Max's Overtake, Mazespins and Leclerc's Moves | The F1 Breakdown | Bahrain GP 2021


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    Welcome to a new series, The F1 Breakdown, where I analyse Formula 1 from the perspective of a pro-driver. We're breaking down the key moments from the Bahrain GP, including the move Max made on Lewis in the closing laps.
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    What a way to kick-start the 2021 season! Watch all the best bits from an enthralling race under the lights of Bahrain.
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    1. Driver61

      What an exciting start to the season! What are your predictions? Stay tuned for more episodes of The F1 Breakdown! Don't forget to Subscribe!

      1. Dogued

        Technically, there was nothing wrong with the lines taken at turn 4. Pre-Race, the drivers were told in a race directive that running wide wouldn't be monitored at turn 4 as the "defining limits" of that turn would be classed as the gravel and artificial grass. Lewis, and half the field, all understood this and used it during the race. Red Bull seems to have been so excited over the pole that they misread the clarification given regarding a change to this limit for practice sessions (Quali). It wasn't till 30 laps in that they realized they stuffed up and instructed Max to start running wider. At the same time, Lewis got a warning, and rightly so because a couple of the laps prior had been run exceptionally wide. Mercedes took this as meaning to return to the practice session rules, and Lewis duly began sticking to the curbs. But NONE of that has anything to do with why Max had to hand back the position. The race directive also pointed out that SR Article 27.3 would still be followed, and this is why Max lost. He ran off track to complete an overtake. He knows it, Redbull knows it.

      2. Rasmus Ellegaard

        This is great. great videos from Mr. Mansell. Keep em coming.

      3. Dominik Jeziorski

        Today one reporter mentioned that Aston has different pedal setup and quite possibly this was the cause of the crash. It seems that normally break is on the left and accelerate on the right. In Aston it's done in opposite manner probably due to the fact that son of the millionere has stronger right leg. Apparently Seb was training in sim quite a lot but possibly muscle memory is stronger. Could you make a move on that one?

      4. Junior Sok

        Damn bro im sure we all would love this if you made this into a series maybe 1 video per race or at least the exciting ones

      5. Nicholas Hamil

        @driver61 yes I agree 11:00 there should be a thin strip of grass or astroturf to curb drivers from doing this. They need to clam down but Michael isn’t the sharpest arrow and the bag in my opinion. We’re not saying a whole grass section just a thin strip.

    2. LeftR tardation

      BoatAss is the perfect teammate for Hamilton.

    3. Walter Burton


    4. Pandamasque

      12:52 The last time I checked it wasn't 2 tires. The FIA code says, if "no part of the car" is within the boundaries of the circuit, the car is judged to have left the circuit. Most people interpret this as one tire. Obviously it doesn't make any difference when it comes to this incident, but still. Totally agree on the need for consistency. F1 has a perennial problem with inconsistent stewarding on track limits abuse, as well as pushing opponents off the track.

    5. Eric G50

      Thanks for your explanations! Could you, being a racingdriver yourself, maybe elaborate on the following: Did Max leave the track-limits, in order to overtake Hamilton, or did he overtake, got pushed wider than he wanted to or than he would have needed to, and therefore crossed track limits? Thx!

    6. Eddie

      i’m no fan of mazepin, but if it was any other rookie in that car no one would mention it! it feels like ppl just want to attack him for anything. rightly or wrongly idk

    7. Samuel Godoy

      Hamilton "overtook" verstappen when he undercut him, running wide there to gain him the time he needed. Then he kept running wide so his tyres would last longer and he wouldn't be so much slower by the end of his stint, which he would be because he undercut. All of this resulted in a position change without an actual overtake, so why the hell wasn't it punished? Rules have to be the same for overtakes or for hotlaps because racing with pitstops laptime matters as much as actual track position.

    8. SyntheticOxygen

      I'm sure he doesn't mean it like it. But this sounds like verstappen purposely left the track. I could be me, but when I looked at the replays I saw verstappen already passing hamilton, ham then turned wide and verstappen went around, and by doing so oversteered and when compensating for that he had to leave the track. Either way it doesn't matter now, and in my point of view the blame is at race control for being inconsistent and changing the rules halfway the race. I look forward to the Dutch grand prix at zandvoort, if you go outside of the track there are one of three things waiting for you, dirt, sand or gravel.

