Pro Driver Breaks Down the Internet's Best Overtakes!


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    I REACT to some insane overtaking manoeuvres and shed some light as to what is going through the drivers mind. I show you how to make similar overtakes and show you some great wheel-to-wheel action! Featuring @SuperGT sending it around the outside!
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    As racers and motorsport fans, we all love seeing wheel-to-wheel action, dive-bombs, around-the-outsides and some brave moves. So we take a minute to break them down and recognise the skill that goes into making a pass when out on the circuit.
    📺 F1 Driver’s Technique Explained
    ➤ Senna’s bizarre technique:
    ➤ How Schumacher’s style won 7 championships:
    ➤ Alonso’s strange steering:
    ➤ How Verstappen will be F1 champion:
    ➤ How Verstappen is so fast in the wet:
    📺 F1 Engineering
    ➤ How F1 brakes work:
    ➤ How an F1 clutch works:
    ➤ What’s inside an F1 gearbox:
    ➤ How F1 teams change four tyres in two seconds:
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    00:00 Intro
    00:28 Rallycross Around The Outside
    01:23 @SuperGT Sent It
    02:47 V8 Supercars Divebomb
    04:17 Rallying in a Single Seater
    05:41 Mad NASCAR Restart
    06:14 On the Grass at Spa
    07:10 Dan Ticktum Dive-bomb
    08:37 BTCC Rubbin' is Racin'
    10:06 NASCAR High-Speed Wobble
    11:26 Around the Outside at Brands
    12:26 Cornering Backwards
    13:41 Supercar Lock-Up
    14:58 F3 Bump-Drafting
    #Overtakes #DriverReacts #Racing

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    1. João Mouro

      how about piquet vs senna, hungary 1986

    2. Robert D

      🎵Round the outside, round the outside, two rally cross cars go round the outside, round the outside🎵

    3. Lars F1

      I’ve legit never seen a man with this much Love and Knowledge on motorsports like you, even tho I’ll probably never drive a racing car (who knows, I’m only 15), it’s still very, VERY! Interesting

    4. Dr. Thiago Macedo

      Remember Nelson Piquet

    5. Ahmad Dhani Darmawan

      crazy, not so many people commented about the RallyCross overtake

    6. tkcaingt Playz

      Im learning more from these vids than I do in online class.

    7. Alexandre Silvestre

      Hi, about bump drafting look at this one In the race that decides de championship :D

    8. Slipstream Performance

      Get ready for some MX5 Cup reviews. The Daytona race is one for a breakdown.

    9. Adiarby13

      0:39 - 1:00 in a simpler word "drifting" you mean?😃

    10. Party Dota

      13:30 that guy played too much tm and is bugsliding lmao

    11. William Minkkinen

      13:42 Fun fact: It´s the Swedish Prince who´s driving

    12. jahag kagau

      Why is it always redbull cars? 😭

    13. Todd

      That was so interesting!!!!

    14. Петр Атласов

      You should to see Jordan Cox on Honda Civic. There are two great overtakes. First one is then he overtakes a car from Supercar's group. And the second is then he overtakes AE86 3s-gte.

    15. Álefe Lucas

      After years of playing racing simulators, all of these commented moves feel natural to me.

    16. Chris Shears

      It's called Drifting mate!

    17. Someone In The Comments

      As an American, I think it's quite funny watching him critique Plato's "bump and run." That's the entire draw of BTCC, NASCAR, Supercars, and RallyCross. Nobody wants to watch full-fendered racecars playing nicely.

    18. Formula.1_ Memes

      I literally sat exactly where the camera was at the RX, best move ive seen at any racing event ive been to

    19. AltixYT FNA

      Camera 🤌 Audio🤮👈

    20. VOLT _

      With the super gt clip when hes in the position defending in his gt vids you can see him doing that technique u mentioned forcing them to the outside

    21. SπdR

      *Teriyaki Boyz starts blasting Tokyo Drift*

    22. s8chi

      proof drifting is faster

    23. Callum Burton

      Good video dude.😃👍

    24. Carlos André

      Holy God!!! Only Aawesome maneuvers.

    25. Nskawtea1

      That last one x) awesome push!

    26. TheJooomes

      There are some people who think sliding the car in rally is slower.

