How Much Does It REALLY Cost to Go Racing?


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    Racing can be hugely expensive. For example, an F2 budget is in the millions of euros per season, a GT series will cost hundreds of thousands.
    But is it possible to get out on track for a reasonable amount of money? That’s what I’m going to look at in today’s video - and the results might surprise you.
    If you’re watching this channel, you’re interested in motorsport and already drive on track - or have probably thought about how to.
    So, I’m going to explain how to get on track for the minimum amount of money, and explain why the car you drive doesn’t really correlate with how much fun you have.
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    Over the years I have tested and raced everything from Mazda MX5s to F1 cars, from a few laps of Brands Indy to 24 hour races at Spa.
    But out of all of that, the core of what I enjoy about racing is two things. Extracting the maximum performance out of the car, and wheel-to-wheel racing.
    Honestly, if you’re driving any car to the limit, on the edge of adhesion it’s fun. Add a race-long battle with a competitor to that and you’ll be having the time of your life.
    And it turns out there are a whole bunch of race series that have been created so that you can do both, but without the F1 budget. So today I’m going to answer, what does it cost to go racing?
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    ➤ Alonso’s strange steering:
    ➤ How Verstappen will be F1 champion:
    ➤ How Verstappen is so fast in the wet:
    📺 F1 Engineering
    ➤ How F1 brakes work:
    ➤ How an F1 clutch works:
    ➤ What’s inside an F1 gearbox:
    ➤ How F1 teams change four tyres in two seconds:
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    00:00 - How Much Dollar?
    00:40 - My Experience
    01:38 - Which Car Do I Buy?
    02:34 - Focus on Technique
    03:00 - Suggested Upgrades
    03:49 - Go Racing!
    05:25 - What Run-offs?
    05:52 - Scott's Locost Race
    06:49 - Bono, my tyres are... surprisingly fine
    07:50 - Show Me Some Financials
    08:07 - A Bit About The Cars
    09:30 Where Did I Finish?
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    1. Max

      are you nigel's kid.

    2. Sophia

      I just wanna work at my local car junkyard, they host a demolition derby every month where employees get to ram each other (and ram their boss) with an entry fee for everyone else, the profits made of it donated to food banks

    3. freightliner pate

      I thought you were gonna talk about the costs of Motorsport Teams like F1, F2, Nascar, and LMP1

    4. Troy Bonham

      Motocross is the most affordable racing out well as the most competitive

    5. floijd

      So basically, you buy a cheap car, train on the track, enter an amateur race - only to be completely destroeyed by a pro who drives the car for the first time in his life.

    6. charitra Jain

      My question to you is I want to start in single seaters and then after move to sports car and touring car racing so what to I do

    7. That One WEEB

      4:20 (kai kogashiwa join the battle)

    8. Mark K

      to everyone : note the following! 1. cost of racing does mean cost of fuel, storage, repair. race fees, upgrades . 2. when you enter racing VS open lapping your costs ARE higher. they will have rules you need to follow like roll cage ect. 3. change ALL fluids since track puts on x10 stress on everything. final: racing is fun but it's money down the drain since you winning as an adult, you will spend 50 and get 25 back if you on a fast car. you are the cow getting milked.

    9. TheThirdMan

      Try this on for size. Australia did everything it could to make these cars cheap yet with sufficient performance to challenge top drivers. These are a one-design formula. Control chassis (100% 2018 FIA compliant), engine (5.2 litre Ford Coyote V8), gearbox (6-speed Holinger paddle shift), tyres (Hoosier), etc.. These are low downforce cars with hard compound tyres and the emphasis is on the driver. The racing is run under what are effectively speedway rules. There is regular qualifying. Then there is the qualifying race, the result of which puts everyone more or less in reverse order for the second qualifying race. The combined results decide the grid for the feature race.

    10. Robert Rosenberger

      The cheapest way to get into racing is with a sim racing setup, the cars may not be real, but the RACING is.

