How Formula 1 Cars Boil Rubber


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    F1 cars can literally boil the rubber in their tyres.
    It’s called blistering, and what is interesting is that it tells a much bigger story about the pressures Pirelli are under to create tyres that aren’t as good as they could be.
    Despite the extensive research and development, the tyres are the only component of an F1 car, that isn’t at the limit of what is physically possible.
    So we’re going to break down the incredible engineering that goes into these tyres, and how going a bit too fast for 5 laps, can completely destroy them.
    To understand this, we need to look at the first step in this story - how the tyre is constructed, which is incredibly interesting.

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    1. Driver61

      Isn't it amazing how complex these tyres are?! Do you think Pirelli should be allowed to make the best tyre possible? Or do you rather the increased wear?? Let me know! Thanks to Squarespace for supporting the channel! Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code DRIVER61.

      1. Petar Ratković

        Just to throwing it out there ... You should franchise this channel to Rider61 and cover MotoGP ...

      2. Raymond Lee

        @Zyaire Ian Definitely, I've been using Flixzone for months myself =)

      3. Zyaire Ian

        pro tip: you can watch series on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching lots of of movies these days.

      4. Nico Meier

        Pirelli isn't allowed to make better, longer lasting tires because the FIA wants mandatory pit stops. One of the many things the FIA introduced that are not doing F1 any favors. . Fuel management & tire management = not racing to the limit, something F1 should always be.

      5. vrccb

        Without a doubt, make the best possible tyre. Environmentally it makes no sense to go through the vast array of sets carried, and whilst it might be entertaining to load the drivers with yet more technology, it cannot add to the safety of the sport if they are constantly heads down monitoring such a critical component.

    2. SP33DD3M0N_21

      Should glue be used in the production process of the tires so they have less chance of flying off in chunks?

    3. Marshall MotorsSC

      Aussie has entered chat*

    4. TumzDK

      1:28 :-)

    5. dezpotizmOFheaven

      Kimi at Monza... His tires were more than just dead! But everyone celebrating Hamilton for going half a lap with "just 3 tires", hahahaha.

    6. NikonErik

      These tires will also pull chunks of track out of the road surface. I've seen these tires after a change and the road chunks are embedded in the tire!

    7. Karpe D.M

      how about rainy conditions?

    8. Carlos Funes

      Great content. Would love some rally stuff as well

    9. Alex Reiz

      Problem with tires heating is really complex. In 20 season iirc was track with rough surface and counterintuitivly from data it turned out to be much better for tires than more smooth tracks exactly because tires heating was more even

    10. Pontus Johansson

      The eraser comparison is absolutely fantastic!

    11. Andy Burbidge

      Soooo because f1 is so boring they have to engineer over takes?

    12. Neuk Beer

      they dont use superhards anymore?

    13. Direct Clutch

      Great video!! as always there is so much more than meets the eye

    14. Samuel Hopely

      Not a contradictory note, but an addition! One of the other main ways tires grip is chemical adhesion, in the same way that tape sticks to flat surfaces. This is why tire grip doesn't conform to the standard equation for friction, as area is irrelevant to friction force when the normal force is the same. Greater area of adhesion means more grip, which is one reason why F1 cars corner faster on well surfaced tracks than normal chunky street asphalt. Compound softness and adhesion can be tuned separately, to the advantage of lesser performing machines like road bikes. Soft compounds absorb road surfaces in the contact area rather than the heavier sidewall and key into road surfaces better. High cornering grip and lower rolling resistance all in one package! A mountain bike however needs hard compounds with high adhesion, so they can be stiff enough to physically key into loose surfaces but still grip on smooth rock and shale.

    15. Shreyas Pai

      This guy has explained stuff better than those F1 employees👍🏻

    16. Porteibou Ops

      for normal road cars, here in Brazil blisters on tires are usually formed because of terrible tarmac conditions

    17. Donovan G

      Great video, thank you

    18. 『Ogawa』

      In the current state of F1 it’s just as much about driving well as making sure the driver doesn’t drive too hard. Obviously because of the limits on how many of each part they can use.

    19. Obi-Wan Kannabis

      Bring back the tyre war

    20. MRSamiboi


    21. infi

      All cool but only 720p in 2021? Even yt doesnt call it hd anymore :(

    22. BETNCORT

      3mm of usable tread ???? is that correct ???...that seems very thin....i seen an article saying how the tire were 4mm thinner in 2019 to combat blistering.... ????

    23. Jake Vale

      This happens on Hoosier atv racing tires too on hard packed DIRT!

    24. Hari Babu

      No wonder people like football more than F1😅

    25. Deepinder Cheema

      But first.. The boring ad ceases at 1:27 before the black gold rubber goodness begins.

