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    Welcome to a new series, Track Evolution, where we show the incredible innovation from F1 over the years. Showing how F1 engineering, cars and tracks have evolved.
    We’re going to walk you through the engines from each decade of F1, as well as pick out the key innovations that have got us to today - where F1 has some of the most efficient engines on the planet.
    So, how have F1 engines changed over the years? Which of them was the most powerful? And what breakthroughs have made it into today’s engines?
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    The 1950s F1 cars used all sorts of engines, from custom-built inline 4s, to pre-war v8s. The only regulations were a limit on engine displacement, 4.5L if it were Naturally Aspirated and 1.5L if you fitted a supercharger.
    They produced around 425 horsepower, meaning they produced 94 horsepower per litre. Oh, and keep an eye on that number throughout this video.
    In 1954, they tightened restrictions and only allowed 2.5 litres, naturally aspirated engines - cutting power to 290 horsepower. However, the teams got creative with engine layouts - keeping efficiency comparatively high. [116HP/L]
    These were some of the best years for variety in F1, if you looked through the grid, they were running inline 4s and 8s, V12s and 16s and even a huge V-twin!
    However, all of them were incredibly heavy, meaning the cars produced huge understeer - forcing the drivers to neutralise this by mostly drifting around corners.
    This was also the decade when F1 first used mid-mounted engines with the Cooper T43. This got rid of the massive understeer the front-mounted engines produced, as they placed the centre of gravity further back in the car - naturally creating a more oversteery balance.

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    1. Driver61

      What do you think to the new series? I was blown away by that H16 engine! Also, join us next Saturday where I am going to be driving an F1 car around the Nordschliefe for 24 hours straight! We are raising money for charity, you can find out more here!

      1. John Reader

        @AndyFromBeaverton Thanks to the sympathetic driving style of Jim Clark the H16 BRM engine did win one GP - at Watkins Glen - in 1966. It was fitted to a Lotus (43) which was derived from their Indy chassis as the engine and gearbox was way too big for the conventional F1 Lotus chassis at that time. Colin Chapman was using the H16 engine under licence but had to borrow a spare unit from the BRM team after Clark used their last remaining unit in qualifying (that sort of camaraderie wouldn't happen today). There are a couple of these H16 engines on static display at the Caister Castle Car Collection in Norfolk. One is fitted to a BRM F1 car from '66 or '67 and the second is on a stand next to a Lotus 33 (R14), the last of the 33's.

      2. Robert Turtle

        I grew up in a town near Monza. In 1985 I went to the track with my dad to watch the Saturday quali session. From 2-3 km away I could hear the engines roaring. It was impossible to stand next to the track without ear protection. When a car would reached the end of a straight, the downshift sounded like small explosion. The sound was massive. It's hard to believe the current engines with their vacuum cleaner sound are better than those 1980s engines.

      3. Lobo Zumbi

        awsome !

      4. Henrik

        Love this!! Can we have a evolution of tyres / tires throughout the years? :)

      5. Geoff Pennie


    2. Lander Viguera

      You can say whatever you want about their efficiency....but those hibrid engines dont sound like the glorious V10´s.....

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    4. John Stained

      how the hell did you miss the switch to v8s from 2006-13????

    5. John Abbott

      What happened to the 2.4 V8 era? Missed that entirely! Instead claiming that KERS was fitted to 3L V12's in 2009?????

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    8. Sasquatch 2001

      Awesome format, quick informative and awesome visuals!!! 8:50 main safety device was "no seatbelts so you can jump out in a crash..." 8:52 fastest refueling stop ever recorded in F1!

    9. Roadstar Delta

      The V10 era was the pinnacle of F1. Real racing, awesome sound.

    10. ace

      "massive v8's" mfw how's 2.4L massive

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    12. Yeolde GamerSteve

      I love most F1 engines, of course the godlike DFV is my #1 but I love others too. Well, anything apart from the hybrid crap we have now :(

    13. The Famous ECCLES

      For me personally please slow down your explanations as I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer!, otherwise brilliant!!👏

    14. D4Real

      i stumbled upon this channel and i fucking love it. im not even an f1 fan really, but i love learning about the engineering so this is all highly interesting. I did see the drive to survive show on netflix and that has gotten me interested in the actual racing as well, but i doubt i will be sitting down and watching the races any time soon. the drama from that show is really fun to watch tho.

