The F1 Breakdown | Portuguese GP 2021


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    A breakdown of all the action from the Portuguese GP, Norris's brilliant first lap overtake, Kimi's lapse of concentration, Hamilton's messy restart and all of the incidents from this weeks race.
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    Welcome to a new series, The F1 Breakdown, where I analyse Formula 1 from the perspective of a pro-driver. Here is our breakdown of the Portuguese Grand Prix from this week.
    📺 F1 Driver’s Technique Explained
    ➤ Senna’s bizarre technique:
    ➤ How Schumacher’s style won 7 championships:
    ➤ Alonso’s strange steering:
    ➤ How Verstappen will be F1 champion:
    ➤ How Verstappen is so fast in the wet:
    📺 F1 Engineering
    ➤ How F1 brakes work:
    ➤ How an F1 clutch works:
    ➤ What’s inside an F1 gearbox:
    ➤ How F1 teams change four tyres in two seconds:
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    1. Alejandro Tobienne

      When Lewis does mess up Jesus that shit never stops. Lewis stop partying the days before please!!!!

    2. Simon Salzeder

      Skipped the part where Hamilton slowed down on the ideal line to squeeze Verstappen after the overtake. Looked super weird from his onboard and I wonder what you think about that move. It was kinda unnecessary to me.

    3. Stijn Lits

      HAM almost never weaves (or however you write it)... It kinda feels a bit like HAM had to either lift off the gas, or get on the brake because of BOT in front of him (no critique, BOT was P1 at the moment)

    4. Bryant Mcelroy

      Lewis wins, he had the fastest car. Max wins, he’s a big dick race god obviously. 😂

    5. JustRecentlyI

      This is great stuff! The little detail about forcing the driver on the outside to turn in, stop turning in, and turn in again was really interesting and exactly the sort of insight I don't think anyone but a racing driver can give!

    6. Soham Belge

      Can you please break down on kimi's driving style

    7. Brandon Montreuil

      Idk why but the cord plugged into the sign behind him is super distracting me lol. My brain hates that it hangs down.

    8. JsDs1020

      Kimi was hungover.

    9. Lashy

      Hamilton had a visibly shallower rear wing than Bottas; that would explain his speed down the straight.

    10. zororosario

      Excellent video of the supreme skill at this level! Thanks Cheers

    11. Brogan Smith

      *FORGE NEW LIMITS* Your neon sign is Verstappen-approved, I see.

    12. SSPCT Preece

      I saw your video on f1 cars taking off and you mentioned about looking into the safety regulations of motorsport. I was wondering if you could do a video looking into grosjeans crash a little in depth. Like the safety features on place that helped save him and how it unfolded?

    13. Betsemayti Eritrea

      13:21 if was me ,,,,,,.! What 🌎 we are living in.

    14. Ali Houadef

      This guy when he is about to get laid: "We are gonna do it from racing driver perspective" hhhhh

    15. Tony Hibbert

      Botas ALWAYS seems to defend harder against Hamilton than Max ???? And the same here , ,,, The restart too after the safety car was performed perfectly by Botas ,,, however as a team event , Dropping tour team mate into trouble from your rival team is hardly good for the team ! Had Botas been Max team mate at RB here today then Botas would already be either a Alpha Tauri driver or on his way to the job centre ! ... Botas i am afraid is no more than a mediocre F1 driver !¬ ... I rather suspect that Grossjean or Magnussen in his seat would of never allowd Max such an easy ride ... Fact is that Mercedes could lose the constructors this year purely because Botas is not giving 100%

    16. SquidCaps

      Every defense done in that race in first turn defended the inside. Which in that track is not going to work. I was amazed at it, time and time again they took the worst option.

    17. Des

      Looking at all these great overtakes I really don’t insert why people were complaining about the race was “boring”

    18. Pope Brak

      Brilliant analysis - great content, mate!

    19. Iorwerth Griffith

      Love the behind the scenes content, always look forward to it. Little bit of a shame that I feel it tends to concentrate more on Riciardo than on Lando though.

    20. Glenn B

      You should do a breakdown of that guy driving the cash van in South Africa for something different that us mere mortals can understand for the next time we have criminals chasing us down like we're living in Grand Theft Auto. There's a lot going on there that's hard to follow watching the video, maybe you could break things down a bit. The end is a bit confusing.

    21. Jacknzyeah

      Why did Mazepin 2 stops?

    22. Joseph Rodriguez

      Please do this more often

    23. Jesse Lund

      Jesus just blow Lewis already 🤣🤣

    24. Nguyện ĐẶNG

      great analysis!

    25. The KitOwl

      Re the re start, you fail to consider that Bottas went for it Because Lewis was looking in his mirror. When Lewis mentioned looking out for max in his mirror, Bottas chuckled” I saw you “. Not so much a Hamilton mistake but a good move by Bottas.