    11. Gold Winger

      This whole video made me laugh. Buy a cheap car and take it to a track day, only changing out the brakes. A $1,500 car is probably going to need all the rubber bits in the suspension replaced and maybe the shocks and struts as well. That's probably another $2k. Now, you've done a few track days and you want to go racing for real. Been there. Back in the 80s, I decided to go ITB racing. The premise was buy a cheap car put a roll cage into it and go racing. Har. Roll cage, upgrade the suspension, fire suppression system, racing suit, Let's not forget the trailer and tow vehicle. There may be less expensive ways to go racing but there is NO inexpensive way to go racing.

    12. ssisnake

      someone needs to tell him about lemons and 24 hours of le'mons

    13. Adam Adam

      The question much more rewarding is racing compared to sim racing?

    14. Tomasz Zajac

      600cc bike works for me. 6-8K for the bike with the track mods. Cheap to transport to the circuit, cost of the tires, brakes and service very affordable comparing to track cars.

    15. just gaming pancakes

      is a caterham 7 485 allowed and good for these races?

    16. sonicstep

      03:25, same thing with table-tennis and expensive, fast carbon offensive/attacking blades versus allround/defensive ply ones. 😂

    17. Uno Macaron

      What about karts? Isn’t that cheaper? 🤔

    18. 1000sofusernames

      I looked into racing hot hatched mid 90s. Could not afford. And that was about as cheap as it got. I used to work with a BSB superstock team and even that cost 80-100k a year if you wanted to win and have a nice truck etc.

    19. Andrew Gaylard

      no one gonna talk about autograss?

    20. Viggo Ketelaar

      But the Mazda championship was all caterhams

    21. Sam Wellman

      i love your content these videos are great

    22. Henry Hussey

      Karting is also a good one

    23. rgerber

      whoever was never on "A Track" never owned a car and will never do?

    24. SufferingAddict

      Awesome video mate! Can you do a video with an overview of comparable options in other european countries? (Germany in particular please ;) )

    25. Rients Dijkstra

      I think a role cage would always be necessary, especially with an inexperienced driver?

    26. john smith

      Racing in the uk seems to be in the similar price range as playing MTG's modern format...

    27. Bryce Fair Golf

      Have you raced on dirt before?

    28. Alaric Balthi

      4:35 Actually, i think it is just normal priced hobby. In any hobby, starting cheap is easy. Also it's best to start cheap so if you find that it's not your cup of tea, you drop it and find something else. But, in any hobby, it's going to cost you something. Paying 4000£ for ready race-capable car is not much considering the amount of time is being put into it. Or less than 2000£ with you doing the work which i would suggest because that way you can learn the car and mechanics. Also, all the time maintaining it, tuning it, practicing, learning to drive it and then finally racing with it.. During that break-in phase, you can then evaluate if you want to dedicate more time and money into the hobby. If not, you can sell the car and cover some of the costs. So all things considered, it's not the cheapest of hobbies but also not the most expensive. Only if you want to go all-in, it's going to start costing but that the same with every hobby....

    29. thirdwheel1985au

      7:05 this bit about tyres reminds me of the two entrants from Osborne Motorsport from the last Bathurst 24 hour. Legend has it they picked up the cars from a showroom in Brisbane, drove them to Bathurst, practiced, qualified, raced for 24 hours, taking first and second in class, then drove them back to Brisbane again... All on one set of tyres.

    30. Jonathon Jubb

      Nearly bought a Super Seven back in the day. (1978) I'm 6'3" tall and could not get in the drivers seat any way I tried....

    31. King Kota

      Professional racing is expensive but you can build a race car pretty cheap just enter a local race series. Best way to make money and have fun.

    32. superfluous

      CrosKart/rallykart is probably the most fun you can have with a small-ish budget.

    33. Dan T

      Would like to see more budget racing. The car building look like half the fun.

    34. Austin's Stuff

      2.4 hour of le mullets is only 2 grand a crown Vic lol

    35. Jack Mcslay

      I remember that Top Gear episode where they went rally cross, and ruled out that the startup cost of Rallycross is lower than buying a full equipment for golfing.

