What's Inside an F1 Helmet?


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    F1 Helmets have to be unbelievably strong to protect the driver's head at over 200mph and resist high speed impacts. So today we are going to cut one open and see how they are constructed to be so strong, impact resistant and still extremely light.
    I take my F1-grade helmet that I've been using for the last 8 years and cut it open. We examine the carbon fibre lay-up as well as how it's constructed to pass the various rigorous safety standards. Such as a projectile being shot at it at over 250kph and being heated to over 700ºC!
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    00:00 What makes up a F1 Helmet?
    01:12 HANS Device
    01:39 What's Different About a 2020 F1 Helmet?
    02:35 'Bring Me The White Visor!' Wait Hang On...
    02:57 Safety Testing
    03:59 Added Lightness
    04:26 Prepping for the Cut
    05:21 Big Kev is Back!
    06:05 The Cut!
    08:13 A Closer Look
    08:43 It's All In The Layup
    10:33 Thanks to Fuel for Fans!
    11:31 Ready for the Display Cases!

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    1. Driver61

      What do you guys think was the coolest fact about these helmets?

      1. Salman Azam

        Well, Kimi would say its the fact that they protect the driver's head.

      2. Jett Johnson

        Unrelated to the question... the HANS device when you have the belts on is so damn uncomfortable... Super worth wearing though as we saw with grosean’s crash the HANS device, halo and fire retardant gear saved his life.

      3. Vuvuzela

        I know fuck all about F1 so maybe its pretty common knowledge for enthusiasts but for me, the HANS device is the absolute coolest bit as well as the heat resistance

      4. Jonathan Backhouse

        @Captain Picard wear not where !!!

      5. BrunoDSL

        @Jack Kendahal MotoGP probably has purpose made helmets. These are not meant for other cars that aren't F1, as things like the bracing for the HANS device serve no purpose.

    2. 2673 301

      There's a scooter helmet inside a motorbike helmet inside a jet fighter helmet inside a diver helmet inside an astronaut helmet inside a f1 helmet.

    3. Leeroy

      I hope you held your breath as you were cutting 🤨

    4. dellwin

      Damn. Next time you will upgrade can i have the old one?

    5. Alex_2o9 NSS ::


    6. d0rifto1

      i cant find any info about heated visors by the manufactures, the internet, or FIA. i know in the past there were issues like Fuji

    7. Googl Reviews

      Checked out that Fuel for Fans website, very disappointing to say the least. 😔

    8. Amex Paypal

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    9. Mika Sasaki-Renzullo

      It would have been funny if he wore the half helmet

    10. dun dee

      @driver61 dude you have to be freaking carefull when cutting carbon. The Dust is massivly toxic !!!

    11. Gilbert DK

      Carbon fiber dust is very hazardous to your lungs.. next time use a mask! ;-)

    12. ChronoGP

      1:55 - Hi, could you remove the animation of the Massa's crash or add our credits? It was done by us as soon as the accident happened. We will wait a feedback.

    13. Magnum

      i thought the thumbnail was cake at first

    14. Spiriteye

      What's inside ? Your head !

    15. matt hill

      The drivers head... Duh

    16. Tommy P.

      Cries in money

    17. Bob Thompson

      The hands device would have saved sale Earnhardt

    18. Kinang Eagle

      Jeez this guy didnt die thank god 1:27

    19. xXBigLadXx

      Are you a F1 driver?

    20. Carlosus Prime

      a head

    21. Michael Felici

      Helmet safety video and then proceeds to cut carbon with no respirator... cancer is awesome.

      1. Loneman

        I was just about to comment along the same lines. Ignorance is bliss, until you find out what microscopic fibres of carbon in your lungs is like. There *really* should be a warning at that point for people as uninformed or dumber than this guy.

    22. Soren Ingram

      What's Inside an F1 Helmet? Unconstrained Ego

    23. Zokki

      What does one of this cost?

    24. Jibby Ahmad

      Do you want anything from Bavaria

    25. Photonical PW

      Good stuff scott!