    26. Ebrima Jawara

      Great analysis

    27. finton mainz

      Safety car: Vulnerable items such as front wings should not be made of carbon fibre which creates sharp, dangerous debris when shattered. There would be far fewer safety car incidents if this issue was addressed.

    28. Christos Tsoukalas

      Another mistake from HAM at the restart is that he did not remain exactly behind BOT. He thought that he should protect the inside line. So, he lost the big slipstream effect while VER gained that, and that's why his acceleration remained significant after he got alongside HAM.

      1. avantman_

        Spot on! This is the huge mistake of Scott not saying a single word about that. That was actually THE mistake - not Hamilton's slow reaction. Without a slipsteam from Bottas Max couldn't overtake Hamilton.

    29. Alwin Reid

      I'd love to hear your thoughts on how lewis q2 lap on medium tires was not only faster than everyone but even faster than q3 on soft!

    30. Sebastian Wegert

      Brilliant explanation. Simple love those videos.

    31. Scadunc

      The info in this video was brilliant! Honestly makes me appreciate this race a lot more now.

    32. Joaquin Aguilera

      Hamilton’s speed on the start finish straight has to do with Bottas and Hamilton having different aero setups. Hamilton compromised his quali session for a better race setup one with less drag

    33. y1521t21b5

      Now, imagine _Portimao_ with grippier asphalt... ;-)

    34. Max

      Why the weird Anime like music in the background? Really off putting.

    35. Sam LaBine

      Best fifteen minutes of content from this race. Please make this a weekly thing!

    36. Spiffy Tuber

      Waiting for that Jimmy Broadbent race breakdown!😉

    37. Not a salmon bot

      new to racing, this analysis helps me soooo much.

    38. Nishit Patira

      6:40 reminds of Rajesh Khanna!

    39. Logan Schuetzle

      It seemed like Max just could not get a good run out of the penultimate corner. He was glued to Bottas’s backside until that corner every lap.

    40. Jim

      I love this sport, and I really appreciate these segments, the insights are so helpful. Thanks

    41. Aldo Zampatti

      Great insights from a different perspective! I always learn something with your videos, Scott, Thanks!

    42. OsbyWosby

      13:59 that’s actually the same move Vettel did. ob Hamilton in Austria 2018

    43. Jerry Bro

      This was a amazing video! For sure the best breakdown you've done! I love the amount of detail you can give when breaking down the different moments in the race. I only just got into racing (beginning of the 2020 season). love your content!

    44. Visan Georgian

      Everybody talking about Max vs Lewis while Norris is getting points and experience to become WC

    45. BonBonAdios MiaEVERGLOW

      Was hoping for the Mazepin battle

    46. blindgeorged

      Everyone who has raced whether it be in real life or the sim did the exact same smile as Scott when watching Verstappen squeeze Bottas at Turn 5

      1. blindgeorged

        @Ivan I give you that but you’d struggle getting round turn 4 without being on the apex. One of those corners there’s only really one way round it.

      2. Ivan

        or when bottas was blocking verstappen's apex at turn 4, therefore delaying max's throttle input. happens almost every time when you have a better exit than the car ahead :D

    47. Sammy Wright

      This race shows that everyone saying Lewis is only successful because of his car need to look deeper into what is actually happening. Lewis is such a high IQ driver and ballsy as hell. So is verstappen. Between Hamilton and verstappen f1 is in a special place right now. If only we could get Alonso and Leclerc a car they deserve. And Norris? Definitely one for the future. And finally did anyone notice the difference in times between Schumacher and mazepin?? Unreal!

      1. Sammy Wright

        @antonis tsiatas I agree that Verstappen's high rake and higher drag Red bull meant he would never be able to catch a Mercedes on a straight yeah. And I do think Verstappen is on a very similar level to Hamilton

      2. antonis tsiatas

        @Sammy Wright but I see your points

      3. antonis tsiatas

        @Sammy Wright he is probably faster than the most of the drivers but I can't say he is faster than everyone , especially so much faster as we see. But anyway his car make huge difference for me.At the last race we saw Varsteppen trying all the time to catch bottas with drs but he wasn't even close and that was sad.

      4. Sammy Wright

        @antonis tsiatas 😂. OK we are being diplomatic with each other. And that's cool I like that. I don't agree that his skill is equal to others, I believe he is better. He has a better car which admittedly gives him an unfair advantage. But I think all in equal cars he would still be ahead. Anyone in f1 is the best of the best. Where pay drives exist I don't think they cloud skill. For example if I had 100mil even steiner wouldn't give me a drive 😂. I know you won't agree and again I like that. You should own your opinion

      5. antonis tsiatas

        @Sammy Wright well in the other hand I'm not saying that hamilton doesn't have skills. I'm saying that his skills are in the same level with other drivers but he has the car to show them.