    36. Soyboy of Busan

      If it’s an MX-5 I recommend a roll bar at least.

    37. Soyboy of Busan

      I really enjoy go-karting. It’s not car racing, but it’s pretty fun and extremely cheap. Electric karts are actually pretty freakin fast too.

    38. Pip

      The cheapest way is to join a local motor/rally club, and take part in auto cross trails. You'll be able to pick up some valuable skills which will come in handy should you wish to progress further...

    39. j0she

      Dont forget to rip the whole interior out for weight reduction

    40. Joe Cowan

      Yep, pick a number and double it then add your mum's age

    41. prodByRv

      the gap in cost between karting and circuit racing :(

    42. Joseph Hawthorne

      Could you post some gopro video of you driving?

    43. First name

      i life near the Nürburgring :)

    44. Bonnie Bishop

      The rough criminal ethnopharmacologically answer because toy conventionally concern beneath a nasty brand. numberless, utopian monday

    45. Ibnu Zandra BACHTIAR

      Sometimes it might be better than F1 I'd say

    46. João Paulo Toniceli

      It seems really fun!

    47. Cody Jarvis

      At least in America, you can get into dirt oval karting for less than $1500 and into a low budget micro sprint for less that 5k Or the fwd classes that are super budget friendly as well while dirt oval may not be appealing racing you “don’t like” is better than not racing at all. Also in America drifting and auto x are good as well.

    48. Peter King

      Tell Hamilton this as blacks aren't interested in motor sport only football, baseball even rugby, I know I'm employed them as it's too expensive .

    49. Nataneal Hyman

      Scottndont forget the Mazda 3 with the smile looping grill that looks so adorable.

    50. Eff Taroza

      Apparently its cheaper to go racing in Europe and since there hasn't been a US F1 Champ since Mario Andretti Im in the wrong country, but then the last four years is further proof of that!!!

    51. Fallen. pengu

      It's cool that a pro driver does IThomes

    52. What Evs

      The shiny finger elderly occur because grain realistically drown over a jumbled tortoise. nonchalant, flowery freckle

    53. Ostmarackas

      In folkrace as we call it in Sweden i think its the same as banger racing you build a car for under 1000$

    54. john smith

      in greece the cost to race in england seems to be the cost for carting...

    55. ShineStreet

      3,200 quid, that's around 25,000 turkish liras this video still gives me hope though.

    56. Neil pentony

      Man...I'm 14 and I think my racing dreams are almost dead

    57. Ich habe nur einen Mikropenis aber

      In germany we build our own track on farmers field and then we race with old cars like vw polos or fiat puntos or ford fiestas. Its so much fun with friends

    58. Luke Willis

      Bikes are a good budget option too - decent 600cc bike is as cheap as 1000 and bikes use less fuel too. Also have supercar speed figures

    59. Steve McQueen is King of Cool

      The thumbnail is my 1972 BMW 2002 race car. I only have done club racing with at a track west of Albuquerque, NM. I owned this car for a decade before I set it up for SCCA ITB rules, never raced with the SCCA. After 2 years (2003 season) I added up the receipts: $25,000 for building, buying tools to make it run, paint it myself, getting a license (going to school), buying safety gear for car and me, medical checkups, buying a transporter, modifying it($$$) and test days when they had open tracks (I would give rides to friends and family after my 'testing' was done and kill my old tires). Typical 2 day race weekend would cost at least $700.00 for fees, gas for car and transporter, 2 tires consumed minimum (rotate often), food and drinks. Do not fool yourselves, it is money through a carburetor (In my case) for no glory, no oversized check and no low mileage pit woofie (Star Trek Next Generation reference). Buy a camera, mount it securely, go to school on your awful driving and add a brake light telltale to the dash. This helps a lot for consistency. Race whatever you have, whenever you can for as long as possible!

