What is the Steepest Angle a Car Can Climb?


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    It looks like these cars are able to break the rules of physics - so how do they engineer them to make this possible?
    And given the perfect conditions, just how steep an incline could a car go up? Could they climb a vertical wall? So, we did some maths to find out.
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    But before we do that, I want to talk a bit about what’s behind these amazing vehicles and how they manage to climb these ridiculous inclines. You might think it’s about hitting the accelerator as hard as possible and just going for it, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

    It’s really tricky to get a car to do this, and even these specialised Formula Off-Road cars can get it wrong. Deploying enough power, without slipping the wheels or pulling a wheelie - is an art in itself.
    So how do they design these cars to do this?
    Their first challenge is creating enough grip. Normally tyres rely on gravity to push the tyres into the ground. So the Friction force is literally equal to the downward force on the tyre, times the coefficient of friction. This is basically the relative stickiness of the tyre and the surface.
    But this becomes a problem when at such steep angles. Because this force is not acting directly against the surface, less of it can be used to create grip. When we split this out, the force pushing the tyre against the surface is small, making the friction much less.
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    1. Diesel Powered Drumming and Sim Racing

      7:30 I learned this same thing roofing. Lol. You can walk up valleys that are much steeper than straight runs. And with very little effort by comparison. Makes sense that same would be true for a vehicle. That said. 12 / 12 is the steepest roof I've been on, which is 45 degrees. You can't walk that at all without a foam pad to create the required grip. But you literally can run up a 12 / 12 valley, or walk slow, or just stand on it all day, barefoot if you don't mind the heat. Lol

    2. Diesel Powered Drumming and Sim Racing

      This has me curios... Is there a rock crawler sim? I haven't heard of one. If there is one I would be interested in knowing about it.

    3. Amaroq Starwind

      Hmm... 1. Magnetically-adjustable Ferrofluid-based Ballast? 2. Reaction Wheels? Also, I don't consider fan-cars to be cheating.

    4. kev glitt

      The cute cod unquestionably shiver because apparel july knot against a sturdy violin. subsequent, rigid sauce

    5. Jayson McCullough

      "fastest car to reach 60mph" - Not exactly correct. Top fuel dragsters do 0-60mph in .4 seconds. That's faster than the Saturn V rocket...

    6. Gerhard Potgieter

      How does the motors still get oil at that angle???

    7. Meister Kleister Heisst Er

      The 'Brick Experiment Channel ' has tested this now. xD The result is about 60° (on a Lego-sized scale, at least).

    8. Know Art

      You didn't talk about a loop! These have all the angles you ever want and are actually doable by basically every car

    9. Arch Angel

      Theoretically, if you use aero and get the car up to a high enough speed, have a sticky surface and a curved ramp up to the final ascent angle, could it do 90* using the aero downforce at the right speed?

    10. Sean Shepard

      At 1:34, they way R and theta are defined in the drawing, the normal force on the slope is R*cos(theta) not R*sin(theta). Otherwise a really well-made video!

    11. Paul S

      dirt bikes can well exceed 70 deg slope climbs. it is possible to put a db on the roof of your garage for example, taking advantage of very long suspension travel and keeping the COG moving forward by suspension compressed, even an overhang can be tackled. this doesn't work on longer slopes, only short climbs

    12. Sticky Steve

      I think the little car would be able to pull it off


      Interesting deduction about "the chute" at the end. I have run that a couple times and it really is very easy, even in a rig with a taller center of gravity like my yota. I always figured it was just extra traction you get with the bigger tire contact patch. Thanks for the vid, well done!

    14. the random guy

      big wheels, big engines, big balls. simple

    15. Nomi Malone

      What drawing program are you using to make your cool diagrams?

    16. Nomi Malone

      "Engineers" 🙂

    17. Aidan Staples

      1.5 seconds is pretty good compared to some of the fastest cars we have *cough top fuel dragster cough*

    18. Aniquin Stark

      It's really interesting to see the actual scientice behind how racing vehicles work. There's so much more going on than just "fast and powerful"

    19. Owen Baker

      I’m patiently waiting for Monster Trucks

    20. Owen Baker

      These things sound like Monster Trucks, that is a compliment

    21. Austin Lewis

      ... Top Fuel Dragsters can do 0-60 in as little as 0.8 seconds. Your statement about that (really cool) electric car is unfortunately incorrect.

