Can We Buy a Good Track Car for £1000?


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    What happens when you're given £1000 to buy a track car, you find the perfect one - and on the way home you drive it into a ditch.
    Not good. Today we meet Producer Callum. He's never been out on track in a car, and has never had to opportunity to go racing. So I gave him £1000 to buy a track car, we're then going to develop his car-control and driving skills in the Sim and on the Track. And maybe one-day, both Scott and Callum can race together in a 24 hour race!
    We aim to show the sort of track car you can get on a budget, and what is best to develop your skills on track. We looks through AutoTrader, GumTree and Facebook Marketplace to find the perfect car.
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    00:00 Budget Track Car Challenge
    00:30 Rookie to Racing
    01:27 What Do We Need In A Track Car?
    02:40 Which Car?
    08:01 Calling Around
    08:42 It's The Right Choice
    09:04 Producer Callum Explains
    09:20 Where It All Went Wrong
    10:35 Fixing The Damage
    11:10 What's Coming Next?
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    1. Driver61

      Which car would you have chosen? Think we made the right choice? Also, the car needs a name! Comment below your best suggestions!

      1. Sixth Dimension Music

        @Joao Guerreiro UK miatas got their steering wheel on the wrong side...

      2. Lucas Araujo

        Ditch hhaahaha

      3. Bobis32 Commentary

        Miata is always the answer for a first track car great aftermarket support NA/NB parts are still available to purchase and at a extremely low cost

      4. Charlie Ward

        your criteria was foolish imo, should have got a shell and put an engine in, getting something running and driving, stock... really limits options, and as good as a mx5 is its a boring watch as we have all seen 1000 mx5 builds- also cutting cars out for 100 or 200 kg difference is over the top, a lot of cars can easily shed most of that off by stripping it, where as on a mx5 there is very little to strip. for if you made the budget 1500 spent 750 on a shell and 750 on a engine you could have had a far more interesting and better performing build

      5. Gary Bruce

        call the car Kermit. since it's green, and a muppet drove it into a ditch

    2. Christian Heisinger

      Soooo.... I need a BRZ

    3. Jonathon P

      Maybe you should learn how to drive on the road first

    4. Sarthos Jacruga

      Love that they look at an RX8 and they're both like "I don't know much about the engine" and then "oh, it needs a new engine. Problem solved; that's a no." Good old rotary engines. Great fun, but you gotta take care of them religiously.

    5. Pedro_

      And that's why you should always have a dashcam.

    6. Gavin Brown

      I've watched a few videos on this channel over the years but come back after hearing Scott on the car chat podcast, and found a few great videos and really looking forward to seeing this project progress 👍

    7. DD PN

      My second car was a three year old 82 Supra L five speed. So much fun steering with the throttle at the limit. My first buy was the best tires I could afford with my second buy was KYB shocks and struts that were adjustable. A guy wouldn't be caught dead driving their girlfriend's Miata back then.

    8. across_the_plane


    9. Unripe Tomato


    10. JP

      How are cars so cheap everywhere else in the world?

    11. RedScare

      This is a great idea for some new content, great job

    12. Andy Hale

      "I gave that ditch a Mazda. Ditches love Mazdas!"

    13. Dhia Daniesh

      That is so tragic

    14. David R.F.

      Let me guess....a miata....yup.

    15. Wilson Vicente

      That 3 series or the miata would be about 10 times the price in portugal :) We can't have decent cars but at least we have sun

    16. Player Review

      hehe, when the Toyota MR2 was shown while browsing, brought back fond memories of Pontiac Fiero's and MR2's catching on fire... even happened to a sis-in-law, so not total urban legend. nifty cars though for what they were.

    17. 1001speedster

      For less than £1k, I feel like the Ford Puma 1.7 is a good car!!

    18. willmoua1

      Good luck!

    19. Aditya Sharma

      Holy the cars in the UK are so cheap

    20. leutrim topalli

      Why are cars so cheap in the UK???

