5 Tricks F1 Drivers Use To Go FASTER


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    What Techniques do F1 drivers use to go so fast? How can they be so quick whilst also being consistant? In this video a Pro-Driver and Coach breaks it down!
    It may look pretty tranquil most of the time onboard an F1 car, but there’s actually a lot of technique going on. I’m Scott Mansell and I’ve been lucky enough to drive over 25 F1 cars and in today’s three-minute techniques, I’m examining 5 things F1 drivers do to be faster on track.
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    Trail braking is the gradual release of brake pressure as you enter a corner. It means the driver can control the balance of grip, between the front and rear on corner entry. The goal is to use 100% of all four tyres grip, all the way into a corner.
    Two, turning away from fast corners before they turn in. Sounds strange, but drivers will often turn slightly away from a corner before they turn in, so they can load up the relatively soft walled tyre smoothly.
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    00:00 3-Minute Technique - Episode 1
    00:16 One -Trail Braking
    00:54 Two - Turning Away From Fast Corners
    01:10 Three - Changing Brake Bias
    01:57 Four - Vision
    02:21 Five - Using a Time Delta

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      "Formula 1 isn't racing, they just use computers to race their cars" - Some Nascar fan I heard lmao

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      In ALL my years of watching F1 and I cannot recall seeing any driver lock up the rear tires - excluding panic 4 wheel locking breaks, of course. If you know of any, please give the year, race and minutes in of the GP please.

    15. Henrik Olander

      About break bias. Can they shift balance between left and right? (and some follow up questions). - Would it make sense? - To complicated to implement? - To complicated to handle? - Is it allowed? Thanks for great videos!

      1. Worstplayer

        It's not allowed. McLaren used it in 1997 ("fiddle brake"), but it was quickly banned.

    16. Scott Baker

      I'd imagine turning away from corners before turning in will be a hard habit to kick with the new 18in rims. Not gonna have that soft tire wall anymore

    17. harrapino

      I'd love to see a video on 'What brake bias you should set for a particular corner'

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    28. Bob Thompson

      I do all of these things while driving around the city. Lmao. Even time delta when going to and from places iv been to many times before.

    29. JakobusVdL

      You highlight the importance of trail braking, but I think there are a bunch of factors that make it incredibly difficult to do that effectively in an F1 car. The aero load and balance on the car change as it slows and changes direction, the tyre load and grip changes as the wheels patter over bumps and in response to suspension reaction. Add to that the fact the braking periods are normally very short, the drivers are being pushed and pulled by high g forces, and the tyres are wearing lap by lap. The ability of the drivers to process all of that, and have the finesse to lap consistently close to the limits of the cars performance, and even race each other, is mind boggling. Can you give us a video on just how high the mental capacities of the top drivers are, where the limits of this might be? And maybe some of the signs of capabilities of the great F1 drivers, compared to the merely excellent drivers who get to F1.

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      What F1 drivers do to be faster: 5 stuff What F1 players do to be faster: Mode 3 Overtake Mode

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      6. Lower your head into more aerodynamic position


      i release my brakes slowly then accelerate slowly in gran turismo 1 which makes me 10 x more op than the AI

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      Point No.2 Turning away from the Corner before entering, you can see perfect in Hockenheim Turn 1. DTM Cars for example make this Move very huge, and i think F1 Cars do this also in that one Corner. This is a Move who is standard in Go Cart driving. In German this Move is called "Anstellen".

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      1. cab


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      Really enjoy your videos, Scott! Could you do one on how F1 drivers or just race car drivers in-general drive differently to manage tyres in the race? For ex. Perez, Hamilton, Kobayashi, Button are known to be great at tyre management. How do they do it from a driving style perspective and/or car setup? Thanks.

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      1. MMedic

        The safety car or VSC time delta is different than your own, regular time delta. When you're racing normally, the "time delta" is your current lap time, compared to your best. When there's a safety car out, the time delta shown in most games is the time delta compared to that of the safety car.

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