    22. Jazza BigHits

      Damn that car only weighs 260kg including the driver, so it weighs less than 200kg and can go 0-60 in 1.5 seconds. That's insanely light and fast

    23. Matti Van Mechelen

      what about insane downforce cars?

    24. Albino Viper

      to get to 70* you have to change the surface. WELL then no need to watch this to the end now! You should stick to those other vids you do cause you dont go into imaginary land there.

    25. Jared Quinn

      Fascinating stuff! Thanks for this Scott. Eventually got some of your other videos recommended by youtube after watching some MotoGP and F1 videos, so they got your audience nailed down. Keep it up mate!

    26. Harry F

      I would say that drag cars count as motor sport so that car isn’t the fastest to 60 (top fuels can do it in less than a second). However it is still very impressive and might be the fastest car that isn’t a pure drag car to do it.

    27. Extimic Kwok

      The imminent tea dimensionally observe because mosque orally grab given a glossy tv. wide-eyed, idiotic c-clamp

    28. rook rook


    29. Niko HVA

      Just use a heavily modified Tesla!

      1. No

        You couldn't

    30. Potatoes and Trucks

      well if you want a low center of gravity on a gas car you could mount the fuel tank and a big heavy flat piece of steel at the bottom of the car

    31. Super Burger Time

      What is the Steepest Angle a Car Can Climb? My childish brain: Strap wheels on a rocket!!! 90 degree climb!!

    32. xDeathStar

      Hey, this is hill climb racing in real life :))

    33. m 88

      Any race car ? Top fuel dragsters would like to have a word with you

    34. Bubba Kushington

      Busted Knuckle Garage is a great channel for rock bouncers they've built some of the best and most powerful bouncers in the sport.

    35. aidan samuels

      what was the software you used to draw in the video?

    36. Obi-Wan Kannabis

      "It's the fastest car to reach 60 miles per hour" Top Fuel dragsters reach it in half a second but sure

    37. xxNoMovingPartsxx

      Faster to 60 than any race car? What about top fuel?

    38. Camille Cirrus

      Jesus could walk on water. These cars can drive on water. As such, they shall be called Jesus Buggies.

    39. J B

      So explain the two cables holding the Rover to the steps??

    40. ddd228/Dave in Seattle.

      Try the same hill with a dirt bike. The rider can shift the COG at will.

    41. Thomas The Locomotive

      Look out Spiderman

    42. con fuse

      Electric car fastest accelerating car? Uhm NO. Top fuel dragsters are 0-320MPH in just under 4.5 seconds. 0-100 MPH in under 1 second (published time .8 seconds). With top speeds of 340+ MPH they are one of the fastest race cars with the exception of land speed cars (Bonneville salt flat races) in which piston powered cars have done > 400MPH (481MPH I believe is the highest record speed). Annoys me when someone talks about the Porsche 917 or Mercedes Silver Arrows as "the fastest race car". Maybe fastest closed circuit race car. But not even close to the records.

    43. Aussieboy101

      mY jeEP cOULd Do thAT

    44. Benedikt Björgvinsson

      Fun fact: This sport was invented in Iceland.

    45. Huma Khan

      Glad someone is talking about this sport👍

    46. Tim Lewis

      I don't think my car could do much more than about 25-30 degrees on a good day. It is a front wheel drive and also I don't think the engine makes enough force to pull it up more than that. In reverse it might do slightly better.

    47. Tim Lewis

      I wonder if you could get a Formula 1 car up vertical due to downforce, assuming you had a long straight and a gradual curve up as a run up. If any car has the power to lift its own weight into the air fast enough to create downforce, or forward force against the wall it is climbing, then a formula one car is it.

    48. Rishen Reni

      Hmm 🤔🤔 Lotta thumbnail changes

    49. deltavee2

      Sooooo, when do you start work on the car?