    21. Cheems McCheemseburger

      Miata is always the answer ! ;)

    22. Rob Gibson

      The answer to every question is Miata. If you bought anything else it would have been a mistake.

    23. João Fernandes

      i really wish we got mx5 in our country, i think the cheapest racing car around here is the e36, there is some national models too, but they are quite rare to find in good shape for a fair price, i mean most of them are from the early 70s

    24. G B

      You crashed on the way home from buying the car you want to take on tra k, a rear wheel drive that you've never driven? Hahaha this is going to be interesting as either you've got it or you're in the hedge......

    25. Tachikoma36

      03:55 "I've got an upside down Mazda" Uh oh

    26. Piotr Gancewski

      This guy is great I'm looking forward to his 24h race

    27. TheMabDeno

      Got myself a 2010 MX5 earlier this year and ready for my first track day next month. Can't wait.

    28. Jim Goodwin

      The Mazda was a perfect choice. I almost wish I had gone that route instead of the E36 I converted to race duty. While I was still building my E36, I rented a Miata for a season and ran in the Spec Miata class. I was not terribly fast but I was able to run mid-pack. The great thing about Spec Miata is that there are so may competitors you always have someone to race with. And, as you found out, they're reasonably cheap to fix.

    29. Jim Goodwin

      I can't believe it!!! That BMW drift car you showed has it's hood cut out exactly like my car. I had a shunt in a race and folded the hood pretty bad. We straightened it out at the track best we could and then I just decided to "vent" the hood and it came out looking almost exactly like that drift car because I followed the support structure underneath for the cuts.

    30. Johnalogue

      I'm deeply impressed that the car could be repaired after that crash. I wish modern cars were held to a higher standard of simplicity and repairability.

    31. Daniel

      9:59 🙄🙄

    32. joshy999

      Great idea for a video series👍

    33. Paul Wood

      Who was on the outside of the corner? There are a lot of knobs in the UK that cut corners.

    34. InlineSix

      £100,- for the front bumper, wing and suspension components? That seems hard to believe.

    35. Ryno’s Raceroom


    36. methardris

      Mx-5 name: Ditchy.

    37. Jared Johnson

      I think a BMW 318ti would be a pretty good Miata alternative. A bit heavier I suppose but hey, can't go wrong with an F/R chassis

    38. Anchor Bait

      I like Callum Alott..... 😐

    39. Kings Park Studios

      Really excited to see where this goes. Sucks what happened but you suck it up and move on, that's the racer spirit. Cheers from New York!

    40. CT - 7567

      the cars you are buying for ~1k£ worth more than 100k unit money in my country :D :((

    41. Onboard With Oli

      Great idea! Cannot wait for the next episodes!

    42. Philippe Dujic

      quite an interesting series concept

    43. Pedro Venda

      Good stuff! Wish I was in a position to find a tired old mx5 to build up to a deficated track car.

      1. Rob Gibson

        You want to shit a track car?

    44. Dan

      good luck

    45. MrDieselakias

      Did you repair through insurance? I am pretty sure this would be written-off by most insurance policies.

      1. Driver61

        Hey! No, I managed to get the parts from others who were breaking their cars and selling parts - Callum

    46. raf leggy2fast

      Sorry to hear about the ditch incident! And as much as we'd like to think otherwise, the MX-5 is still the classic go-to choice. Also, heck, ended up at Fuelforfans to get that 70 F1 t-shirt. Used the code but it didnt work for me (maybe it was the total amount or maybe its because im an intl customer), but in any case i hope it helps with the metrics!

    47. breakawaymotorsports

      I bought a 2004 Ford SVT Focus Euro package for $1800 a couple of years ago. I upgraded the brake pads, the suspension and better tires.It has been an amazing car and I shame many rwd cars on track. I still have my Ariel Atoms...but calling fwd "wrong wheel drive" is folly..

    48. Alvio Lampis

      That's just an IRacing fault... we need rain on it, for an appropriate traning!

    49. james astorian

      Love it Scott! Great series and I am looking forward to the next segments.