    9. Fabian Snaith

      Love this. I will watch every race breakdown you do!

    10. Alec Jones

      grass on Bahrain.... deserts aren't really known for having lots of grass

    11. Brownass2

      So its ok if Hamilton goes off track but if someone else does it then its an issue. What a joke.

    12. Tony B

      Giving such interesting analysis is really great. Thankyou very much BUT I was not able to follow it because I was not able to recognise the cars you were talking about in most of the images. The occaisional arrows you added to indicate the cars you were talking about were useful BUT you it would be much, much much better if there were indicators there all the time you were speaking. I'm not an expert and can't recognise the cars easily so I, and I expect very, very, very many more like me, would enjoy your analysis very much more with continuous indicators.

    13. Alan Minshall

      Replace all the white lines with a stinger. That will keep them on the track and stop them all cheating.

    14. Luis De la Garza

      Amazing analysis as always! Thank you

    15. Luis De la Garza

      Put back grass or gravel on the forbiden zones. Or put sensors and penalize with 10 seconds

    16. SufferingAddict

      Thank you for pointing out the none-existing consequences of Hamiltons mistake. I was much more annoyed by that than I was about Max having to give back the position. I understand why we have these kind of runoffs for safety reasons, but why not have a chip in the car that tracks when you leave the track and when you do, you get 30% less power for 10 seconds or so? Just to emulate what grass would do. It would even be much less severe than grass because grass can easily end your whole race.

    17. Andy Higgins

      My God your boring

    18. dOrOn D

      Hi scott , Yes I'd love it if you continue this series. It is great - thanks for doing it :-)

    19. Jerry Crow

      Nice video, as your skillset is inheritly included in the production value of the film, it gives a great overall impression.

    20. Maurice Matla

      Make it simple off is off 100 seconds the first time 300 the 2nd DQ the third.

    21. Gustavo Olaiz

      Shameful favoritism of the FIA and the track marshals for Hamilton. The only one sanctioned and in ten seconds they resolved !! Years waiting for parity in F1 and a fair victory is taken away from Verstappen. But the favored one is English and also non-white, in these times of political correctness and anti-white racism that helps to decide. So sensitive to politics the current F1, they fired the hostesses, they allow Hamilton and other drivers to do left-wing politics in every race. Never seen F1 do politics this way. If I'm not mistaken: Hamilton 30 times crossing the limits NOT SANCTIONED. Bottas record back jumping the limits NOT SANCTIONED. Verstappen passes Hamilton jumping the limits SANCTIONED AND ON RECORD TIME.

    22. Viktor Stamenov

      Totally agree with you about the track limits - if you go wide, you will be penalized. Even in sim racing rules are more clear than F1.

    23. Stijn Lits

      HOW, how can you love Vettel as a driver. He makes mistake after mistake after mistake... He should drive at the front of the grid with nobody really putting pressure on him to avoid making mistakes. Like the situation he had going for him at RB when he became multiple world champ for some reason that I can't explain any further than the RB being absolutely flinging dominant those days

    24. digggerr jones

      You claim to be a "pro driver". So, who are you and who do you drive for? In what series?

    25. Jorundr Hrafnsson

      Too much runoff on the newer tracks. Time to go back to grass strips so we don't need to rely so heavily on stewards.

    26. Steve Wakhungu

      Thank you very much on your very knowledgeable thoughts on the overtake made by Verstappen on Hamilton that was penalised. My thinking is that if you go off the track and you gain an advantage by overtake then you are penalised but if you go out of track and don't gain an advantage then you are not penalised. That's it.

    27. Bernhard Ma

      The discussion about change the rule about the track limit is one thing. But for me Verstappen had already overtaken Hamilton on the track (not like FIA said outside the track) and did not gain a "lasting advantage" because he was already in front of Hamilton before leaving the track. And this "lava outside track" could only work, if the driver overtaken also has to leave enough space to the other - which Hamilton definitly did not do.