    50. Zacery Hammond

      If we had a flat pavement an f1 can go 180 and drive on the roof due to downforce

    51. Mitchell Baker

      With enough speed and downforce completely upside down is possible, just gotta remember to fix the oil pick up before you attempt it.

    52. Jonny Wonderland

      Look at that baiting description. "It looks like these cars are able to show my lack of understanding of physics." Come on, enough with the totally possible rules of physics being rule breaking.

    53. Pulled Pork

      They can throw dirt behind them to go faster but they can't throw air above them to stick better?

    54. dd

      5:13 what about top fuel car

    55. Elybtw

      bro that writing is so satisfying

    56. Jay Eatbrain

      Rock bouncers are so sick, "Showstopper" was my favourite beast.

    57. eric rhodes

      Hello what program is it you use to make your drawings with

    58. Fausto Caldini

      I think that that's R•cos(theta) , as sine has max value (1) for theta=90°

    59. MCoupeMike

      You lost me the moment you went from fire breathing innovation to electric car crap.

    60. Karol Wojtas

      sure small ls1 engine :D

    61. Rat King

      4:50 Audi would like a word with you on the quattro's development

    62. grinkster

      lol change your title and add HILL CLIMBING! A car on pavenet can go 360! F1 cars can drive upside down like in Men In Black! Venturi effect! LMFAO!!!

    63. IIGrayfoxII

      Drive that little car at a higher speed. Those wings would force the car into the road surface, so you could drive above 90°

    64. Anuar Del Castillo

      Im sure Im not the only one who thinks you produce... the best by far! Car engineering website! THANKS SO MUCH!! its a pleasure to LEARN your way! Honest! Inteligent! Passionate, full of top end resources and knowledge and totally down to earth!! Cheers!

    65. Brian McClenahan

      Steepest angle a car can drive is upside down. Formula 1 cars have so much downforce it literally hugs the road it drives on. Edit: made this comment before you said downforce is cheating. Not sure how since the question doesn't negate downforce.

    66. Bearmite

      0:11 that's ladies and gentlemen the legend of rock bouncing, mr Bobby Tanner! Btw Gold Rush rock bouncer has 1600 HP, Tim Cameron's Menace has over 1500HP, both supercharged. Busted Knuckle shop says they will go for even more power, Gold Rush is their build.

    67. Kitty

      5:12 top fuel drag racers hit 0-60 faster..... as do lots of dragsters....

      1. Serveck

        I heard the words "road car" Top fuels are rebuilt after every run.

    68. QuattroStig

      Formula offroad and rock bouncers have small engines? Relative to what?

    69. Hendrik Gläser

      At 1:33 it should be cos instead of sin :-)

    70. DepleuerAct3004

      Dude, putting a fan on a car ins't cheating, its inovation and in such situration, everything is allowed

    71. Jordan

      Don't spin the tires.....uhhhh you seen rock bouncers? They just have floor it or off throttle.

    72. robert webb

      A car could climb a vertical wall if the torque at the rear wheels exceeded it's weight

    73. pws3rd 1

      An F1 car could literally drive upside down due to downforce, something that was completely overlooked in this video. Pretty sure there are videos of stunt drivers using quarter pipes to get vertically on a wall in rally cars, drive straight up about 25 feet, then doing a U-turn and coming back down. This is all possible do to downforce Edit: it was a hot wheels stunt (with real cars) ithomes.info/net/zLFqwtVwrnWHfoY/video

    74. Fish

      Who is here after watching peppa pigs car go up a vertical hill?

    75. mscislawin

      well, why they put the driver always seating between the wheels, for sure some other options could be better

    76. arcaneminded

      pfft if skyrim has taught me anything it's that I could do that on a horse

    77. Luke Moon

      As a chassis builder and rock racing enthusiast, some of this information is a touch off. Typically, a rig will be designed with the engine located several inches behind the front differential, far enough to be considered a front/mid engine layout. Yes the engines are typically mounted low-ish in the chassis, but ground clearance must be considered as well as clearance for suspension components and drivelines. These ideas barely scratch the surface of rock bouncer engineering, but I assure you this. The Volvo engine you mentioned hasn’t quite become a staple of rock racing. 🤣

