JET Dragsters: The Insane 320MPH Dragsters


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    This is a Jet-Powered Dragster, boasting more than 20 thousand horsepower per tonne and is one of the fastest accelerating cars on the planet.
    It’s not the only dragster to use jet power though, there have been things like rocket-semi trucks, school buses and record-breaking funny cars.
    But how do they work? And can they compete with the current crop of lightning-fast dragsters? All that, coming up.
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    Jet dragsters have been around since the 1960s when racers began purchasing military-surplus jet engines and fitting them to custom dragster chassis’. Initially, they ran them at Bonneville Salt Flats before running them in full NHRA competitions and demolishing the piston-engined cars.
    However, the insane speed and fire-risks meant the NHRA banned them. Even now, jet-cars are only run as ‘exhibition cars’ and cannot compete against each other. Whilst this is a shame, we can speculate at how they stack up against current piston-engined cars.
    This is the Fireforce 5, a specialised jet-dragster that completes the quarter-mile in just over 5 seconds and can hit well over 300mph. It uses a jet-engine from a helicopter and is one of the quickest jet-cars ever made.
    So why would you take a technology that is normally used to propel aircraft and fit it to a race car? Essentially it’s another take on the process of releasing energy from fuel and using it to go really fast.
    But for Drag Racing it's a solution that allows them to create immense power without the drawbacks that we have spoken about in previous videos, things like exploding engines, snapping chassis’ in half and ripping tyres clean off the rim.
    Not to mention that they produce incredible thrust for their weight, explaining why they are so popular for propelling aircraft.
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    1. Driver61

      Aren't these jet-dragsters mad?! Which was your favourite? Join the 7 Days to Faster Lap Times Email List! ➤ It's free and Scott will send you his top tips to improve your lap times, both in the sim and the real-world!

      1. matthew 2779

        If i was ever going to try to be a pro like you Scott. I would want to learn from someone like you. Someone that knows the cars and the tech as well as can race. Not to mention you can also teach.

      2. Jef Damen

        @AEON I think the losses from thrust to impeller would be significant. Not to mention melting. Higher RPMS result in higher volts, n which then results in higher amps. So bottleneck here is the gauge of the wires, they will dictate how much power can be transferred through them.

      3. AEON

        Has anyone used a jet turbine to create electricity for a electric motor dragster? Are turbines not used in some of our warships such as the newest Destroyer to create electricity to power the entire ship?? (Pretty sure it's the Destroyer but maybe it's another ship?)

      4. EyesOfByes

        The not yet revealed railgun dragster 😏

      5. Jef Damen

        @Harman P Johnson Take a chell pell mate, nice abundance of

    2. Alejandro Tobienne

      Short answer no

    3. Brent Robertson

      Fuel? Check. Gas? Check. Petrol? Check. Ozone layer? Chhheecc- it’s gone.

    4. Brent Robertson

      These things electric?

    5. DooDoo Poop

      “....when they started buying military surplus jet engines.....” Fucking America.

    6. Beagle76

      Jet dragsters are very dangerous, 2 young women have been killed in them recently in 2018 & 2019. I love motor racing but worry about crowd safety.

    7. Elias Binde

      They look so smooth while accelerating

    8. Ale Sub

      People before fuel: 🏇🤼🧘🚶🤸🏃🕴️🕺 After: 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

    9. Im Stuck m8

      instead of mpg it’s fps (fuel tanks per second)

    10. Rm250ing

      A good friend of mine races these, his dad in the top fuel style jet, and he races a jet funny car. I got to see them up close for a bit, and as he was explaining everything on how all the forces come together in such a quick explosion of speed, it honestly scared me a bit haha. Fun fact, my friend also learned how to tune a jet around age 14.

    11. Pykle Five

      The dispensable knee gratifyingly bare because random paradoxically rob within a quack staircase. shocking, easy trousers

    12. Timothy Puvogel

      That's very interesting kind of hard to understand but very interesting I love your videos thank you

    13. FR0ZEN

      so why don't they use rockets instead?

    14. Ben Allen

      1:18 the real question is why wouldn't you take a technology that is normally used to propel aircraft and fitted to a race car?

    15. Gammareign

      Internal combustion are very inefficient, like up to 86% inefficient.