    28. Fieroboy

      The problem with F1’s become NASCAR all gimmicky with pay drivers who have absolutely no talent.

    29. NLBassist

      Mr. 'No Family of'. I really enjoyed your other vids, but this is a masterpiece and I almost forget to breathe watching your analizing this. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    30. killkult

      12:00 ham moved under braking ;-)

    31. Bruce McBain

      Insightful, clear analysis. If we could have a top view then the less experienced among us could understand the positions better. In any case, great to watch- and learn!

    32. Marta W

      Few words about Mercedes: with subtitles in English or in your own language. AMG S63 ... das Auto or not

    33. DRETomas

      THE OVERTAKE WAS DONE already when he went slightely of track #fact .Max just been extra over nice against that crybaby Ham another #fact

    34. Namib Oosterhuizen

      Best analysis of F1 by far, without the hype and partisan comments

    35. Lord Omacron

      Only two things you can really do in any competition. Advance your own Strategy Or Respond to your opponents strategy. Which you do depends on who has the initiative.

    36. RAWDernison1

      Turn 4 needs a "Wall of Champions". Problem solved

    37. Paul S

      this could've been a feature on Perez!!

    38. Alex Clarke

      Thanks. This is the best breakdown I have heard (of the million out there!).

    39. Luzifer Satanos

      Couldn't watch it live. But it always sounded as if Max had overtaken on the outside... But he was already ahead.

    40. Auto Resto

      I know personally Michael M I work with the man here in Australia as a CAMS Official, he is good operator. Formula 1 admin are lacking in consistency, decision making and solid application of this regs for all competitors. That has never been ok to do this but 5sec penalty should be sufficient giving Max a chance to make the gap . It is just not fair for Max and Formula1 viewers. Hamilton left the truck 29 times (29 laps) and nothing happened? U got to be joking. Bring back Bernie please!

    41. GRB201110119

      Rules for hamilton and then rules for the rest. Its a joke!

    42. Cryptic Mystic

      are you related to Nigel Mansel?

    43. Doug Taylor

      Put curbs back on the track. Hard limits are always better than this interpretation nonsense we have now. If you run off you lose the car. The way life show be. This massive overrun of a corner without a negative result trash we have now is nothing short of pathetic.

    44. marsrovert

      every video is a 'new series' -__-

    45. jeffery wade

      New Champion this year. I can feel it!

    46. sz1234sz

      Mika Salo (as all you know, ex-driver, current FIA steward) commented that Mazepin is not cut out for F1 and does not belong there... well I agree.

    47. Sergio Giacomo Sammartano

      Let's just put back some gravel. No need for rules interpretations then.

    48. F3G452

      i have learned many new things about racing from your videos, keep up the good quality content!

    49. Sim Addiction

      Lewis has shown time and time again that he doesn't like being passed and will push people off the track. Being on the inside of that turn, there is no way Lewis should have been on the line he was on the exit with Max on the outside of him. Not very good champion material on the part of Lewis no matter how many he has won. POS.

    50. Bruce M

      awesome insight into what happens and how it happens. Truly refreshing take on a race. Hope we can see one of these after each race? !

      1. Driver61

        That's the plan

    51. Karsten Helmhout

      On this track overtaking is quite difficult. So, I would say allow running wide in certain corners just to have more overtake attempts and because of this even more excitement! This race Hamilton gained quite some time and graining advantage by running wide in turn 4 (29 times running wide). Obviously it was a mistake of Verstappen of not running wide earlier in the race in turn 4 to gain the same advantage Hamilton got there. Cannot wait for the next race! Thanks for great analysis!