    27. coolguy20000000

      So in the clip at 10:06 the 20 car doesn't have full control after the 11 gets to his quarter panel. The air coming of of the front nose of the 11 car pushes onto the rear quarter panel of the 20, turning the 20 car towards the 11. The fact that the 20 car doesn't turn off of the nose of the 11 is actually quite impressive.

    28. Albertus Nathan Widjaja

      He will heart

    29. ShySlyD54

      I didn't even expect to see the V8s once, much less twice! Awesome video, some of these passes are fantastic.

    30. Thecrypto Chaser

      Dude from 4th to 1st could have literally flipped off the 3 dudes he just passed..straight up then book it outa there lol. ...that would be great if that was his plan lol

    31. Anna Kartashova

      Brilliant flicks of driver skill, thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Thanks Scott

    32. justin tyme

      Never even liked cars until my gf got me need for speed undercover for my 13th birthday. 10 years later im absolutely obsessed with cars of all motorsports categories

    33. Thomas Ferrell

      Why is your face bigger than the clips? I can hardly see them on my tiny screen.

    34. Nathan Gregory

      if you havent seen it you gotta watch jordan cox racing in improved production. at 1:35

    35. Nigel Eharis

      “Round the outside, round the outside!!!” Love stuff like this.

    36. LuisKachi

      NASCAR is so bad that the best overtake only has 30s of atention.. rip

    37. Niko Perez

      What a great video idea

    38. P Pintarić

      What about Senna 1993 Donington?

    39. donkykóng

      The greatest pass I've still seen up to this day is Rossi on stoner around turn 3 or 4 (the first tight turn) at Laguna seca 08 taking it to the edge of the curb. A beautiful pass and one of the best races of all time.

    40. Koen Ruysseveldt

      The rallycross overtake must have been Ken Block,no?

    41. moerker

      You need to check out cross kart xtreme

    42. Cantu-ATM

      Red Bull doesn't give you wings anymore. It gives you braking power.

    43. Cantu-ATM

      The science behind racing still amazes me. Congrats, great explanation.

    44. Uneth Peduru Hewa

      Why did you stop racing

    45. Harley Adam

      "Has a lot of contact" in the UK translates to "Rubbin's racin'" in the US.

    46. ClitoriousCeasar

      no ayrton senna donington? missing the most epic moment in racing history?

    47. Adam Khan

      he pushed the other car but tail ended himself thats why the 11 didnt go into the other car your judgement is odd

    48. Adam Khan

      he pushed offline by turning later.wrong he was trying to block and failed

    49. Adam Khan

      your blind your boyfriend sutton touch him clearly the amount if contact was more he just touched the wrong part

    50. TopiAS06

      Would love to see Häkkinen over take schumacher in spa here, one of the best over takes in F1

    51. Teodor Hella

      4:19 I think he just activated his Sharingan

    52. Jeff Silvester

      "a full armful of opposite luck" I think thats my new favorite car driving quote.

    53. Arrin Daley

      Obviously not the only one but I think this pass is amazing, not least because they are so different cars and he's able to use his cars strength so dramatically.

    54. Don Smith


    55. Grey Weatherley

      The Driver at 15:00 is Thomas Randle. hes racing in v8 supercars now. He was racing against Lando in that race i believe. He went on to win it.

    56. Alej M-C

      Wow, this was an amazing episode to be honest. I learned the hard way the ‘racing lines under rain’ tricks, during (quite very amateurish) lapping days, I could see cars with half the power of mine passing by as if they weren’t on the same wet asphalt conditions as me... it turns out, they literally weren’t!

    57. zemabinks

      Stop talking that much damn

    58. TheFlailingScott

      for those that dont understand, the reaction time of the f1 driver at spa is all subconcious, he doesnt think, he just does it. a great driver just knows what to do. i hydroplaned my car through a corner and i didnt think at all, i just turned the tires into the turn, let off the gas and tapped the brake gently to bring the car under control, all within a couple seconds. if i had sat there and thought about the process during the hyrdroplaning i would probably be dead.

    59. Desolate

      Dan ticktum really is a skilled driver, shame he lets himself down with his behaviour, I really do think he could do well if he sorted his mental game out.