    16. Aniquin Stark

      Gee, I wonder why women live longer than us lmao

    17. The Mad Bomber

      welcome to minmax racing

    18. LegateMalpais

      "Büt" "Enöff" "Röffly" "Døzz" How the f do you manage to mispronounce vowels in you own language so badly you actually start sounding norwegian?

    19. ThelowRider

      It is so funny to see all those windmills and then a fuel guzzling jet dragster just rides into the distance among them

    20. Lance Roark

      When are we going to address the fact that HP is nothing more than a numerical representation of an amount of fuel?

    21. jon snow

      What is so insane about it?! Top fuel dragsters go 330 so what's the big deal??

    22. Yami Omo

      How to get faster... Electric Lol.

    23. TheGrumpy Diabetic

      1st jet you focused on is slower than Top Fuel.

    24. Alrighty Then

      So the key is to figure out how to make a powerhouse small enough for both a rocket engine + electric torque drive together

    25. nephyril

      I'm as much of an adrenaline junky as the next car guy but top fuel & jet dragsters and anything else in that bracket takes balls way bigger than I have.

    26. Dan smith

      The silent chest analogously connect because observation endoscopically rely worth a wanting fold. overwrought, psychotic sarah

    27. Smokey Yunick

      If it jet powered it’s not a funny car it’s a jet car

    28. James Helton

      Practical --no. FUN -YES !!!

    29. AEON

      Has anyone used a jet turbine to create electricity for a electric motor dragster? Are turbines not used in some of our warships such as the newest Destroyer to create electricity to power the entire ship?? (Pretty sure it's the Destroyer but maybe it's another ship?) .

    30. The Master

      A way to vastly increase the initial speed for the launch and first half of the track for the jet cars over the quarter mile would be to have a system that attaches to the car from the ground beneath, it would lock into the car and allow it to spool up completely, essentially a brake that can hold the car's full thrust unlike its own brakes, it would release at the moment the light goes green and would mean they'd pretty much shit on the piston cars immediately. I'd love to see this happen someday soon :)(

    31. Jan Holub

      How about the cost per run? Top Fuel dragster is ca $10k per run, as you have to rebuild the whole engine, clutch, tyres and basically the whole car. Jet engines are rated Time Before Overhaul (TBO) up to 40.000 hours. So you can race all day long, just top up the fuel and check the tyres, is that right? Cost per run should be way less.

    32. sdfs sds

      The cloudy destruction conspicuously settle because hourglass archaeologically puncture pace a capable handball. lavish, purple dentist

    33. Damonii

      What about rocket cars in competitive racing? Were they ever a viable option? If a dramatic engine change was not breaking the rules (internal combustion to jet) I would think the next evolution would be closed system rocket. Solve the issue of of variable trust based on speed/oxidizer flow rate: constant thrust

    34. Al GFourty

      On this subject I know you've brushed upon drag bikes before, but how about Eric Teboul's current ROCKET POWERED drag bike or the now long-since retired rocket cars of Sammy Miller and Kitty O'Neil. Once saw Sammy Miller do a pass when I was young and I have never experienced anything like it! As quick as Fireforce V is, Sammy did the quarter mile in three and a half seconds, I for one would be interested to know how that was even possible.

    35. Gee

      Well now I know where rocket league got it’s inspiration.

    36. S JJ

      This..... This is the most American thing america ever invented

    37. Áron Barta

      Couldn’t engineers design a strong enough brake system that holds the dragster in place until the lights go out, even at full power? Would it be too heavy? Because then the jet engine would have enough time to get to full power

    38. ninjaswordtothehead

      I wanna built the first JATO-assisted drag bicycle.

    39. Arqaan plays

      So you mean rocket league cars

    40. RazzBerry

      if they doubled or tripled the length of the dragstrip would the jet powered car begin to outperform the other cars? or would that not be feasible, i don’t know too much about drag racing.

    41. TTV_Switcher260


    42. Florian Walter

      So why not doint the obvious? Hybrid Dragster with piston engine plus turbine, that starts after 100 meters?