    26. Pro Militia

      Before ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Life...After ❤️❤️❤️

    27. Good Guy Pedro

      1:27 Ded || Not ded

    28. The Dragon

      The drivers head

    29. The Armhand

      Up next: Cutting open a F1 driver's head to see what's inside!

    30. What Evs

      The lively burst correspondingly muddle because shelf neatly hand failing a dysfunctional scooter. public, amused bee

    31. constantinos schinas

      thank goat you did not killed yourself with that grinder handling. totally wrong and dangerous. both hand must be away from blade and it's line, body as well, all from one side. if this thing stuck for any reason, you were history.

    32. Darren Harris

      use a face mask matey

    33. Jordan Garcia

      Usually a head.

    34. luciano piscopo

      The 8 oz test looks a bit wrong, or the information is wrong. The pellet look about 20 grams, I suspect the video is the test is for the visor, as they use in industry for safety eye ware.

    35. Sharat

      I thought it was a cake

      1. Qaiser The Cuber


    36. Vinyl Scratch

      Man, that's one well made helmet! I wonder how it would compare to a modern one. Also, todays sponsor was great. Got myself a Mercedes umbrella to celebrate the win!

    37. Petar Rastegorac

      Well just one question regarding HANS. OK it will prevent whiplash injury of neck but when head suddenly stops brain inside of cranium continues to travel and front of brain hits front wall of cranium for sure????

    38. Fordem tam a Fordem zpátky!

      4:00 To me, the amount of G's is quite imaginable as I got the opportunity to try aerobatics in an aircraft and I believe a non-trained person would not withstand this amount of G's for the full duration of a race... Just imagine how often drivers brake and how long it takes to go through a single turn. Try driving a go-kart in race mode for 20 minutes or just drive a regular car on a curved road pushing really hard (Don't do that in traffic!), it will leave you exhausted pretty quick. Racing really requires excellent physical condition...

    39. CookieMonster

      Wear some mask while doing this dude. and gloves too.

    40. Dirk Pieterse

      No safety mask, glasses or gloves. Gee what a nice example for safety when you actually want to show what safety means. NO NO !! BUD

    41. David

      km/h***** great video and thank you 😁

    42. 20 . Muhfid Hafiddudin

      And, how driver talk to team at the radio?

    43. Abdullah Desai

      Wtf is going on with IThomes bar

    44. Nello

      but in reality its all cake

    45. alexs87

      while cutting it handle it just like asbestos

    46. Holzwurm _HD

      A Head?

    47. Saabjock

      You are cutting a carbon fiber structure without a respirator. Thanks for showing the helmet but protect yourself man. You can't get carbon dust out of your lungs once it in there.

    48. Christophe Juszczakiewicz

      Watching that 2 weeks after Romain Grosjean's miracle in Bahrain and seeing you made 1 months ago gives me chills.

    49. Alvin Ahammed

      You should've done a collab with Dan and Lincoln from What's Inside for a video like this

    50. simon jackson

      What's inside a F1 helmet??? A Head!!

    51. Ronan B

      Dudeeeeeeee breathing mask for CF holy shitttttttt CF dust will kill you...

    52. The Weeb

      your head

    53. 64t120r

      DUDE! Wear a mask when you cut through helmet like that.

    54. Steel Rider


    55. lietkynes81

      3:35 : Helmets must withstand to 700 degrees outside without the head being cooked inside. Romain Grosjean approves this safety design.

    56. John H

      Someone should start making motorsport helmets with aluminum shells . Many types of military helmets are and have been for many years .

    57. Adriano Lcinco

      A head.

    58. Black Sheep

      I thought the answer would be a f1 drivers head

    59. p.c i

      Not wearing a mask not very good for your lungs .and being a professional you should know better lol 🤔🤫🤫🤫

    60. dzk33

      I'm curious: apart from the heated visor and HANS, are these actually any different from high-end motorcycle helmets?

    61. Farhan Maleq

      9:34 Awww, that blue carbon... It's beautiful!

    62. BrianBell4073

      No working lungs and 1 working thumb after that.

