How Lewis Hamilton Dominates In The Wet


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    Lewis Hamilton is incredible in wet conditions.
    In fact, until last year’s German Grand Prix, Hamilton was unbeaten in rain-affected races since 2014.
    Think about that for a second. That’s five years of winning in wet conditions. And even in last year’s crazy race at Hockenheim, where another rain master went on to win, he was leading until he ran wide into everyone’s favourite place to crash that day.
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    Granted, in recent years he’s mostly - probably always - been in the best car, but rain does level the playing field somewhat, reducing the advantages of a dominant car, and shifting more responsibility on the driver’s skill.
    The stakes are higher in the wet, with every input from the driver needing absolute precision. A mistake in dry might only cost you a few tenths of a second, but in the wet could send you into the barrier.
    It’s in these incredibly difficult races, where conditions are mixed up, that can make the difference in a championship bid.
    If Hamilton gets it right he’s closer to another championship and further confirmation he’s one of the greats, or get it wrong, and a potential championship win might slip by.
    So what is Hamilton doing differently inside the cockpit and how does he maintain such pace in the wet?
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    00:00 How Hamilton Is So Good In The Wet
    01:14 Incredible Braking Skill
    04:17 Precise Feel For Grip
    06:20 Driving the Wet Line
    07:39 Square Racing Line
    08:50 The Hamilton Style
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    1. sonicstep

      You over analyse. His secret is RC Rally X (rallycross)/off-road racing.

    2. SALGShaka

      He is not only one of the great but he is the greatest

    3. King Kenny

      hamilton is wet!

    4. Moze jaguar

      I recommended this channel to a pal who did not understand F1 now he is a massive Daniel and Max fan he can't get enough of now he understands the science of F1

    5. Bestwill Chongong

      Watching that Vettels crash in Germany still hurts 😭

    6. Sandertu

      Your grip vs speed chart is wrong way. your speed increases to the right "arrow to the right" But the values increase to the left On the right 30mph on the left 200mph. Your chart should have the lowest values in the bottom left and highest in the top right. Or the bottom axis flipped.

    7. Smokey Yunick

      Just hitting a puddle can throw you off track in a GT Car like in PC2 but F1 has a bit more downforce, sponsored by zig zag rolling papers MMJ Much, I wish I could pick up 2 seconds a lap somehow I’m currently qualifying 2 secs behind the best drivers in the world

    8. Adnan Amin

      Rain is the great equalizer.

    9. Its OURS

      Hamilton first race impressed everyone,but years later people hate him,imagine if people impressed by Russell merc but years later hes hated because dominating like hamilton too...


      Senna was better

    11. John Briggs

    12. LastName LastName

      Everybody knows why. It is only the fan boys whose don't admit what they know as well.

    13. Calvin Wiggam

      You deserve way more attention and subs. I cant believe a teenage girl on tik tok gets millions and you only have a couple hundred thousand. Its not fair. The information you give out, you make it extremely entertaining and also incredibly informative. And for free? Well you are just a good guy. You really deserve so much more, I am praying for you. I am learning so much and trying tk become better. I race 4 cycle karts in America i dont know if thats too good haha. Really would love to meet you someday. Know you are very special and deeply appreciated, thank you. Also! A video about you driving when you were younger and especially the f1 car at 17 i think would be cool. Maybe videos of your karting days? Thanks

    14. Hardware Mentor PK

      Yeah he got out qualified by Stroll in Turkey

    15. 999 Ali

      Much like Justin Boston used to . Lolzzzz. 😁😁😁😁😁 which F1 did he used to watch.

    16. 999 Ali

      How you going to compare Lewis to Jensen butthol. Seriously Jenson Button never been fast in the wet only had one race and now you compared to Lewis White hope loser

    17. Salla Moussa

      Revealing Hamilton secrets

    18. Kuma Flamewar

      "i remember when i first drove an F1 car at the age of 17..." dat flex though.

    19. Boomify

      my guy didnt blink the whole vid except the end

    20. D M

      Hamilton is great in the wet. Until Verstappen just drives past him, on the outside of a bend.

      1. h

        That’s why Hamilton won in Turkey and Verstappen spun behind Perez, right?

    21. Rhys Dodd

      I would say max is the king in the wet.

      1. john cale

        king of what?

    22. FPL Asssist

      Hamilton is prolly one of the best in rainy conditions but honestly this Mercedes is fully suited for any conditions. I rmb him in Korea 2010 with a Sharper Mclaren he was poor in the wet

      1. john cale

        Depends on set up too - even lewis looks poor in the wet with the wrong set up

    23. Lachlan & Jeanie Wolfe

      EVERYONE on the grid look like amatures in the wet compared to Kimi... Those that actually watch F1 races all the way through will know Hamilton really isn't that great in the wet...