    48. Malhar Carvalho

      I dunno man, doc hudson said that "you gotta turn right to go left" Remind me again how many piston cups you've won?

    49. Alex Vangeen

      Brilliantly described, great video. i have a video about the Bottas Non defence on my tiktok and the comments are hilarious. i think i'll send people here for a full breakdown. keep up the good work

    50. Rogelio Gamboa

      love this analytical report - thank you Sir

    51. Alain 87

      such precise analysis 👌

    52. LdpG

      Kimi was touched on the right rear wheel early on by Alonso. Kimi was trying to see if the car had any damage

    53. Costa Conn

      I reckon Kimi was texting

    54. Justin Workman

      I think Kimi didn't want to race so he rear ended his team mate on purpose

    55. max mustermann

      this was informative and entertaining, but i wished he would have included some of the battles further back as well...

    56. Miguel Afonso

      14:25 in Imola we all know what the same move caused. Similar situation, just less room for these squeezes. Oh and grass ofc

      1. RamboRigs

        and most importantly wet track

    57. Olivyay

      Great analysis, this series of videos are fantastic to learn or refresh your race craft. It's a shame they didn't show a better view of turn 3 after Hamilton passed Verstappen and he defended on the middle of the track and then closed the outside line on Verstappen on the exit.

    58. 12 3

      @Driver61 ah yes, a driver's perspective of speculation about Räikkönen's error, when Kimi had already explained what happenend. Good stuff.

    59. Dworkin

      There have been several occasions where Lewis has overtaken a team mate and then sped away as if he is in a faster car. We know that most of not all teams allow the two garages to run different setups per driver. What if Hamilton sacrifices some qualifying speed for better race performance? Yes he usually wins qualifying too vs a team mate but perhaps he is just that much better in qualy (Jenson Button often describes LH as a qualifying monster). Question along these lines were asked once or twice in interviews. From what I remember Hamilton just avoided answering.

    60. 张世超

      Helmut Marko would like to have the neon lights on the wall xD

    61. danifloz

      I said it in my yesterday's video. I think the Hamilton maistake in the restart was to be so close of Bottas. Max left much more space between him and Hamilton than Hamilton with Bottas. In this way he could paying attention to the Bottas movements, providing him a better reaction than Lewis in the restart. Fortunatley for Lewis, he fixed the error some laps later.

    62. Valdenor Oliveira

      I wonder if Verstappen crashed many times early on so drivers would respect him in the long run. Hamilton definitely respects the fact Max will hold the line regardless.

    63. Clint Stewart

      I love this track they need to keep it !!!

    64. Laurel Hardy

      Kimi was drunk.

    65. BeeCee

      You forget another important reason why max left space on his right when Lewis overtook him: dirty track. Max kinda forced Lewis to go on the dirty side of the track.

    66. Dave Spain

      Great analysis, great videos 👍

    67. BeeCee

      Was wondering about the restart... Would it be allowed for tactical reasons that when a team has pos 1 and 2 that car number 2 lets his teammate in car number 1 drive off but then car number 2 waits before getting on the accelerator untill the overtake line, not allowing car number 3 to overtake him. If that was allowed that would surely be interesting when ham or max is car 1 and their teammate is p2. Could open up a serious gap that way.

    68. Chevy Dyall

      Do you thin bottas is the no 2 man he has been in previous years with George Russell poised to take his position next year?

    69. Devin Lewis

      "FORGE NEW LIMITS" - Max Verstappen

    70. Scott Matthews

      Kimi said that when he went into the back of Gio, he was checking on his steering wheel

    71. Dalisu Ngobese

      Bottas is just too nice a driver to defend against anyone for more than 1 corner.

    72. The Nick

      I thought Messy was a football player?!

    73. The Deamon Meteor

      I think Alfa could’ve made up some points this race if Kimi didn’t crash in lap 2

    74. Rajath Bhargav

      Now we know why kimi doesn't warm his tyres.

    75. Rajath Bhargav

      This episode was amazing!

    76. Moose Moose

      Great commentary. Really enjoyed it.

    77. Scott Ord

      Brilliant - love the perspective and the details!

    78. Simon Olsen

      This was incredibly helpful for me as a newcomer. I'm really looking forward to following these reviews through the season. Thanks.

    79. Alex Mustafich-Nutley

      These videos are great! Keep it up!

    80. GC Lee

      Love these post race reviews! Please keep it going

    81. Kade Schmallenberg

      More of these, please!

    82. Luciano Bargmann

      Great video, this series is great!!