    50. Peg Legged Brown

      I WANT to race you!!! Their is only one catch, I recently lost my right leg below the knee. Before I lost my leg I had done a ton of road racing with friends on backroads and on gravel. I'm positive that I can race again after receiving my prosthetic. Good luck on your learning and sim time. Most of all have a blast doing it.

    51. Mike Spencer

      A pleasure to ‘meet you’, Callum! Glad this ended well. The title and the fact that it’s a 12 minute video made me think the whole project had been cancelled. Glad I was wrong!

    52. DRIVER46

      Very fun video , great idea to start with MX5 . Have fun on this journey, try not to crash in 3h intervals in the future 😄

    53. Too Old and Too Slow

      The MX5 is a great car and thankfully cheap to repair. I ended up crashing my daughter’s MX5 at a track day preparing for a race at Caldwell. I was surprised it only cost £150 to repair but I guess plenty end up in ditches and get written off- sorry Callum. Enjoy your journey Callum, you’ll have a blast. And Scott, I really enjoy the vlog format and look forward to this series.

    54. odysyr

      Nobody talking about how clean the engine bay at 11:26 is? I'm not a fan of 4-bangers but that's practically pornography all things considered

    55. Mistral Motorsport

      Get Callum out on an Autosolo. He'll probably learn more there than on trackday or sim.

    56. Gert van den Berg

      The UK used cars are so much cheaper than South Africa... The cheapest 2003 MX5 on Autotrader with 90 000km goes for R93k here... (~£4500)

    57. David Finch

      I'd have taken an RX8

    58. MightyTubby Tuba

      just for future, those MR2's have the 1zzfe of the 2zzge engine that are used in the celica ,corolla, and lotus elise, very reliable engines , mines on 150k miles and my fathers is on 242k miles

      1. Chris Day

        Aye, missed a treat with the MR2 mk3. Handling is really nice, cheap parts, a nice track hack. The original engine is the 140bhp 1zz but a lot get swapped to the "Toyota vtec" VVTL 190bhp 2zz as it is one of the simpler swaps to do and makes for a hell of a car.

    59. James Worley

      Not a fan of the VLOG format

      1. Driver61

        Oh, sorry to hear that. What, in particular, didn't you like?

    60. Jon Webb

      Really looking forward to this series and you guys made a good choice with the mx5! Don't sweat the crash, it could happen to anyone on B roads around here (your Google maps bit made me realise you're only from a few miles from me). The conditions suck and roads are always slippery and wet and covered in leaves! At least that's one corner of the cars suspension you won't have to refresh later down the line :)

      1. Driver61

        Thanks for the comment! Callum can't wait to get out on track.

    61. juanp756

      Glad My mx5 is on the way. Sad that there is only one track in my country and they only rent it to the supercar kid groups, no open track days.

    62. Aaron Balchand

      Hehe mx5 go burr

    63. ytutyu yuty

      @6:19 thank you for appealing to my north American dialect xD

    64. Thomas Gallinari

      How can you possibly find

      1. Mistral Motorsport

        @Driver61 *carefully

      2. Driver61

        Really?! You should buy one here and drive home!

    65. Arvid Johansson

      Why has this video change thumbnail 3 times?

    66. medo24

      3 cover pictures in less than 24 hours? Really?

    67. Milan P

      Davanti spun you to the ditch

    68. Dodge

      I've had a Mk2/NB MX5 and two Mk3/ZZW30 MR2s (MRS/Spyder for US/JDM). I'd say the cars are very different but equally good to drive. The 5 is more playful, the 2 more of a challenge but more rewarding when you get it right. UK MX5s are notorious for rot. The 2 isn't too bad, the rear subframe being the only main weak point and they're easily replaced. For this reason the 2 is the better car, in my opinion. This opinion is also shared by a mate who was an MX5 fan boy until he got an MR2 and by another who couldn't believe how good the Mk3 MR2 is, after years of owning MX5s. If I could, I'd have a rot FREE NA MX5 and a good Mk3 MR2 with a 2ZZ engine swap.