    26. _SoDamnGood_

      Curious, as Pirelli is the only tire distributor for F1, I wonder how that affects innovation. Without even a minor competitor, their reflexes to change would majority come critics from teams/racers. Which is fair. But that doesn't propel innovations. It just cures an existent problem that was overlooked. Seeing how the Tire is the one part of the F1 car that is the same for every team, I feel Pirelli has no real reason for innovation, as the sport will carry it's pedigree regardless of future effort. The result has been thus far a subpar experience for Pirelli in F1 in my opinion. But to be fair, Pirelli is held hostage to the many degrees of changes to chassis, floors, suspensions etc etc which all change the dynamics of the car. In essence, the rules are changing car dynamics faster than Pirelli can keep up.

    27. Ken Xiong

      Just bring back Michelin and Bridgestone


      This channel is on 🔥 great content!!! 👌🏼

    29. Joshua Kawamata

      Let us steal footage from other videos and commentate lines literally in a wikipedia page - Driver61

    30. Hogan bassett

      Big question... What would you say is the biggest thing holding f1 from becoming faster? Tires? Hp? Rules? Downforce possibilities? The drivers? The track? The budget? The materials in the cars?

    31. MrShpaco

      I was running th P217 at Hockenheim on iRacing last night, and I locked up my tires a few times during the race. I could absolutely tell a difference between flying practice laps and flying racing laps. Something to be mindful of.

    32. anonymus A

      Your accent typical UK front teeth talking

    33. Paul Johnson

      video starts at 1:30

    34. tomsterBG

      Pirelli did a funny when they decided to make tires so brittle in terms of temperature operation, would love to see tires that are actually taken to the limit of engineering

      1. Mylo Kurtz

        Pirelli once said that they can create tyres which last for the entire season if they want

    35. Questchaun

      1:30 to skip the ad.

    36. Tuanamstyle

      can you do a video about track surfaces and their relation to the tires' grip index?

      1. Tuanamstyle

        ps: grip and deg

    37. Glenn Watson

      "because it creates more exciting strategies and better racing"? Really? I would argue the current generation of tire does exactly the opposite. Cars cannot follow closely because the tires cannot handle this large and heavy generation of car. Further, the artificial rule requiring the use of two compounds per race is also idiotic: indeed, in its purest form, the tire should be selected optimally for the situation.

    38. Harm Kuijpers

      The only problem is that track position has now become so important that it's actually better to driver slower, to conserve tires and avoid making an extra pitstop because even with a ton of overspeed it is very hard to pass someone on track. For this generation of cars, the tires should actually wear less. Hopefully, from 2022 this will improve.

    39. C1Ansy

      What I don't understand is why F1 tires can't last a race but tires in Rally or Formula E can last till the finish

    40. Matej Vician

      Why does Lewis always complain about dead tires, then proceeds to crush the lap times?

    41. X_NightF1

      Is this video out dated

    42. Christo

      will my regular car also do this? this 45 year old from your post code would like to know the one simple trick to avoid this

    43. Konstantin Stefanov

      Great video, great explanation!

    44. vrccb

      Excellent instructive video - thank you

    45. paul snow

      Hate to be that guy, but stuff it the tyres are plastic not rubber. I'm sorry.

    46. B.C. Smith


    47. Alex Ndungu

      wanna insert a tire complaint , aah Lewis Hamilton

    48. T Z

      Tire deg is part of the sport. I don’t want tires so durable that all races end up being 1 stop.

    49. Neil Henderson

      your videos are great. as an ex-racer i appreciate the insight you bring to f1 fans. with you they're getting the real deal. well done.

    50. wifebeater69

      Meanwhile, me in F1 2020: **pushing 100% the entire race**

    51. Chris Vokes

      Thank you for the “scrub set” explanation. It was a head scratcher to me. Great info as always,

    52. epistte

      It isn't just F1 that can blister a race tire. Any race car can blister the tire if the setup is wrong or they are using the wrong compound. I've bolstered a few in various formula cars in the SCCA.

    53. Scott L.

      Holy damn...

    54. Force Nature

      now that's what race world called a " tyre management " if you can't manage your tyre management at the race session, then you can't achieve what might ahead of you to winning.

    55. fatal_ant

      how old is this i thought they did c1-c5

    56. Breckan625

      you dumb it down ssoooooooo much i'm not retarded i watch a lot of F1 i know how tiers work on a road

    57. Sanele Buthelezi

      Interesting. Very interesting. Specially the part where Pirelli can actually make a durable and fast tyre but they don't so the sport can be a little unpredictable. Frankly no refueling meant that there is gonna be fewer stops. Imagine tyres that can go the whole race. That would definitely be boring.

    58. burgundypoint

      I wonder how much F1 tires cost, considering the complexity of materials and manufacturing and probably low sales volume due to zero interest from the larger general public market.