    83. Line Level Media

      This channel has quickly become one of my favorites, thanks so much for making and sharing these videos with us all!

    84. MrCybergladiator

      Fantastic video, loved the explanation from a drivers perspective. Keep up the good work!

    85. Andrés Morales

      I was hoping for some analysis on Lando overtake of Checo. How close was he from leaving the track?

    86. janbo

      Hamilton came at Bottas from a looooong way back and there was no visual mistake from Valtteri in the penultimate corner. I think the gap was around 0.8 seconds on the DRS detection line and 0.6 seconds when Hamilton got the DRS open. Did Bottas already have problems with the PU at that point?

      1. TheUncivilWhaleShow

        Different rear wing specs. Hamilton had less downforce, faster on the straight slower in the corners and more comprising for tire wear but Hamilton is Hamilton so all these things don’t matter...

    87. Jolly Nox

      Botta's should hire you as side gig as his personal coach. Not even being cheeky. I would absolutely love to see what it would be like if you raced F1, but even something like this, I bet you'd do so much damage. (the positive type)

    88. enotdetcelfer

      I'm fairly new to F1 but I've been gobbling up everything I can, and when Bottas' pit was almost 3 sec, sending him out so close to Verstapen, I got goosebumps knowing he was gonna have to push it too soon and those slick new tires were gonna betray him. It's crazy how these little differences make such a difference in F1 and with a great track with the elevation changes made for a very interesting race. Not to mention the last minute fastest lap battle on the softs and all the other things. Was a great race to watch and we get another one this weekend! Thanks for the analysis

    89. Sebastian Dierks

      Kimi had a sudden problem that needed to be addressed immediately, the team told him. On the straight he was looking on his steering wheel and didn't notice how fast he closed up on Gio due to the tow.

    90. Evan Jerred

      last frame be like *now entering sleep mode for: 7 days”

    91. David

      Heres a hypothetical question. What are the rules regarding safety car restarts for people behind the leader? For example if It was Ham, Bot, Ver. Could Lewis go and Bottas hold Max up by delaying his restart as Max can’t overtake before the safety car line effectively giving Lewis a massive lead over the rest of the pack? I imagine this would be penalised under dangerous driving or maybe a rule where cars have to be within ten car lengths of each other. Either way just wondering if this is a tactic teams have or could use.

    92. emma

      really great video -- love hearing your insights into all those easy-to-miss strategic moves

    93. STuDiX

      I feel like Bottas is lacking a lot of confidence at the moment. He seems to be making the wrong calls when it comes to racing lines and attitude while racing other drivers, resulting in him choking during winnable races like this one.

    94. Matthew Warren

      As someone getting into F1, how is Hamilton this legendary of a driver but every week seems to be making mistakes and bending rules at will?

    95. chumleyok

      Throughout his F1 career, Kimi has had a habit of drifting right when he's focussing on his steering wheel settings.

      1. maxwell nyoni

        I recall Schumie being asked his opinion about Kimi and Alonso. Must have been around '04, can't be exact. But he did say something interesting about Kimi (who was super fast then) to the effect that his Achilles heel is that he tends to go to "sleep" at certain moments in a race, particularly around pitstops and restarts. Spot on analysis, coz that's been Kimi's career. He has been massively unfortunate but can't help thinking that its this habit of taking little "naps" in a race that has sometimes led him down the road to misfortune. Very frustrating. Love him though.

      2. Rishi

        @Thunderbolt Blitz Thanks bro. Took a bit of time tbh.

      3. Thunderbolt Blitz

        @Rishi im glad you got that sorted out, haha

      4. Rishi

        @TheAnoniemo Yes 😅

      5. TheAnoniemo

        @Rishi Did you need to look at the gearknob when you changed gears? Otherwise I don't see how that could happen with your eyes on the road.

    96. Matt Potter

      Could Lewis have not just let Bottas go and play it as though he was the lead car on the restart? Once he missed Bottas go he should have kept everyone else waiting and left it until the line before he went for it. He knows that he's faster than Bottas and could have closed up on him, and even if he doesn't the team will wins and he keeps Verstappen behind him, who is his main rival for the championship. Those behind Lewis may have even gone for it and been penalised for it. I don't think that isn't allowed in the rules, correct me if I'm wrong. I know that isn't intuitive for a racer, which Lewis is, but it would have been better for him I think and would have left himself less of a sitting duck down the home straight. I know if worked out in the end for him, but the way he did it was a lot harder than I think it needed to be.

    97. Thunderbolt

      Brilliant analysis

    98. John Boy

      No he was messing with his steering wheel not paying attention.

    99. chino beats

      I think the neon sign should say your channel name. Awesome video otherwise

    100. Paul Spickernell

      He won the race, get over it, why talk bollocks