    60. chris schaefer

      well clearly. it would be the 24 hours of lemons:

    61. Rad Dude

      Where I'm from people can just take any car they own and do track times instead of everyone at once so it's more about beating your own time or people in your class, people with simple honda accords or Mustangs, even trucks

    62. Roger Froud

      I'm surprised you can race that cheaply, it looks like a lot of fun. To be honest, I think it's more fun watching these kinds of races than it is to watch F1. We could use a lot more of it on TV

    63. Lemon Tree

      How much it costs? 20 bucks at the local cart racing track.


      Step 1 : buy a sim rig Step 2 : profit

    65. eejif

      This guy knows what's up

    66. Predictor Bibulous

      I know people that spend more on the Driver in their golf set than these mr2's. I wish i lived on the right continent to get into it.

    67. AnamolHouse

      Can you do one for over here in America

    68. Dean Du preez

      This is my second h

    69. AWESOM-O

      Norway used car price: working engine, 7k

    70. Frosty VR

      Top gear went rally cross racing for less than it costs to play golf

    71. Riku0990

      Not much: gaming PC, iRacing, commercial pedals & wheel ~sub 2000€

    72. HarryAG

      Local karting track is also a cheap way

    73. Nathan Alt account

      Love this channel

    74. mediacoregroupph

      Is Superutility races just as cheap?

    75. Anders Hoff

      And no mention of Rally cross and go karts. Huh. Cheep and good fun!

    76. Waracro

      Is a 350z good for racing?

    77. Keith Dolderer

      Sponsor Mazda much? Nice video tho

    78. Conrad Bielicki

      Aside frome brakes and tires, a lot of older vehicles dont have a rev limiter! I dont have a track near me but on a bike it helped me keep my head up while I was exploring the power band

    79. Ben Ha

      just live in germany near the auto barn very similar to racing

    80. Greg Anderson

      MR-2s @ 1:30! Yes!!

    81. Daniel Barbuto

      Can you please do a video on how you got that job thanks

    82. Thomas

      Surely banger racing is the lowest cost motorsport?

    83. V Sohn

      Damn! I came here to find out how much I need to withdraw from my bank to race in F1 but only to be told the cost of lowly Mazda 7.

    84. Anthony Kernich

      None of this applies to Mahaveer Raghunathan or Channoch Nissany - those dudes are terribly slow but have so much money they can skip every category

    85. Rydoggo5392

      Cheapest way is to drive nurburgring in a shit box you got on Craigslist.

    86. Rick G

      Porsche 944's and Mazda Miatas are the best reliable budget cars in America. The Lexus SC300 is also a good option but may be more expensive.

    87. La Cai

      Oh snap i need a car to race :S i was thinking a trike.... MY DREAMS ARE CRUSHED!

    88. The Great Nicocchi

      lemons racing is pretty fun to follow. it's cheapo racing for the hell of it. plus the car stories are pretty good

    89. Cliff Lee

      I'm suprised you don't mention go karting.

    90. Gimmeaminett

      I can recommend F1000 if you want a reasonably well-costed way to go single seater racing. It's also 750mc.

    91. lakshmivallabh

      Formula 1

    92. Craig Barson

      The biggest costs even for cheap motorsports are transporting your kit. Vans/motorhomes will easily cost £10s of thousands

    93. Thomas13B

      Ive recently gotten into kitcar building and racing. We are currently designing a chassis with the 13b-msp in it. Super lightweight , about 180 to 190 whp and 9000 rpm rev limit. What not to like?

    94. Sonny LoSpeechio

      24 hours of lemons

    95. TommyGamerV12

      Step 1: exit my country... somehow

    96. Ashley Ford

      Scott is great. Really down to Earth with the costs.

    97. Reinhardt Sanchez

      Me and the lads borrowing wheelbarrows from the nearby construction site and racing around the block, lol how fun times were.

    98. tharbeapancake

      Mx5s actually had really poor cooling from factory so id suggest upgrading cooling before tracking it so you dont blow anything up!

    99. paps511

      @2:31, belts go OVER the HANS. Otherwise it will do nothing.

    100. Hegelian Detective

      Locost needs some K series and J series engines from Honda.