    24. Anon Ymous

      I TOTALLY misread the title😂🤣😂🤣

    25. Scott S

      He is very good no doubt..But how does he compare to the records set by Ayerton Senna?, ( R.I.P, losing his life far too early.)

    26. MotoChriss

      The same as he does when dries - has the fastest and the most powerful car. The car so good that you can drop in a Russell in and he's immediately a winning contender. Not that it always helps as Hamilton was fairly squarely beaten in wet by a rookie in backfield car who later became a WC despite never having the fastest and the most powerful car.

      1. john cale

        When was that?

    27. So then I was like

      Me: Imagining my mx5 doing 120mph Driver61: A little lockup in my F1 car

    28. Joe Chungus

      This guy has literally done everything I want to

    29. Sebastian Camia

      Yea yea bla bla until Max comes to play... He wins mostly because of the car, lets face it guys; half of the paddock can win an F1 tournament with a Mercedes..

    30. Taynara Fagundes

      Max is better in the rain the merc is so easy to drive

      1. h

        The Mercs are not easy to drive. Even Niki Lauda said that.

    31. Shaurya Singh

      "Lewis Hamilton is incredible in wet conditions." Noice Lewis ;))

    32. visionsofpromise

      I'm only watching this as a training video to help me shave off seconds as a Fedex driver

    33. FromZeroToDriftHero

      but does he really ?

    34. manoffayth

      Is this the guy that claims to fight for the environment but drives a race car, has multiple super cars that burn a gallon of gas, and drives a boat while taking a video where he says he's by himself with know technology and just his thoughts despite the cameraman and his phone? We live in a world of clout seeking morons who we idolize and want to be...... Why?

    35. PhenomStaR

      Amazing video by someone who understands the science behind driving 👍👏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤💯

    36. blueconcretezebra

      Why wouldn't he be good in the wet, he's from Essex.

      1. john cale

        Stevenage is in Hertfordshire

    37. Diëgo Kartodikromo

      So you’re saying Max is better than Lewis? But why Lewis winning? Wasn’t it portemao?

    38. HistoryGeek

      I just realised at 3:38 i am abke to hear the sound of the car and hear it shift without audio😆 how epic

    39. Kelly Oubre Jr.

      Vettel > Hamilton in the wet anyday

    40. hugolafhugolaf

      So basically, same reasons he's good in the dry. If you don't have 9 minutes 39 seconds, that's the gist of it.

    41. Paolo paolo

      Any one with Mercedes would be a winner , Russell demonstrated just that

    42. Rients Dijkstra

      Verstappen is the best rain driver. In Brazil in 2016 he overtook and was a lot faster then everyone including Hamilton! And if the race had been a few laps longer, he would also have overtaken him

      1. john cale

        He didnt overtake Lewis - he spun out trying to keep up - Lewis won that race easily.

    43. M Vnk

      Schumacher 96 Spain GP

    44. Rhy

      "Except for Verstappen" I would love to see a video about Max's driving style, especially how it differs from Hamilton and Botas.

    45. aloof

      Great video title

    46. sentinal

      he could win 10 titles but will never be as good as ayrton senna

    47. mircea miclos

      Not convinced at all. Easy to do it with a car 2 seconds faster than the rest. Germany 2019 was all over the place. Perez , Kimi , even Stroll are good on wet , to name a few.

    48. obimk1

      F1 cars don't have ABS or "Traction control"

    49. KS KHAS

      Title:Hamilton fast in the wet Me:yea, tell that to verstappen

    50. Feline Prime

      Why so important for everyone to think the WDC is the greatest of all time? You saw a kid who couldn't locate the overtake button duplicate Hamiltons typical performance in this 44 car just a few weeks ago. So is George Russell the SECOND greatest of all time? Watch the DC interview with Jos and Max, go to the last 5 min when Dave asks Max about Lewis. He's pretty spot on with his analysis. He says "Of course Lewis is one of the greatest ever..... he IS in the best car. But he never makes a mistake!......course when you're in front, uncontested it's very difficult to make mistakes, so...I don't know"

    51. Feline Prime

      He dominates in the wet because he always starts from the front row and his team keeps him in front......also I guess I need to say that he's got talent and 30 years of experience. My favorite dumb-ass comment came from a guy who I LOVE to listen to, the greatest commentator of all martin Brundle. He had an off day and not only got stuck in the middle of the Lewis GOAT train but said "We know this Mercedes has trouble fighting through a pack of cars, it's not suited for that! It's Lewis who's not suited for that because he lacks experience in dog fighting. Every lap for him is like quali.

      1. john cale

        Lol - you must be new to F1 if you think Lewis lacks experience in Dog fighting

    52. Muss Honest

      Loooks so hard to get any power down. Just goes to show how bad these cars are in the rain which brings exciting racing. ??Maybe we need to take something from these races and yes maybe do what Bernie said. Add sprinklers to the tracks. Spice up the races on random occasions were tracks are impossible to overtake. Test there skills to the max. See how god they really are. Which in my opinion Lewis always shines and shows his dominance rather than people that slate him.