    59. GarageKing

      very good information, tons of science here!!!!

    60. a1geee

      The tires are the only component that aren’t at the limit…. And how 5 laps can totally destroy them. Uhhhhh, not at the limit seems a bit misleading.

    61. krazor8

      and... my camaro can boil rubber to...

    62. Sachit Wijesinghe

      Checo taking notes

    63. Mehmet Akif AKKAYA

      Real video starts at 1:28

    64. Taku

      Watching this after seeing Checo go 50+ laps with the same set of tires in Portugal

    65. Rohit K

      Mordern f1 cars look like some showmen from las Vegas.

    66. Dhruv Arya

      Please hide that connector in your sign's so irritating 😓

    67. Apollo Prospector

      The Pirelli era has been disastrous for racing excitement

    68. Errol Glenn

      It sounds like winning F1 is basically how well teams manage their tyres

      1. dezpotizmOFheaven

        Well nowaday it pretty much is. Because they all just do 1 pit stop, no refueling, just changing the tires once, and that's it...

      2. Tore Nyland

        @Arrica need to let teams get more say in tires, maby let more tire manufactures in the mix and less limitation on tires in general , want to runn all soft all the time and pit everyt 10 lap , go a head , want to run hards and never pit go a head , want to dewelpo new super soft never wearing tires do so !

      3. Arrica

        Yep, hence why for the last couple seasons the racing has been so boring. Its not about who can drive the fastest, it's about who can conserve tyres


      2:57 what? Orange is superhard tires, white is hard yellow is medium red is soft and pink is hypersoft. I guess you simplified it but it is still not correct. But otherwise very good educational vid

    70. Martin Doms

      That ad is obnoxious.

    71. 8BitZ0mbie

      Wait.. super-soft, medium, soft, hard? Do they know that they fucked up the tire order? I’m pretty sure soft should be softer than medium... someone has definitely been fired over there at Pirelli

    72. catur skak

      nice job

    73. jensen atkins

      This channel is seriously the "racing for dummies"

    74. Kevin 'Brongaar' Grandjean

      Did a few sessions where had to blow off the tire boogers off the track with a tractor mounted blower.

    75. David M

      I dont like commercials on youtube, because of this I did NOT watch!!!!!!

    76. Inspector71

      How is the upcoming 18" wheel going to effect tires?

    77. Jimmy, Making it work

      I wonder how the new tire...or tyre... and wheel package will do in this area?

    78. Chicken Skin

      They create multi million dollar cars alot of testing just to sit on shitty tires lol

    79. Ann Daly

      Why is it so important following a race finish, for drivers to pick up rubber/marbles, in F1?

    80. Martin Premrov

      Great explanation!! Thanks a lot for the learning experience.

    81. Petardă

      where are F1 tires made?

    82. Rick in Texas

      Every time I watch a tire video I learn something new. I definitely learned a lot on this video. Many thanks.

    83. MC Takahashi

      Wow... For the very first time, I know that the F1 wheels can help to warm up tires! Amazing! Love your channel.

    84. mmi16

      Eliminate Tire warmers

    85. Thunder Op

      Can make a video on difference between pro mod,pro stock,funny car,top fuel dragster please.

    86. Tatacraft Vinhas

      driver 69

    87. Anthony HT

      Who else remembers Jeremy Clarkson's joke about Pirelli condoms?

    88. Kear_Parthurnax

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    89. Cheisdowninio

      720p in 2021? Really?

    90. Oscar Egbogu

      Fancy creating a tyre that punishes for pushing hard in the car? This is F1 unnecessarily over complicating the show. Things were better when Bridge stone and Michelin did battle. Today its all graining super fuckin softs.

    91. Dilum Wimalaratna

      It about time to bring back mixed tyre brands to F1 just like how it used to be.

    92. MajesticDemonLord

      Obligatory 'Bono...' comment

    93. Andrew E

      Great video - I learned a lot! Thanks! 👍

    94. andres marquez

      Not at the limit yet, now that they are making 3d printed pistons i think the engines might get a little more powerfull

    95. jbritto

      2:52 you missed the winters

    96. Jec Kek

      F1 games (racing games/sims in general) needs to include a visual mode like at 4:51.

    97. flimluvr

      Nice work, very clear and concise info. Thanks

    98. Mikko Rantalainen

      Those infrared videos of the tire temperature were great. I wonder why F1 cars do not have such cameras for races? Wouldn't it be cool to show viewers the temperatures of the wheels every now and then?

    99. Mikko Rantalainen

      If you agree with the statement "We need to look at [...] how the tire is constructed which is incredibly interesting", congratulations, you are a 100% engineering geek. I guess that covers pretty much all subcribers of this channel...

    100. Paul Tomlin

      Driver 61 drinking game - down a shot every time Scott says incredible !