    43. The Rocinante

      I remember watching them when they were allowed to compete at raceway park in nj

    44. Rohit Burra

      People did this bc their crazy or bored

    45. Friday Californiaa

      Some things are wrong here : you don't use an helicopter engine to get thrust from it. Turboshafts are only meant to give torque on an axle. Turbojets produce real thrust, but are used only in aircraft.

    46. Drino Zhao

      The elfin cable subcellularly bounce because romania tribally lock times a prickly bracket. warm, gleaming knickers

    47. Erika

      "So why would you take a technology that is normally used to propell aircraft and fit it to a race car? Because you can, thats why haha

    48. K SP

      Fuel economy is measured in oil fields per mile

    49. Casey Carlile

      Problem solved: make a turbine/diesel hybrid 👌 You get the low end diesel torque with the high end turbine power! It’s a crazy idea but I’m sure the Germans could do it! 😊 considering they basically invented everything that we now take for granted ❤️❤️

    50. Icrem Ibor

      Me: *draws a car that a topbspeed of 380 mph*

    51. A S

      Bob Lazar sent me.

    52. Narei Mooncatt

      I have been fortunate enough to be a trackside photographer at a couple of jet car events. To be standing 20 feet or less from dueling afterburner pops feels like getting kicked in the chest by an entire herd of horses. When the tree goes green and they take off, it's like the fires of hell itself opened up and a thousand screaming banshees are coming for you (and that's with ear protection). The cars are half way down the track before you actually feel the thrust, which is like being sand blasted with a blowtorch as it blows the dust and debris back at you. A lot of people make fun of them because "top fuel is faster." True, but these beasts are exciting in their own right.

    53. Mike Jones

      "Why would you take tech. designed to propel an aircraft and fit it to a race car?" Because you can, and it kicks ass!

    54. Stan Kakol

      With all respect, YAWN!! Who cares about 320 mph? Piston powered dragsters dominate the jets in a quarter mile.

    55. Psychlops 924

      Is the NHRA paying you yet? Seriously, these videos are way better and more educational than the stuff the NHRA puts out for their broadcasts. I was already a drag racing fan, but these videos have made me even more excited for the Gatornationals 😁

    56. winged

      2:00 if you play KSP you already know that.

    57. Robert Anderson

      5 seconds? Sorry. Too slow. When they hit 335mph in 3.5seconds... the experience of the noise alone is worth the top fuel. Jets are still fun to watch but not nearly as much as top fuel

    58. 2Jz god 2006

      Tire with no rim? Like if u get it

      1. 先生CherryPepsi

        _everyone dislikes_

    59. SILENT FTW

      Jet dragsters dont really fascinate me as much. Its cool but ehhh, what's interesting is that top fuel dragsters produce that much stress on the engine, that the team practically needs to rebuild it after every run... I mean hey they do have thousands of ponies with 1 gear that has extreme torque. Makes sense to me

    60. Qgal5kap123

      It would be interesting to see the results of a high power turbojet like the J79 (LM1500) coupled to a hydraulic transmission.

    61. Qgal5kap123

      This was a good and accurate description of what's happening here.

    62. Cris P. Bacon

      I'm gonna put a jet-engine into my wheelchair

    63. Keisuke Takahasi

      i would like to see dragsters reach a certain top speed (for example 1000kmh) rather than just the old 1/4 mile thing tbh

    64. Abhilash Patel

      Are you sure about 30-40% efficient?

    65. Alex

      Has anyone made an electric dragster yet?

    66. Procat Procat

      Are there any competitive electric drag cars yet? Electric will eventually destroy piston engined drag cars because the torque is available from low rpm

      1. Osyis R6

        Not possible ATM. Batteries cannot produce enough instant power to get close to competing with top fuel cars.

    67. Tom Snow

      just curious top fuel or jet dragsters are better? in terms of engineering then in terms of the environment? not to cause a climate question just curious about the advancement of motor sports

    68. Tribe of the Iron Flame

      3:48 Do you want to have the worst sunburn you've ever felt? Because that's how you get the worst sunburn you've ever felt. Also if your AWS certified, that's _probably_ a pretty good way to lose that certification by not following the minimum safety regulations

    69. Who you looking at? abs

      Look, there is a Difference between A Turboshaft and a Turbojet, Turbojets are used in Fighter Jets and they use the Incredibly Fast and High Speed Exhaust Gases to Propel the Aircraft, Turboshafts on the other hand use the The Rotation of the Core (so the Turbine and Compressor) to turn the Gearbox that Turns the Wheels. Turboshaft Engines Provide Very Little Thrust as the Way they are intended to be used is by connecting it to a Gearbox (Or whatever you need it to power). They Do Operate Very similarly, Because they are both Jet Turbine Engines, both Work on the Same Principle.