    53. No Will

      Holy fuck you can tell he's a pro. Spitting knowledge nonstop throughtout the whole video

    54. FBI

      His wife will be happy

    55. Walter King

      Lose is not the best in the rain or the best world champion ever Michael Schumacher was super faster than him and he was king Hamilton his race and nobody

    56. LB One Love

      The young man has skills and is great! Just accept that! Black live and talent matters!

    57. allan hughes

      A good car is usually good in the wet also is it not ?????? Stop putting this chap on the high stool the best driver in the wet as we all know drives a Red Bull.. Well he is in my humble opinion !!! The only advantage in the wet is if your car is under powered and yes then, you might keep up with faster cars in that sense but when it comes to handling etc the fast cars are still in a better position SO in a nut shell this is when driving skill comesin to play if and a big if at that you car produces half the power of your competitor !!! If that makes sense ??

    58. Diëgo Kartodikromo

      That’s why he always says he has to study 📚

    59. promo130

      Hockenheim 2019😂

    60. D R

      Well I mean Vettle before 2014 was absolutely brilliant in the wet. In that era he was probably the best wet driver. But it is Hamilton now cause Vettle enjoys spinning, and the rain makes it more fun 😂.

      1. Toro Loco

        He is most famous for the 2008 Italian gp and bottling 2011 Canadian gp towards the end

      2. Toro Loco

        Really? Name five great wet weather drives from seb in that period

    61. Ardsz

      Ans: The car. Don't need a 10 minute video for this.

    62. Max Poznyak

      There needs to be a stat for Wet Race Wins by Driver . That stat alone should determine who your best drivers are. In the wet , having the fastest car means jack if you can’t control it . I do believe if I’m correct it’s Hamilton,Senna , and Schumacher who have the most wins not sure 100% tho . Anyone know ?

    63. YamsDev

      I don't like Hamilton very much but holy shit is he a good driver. Without a shadow of a doubt he is one of the greatest in the sport; perhaps one of the greatest in any sport.

    64. Petyr Kowalski

      Great analysis. A bit surprised more wasnt said about throttle input, especially in the wet but I guess thats all part of "feel" and a sense of where the grip is. The Turkish GP this year was the best example of Hamiltons abilities vs Bottas, same car, Hamilton made no mistakes and won, yet Bottas spun mutliple times and got lapped by his teammate.

    65. BangTheRocksTogether

      "Sending you to the scene of the accident" Hah! I wish I had said that. (You will, Rocks, you will...)

    66. Job N.

      So he has ABS in his foot

    67. Stacey Norman

      To sum it all up....the Champ is just better than everyone else!

    68. Dutch Rockfan

      That part with the MX-5 is not true. A car has drag, which means it's hitting (air) molecules. If a car is going faster it hit more and if it goes slower it hits less. Now i you are braking then you will have to release it slightly because you are rerucing the amount of molecules you are hitting.

    69. mrthekingofal

      More of these!!

    70. Philipp Beckonert

      : Seeing a graph that has 200 as value in its origin makes my physicist in me go mad with rage. And then to see arrows at the ends of the axis... I have to admit that I died a little. Gotta give that video a straight down vote.

    71. Juan Pablo Rivera

      I too am tired of Lewis' dominance. But watch, when he retires people will miss his brilliance. Say what you will, but he is, in my humble opinion, the most well-rounded driver of all time. Dominates qualy, kills it in the wet, hardly makes mistakes in races.

    72. mw_ 3000

      *''Lewis Hamilton is incredible in wet conditions''*

    73. Phantom Drift

      To put it straight, it's because hes english and we get too much rain over here so hes used to it

    74. Getulio H F

      Hamilton ability to adapt himself on different conditions is really unique, as a complete driver should be. Although many people, including unsuccesful F1 drivers, like to say that the car is better than Hamilton, he's the best driver of all times. The rest are just sour grapes, coming from frustated people.

    75. Niels Vrielink

      max enters the chat

    76. Saman Khaledian

      Because he has a fighter Jet against some slow propeller planes and an underdog to fight with. Lewis is one of the best and definitely the luckiest F1 driver in the history of the sport, Just look at this fighter jet in the hand of a young driver with just 2 days practice. Lando Norris, Alex Albon, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc even Lance Stroll would've perform brilliantly in that situation. In the case of Bottas just go and check 2009 Formula 3 Euro Series and see how poor Jules Bianchi beated him Bottas is an under average driver who is there just for Hamilton. Could you prove me wrong, be my guest.

    77. Thomas Jager

      Maybe eating baby's at breakfast serves the devil even more and he will get even better......