    69. Danny Grist #43

      Thanks for the cameo 😂👌🏁

    70. mulgerbill

      First time RWD, damp B roads and a sniff too much right foot. Tough but vital lesson learned, I'm looking forwards to watching developments

    71. UNIA LTD

      I know this isn't a drivers technique or a tech video but a nice interesting video . Nice job driver61., Looks like same thing happened in Turkey quali . S🅱️ins . I hope racing point gets a win

    72. Nights Shadow

      didnt think the nb mx5 could be in the mx5 racing at least not in nz not sure about the uk

    73. Mantas Isganaitis

      Good car control m8

    74. TK Skagen

      Great choice for a "Beginner". Glad the damage did not involve Blood!

    75. Radu B.

      Why should you have avoided Mazda?... I don't get it.

      1. Radu B.

        @Driver61 Oh!.... Ok. Now I see... 😀 Thank you!

      2. Driver61

        Only because it's the obvious choice. But they're an excellent car.

    76. Farid Solis

      At least he got his first crash out of the way!

    77. Jamie McEwan

      Don't worry Callum, I ripped the driver's door off my first company car (Ford Mondeo) the day after I picked it up. Reversing it into the sun after a wash, door blew open and bent backwards against the neighbours car. Good times.

    78. Vinayak Ingavale

      This is some interesting stuff.

    79. Eamon Lee

      It’s ok just flashback


      Looking forward to seeing your journey. I run an Mx5 in Australia and it is an amazing car to learn the ropes in, good luck.

    81. mathlp

      Noice haha

    82. Jon L

      I can't imagine crashing a car after just buying it. I'm glad that it wasn't too bad and that it will survive.

    83. Rich Sackett

      Shouldn’t have bought an MX-5. Tried to tell you to buy a SAAB. It would not have skidded into the ditch.

    84. Dave Darling

      You know what they say: Miata Is Always The Answer

    85. Neil Ritchie

      Bins it on the way home.. classic

    86. Hound Fox

      This is brilliant! I really appreciate the quality you guys put into this. Thank you!

    87. Amir Gamil

      Great idea for a video series. Can't wait to see how he gets on!

    88. Ahmed Adam

      This will be an interesting series looking forward to it!

      1. UNIA LTD

        Yup. The most expensive mazda maybe from donut media hilow series check it out

    89. EL PUERCO

      Can you imagine the cost if it was the Bimmer? You’d be unemployed right now.😉

    90. Jon Clark

      Always ups and downs with this stuff,mainly downs! Just a shame you had your down so soon! Just a piece of tin at end of day anyway!

    91. Davii Mai

      Thought I clicked on a Car Throttle video by how the thumbnail resembles theirs

    92. Peter Ridley

      This will be interesting, Good choice of car and good luck also.!

    93. Django Vaal

      Looks great to follow. One remark, the audio with the laptops wasn't great, I think the whine of one of the fans was masking some of the sound.

    94. Booka

      mk3 mr2 would've been my choice.

    95. Stefan Borsboom

      I bought a track car earlier this year, an fwd audi a4 b5 1.8t. Hopefully i can get it on track next year

      1. fila1445

        And its fwd longitudinal engine :/

      2. Charles Lepeely

        It’s quite a large car for track days no?

    96. Fustita Albastra

      Love the video! ❤️❤️❤️

    97. Big Boi Mackenzie

      Oh Callum mate 😂 loved this video

    98. Izio Shaba

      a great initiative, to demonstrate that racing doesnt have to be a millionaires sport. i think some people will find this extremely helpful (part from the accident), well done!

    99. Fluff

      really really looking forward to seeing how this series unfolds. im definitley hitting th ebell to watch these episode as soon as i can.

    100. Philip Parsons

      £1000 is a very tight budget. MX5 is the only sane choice for.this money. I'd still say the car needs another £1000 spending to make it good for the track. tyres, brakes, shocks etc. Still, very cheap and looks like being a great series.