    52. Jez Looman

      Look. Esteban Ocon did exactly the same move VS Tsunoda in turn 4 and kept his position without a penalty... So off course max his race was robbed. Period

    53. Ibanez 74

      So...conclusion: Verstappen did NOTHING wrong, and Mercedes is the new Fiarari

    54. foutus

      FOM watchdogs told you to hold back huh? Very non risk diagnose of Hamilton. No Yuki overtake's No Norris Ricciardo No Perrez If you turn the speed up on this video, its still slower than a Aston Martin, competing with a Williams

    55. Marry Berkouwer

      Hamilton 29 times outside the track, Max already passed him and than went of the track(norris) not fair

    56. refile1024

      “As you can see Bottas going on the inside”. Mazespin in the back “WEEEE”

    57. Birdyy

      29 times lh goes off the track, 0 penalty.... Verstappen does it in the same spot lh has been all race... But because he's just passed lh, he is penalized...super inconsistent and shows blatant bias in my mind. Honestly another disgusting display of the FIAs ineptitude.

    58. C May

      At what speed does the aero package begin to take meaningful effect, from a full stop on grid?

    59. VroomErgoSum: #stewie7913

      what curbs are there for otherwise? curbs are the limits. period.

    60. Komenisai

      I think the turn 4 rules were dumb. The edge is the edge and should always be enforced. Inconsistency breeds confusion and will slowly push people away from wanting to watch. Hamilton got to use the extra area to stay in the lead, but Max can't use it to get in front? How the hell is that fair?

    61. K M

      Does anyone know why the FIA chose turn 4 vs all other corners? Is it bc of previous races where drivers went wide there? Or was it just a random choice lmao

      1. manat31790

        Turn 4 is a downhill curve. Certain wind flows can upset a car's balance, and the car can be pulled forward by gravity and go off the track.

    62. Ron Paul

      Bring back gravel and the problem is solved!!

    63. Rafayel K

      Thanks for doing F1 content!

    64. Donjuanthesecond

      Simple, if there is a wall there like Monaco and or no runoff area then a move like that can’t happen

    65. zucods

      These track limits and huge run-offs are a big problem on all of Tilke's designs. Pretty boring IMO..

    66. Willem Streutgers

      One can make a 1000 rules but with a lack of enforcement it always becomes a mess not only in racing.

    67. R F

      Agree with all you said. Lewis constantly goes out the white line on turn 4 and he's a British racing driver, to me that's cheating. Then max does it and penalized

    68. y1521t21b5

      About time you added these to your impressive repertoire. *Brilliant!*


      I wish you had analized some of Yuki Tsunoda's moves. It was really fun to watch.

    70. Chris L

      Great video, best breakdown of the race I've seen. I hope you do this for all the races this season!

    71. Baby Yoda

      Is it only five years old kids writing in the comments! Buhu this wasn’t fair! The ruling is done stop whining like babies for God sake!! Embarrassing!

    72. Kids and Kads Indonesia

      I saw LH running wide several times before race control gave warning.

    73. Elfoor Sterk

      Iff you watch the complete race hamelton get wide in turn 4..29 times... Also bottas made use off the lack of clear ruling around turn .4.. Noticed by red bull the told verstappen he should do that to... First time max did it the stewards stepped in.... Oke I,m dutch so I wan,t max to win but be this fair ?

    74. Dimitri Moreira

      I didn't get the comparison between Hamilton's mistake and running wide, and Verstappen's overtake running wide. The rule is specific about gaining advantage. What sort of advantage is there when you lose time and pace? None. On the other hand, gaining a position is indeed an advantage. What sort of apples to oranges comparison is this?

    75. Thomas

      exceeding track limits, is exceeding track limits, no matter if you are passing someone or not. NO DIFFERENCE

    76. Norscan Wolf

      Not a fan of Max, but he was robbed given the number of other drivers who got away with running wide on that corner.

    77. bluefloyd1

      Loved it. So insightful, I'm really looking forward to the next one!

    78. Ali Houadef

      I like the Mouse, MX Master hhhhh

    79. vaw power

      They made it clear that no lasting advantage would be allowed and that they wouldnt record the white line rule at turn 4. It's very clear when you use common sense and dont pick a side. Ver got a lasting advantage vers hams continued use of running out to the edge which is allowed. I dont agree with these results or the fia but who am I, everyone goes on about the white line, yes white line is fine for the straights but conners no, there needs to be a new rule that the Kerbs or rubble strips are the limit not 2 wheels over the line. If its 2 wheels over the line then the width of the cars means they like a van can just go straight over the humps without concern. If the wheels go over the edge then penalty, if on straights they cant keep it in the lines then penalty. Very simple to police and the white line and edge of the curbs is easy for all to see including the drivers.