    78. rockychieng88

      Neh, he is overrated, senna is much better.

    79. Vi _XXiV

      Oh we knew this from 6 years ago. Back when he smashed almost everyone on a wet and oily track on OG Top Gear's lapboard.

    80. flanker23

      Sorry mate, comparing Lulu with Schumacher, and trying to promote Lulu with Legends step does not work: Look at your hypocrisy and lack of knowledge: at 1:42 you said both drivers ( Schumacher & Lulu) are able to brake late and harder. First, anyone can brake late and harder, just put a stone on the brake padel and brake late. what Schumacher was known for : feathering and modulating the brakes. This could be seen in many videos, and many great drivers commented on this. By saying Lulu brake like Schumacher, you are insulting Schumacher. Your bias towards Lulu is incredible. Do not believe me? look how your legend performed in Fuji, Japan 2008 start: great brake performance by Lulu. Let's accept it, Lulu is an average driver in an incredible car, which makes him also comfortable in wet. Lulu got so much advantage with the car that he does not need to push to the limit, hence fewer mistakes. you do not believe me? comment on Lulu's carrier during 2009-2013 and you will see I prove my point. remember Canada? Jenson Button was faster than Lulu, now no one says Button is a legend, but Lulu is. I can only laugh on this stupidity.

    81. debi briggs

      I believe Ayrton Senna was a more dominant driver in his time and it would be so much easier to appreciate Lewis's driving skills if he wasn't such a pompous ass...

    82. SpinningSidekick

      So, what yer sayin' is, there's more to racing than smashing the gas and going as fast as you can? Driver 61: 'Details, science, analysis, precision, observation, mathematics, technical application...' Me: "Zoomy car go vroom."

    83. maneki9neko

      This is really well done. I have watched this 3X now, and I keep picking up new bits on each viewing.

    84. Haiasiriku

      love this title lol

    85. Ben Koehler

      Because he drives a Mercedes. I actually was on his side and thought he was better than the rest. Russel just proved to us that it is 90% the car and 10% Lewis. F1 needs to find a way to close the gap between the cars or the sport will die.

    86. Vidbanc

      This doesn't fly anymore. Russel proved Hamilton is irrelevant.

    87. Skippy 4077


    88. The Engineer

      Because w11 thats why

    89. Quackhouse Productions

      Just a shame he flaps his gums so much.

    90. Yfffad Kcud

      Wet weather separates drivers hugely. A great driver has feed back feel right through his body which shows in wet weather He also has machinery empathy. That’s Hamilton

    91. Scott Hurst

      That squared off corner line is very "motocross."

    92. अर्जुन्

      Fact: Hamilton won 9 wet weather GP’s in a row spanning 3/4 years. The streak ended at Germany GP 2019. But yes, he’s so overrated. And Russell ‘is already better than him’ because he beat Bottas.

    93. अर्जुन्

      According to many, George is already better than Lewis.

    94. Lev Uretsky

      You are talking BULL!!! The BETTER car is BETTER in the rain and it's tailored exactly to your style. That half black half white man never ever would win Indy car championships 7 times, 6 of which would be in a ROW. Russel, the last guy out of 20 F1 drivers, beats everybody and totally dominated the field. WHY?!?!? BECAUSE BETTER CAR WINS MORE RACES IN f...king F1 which is not the driver competition but the competition of MONEY bags and expenditures on the car development! The Car is 7 time Champ, not the guy who sued the watch Company, which was established in 1892 asking the Court to prohibit that watch Co. using their name Hamilton. He is the Camp of the pricks the future Knight.

    95. Carbon Crank

      he's completely full of crap. Look at the title of this. He says a lot of interesting things about driving, like you hear from any racing school, but he does NOT explain Lewis. He's not a pro driver he's a youtube business. In short, if it was that easy everybody would be doing it.

    96. Alan C

      Can you do a video of Charles Leclerc’s driving style please?

    97. Noel van Rhyn

      Because he has the fasted car - NO other reason, George Russell has already proved that. No wonder Jackie Stewart does not see Lewis as the greatest driver of all times. Schumie has my vote until one greater than him comes along !

      1. Aff

        Cry more

    98. p80mod

      Mercedes was unbeaten in every car-affected race.

    99. DE E

      Lewis, dominant in the rain!? 😂🤣 No, sorry, Senna Portugal 85, Schumacher Spain 96, Clark Belgium 63 are examples of what you call dominant.

      1. DE E

        @अर्जुन् Maybe you should take a look at the races I mentioned in my comment if your not familiar with them and compare them to Lewis, and you will see what I mean.

      2. अर्जुन्

        Winning 9 rain races in a row like Lewis really is dominant.

    100. A Ademann

      I don't like him! He made F1 boring! He never won with a weaker car, like Vettel or even better like Schumacher, or Sena!

      1. Aff

        Mclaren? Fucking casual