How F1 Suspension Works


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    I went to see my Dad in his F1 workshop, we took apart the suspension system to show you how it works and break down how they make it so incredibly light! The engineering that goes into this is mind-blowing!
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    1. Driver61

      What do you think to this system? What systems in the car would you like to hear about next? Drop a suggestion in the comments!

      1. Andrei Chichak

        I'd like to see how the steering rack + arms work. I think some of the cars have the steering arms inside of the suspension arms. It's very hard to find out how they are arranged.

      2. Vijay Shankar

        Front wing ( angle of attack control , sensors , spliiters )and steering (how tierods are actuating ) This kind of discussion at component level is actually good and new in youtube. Most videos explain the overall functioning but they don't cover component intricacies. nice work mate

      3. Frank Rizzo

        you are such a brilliant educator dude. Some people are born to teach. You're one of them.

      4. Jon Braid

        Workshop tour together would be epic👍

      5. John Cannizzaro Jr

        DRS. I know what it is and what it does but never will understand how it works and functions

    2. Candra Wijaya

      0:16 wow

    3. Will Lesslie

      Good brummy accent

    4. Adam Bumgardner

      Yeah I had something similar in my acura when I changed dampers and springs, one of the stops was rotten, so I just removed them and said "ahh, it'll never bottom ot anyway it doesn't matter ".. It very much mattered and I have to pull it back apart. The exhaust now has holes in it where it hits the highway so often

    5. TByrom

      SUGGESTIONS: -Rear and undercarriage diffuser -MGU-H -Cockpit-fuel cell-chassis physical connections, with associated commentary on Romain’s incident

    6. TByrom

      Fabulous, Scott! Super informative, and it’s splendid to virtually walk about an F1 garage! I look forward to more of the same

    7. A C

      One of the best videos on chanell!

    8. SlacKerZ1 zzz

      "my dad has a couple f1 cars" WHAT.

    9. Leo Silverman

      Absolutely love your dad what a freaking legend, crazy how light they can get those parts with modern ti alloys and carbon fiber!

    10. Tribe of the Iron Flame

      2:45 is a TIG welder's wet dream

    11. Matthew Yaron

      How long does a pushrod like that last??

    12. Igor Freitas


    13. Teddy Flood

      That engine is going into a Supra..

    14. eric1138

      Great job! I love your channel. :)

    15. nYx

      Wish i could casually say “Im in my dads workshop where he has a couple of formula 1 cars” 😲

    16. Googl Reviews

      As much as I appreciated time and effort to relate this video, the father/son thing in a workshop, tearing things apart together, that is priceless. 👍🥂

    17. J Preston

      From watching your videos, I’m quickly learning why F1 is so expensive. I’m just imagining the engineering, material and manufacturing processes that go into these. It blows my mind.

    18. Drive4fun

      Not a f1 guy but your videos are super educational and interesting to watch. Thanks a lot 👍🚙

    19. Василий Шишкин

      It's just stupid how light these components are, feels like they found a breach in the universe's laws

    20. Justin POUPLIER

      Not even a third of the video talk about what we click for.

    21. Rob Manser

      These videos are great Scott. Thank you. 👍🏻

    22. The_Kings_House989

      I absolutely love this channel!!

    23. Walter Burton


    24. Vijay Shankar

      Front wing ( angle of attack control , sensors , spliiters )and steering (how tierods are actuating ) This kind of discussion at component level is actually good and new in youtube. Most videos explain the overall functioning but they don't cover component intricacies. nice work mate

    25. repetitivemotion

      Amazing! I’ve always been intrigued by race car suspension. It’s the most fascinating aspect of the machine.

    26. formulafan

      Had a hard week and this was just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better . Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

    27. DD PN

      When I was in my early teens in the 80s basically my only real friend got me into building bicycles with whatever we got our hands on and as his older brother raced road bikes my friend knew what he was talking about. A drill and drill bits and a laboratory scale my dad got us were are main tools. Our bikes may have been ugly, we sanded the paint off for weight reduction, but we had fun seeing how much material we could remove from crank arms, chain wheels and so on. We rode our first "hybrids" 300 miles with people calling the police thinking we were run-aways. Now people just ignore you or throw stuff.

