The Most Insane Dragster Ever!


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    Nerves of steel! Would you ride this??
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    Top Fuel Drag Bikes have up to 1500 horsepower and can reach up to 265mph in less than 5.5 seconds.
    Over the years they have taken many different shapes and designs, but nothing comes close to the ingenuity of the Jade Warrior, sometimes called the 'Drag Sled', and it's crazy design.
    It dominated when it was racing, but has never been done again.
    How did it work? Why was it so dominant? And why has nobody else copied it?

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    The Jade Warrior took part in the 'Top Fuel' category, competing with bikes that looked like this.
    They were able to hit 155mph by the end of the strip and often used two engines, with one in front of the other!
    They produced between 400 and 500 horsepower and were fitted to specially modified, and much longer, bike chassis'.
    Now, drag bikes look like this with Larry McBride setting the record of 5.83 seconds over an eighth-mile and hitting 232mph before deploying the parachutes!

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    1. Driver61

      Innovation at it’s best! **Apologies for the audio quality in this video, there was a technical issue with the mic! Will be fixed for the next video**

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      One day, I will build my dream JATO powered drag-bicycle. The one I have now is lame.

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      Jay Upton is running something similar in Perth Western Australia

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      Jay Upton in Perth Australia races something similar based on a Triumph 1200 .

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      They should do a modern version of that bike. Modern tech would make the chassis stiffer and other innovations to make it more stable but still light.

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      Oddball designs like that rarely are successful. Usually they have a massive fault that counteracts the benefit of the idea. Incremental improvements of proven designs is more successful than wild departures.

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