    70. carel haasbroek

      I think they can get more thrust if they use higher bypass engines.

    71. Michał Michał

      They need afterburner

    72. Prison Mike

      Ayee Bandimere nice I was there July 4th!

    73. Marcus Hutchison

      2:30 He crashed, but he still won

    74. Leynad Jee

      So not the right choice as a daily I guess.

    75. castlecatcher

      plz do one on rocket dragsters

    76. saulės cukrus

      Please make video about tractor pull race. Where they have multiple engines

    77. etc arief

      Thrust SSC and Bloodhound : finally , a worthy opponent

    78. Jonathan Moore

      Only men can handle these beasts. Lookin at you Cletus McBitchface

    79. Max Ford

      Why..... ?!? .....because. ...that's why.

    80. Matt South

      Someone should put a nozzle on the jet similar to a jet ski, so the driver can divert the thrust up and hold it at full throttle while staging, then to launch just swivel the nozzle. Kind of like a harrier in reverse.

    81. Domino cracker

      Wow the new season of rocket league looking great

    82. Emily van Möslfak

      You are mentioning that the turbines come from helicopters and then explain how plane turbines work. This one 0:46 actually is from a helicopter and it doesn't use the thrust of the exhaust to push itself forward, but the exhaust is directed on a second set of turbine wheels wich turn a shaft that connects with the wheels - or before with the helicopter's rotors.

    83. Rashawn GT

      Don't let Richard Hamond near the jet car.

    84. 〖Beginner〗Waffles

      4:52 why did that happen? the wheel just slipped while the other one just kept on going

    85. Mr X

      seance a jet car is classed an exhibition only the NHRA will only allow them to run 320.99 mph. if they wanted to run faster all they need to do is open the fuel regulator and pay the fine for going faster then allowed

    86. Top GIFs With Sound

      hp and torque are the wrong measurements when it has thrust

    87. Lemiwinks

      the reason why i cant really get behind jet dragsters is that theres very minimal skill in driving and setup. no need to account for track condition nor the driver doesnt have much to do other than steer

    88. Daniel Squires

      These video's are amazing for learning really enjoy them, what's the dance track in the background around 6min.30?

    89. Mig Y

      Next video: rocket propelled dragsters. 👌

    90. Shane Mackay

      5 seconds is slow for foreforce 5 😂😂😂 defo beem in to the 3seconds mark

      1. Shane Mackay

        @Neil Marks you maybe be right and i did some research and you are correct if feels fast as it goes past 🤣🤣

      2. Neil Marks

        Not true. No jet car has ever run below 5 seconds over the quarter mile in the UK. You may be thinking of Sammy Miller’s rocket car from the 80’s

    91. TheCharillz23

      Jet cars cant top 11000hp nitro top fuel monsters shaking the earth as they rip to 126mph in 60ft.. love them v8 monsters

    92. Jacob Dinsmore

      Always LOVE seeing the rocket trucks burning down the billboard to top off night under fire at Summit Raceway. First place I ever saw NHRA and Rocket dragsters. Absolutely incredible sight and sound

    93. kurias joy

      For rally game ❤️

    94. Folk

      Also: The TFD should adopt "fly" by wire to control torque

    95. Folk

      Next: Electric Dragsters

    96. Toby Cook

      Matin Hill, the creator of Fireforce at Santa Pod, created his first Jet powered car was because he got fed up of making high HP V8s as they're so complicated: Piston timings, etc.

    97. Michael Taylor

      A lot of persuasive argument for jet cars

    98. Michael Taylor

      No engine rebuilds necessary

    99. Michael Taylor

      Bring back jet dragsters

    100. Robert Kerr

      Helicopters don't use jet engines. Jet engines produce thrust, not horsepower.