    28. Pete boy

      cool,just like my car suspension...nice vid...

    29. Watema 3

      I've seen this before release wtf

    30. Watema 3


    31. Eros Maia

      Great work !

    32. Louis Stanyer

      Hey, can you do a video suggesting the best sim racing wheels used to help get better only a suggestion you don’t have to

    33. Kalil Suyan

      your father from magician to F1 engineer. he seems to be the Newt Scamander when old.

    34. The Wolf

      was that the car of Alexander Wurz? :D

    35. Anuar Del Castillo

      Its pure beauty to learn with this intimacy those cars. THANKS FOR SHARING!!

    36. Maurizio giasan


    37. Dazzlers Channel

      I guess your pops is a fellow brummie?? Gread vid!!

    38. Michael Vadney

      Loved that! Thanks

    39. John Good

      An estimate of costs would be interesting here. I imagine they are well into the "truly shocking" range.

    40. Anders’ Garage

      Absolutely fabulous video. When you are filming at your fathers workshop is my very favourite videos.


      "I'm just at my father's workshop where he has a number of F1 cars" you just said that so casually as if it's a normal thing for a father to have lol. It's so cool to see.

    42. Ariel Xaber

      Do more of these videos!

    43. Cory Yalowicki

      This is a fascinating topic. But is there an actually good video that explains the concept better?

    44. alberto robinson

      Sorry for the interruption sr, but how important is the engine phase correlation in turn of reducing the high frequency vibrations around of the engine and the torque adjustment in the differential

    45. maccmike8

      Tig welded not mig.

    46. hobbes

      arrows, circles and question marks in thumbnail pictures are incredibly lame and denote a feeling of low quality clickbait. They really don’t fit with the quality of your videos. i suggest dropping them. your topics are intriguing enough to entice new viewers and your presentation is strong enough to keep them watching.

    47. Raymond Barcik

      It’s great to see and hear the respect and the relationship you have with your father Bless you

    48. Oved Appr

      Take rc racer , the used to take titanium rod , but it could all be replaced with flash bainite for same strength but way cheaper

    49. Oved Appr

      Most of the material used could be replaced with flash bainite ! (Very inexpensive )and you could skip the carbon fiber aero part

    50. Oved Appr

      Want to save a lot of money and be as light as titanium and almost as strong ? Flash bainite process

    51. Danny Giusa

      Thanks for sharing these videos. This is the actual gold what makes F1 worth watching.

    52. american seoul

      Your father looks like Hugh Grant!

    53. LogiForce86

      Oh boy, I wish the Benetton got rebuild from scratch and we would get explained everything in detail like this. It really let's you appreciatie the eye for detail and accuracy even in the 90s when CAD development was still in its infancy. I want an encore to this... so interesting.

    54. Walter

      Would All Wheel Drive F1 be faster at hairpins and take them drifting like a rally car?

    55. Robert Rejek

      Humbly requesting more vids with your Dad. He's a wealth of knowledge and great at explaining this kind of stuff.

    56. Ritter_Cracker


    57. ZeroFu*ksGiven

      Subscribed just for more videos like this!

    58. Dream Diction

      Why don't the just make track smooth so the cars don't need any suspension.

    59. Nick Makes & Breaks Stuff

      So that rubber bit in the thumbnail is essentially a bump stop that comes into play when both sides of the suspension are loaded up equally like on a straight.

    60. Kaique Andrade

      5:26 rake has practically nothing to do with weight distribution of transfer, but downforce actually

    61. bobyzano

      Liked it very much! We need more videos like this. With the old man on the shed. Next time we need a regular car part side to side for comparison

    62. metalbrony2012

      Traxxas wants to know your location

    63. David Murawski

      an absolute dream shop

    64. Brian Vogt

      Is this about how F1 Suspension Works, or about how Benetton suspension worked 25-30 years ago?

