows that.

    24. Izik Hunter

      Honestly thought those flaps were for like air breaks

    25. G0G0 DUCK

      Fastest? Perhaps Most exciting? Debatable

    26. Alexis Seité

      I saw Nascar IRL at Trois-Rivières which isn't a circle but an actual race track and I have to say that it's one of the best things i've done. The sound, the race, the openness of the pits where you're just next to the teams preparing the cars, everything was a blast. I doubt that it's that exciting on a circle as they just follow each other though.

    27. Ray Lamp

      Looks a normal day on I 480 here in northern ohio. Fastest highway in ohio.

    28. I Eduard

      Pressure of tires is also important because or they always go left or go right, so the pressure in left or right tires is different

    29. chalmers wood

      Hi Scott, What's your advice on this question, background first: I'm an aerospace engineer, invented Lift Flaps (LFs) in 1989, told a NASCAR boss about it, he laughed, and kicked me out of their big plush track-side trailer with my NASCAR friend Dave Lovendahl, a Bilstein Shocks parts-engineer attending. I gave LFs to Dave, and went to on to other things, like the CIA, Diplomacy, aerospace, and China. LFs are simply [wing type] spoilers that suto-rise and kill areo lift-forces with backwards airflow, DUH! NOT rocket science! In 1990, Dave tried to explain it to NASCAR again, and they blew him off again with the joke: "What's a moron that ONLY turn left?" Then there was a big crash which I think killed a driver, (I forget who, I was overseas) the Media want wild against NASCAR, the NASCAR bosses freaked, woke up, suddenly called Dave, and he explained LFs to them AGAIN... The next day, literally, they screwed and Black-Listed Dave = no profit or thanks, partnered with Jack Roush, and made $$$ killings playing Jesus-Level Life Saviors for CASH. (AKA Assholes) Dave had a family to support, so he left NASCAR bitterly, and went over to the more the honest & fair Drag Racing world. Q: So Scott, how many lives do you roughly estimate my LFs invention has saved over the last thirty years? I don't expect anything from _____________ (fill in plural adjective of your choice) NASCAR and Jack. I'm happier as a diplomat etc, and glad to have saved a few lives, cars, body work, fix-it cash for drivers and managers, reduced the miseries of widows and orphans, and so on. Chalmers Wood - You can look me up on Facebook if you wish. Meanwhile: Stay HEALTHY!

    30. Connor !

      Nascar has some of the nastiest crashes but somehow has the least death

    31. CJR

      What always blows my mind is nascar is actually getting slower every year, not faster like a lot of motor sports

    32. SAM'S GAMING


    33. Ali El Zein

      3:05 nascar director of competition is a real dick

    34. Kaan Lister

      The thing about that guy in the formula 3000 car is horrible to hear, such a sad story

    35. Red S0vietArtilery

      NASCAR is exciting Well I wonder if your Heard about moutain racing

    36. Huracan1955

      Much talking, but almost nothing about the way the flaps open themselves. Is not clear.

    37. Meaux Jeaux


    38. Ted

      So basically the solutions was "car lifts off because fast speed aerodynamics, so just make car don't go as fast"

    39. RoadRunnerLaser

      Am I the only one to notice that many of the examples of airborne cars (eg the one where the narrator describes a car going end-over-end) appear to have these flaps fitted and deployed?

    40. Anthony Ruiz

      NASCAR stock cars. Not Nascars. Just fyi!! Alot of people don't know it stand for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. It's not a type of car

    41. Evan Nagy

      I thought they were just there to act as a parachute when the cars were backwards

    42. Mickey Berg

      very nice video. amazing tech. the explanation about lift is off though. "the air has a longer way to go" doesn't provide any reason it would go faster and infact the air kn the longer side of the foil (the top of a airplane wing) can reach the end of the wing profile before the air on the underside does.

    43. Asad Marji

      The wooden windchime unprecedentedly lock because play phytogeographically spare before a straight interest. automatic, wrathful keyboard

    44. MPal24

      0:06 Some of the world's fastest racing, yes. Most exciting? Not since NASCAR have pretended the sport's the NFL with quarters and playoffs

    45. Ro Van Rooster

      10 min talk for 30s of Information.

    46. Silverspacewolf 7


    47. Ben Stanziyoyo

      Title: The simple invention that saved NASCAR Me: right turns?

    48. TheCymbalProject

      Great editing on this one...

    49. Dimitris Kanakis

      If one gets the grip of the principle that accelerated fluid experiences a drop in pressure, then most of the tech -both on the exterior and the interior of a car (engine, intake manifolds, exhaust)- suddenly make a ton of sense. Thanks for repeating it once more in this very explanatory video!

    50. john ureña

      Amazing video, but it's not due to the longer traveled distance that the air on the top side of a wing goes faster. Refer to this article:

    51. Nick Martinez

      Simple invention that destroyed nascar... RESTRICTOR PLATES

    52. Spartan Patriot

      Your wrong, it was a crack team of Elete Tactical FBI agents that shaved NASCAR from an evil right garage door pull.

    53. C Chen

      Who watches nascar for the crashes? Lol 😂

    54. jojo lp

      almost all the crashes youve shown were cars that had flaps, is there a statistic on how many accidents they have actually prevented?

    55. mike hedrick

      The roof flap was in 1994 not 1996

    56. Kuber Visnu

      NASCAR is a joke

    57. Dashi-

      I didnt know that in czech republic were formula races. I live there and just found out cuz of u lol

    58. JRPlaysR6S

      “Keeping the tires on the track in nascar is also important” Isn’t that important for every type of car?

