Mercedes' Incredible Wheel Design Stopped Tyres Exploding


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    Mercedes were really struggling to control their tyre temperatures, which isn't good for lap-times, but more importantly, can become extremely dangerous at high speed.
    But as ever, the incredible Mercedes engineers got to work and came up with a radical new wheel design. I'm going to show you how they did it and why it's so different to a normal F1 wheel - a bit like the one I have here from a 2007 Renault F1 Car.
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    For the past few years, Mercedes have had the most dominant car in F1. But in 2018, Ferrari were starting to pose a real challenge, managing to win the first two races with Vettel getting ahead in the championship. It was starting to look like the Mercedes domination was coming to an end.
    So, why is tyre temperature so important in F1? What's it like to manage a set of tires in a race? And, how did Mercedes solve their biggest problem and go on to continue their dominance in F1?
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    00:00 Mercedes' Big Problem
    00:50 Ferrari vs Mercedes
    01:29 Why Save Tyres?
    02:50 How Do Tyres Wear?
    03:41 Changing Driving Style to Save Tyres
    04:28 Mercedes Wheel Design
    05:13 Toe Angle and How It Heats Tyres
    05:41 Why Fins on the Wheel?
    07:41 What if Tyres are Too Cold?
    08:28 How Mercedes Fixed the Problem

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    1. Driver61

      What do you think to these incredible wheel rims?? It's incredible to see the engineering that goes into each and every part of an F1 car!

      1. sadakotube

        I recall there was some concern that these wheels were considered movable aero back in the day

      2. Klaus Stock

        ​@Gaylord Cockburn Formula One is not meant to be the fastest vehicular formula race possible. Essentially, *the races need to convey emotion,* and for that, *we need to able to cheer to a person.* By 2005, F1 cars could easily exceed 400km/h under controlled conditions (not in a real race). Factors limiting the speed are FIA regulation and race track modifications (shorter straights, more curvy). Still, when you see F1 cars "creep" around a corner, they still go at 280km/h. Not a mean feat. When an F1 pilot hits the brakes, the seat belts restrain the person with a force equivalent to the weight of more 0.4 metric tons. When going around a curve, the neck has to keep head on the shoulder despite forces exceeding 25daN. Image attaching a curling stone to your head before going to a hard rock concert and then headbanging, constantly. That's easy...that's not as hard as what an F1 pilot has to endure. The obvious solution would be to replace the pilots with robots. And then you can cheer to a robot instead of a human...but that'll be not as emotionally satisfying. Not quite. Still, I agree that F1 racing nowadays seems to be more about getting around the next year's new regulations than about actual racing.

      3. Nelson Lopez

        I want some of those for my geo metro!

      4. Overcast Friday

        Do they use nitrogen?

      5. kurt Mora

        They literally redesigned the wheel

    2. Alex Alfons

      so they turned the rim into a fan, rally cars have been using this since forever lol

    3. Kathryn McMullen

      Sexy car

    4. Javier Casanova Morrison

      Is this similar to having a blown wheel nut?

    5. Betim Ameti

      Great content!

    6. john pontes

      Is Lewis Hamilton really the best driver? Merc is so good innyhe last few years

    7. john pontes

      I wonder if I would even be capable of making the tyres fail

    8. gopikesh pulimoottil

      You look a lot like kimi 😅

    9. Stefan Pariyski

      7:35 Breaking a boundary layer (BL) is not a thing. Making it transition from a laminar to a turbulent BL causes the increased cooling, that you describe. The BL is still there, it's thickness is even greater, than the laminar one, it just transfers heat better. You could in a sense "break" a BL by having holes in the wall, where you introduce high energy fluid into the BL and accelerate it, but that is not the case here.

    10. The Beast 680

      Normally Mercedes is known for overpriced cars that are no better than normal ones, but in Formula 1 they have really caught up

    11. Nicholas O'Connor

      f1 has such amazing tech, cars and drivers yet is somehow some of the most boring racing to watch.

    12. Alpharius

      If things keep trending this way F1 will become quite akin to stock car racing soon.

    13. Nicole Nera

      FIA shouldn't do that..they constricting the creative and genius minds of the engineers to the tackle those problems..

    14. Sly Carl

      This video just prove even your a mediocre driver if you're in a good team with excellent engineering you can be a champion

    15. Uncle Ned

      So, basically, the tyres have their own climate control. That's very clever!

    16. Sin Eater

      I think it's Tires not tyres...spell ✔️ 😂

    17. Ali Zain ul abideen

      FIA is killing F1

    18. b font

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    19. Felipe Pizano

      F1 has become an Engineer's sport. In the old days, the best driver could stand out with a regular car, nowadays the best car can make a regular driver a top three on the grid.

    20. lx Video Stuff

      why this video includes so many subjects?