    65. rexdlu

      Like an rc car

    66. EvilScientistMoose


    67. Matthew Sinclair

      I've never seen a weld like that before. Incredible.

    68. iniquity

      "There's thousands of components..." sounds like we'll be getting thousands of videos then! ;)

    69. gavfr

      no wonder F1 is so expensive, works of engineering art that 99.9999999999999% of F1 fans won't ever see, I pause the tv when it shows the cars undressed, aching to glimpse the engineering.

    70. herpes der Götterbote

      Working and especially machining and welding titanium is absolute hell. making that part must have been absolutely infuriating

    71. Mandy B

      Some serious bits of kit there! Precision engineering at its finest. Tell me anything about the parts, it's fascinating!

    72. Olivyay

      04:57 Did you close part of the radiator intake with tape? Can you elaborate on that? The Judd engine needs less cooling than the original Renault, or the cold temperature that day allowed for a smaller intake?

    73. Richard Berndt

      Isnt it just a steel bar at the Moment that uses torsion spring?

    74. hugolafhugolaf

      Benetton Judd???

      1. Olivyay

        They probably can't source Renault engines from that time, so they went with another customer engine.

    75. Friendly Robot

      I think everything should now be measured in “cups of coffee”

    76. Dizzy.D RC

      Wauw! Amazing engineering. Unbelievable to see the solutions/advantages the engineers came up with!! Kudos to R&D. Very interesting so I subbed👍🏼Keep 'm coming!

    77. Andrea

      hi. will you make a 2021 f1 car modification explain video??

    78. Yuri Molotov

      Fascinating, is that your old man? Knowledgeable fella, love his amazement on the welds, im a welder so that always tickles me happy

    79. Gabriele Piccini

      Loved this one!

    80. Scott Crawford

      Lovely stuff

    81. dᴉlℲ

      Looks like it's friction welded.

    82. Kıvanç Çelik

      Isn't it amazing

    83. Russell Winch

      great video! more workshop vids please

    84. HellCat_AxG

      Is that Wurz's car? That is so epic.

    85. J B

      Your dad is from Birmingham?

    86. Jose Martinez

      Thanks for all these informative videos Scott, adding your dad’s knowledge is a joy. You too work so well it’s amazing. Highly appreciate all this amazing information on F1 components!

    87. d 997

      Would like to know more about how tires have evolved over the history of racing. How have tires influenced car design? How have tires influences driving styles?

    88. Les Flynn

      Interesting video mate. I'm liking many of your videos.Keep up the good work.

    89. Tanner Harcus

      Amazing vid

    90. Ryan Hayward

      More of the old mans work shop please!


      A pathetic system when self levelling tech is available....just another example of Rules holding back tech.

    92. T 25

      Love seeing that JUDD engine

    93. MR-3-IU

      We always see the top but never the bottom of the f1 and the technology behind this.

    94. MrStorageheater

      More videos like this please

    95. BTcaice

      This makes me wonder what each team's dollar per gram weight saving is and how it correlates with results.

    96. Bobby Lemieux

      What you're calling a Spring looks and works more like a sway link

      1. Multishit666

        yep..guy is a click bait dunce.. its certainly a sway bar link and the other is a bump stop bushing.. the springs and dampers are clear as day on top of the push rod system.

    97. Justin McDermott

      The pushrod no longer having threaded joints (rose joints) also has the benefit of greatly reducing compliance in the suspension system. Great video.

    98. Miquel Anesto

      Bugatti made that push rod 3d printed out out titanium for the new race thing they built.

    99. BirthToRebirth

      Any German subscribers here? Bei dem Video hätte ich subtitles gut gebrauchen können. Wenn jemand bereit ist, sich die Mühe zu machen, wär mir das nen 5er bei PayPal wert. Ich find den Akzent schwer zu verstehen, gepaart mit der Fachsprache, würde aber wirklich gerne wissen, wie das jetzt genau funktioniert!

    100. frank banyai