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    16. don bon

      technology eh this guy cant draw go back to school and use paper and pencils

    17. don bon

      todays f1 is so shit they may as well go electric or do i mean scalextric with all the computers linked up to it and be driverless porn for elon musk

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    20. Carsten

      6:35 This point is not 100% accurate. They are not using a pneumatic valve train but pneumatic valve springs which are still be activated by a regular cam shaft. The system you have showed in the video is a complete cam free fully pneumatic system called freevalve and is used by koenigsegg. This system as far as i know is not capable of doing the needed rpms but has a lot of other benefits.

    21. Sean

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      I see, F1 engines are downsizing. Can't imagine a 4cyc in-line engine replacing a V6cyc one day in the future.

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    25. Stevie Huppenbauer

      you forgot to say that the new V6's sounds like a piece of shit.

    26. Guy Why

      V10 was best

    27. Tcmtech

      If they really wanted to reduce the power of those engines all they would've had to do was make them emotions compliant. Burn twice the fuel will making half the power as before in order to 'save the planet from evil fossil fuels.' 😋

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      You need to brush up on the 50s and 60s. Lots of inaccuracies.

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      Water injection isn't for cooling the engine, it's to create more power from charge cooling and steam pressure.

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      Very accurate explanation of f1 evolution.

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      I only recently learned modern F1 cars are hybrids. Which led to an interesting rabbit hole of research on F1 engines and regulations. This video seemed to sum up most of that pretty well in an entertaining and fairly easy to comprehend format.

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      I was going to ask abou H16 engines and why thet don't use this engine format nowdays, but 3:27 was very enlightening.

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    50. Tim Ramich

      There was an evolution up to the point of the high-revving naturally-aspirated v8 and v10 engines, and after that it's been a de-evolution. The people who come up with F1 rules are stupid. Trying to make an even playing field, being "green."

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      Now imagine how amazing F1 today would be with all the efficiency we already have, but ditch the idiotic restrictions

      1. Dylan Nix

        @Alex Formula 1 hasn’t been about that for ages, and even if it were to become a problem you could just mandate the heavier safety equipment as the engines would be more powerful anway

      2. Alex

        @Dylan Nix No I’m saying the cars would be too dangerous. I don’t think people understand the point isn’t to make the most powerful car, it’s to make the fastest cars while keeping the drivers safe.

      3. Dylan Nix

        @Alex People would die when you got rid of restrictions put in place to “protect” the environment?

      4. Alex

        People would die lmao.

    57. ericgelders

      Now, talking about evolution, with regard to engine efficiency, it would be interesting to see how fuel consumption evolved over this era, compared to the specific power output used in the video.

    58. Hugh golo

      Awful lot of errors and omissions in this video. Sometimes in your narration, sometimes in the text. Also the cars shown didn’t always match the engine era.

    59. Illegal Opinions

      Cool series. I hate that the FIA decided to try and make garbage rules to force car manufacturers to drop development of proper engines. Nobody needs a rubbish Hybrid engine. An engine is a machine. If it can't produce it under its own power it's not producing that power. I would say it's wrong to say today's 1.6L F1 cars produce 1,000 HP. They are worse than older cars, more boring, and sound like an Aygo being thrashed around the estate.

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      Great stuff. Commentary shade too rapid for me. Yes, would love to see more in depth details. For instance such as detailed working diagrams how those valves are opened and shut pneumatically to allow engine speeds up to 20,000 rpm and beyond. Engine revs on some Grand Prix Motor Cycles exceeded 20,000rpm even back in the 1960s. I also have in mind the little 3-cylinder 50cc ~ yes, 50cc used by Honda which reportedly revved to 25,000 rpm. I saw and heard some of these 50cc machines racing back then. At the far side of the tracks out of sight, sounded like someone had kicked over a Hornets Nest. Also saw and heard the H16 on a demonstration run. Yes, more of the same please will be most welcome. For many Motor Racing enthusiasts, there's much of interest with these machines both when on or just as interestingly off the tracks in the workshops and design rooms. This aspect is for this enthusiast a MASSIVE void in current TV Motor Sport coverage. More mechanical content and less "personality" coverage needed.

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      V10s were the best sounding engines. The era between 98-2006 was the best f1 you would ever see. Not only did the cars sound good, they looked nice as well as way more openness between development of cars then what we see of today's f1 cars.

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