    21. Finn Bridgham


    22. Spiral X

      Ferrari,,,are you listening?

    23. Blitz-Mekanika

      So he essentially made the rim a turbo fan🤯.

    24. Rishaan Ag

      The telling headlight provisionally spot because sweatshirt etiologically provide throughout a merciful rise. sloppy, chivalrous sister

    25. Hyperion Jr

      *tires heh

    26. TheThirdMan

      New rules don’t stifle innovation, they stimulate it. Stop moaning about the FIA. They’re just doing their job.

    27. Phil Stiles

      I do not know why this video is over 10 minutes long. Ten seconds is all that is needed to say cooling fins pressed into the rim to increase surface area. Done!🤫

    28. pete tuxford

      Unsubscribing most annoying face

    29. Electricaps

      Trackmania reactor wheels: *nervous sweating*

    30. Jyps Ridic

      The very last clip of a car hitting a wall at the end made a question pop into mind. If a situation were to occur where you came to a dead stop in a way that you could continue driving from, but you could also play off some mechanical failure and leave the race, but either way there was no chance of overtaking the last placed competitor; would it be better to leave the race or finish dead last? Discounting good sportsmanship.

    31. Unscented Napalm

      'literally' x954

    32. Mark B

      Amazing innovation but I think Gordon Murray is on the money with modern F1 engineering. I would love to see what could be!

    33. smartcar demolition derby

      if the FIA banned it, you KNOW it's an innovation!

    34. chapa435ify

      FIA 2025 all participating cars engines and drivers will be homologated and provided by the FIA to entering teams.

    35. dan theman

      every team has little innovations like this not just mercedes. Its just that mercedes are winning so people tend to point out their designs !!!!

    36. Joshy Mitsu

      I blame the french

    37. frenchiveruti

      Your voice sounds robot

    38. Noldo

      Shame that such an incredible technology led to victory of such an a-hole brat ...

    39. Bob Thompson

      When you look at a fighter jets air intake you'll see that there is a gap between the skin of the jet. That's because of boundary layer air and they don't want it into the engine. I think it could stall the engine.

    40. Bob Thompson

      Idk how many rim manufacturers wind tunnel test their wheels but fondmetal says they do. To me though is what way would you want the air to go? In from the outside hitting as much as is possible and directly onto the rotor and calipers? But also putting air under the car (bad). Or pulling air from underneath the car. And HEY MAYBE A NEW FAN CAR IDEA. WOOOOOO but probably not lol. But it is the correct way imho. And also why the brake dust gets on the rims.

    41. Paul Berger

      and a big F-U to the FIA for stifling innovation ONCE AGAIN

    42. krvnjrcbs

      The wheels are cool. But the cars have gotten hideous.

    43. The Car Industry

      I think that’s revolutionary

    44. Misty Boi

      Why couldn't they just make Mercedes rims and supply them then

    45. jax rammus

      What i hate about modern f1 Have a car with a problem, you solve this problem and the governing corp makes a regulation to give universal rims to all teams... eliminating all effort, time and money put into the engineering if they dont fix the problem, and give the other teams the benefit of your labor. Why bother making cool technical rims if the other teams get them through regulations?

    46. Petidani0330

      All these people ranting about how "the evil FIA bans EVERY innovation developed by Mercedes", it's hilarious. The "evil FIA" gave Mercedes all these uncontested wins by the token system between 2014 and 2016, and banned literally everything in and on the Ferrari and Red Bull cars in the following years to give Mercedes the edge. It was about goddamn time that they finally started to turn their attention on the team that has dominated F1 for 7 whole years with an average gap of 1 second ahead of the closest rival. You know guys, these kinds of rulechanges happened every 2-3 years in an era where one team dominated, so this screwing around, letting the dominant team enjoy their lead for more than 6 years is really unprecedented.

    47. Push To Start

      Scott, I’m pretty sure Hamilton’s left front from Silverstone would disagree with you ...

    48. Kinang Eagle

      Hmm yeah. Stop from exploding (until the last lap)

    49. PROMO :!:!:


    50. Professional Gamer

      *Bono, my tyres are gone*

    51. Tommy Douglas

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    52. Abdullah Tarmoom

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    53. Gottlieb Dee

      Surprised this is such a big deal. I'd noticed over the years that a lot of alloys, (most?), that have a turn on their spokes effectively making them vanes, have them such that they draw air through the rim and out away from the car. Mercedes have just refined it.

    54. Alphonse James

      Someday someone will create a better compound than rubber and this will all look so old school in a couple of years.

    55. Nelson Lopez

      damn so much info! thanks

    56. Sport Fanatics

      They also probably just did this so they didn’t have to here “BONO MY TIRES ATE GONE”

    57. Sport Fanatics

      Just casually has a f1 rim

    58. Peter Pan


    59. Ends by Yo mom


    60. Freya Wion

      Bono, my tyres are not gone.