    63. Surebrec

      It's painful to watch him cut through it without any protective respiratory equipment, or even any protective clothing.

    64. Mickey Mouse

      Carbon dust ....Tut Tut ... dust mask everytime

    65. gdbv GG

      .its all about carbon in the comment no one cares about f1 helmet..cutting carbon without mask made this video good.

    66. Fungamer4570

      My answer to tgis question woulsve simply been; the drivers head

    67. Jayden M.

      If you knew how much I want this helmet 😂

    68. Ray

      sad water-jet channel noises

    69. La Sanguinaire

      Where are your safety gloves and glasses 🥺

    70. jaems


    71. KuKumba Gumba

      Lmao they have pieces of F1 cars just laying around😂😂😂

    72. patti441

      Why isnt that a whats inside colab Edit: i cant spell shit

    73. Abdaal Zeb

      Who else thought this was a whats inside video

    74. Shivang Raina


    75. Charlie Robertson

      Scott mansell = nigel mansell?

      1. Loneman

        No, no relation.

    76. F1 Motorsports

      Just seeing Grosjean’s helmet melted after his absolutely enormous crash at the Bahrain ‘20 race was fricking scary. That heat must have been insane and he was in there for quite a while. Have a speedy recovery tho!

    77. Numeriwar

      Good luck with your lungs

    78. MrRedify

      3:34 grosjean likes that

    79. Cipher422

      Is it a coincidence that this was in my recommendations just after I got news of Romain Grosjean's crash in Bahrain?? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Anyway fascinating video as always??? 👍👍👍

    80. Felipe K

      Thankfully it worked today for Grosjean!

    81. xXUnoriginalNameXx33 - Meygaera

      After today's race, I'm glad to know that literally every safety feature you mentioned, from Hans device to heat resistance, was tested and proven to a passing grade. Well done helmet engineers.


      Who have see the crash from grosjean😟

    83. Joseph Ndeng

      who else is watching this after roman grosjean crash

    84. Zi Davis

      Note to self: when cutting helmet in half, use a 1997 benneton wheel holder as an anchor

    85. Barnaby B

      "how're we going to cut this helmet? Should we have a quick go on the bandsaw or something?" "I've got an angel grinder to hand and you can do it free hand?" "Fuck it, go on then."

    86. Duron Engineering

      Wear safety gloves when using a grinder

    87. RC'Cool

      To answer the title and save you 12min: - The head of the F1 driver. That's it!

    88. Bogdan Radulescu

      Man seriously when you are handling carbon put gloves and mask. That shit is deadly if ingested or if it gets in lungs. We need you to make good videos like this one so wear protection :)

    89. Ig Ja

      Not only dust mask. Where are the ear plugs/muffs?

    90. Anthony James

      probably should mention the flame retardant mesh to stop you breathing them

    91. Brad Johnson

      What's inside...Ah, how about a drivers head?

    92. CookRacing UK

      Would love to see some testing demos for the high end (Arai maybe), mid range (Bell) and cheap end (V2) helmets. Would be interesting to see where the money is spent. I go mid range, because I have a mid range head...

    93. avada

      2:35 How? That would be the interesting part. As far as I know electrochromic glasses are much slower, LCDs on the other hand eat-up half the light to begin with (eg: active 3d glasses)

    94. Richard Bradley

      I find the wee pop noises incredibly annoying.

    95. martin hobby

      You need mask to cut fiber carbon!!!!!!

    96. 5am

      Nice video! I'm interested in your helmet design... where did the idea come from? Who designed it? Etc

    97. Derek St. Gelais

      This is the 1st time I've seen the timeline of the video broken into sections. That is very cool!

    98. Billy Richard Schofield

      I was expecting that to be a cake

    99. Mr Tonka

      Scott Mansell survives years of top level racing, dies of carbon dust inhalation. Only in 2020 do we wear a mask to get groceries and not when cutting carbon materials. All in good fun Scott, enjoying the channel. Cheers.

    100. spiralmoment

      why have everybody become so fuckin annoying. don't you have some fortnite stuff you need to attend or something.