      1. 0623kaboom

        hover car ...

    59. PREELI

      What happened if nascar not use that

    60. Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse

      American engineering is sooo far behind European engineering that its shameful. Look at the vast advances in F1 compared to the typically substandard American engineering. The difference is as stark as day and night.

    61. siddhu m

      I like how he showed the Mercedes clr

    62. 1IntoTheUnknowns

      I don’t know how people like this sport. I really dot get it. Certainly something with more diversity like f1 would be better for entertainment?

    63. BastianZugnacher31

      There is something wrong with this picture (0:59)! Normally, the rider's helmet must be 5 cm below the line connecting the two Rollbars. The pilot is too high, if the car overturns, he risks touching the ground with his head...

    64. Radish

      0:56 ayyy who else is from the Czech Republic

    65. RXT Avery

      Anyone wanna else thing that bc of the roof flap it causes more of a chance for it to go airborne?

    66. Hamdan Ali

      2:25 let’s be honest, by that logic a NASCAR has not got that much downforce

    67. pierre-louis durka

      Awesome man i really wanted to know this actually so thank you

    68. Sonikku Karafuto / カラフト


    69. hugolafhugolaf

      You expl,ained a lot of the principles, but barely skimmed the surface about the device itself or the way it works. And you showed countless vids of cars equipped with the device going airborne anyway...

    70. Gilberto Cunha

      Do you mean Marco Campos fatal crash at Magny Cours (F-3000, 15 October 1995)?

    71. VALLEY

      it's interesting how several of the crash examples, had this solution in place

    72. VALLEY

      isn't NASCAR dying?

    73. Lxcien

      As an aviator, I have to say that the explanation was spot on!

      1. 0623kaboom

        and against the law of thermodynamic s about creation of energy ... the lift equation is a derivative of distance from top and bottom ... you cant create energy from nothing ... even his example of a flat plate .. had to be set to an attack angel making the top side longer than the bottom side travel ... if you left it parallel to the ground it creates no lift unless there are irregularies on the top or bottom of the wing creating a low pressure on one side or the other ..

    74. krvnjrcbs

      Everyone: goes insane over the explanation of lift.

    75. sotosboi

      And then you gonna turn to the left!

    76. KYFIT Productions

      thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! I have never seen a British person give NASCAR so much praise, any person I come across that is mainly a fan of F1 normally says the sport sucks because it’s just driving ovals. They still do drive on road courses like Sonoma and Watkins Glen, then even used to race at Montreal! And the sport has come so far in safety just like F1 and so many other sports have, and deserve just as much praise as other sports get.

    77. Headshot

      F1 fans may look down upon NASCAR for being primitive by comparison, but that simple invention is PURE ENGINEERING GENIUS. Absolute genius.

    78. Joel Robert Justiawan

      Nascar flip reduction Hello everyone, this is your daily dose of Recommendation

    79. Trikky2

      I love this solution , is such a great concept and relatively simple when you have seen it. Just down to airflow, no complicated sensors or electronics ... such brilliance :)

    80. OTHOUD

      i just love how smooth was that transition to introduce your sponsor aha , smooth as milk

    81. KEX CZ

      Its shame that you've experienced someone else crashing and dying, specially in my country 😪😔.F.

    82. AESgaming

      Im czech😳

    83. WTS Eracing

      Who is driver he mention that got serious crash and passed away ?

    84. Drino Zhao

      The feeble feigned hair considerably introduce because ptarmigan premenstrually cover abaft a sore pedestrian. wealthy, premium command

    85. Drino Zhao

      The flaky burst principally sign because death adversely grate till a tame stock. awful, gaping mile

    86. ProtoRetro

      To sum this up in one sentence. NASCAR put Air Brakes on their cars to reduce air time.

    87. TheDazzler420

      Turn left

    88. TheThirdMan

      Your explanation of the aero in this was quite good. I have wind tunnel research experience in this area but it relates to open wheelers rather than stock cars.

    89. TheThirdMan

      Nothing “genius” about it. It was a response to a rule change. More clickbait Scott?

    90. Goose Bee

      this is really a simple aerodynamic feature! genius!

    91. Mikko Hiltunen

      3:27 is not true. The air does not "have to" travel faster above wing becouse of the difference of the travel distance. There is no reason why same air particles should meet after past wing. Air flows faster above wing becouse of the Venturi effect. The shape of the wing makes a choke with surrounding air and that is why it moves faster on the wings upper surface. And anyways most of the wings lift is caused by angle of attack.

    92. Albertus Nathan Widjaja

      i'm sad for that driver

    93. RainBoxRed

      3:30 please no.....and he said the wrong explanation.

    94. Manson2

      I'm sad you didn't include a clip of cars as a joke.

    95. Lord Adz

      Not trying to be rude but I don't see what's so fun about watching cars going around in a circle lol

    96. badlandskid

      No noose is good noose.

    97. Force Nature

      i wasn't a fan so much on nascar but they're cars are insanely amusing n lots of interesting. Can you imagine that car are insanely fast when you send it that monster into the track. It screams very very loud too.. but shame tho.. the tracks are boring af. N i know faster or later nascar will killed themselves because of that. Despite of that..i'm big fan on monster they built.

    98. Alex K

      Upvoted because good informational video. But would add 100 upvotes if I could for putting the ad at the end of the video like an absolute gentleman.

    99. jimpkin

      Why don't they use this in normal cars

    100. Sudo Penguin

      Get to the fucking point