    61. C.G.C

      I'm somehow wary of the German influence on FIA and all the advantages they might have gained out of it.

    62. Jed Lawrence Ulep

      I really admire how you explained the technicality of the wheel aerodynamics. you made the explanation look easy. Cheers mate!

    63. FBI

      Pink Mercedes taking more notes

    64. Anggia Hutabarat

      It's 2 months ago not last week

    65. Colonel Panic

      Did you borrow Major Hardware's water cooled CPU air cooler at 6:59?

    66. Ben Wilms

      Will the FIA just issue a standard whole car, and innovation just become completely illegal. I feel like they're turning unique horses into homogeneous camels.

    67. Space

      5:48 is where the "wheel design" solution is actually explained : /

    68. Jason Stewart

      How do you even manufacture a wheel as complex as that?

    69. Greg Olson

      I’m going to have to watch this twice to really get the physics 😂 I lost you at hot tire means more wear

    70. Cyrill Anicoche

      They literally redesigned the wheel

    71. Sean Crothers

      Not using NITROGEN in tires??

    72. SO Music

      The best f1 channel out there !!! Follow,Sub & Notifications ON

    73. Gwentarino Kripperino lkjdsfa

      why is the FIA so annoying jesus. why would you ban something that makes the car safer?

    74. Lorenzo Bontorin

      Well wasn't this the year where Pirelli changed the tires midseason? Just asking

    75. i_hate_cars

      Contrary to popular belief, it's Mercedes's

    76. Rattus Norvegicus

      0:27 hands still on steering wheel, thumbs compromised re potential injury, during initial impact. Hands only removed from steering wheel after front wheels had impacted tyre wall. Watching one of your vids yesterday, I thought of a design for an item of driver-wear that I believe would increase lap times. Reckon I may be onto something. Will credit you for the inspiration when I have the patent secured and the spondoolies rolling in :)

    77. Deadass Bee

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    78. KipacWF

      Sooo, pay to win?

    79. MagicStick

      5:15 - are u sure? that's camber :)

    80. Louis Bryant

      Formula 1 is boring as fuck now. I want to see drivers going head to head for the win without caring about tyre wear. The FIA should let teams do what they want with their cars, rather than banning new innotivate technology after a few races.

    81. Der Igel

      So what now? Heat the tire or cool it?

    82. Azide Azidoazide

      Where do they find these drivers?

      1. Qaiser The Cuber

        It's started from a 7 year old kid in a go kart I'm not joking

    83. Jessé Steinert Barbiaro

      Are you son or grandson of Nigel Mansell?

    84. ComputerNerdInside

      And just like usual, F1A killed it with "regulations". Why is this sport still alive if their innovation gets choked out the minute it's born?


      a question to the administrator. are these wheels used only once, on one gp??? or they use them again??

    86. baikia777

      F1 team : *innovate* FIA : Umm you can't have that. F1 team : But we didn't break any rules! FIA : Well yes.. But other teams keeps whining since you keep winning. Soooo...

    87. weaton25

      I think all of the drivers should take it in turns to drive every car how can we say that Hamilton is the best driver if he always drives the best car its like saying that all runners should where different shoes some in walking boots and other in normal shoes F1 is a joke

    88. Alvin Ahammed

      Mercedes-We stopped tires exploding! Also Mercedes at the Sakhir GP-You know what, we will let Russel's tire pop since he's new

    89. metamorphicorder

      They increased air flow and surface area of the heated mass to decrease heating or in this case thermal managment. Basic stuff. If you know how heat works its a nautural conclusion when the question is asked, how do we control the temperature of the mass in question.

    90. Aidan Reed

      When you said Boundary Layers, i got major flashbacks to my fluids classes...

    91. Ollie Cole

      "Ferrari also had the better pitstops" Ferrari: How the turntables

    92. Adriaan Heydenrych

      You should see my steering assist system

    93. jorge Ramos

      7:05 why? Why using the water cooled air cooler?

      1. Matěj Macák

        Water can extract heat from the heatsink better than air

    94. yobryan88

      That is what I dislike about F1, FIA, they are so so slow and very conservative on change, shame.

    95. podulox


    96. DennisH22A

      F1 rules 2030 update. There are no drivers and no real racing. All done on simulators, whichever team donates the most money will have the highest chance to win. Simulators will be supplied by michelin

    97. Mark Mitchell

      I can remember the tyre issues Mercedes had which cost them lots of race wins or even podium places This Video that tells now that was overcome and as I really appreciate how engineering and design works I really enjoyed the explanation

    98. Sean Gatpo

      This didn’t age well

    99. GERBO The Gerbil

      5 min later... gosh! What happened with good old just tell me the damn thing!

    100. Rob Watts

      where did the tire temp MR Formula 1 Team tire temp video come from - couldn't find the channel