    80. 311superfly

      gotta love how you do it in the uk. F1 ain't no Disco bro.

    81. Roberto Armenio

      This series is so good that I had to subscribe. Can't wait for the next race analysis!

    82. Kevin Gaynor

      Very interesting to hear a racing driver's take instead of usual armchair experts.

    83. Marcus Mason

      Very interesting and informal. Just let them race that's what we want

    84. Squid

      Pssst! It is I, Leclerc.

    85. Gois83

      The matter of consistency is precisely what I've saying about this incident. Two weights and two measures...

    86. Nelson Ramos

      You do have a point, but i have a different opinion. Why create penalties, when you can put grass in it? Why making burocracy, when you can just make a natural penalty? Put grass or other material on borders and drivers will think twice. They will be penalize imediately by losing time, instead of having burocracy, which can be opened to multiple interpretations and definitely make the sport less pure, competitive and too much complex.

    87. thexitto

      I think the rules are clear and fair. It´s important not to be completely rigid with track limits because there´s so many incidents that will need flexibility and oblige drivers to escape to outside limits.. In this race, drivers could use turn 4 outside limits, but like general rules apply: "not to gain advantage".. that´s what happened with Ham, when he was starting to gain advantage was told to stop.. and he stopped at that moment. Max overtake was outrageously outlaw.

    88. splendiddave

      Excellent video, you are the only IThomesr I’ve seen to point out that Hamilton went wide and did not lose time for it which in my opinion is unfair because Max pressured Lewis into making a mistake.

    89. michael lavery

      You look tired.

    90. Island Cruising presents Larry Meyer

      Just to be clear ! If the officials apply the track limits on all driver all the time, Hamilton would have received a 10 second penalty on second transgression crossing the track boundary. Period !

    91. sebulbathx

      I'd really like to see more of this after the races. Very fun and entertaining to hear from your/driver perspective. Great video!

    92. Lou7575

      This video was great. It's awesome to see you expanding the breadth of your channel.

    93. Ronald Rice

      The heady beef objectively cry because siberian gradually skip until a sassy turnip. unsuitable, shocking freeze

    94. Matt Ozzy

      Loved this video! Thanks for the professional breakdown. Looking forward to more!

    95. Ludus Artifex

      if i had made thet in acc, i would have got a dt

    96. Gomez TheChimp

      8:57 Hope they`re keeping to that 50mph limit.

    97. Tony Hibbert

      Great video ! I really like how you explain everything in depth , I suspect many of the children will find it too tedious , but this is why they are forevever screaming when their darling finishes second ! ..... I do think that F1 needs to stop using amateur rules as per track limits and simply adopt the far more profesional rules that the British amateurs use !,,,,, Certainly changing rules mid race has got to be penalty points for Mr Massi . It does seem simple , track limits are track limits ! . Any driver who cannot manage that should not be in F1 ... ...Keep up the good work 61

    98. Twin540i

      Two words when Hamilton is on the inside of a corner with a Red Bull outside, Alex Albon.

    99. Random Gamer


    100. FatalDragon69

      If Max tried that move on Certain Street Circuits.....He'd be Dead !! Personally, I think that NO Driver should be allowed to drive outside the White Line at-all with NO Exceptions !! The White Line should be treated the same as though it's a Solid Concrete Wall on a Street Track, they can't run wide on many parts of the various Street Circuits as there are Walls stopping them !! The White Line shows the Path of the Track which should be Respected and have a Simple Blanket Rule for ALL Tracks.....NO CAR IS ALLOWED PAST THE WHITE LINE, ALL 4 WHEELS MUST REMAIN FULLY INSIDE THE LINE AT ALL TIMES DURING A RACE !! This way there's No Confusion or Arguments and doesn't Interfere with Track Times / Records either !!