    78. dabsterz

      The pleasant heaven beautifully snatch because bench internationally label inside a tight expansion. quizzical, outrageous den

    79. Forrest Carroll

      Why not place the engine forward of the front axle? What about a hydraulic leveling system to raise the rear and lower the front of the car some distance to further push the COG toward the front axle? This would obviously not be ideal for descending slopes, but for ascending you should see some improvements

    80. Zijkhal

      just put strong enough magnets into the tyre, and drive on a steel surface. Easy upside down driving and parking :P

    81. Nicolás Acebal

      what program do you use for the drawings? i'm studing engineering and it may come handy for sketching and stuff

    82. au


    83. Samuel Sägesser

      Careful, you'll breed a new form of motorsport. Electric slopeclimbing.

    84. 288 GTO

      1:50 , shouldnt it be cos instead of sin?

    85. Somethingafw

      Rock bouncers and formula offroad trucks are not the same. And I think there is only one Volvo engine in a formula offroad that I know off in Sweden or Norway. Vast majority have LS or LQ engines or some BBC at least here in Iceland where the most of these trucks are. But there are two Honda power driven IFO cars and they are equally capable as those big V8. Can find them if you search Jakob C chanel Kubbur/Cube and Stormur/Storm.

    86. Ra Hab

      5:05 swiss pico racer ftw

    87. UMOdegaard

      Sorry, but it's R cosine theta, not sine. With sine it would wield no normal force at zero degrees and max force at 90...

    88. JAKOB C

      Good video :)

    89. Tyler M.

      Forget the cars, I'm just impressed by your car drawings!!!

    90. Le Floffy A92

      something I always wonder about these vehicles, probably a dumb question... how do the deal with the engine oil? how do they ensure the engine remains healthy during the run?


      With momentum, the right car will climb straight up.

    92. aatyleraa _

      Was not expecting to see a video from near where I live(silver lake) pretty cool and made my day

    93. Ext0rti0nist.

      Imagine using a buggy like in the vid for the zombie apocalypse

    94. Ensustiat

      What app was he using on the iPad for sketching

    95. Andrew Liu

      Jermey Clarkson disagrees he prefers speed and power

    96. James Healy

      "The fastest car to hit 60MPH, yes, that's faster than any race or road car" Top fuel dragsters (and many other classes) would like a word...

      1. 777rimo

        @James Healy would be really interesting to see what those super wide super hot tyres do on a normal surface but still don´t think they would work their ... they are just to spezialised for that preped surfaces but jes maype you are right im german we dont rly see much of these machines actually found one vid watch?v=SxVPJEQs3b8 and to 60 i would say with these tyre killing setup no way but still looking mighty fast

      2. Troy Tumbaga

        @James Healy no prep is a thing

      3. James Healy

        @777rimo I bet they are fast, but you cannot beat purpose-built. There would be drag cars faster than it on ANY surface, I would be willing to bet large amounts of money. I also think top fuelers might be better able to modify their tune for low traction than you think.

      4. 777rimo

        the diference is the fs car from amz made that time on a normal Runway without glue (ok aktually it was an aerospace runway with one of the best surfaces) but still trust me a top fuel would never go faster on such a surface... And the Engine of these butiful machines didn´t need to be rebuild every mile ... and jes i drove one of the faster fse car out there (Lotte from tu Dresden) and was a driver for TU Freiberg these cars are fucking missle till 120 kmH

      5. Jay Eatbrain

        @willdotexe Jun II aka Dreamcrusher is bloody mental. Sub-7 second billet block, full interior, street R32 GT-R, godly.

    97. Gabriel PdeL

      It’s remarkable how the nature is destroyed by this little games.

    98. D.B.

      “Small light engine” with up “1,200hp”. Good lord... No wonder I love these cars :)

    99. miles4711

      5:17 wrong, that vehicle is not the fastest race car to reach 60 mph. Top Fuel Dragsters reach it in as little as 0.8 seconds. Yes, they are called racing cars. 6:06 he even mentions drag racing. Sometimes I feel, the videos aren't too well researched. :-/ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top_Fuel

    100. LickMy Toaster

      Drag cars are not considered race cars in this scenario btw😂