    60. David Norman

      On the Daytona 500 clip with Denny Hamlin in the 11 car, wish you would have followed it to the finish line. It ends up being a photo finish between the 11 and 19 cars, with the 11 getting the win due to masterful use of side drafting to put extra air and thus drag on the spoiler of the 19 to slow him down.

    61. constantinos schinas

      the analysis was ok. but we need multiple replays of each overpass in full and slow mo, uninterrupted. now, we just cannot see what is happening, despite the explanation. hope this is clear.

    62. FinnTheHuman

      Doood my boy SuperGT got a shout out

    63. javidgt8

      Hope to see more reaction videos like this. Super informative!

    64. Josh Florence

      Dude, where is the LMP1 clip? Those things are nuts, overtaking on the outside like it's nothing. There are some epic battles between Porsche and Audi.

    65. k. e.

      if youre going to show it then explain it, you should atleast show it once more so we can see it with your explanation in mind. instead of making people fuck around the timeline to see it

    66. kimano117

      No 2011 Le Mans pass? That's one of the sickest overtakes ever.

    67. simon fish

      Go tcheck that old video originally from the gtchannel Greatest pass ever civic vs holden commodore way more powerful

    68. Comrade Bear

      Given your name, I thought you were Nigel Mansells son, but apparently you are not, surprisingly

    69. butiaklein

      Soooo... C.M PUNK IS DOING RACING NOW....

    70. Matthew Clifford

      You should react to sim racing moments

    71. AltOid

      Hi Driver61! Keep an eye on Jordan Cox in Australia's Improved Production race series! He's amazing:

    72. Neovo903

      need alonso at 130r :P

      1. Neovo903

        or riccardo's divebombs

    73. Neil Sapno

      I didn't know ImOw was a racer

    74. Neo

      So that's why Max Verstappen stays out of the racing line on the wet. Because the rubber on the racing line is reducing traction?

    75. Mile Tinič

      Will you make F1 classics ?

    76. orest kendzora

      why do british people call awd 4wd

    77. Ben Earls

      5:42 Me in real racing 3

    78. 2E (16) Yuen Chung Lam Ivan

      8:37 The Subaru's rear view mirror folded as it touched the rear view mirror of the car it was overtaking.

    79. 2E (16) Yuen Chung Lam Ivan

      7:10 New King of Late-Braking? Ricciardo is proud. Should have included his late-braking move on 2/3 cars at Turn 1 at Baku.

    80. 2E (16) Yuen Chung Lam Ivan

      6:14 All the time you have to LEAVE THE SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!

    81. JM Flores

      that's called drifting.

    82. ajax gaming

      SUPER GT is BIG now

    83. xxxdemonitation

      Holy fuck my guy you do not need to explain each frame of the video

    84. IdealSound & Performance

      You should follow through on the videos during your explanations..feels like they're cut off even if we already saw it once.

    85. Free Spam

      take a drink on every "around the outside"

    86. Lipton Cheetos

      When drivers play too much Forza.

    87. SwedishNipple

      13.28 I actually know that person in real life

    88. Alternatenorth

      Does anyone else hear Redbull Peugeot around the outside round the outside round the outside or have I been listening to too much Eminem?

    89. billkill37

      As a long time fan of Eminem, I didn't know he was so much into competitive racing... Good for you Marshall, the beard suits you..

    90. Christian Thurow

      Rallye Cross is soo entertaining :D

    91. Dinho

      Is better tô lose an Race of losing the life

    92. Strippy

      Wish I had this as a class in school

    93. T.A. Productions

      On the "Supercar - lock up" - when he breaks like that... how much is the wear on the tires taken into account when making a move like that?

    94. Gummans Gubbe

      at 4:39, SPA : I'm David C. I can brake. MS: You W⚓️

    95. Curious Pug

      waiting on mika hakkinen overtake schumacher at spa 2000 disappointed.

    96. Chase Kolynko

      i was at that daytona 500

    97. filipebeat

      supa gt betta kart smh

    98. Just a simple gamer

      Im enjoying this ngl. Thanks to Pixar's movie "Cars" ive been digging into these kinds of stuff. Plus the explanation going on

    99. Jonathan Faulkner

      Super GT getting some respects along with Sutton, Ticktum & McLaughlin - boy oh boy, has he come a long way

    100. Eric Tam

      Dam he looks like a UK eminem wtf???